How To Be The Girl Every Guy Wants

When it comes to dating, men are choosy. If you’re single and looking for love, you’re probably well aware of how picky guys can be. Women are particular as well, but men appear to be even more so. Typically, men have an image in their heads of the type of woman they are drawn to, and you either match the mold or you don’t. However, every now and then, a man will fall for a female who isn’t in his wheelhouse. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could be that woman who can attract ANY GUY (within reason)? Here are ten pointers to help you get started:

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Be a woman who enjoys flirting. Men appreciate it when a woman can flirt without being corny or sleazy. Learn to “smeyes,” which means to grin with your eyes. The males will adore you because of that.

Be seductive. Men adore gorgeous ladies who are aware of their own sexiness. The crucial factor is that you FEEL sexy, which he detects and interprets as H-O-T, hot.

Make an effort to be feminine. Keep in mind that a man would choose to be with another man. So be feminine, be girly, and be a woman. What exactly does that imply? Find the cavewoman in you and smell wonderful, cook him a meal now and then, and mother him when he needs it.

Be the woman who all of his friends desire after and whose smile brightens the room. It’s a proven fact that if all of his pals are “ooohing and ahhing” over you, he’ll be even more drawn to you.

Have faith in yourself. Men adore girls with that “je ne sais quoi,” that ethereal assurance that makes them untouchable while also being extremely appealing.

In any situation, you must be adaptable. Men want you to blend in at a lavish party, at a sports night with beer and pizza, and at a dull business function. And he wants you to do it without fuss or complaint. Men do not fall in love with “hard to get” women, contrary to popular belief. In today’s world, no. Men nowadays are particularly drawn to laid-back women who can go with the flow.

Make him feel good about himself by being a lady who makes him feel needed. Men adore women who appeal to their egos and make them feel like Superman. He won’t fall in love with you if he doesn’t see how important he is in your life.

Be the woman who urges a man to go out on a date. To any male, a woman who not only allows but actually insists on a guy’s night out is a rockstar. The problem is that you must truly believe it. And if you do, he’ll be thinking about you the entire time he’s out, oblivious to the other girls in the vicinity.

Be a woman who has a lot of intriguing things going on in her life. Men adore a lady who has her own life, full of excitement and variety. No man likes a lady who is always waiting for him at home or who expects him to give 100 percent of the entertainment.

Be knowledgeable, but not arrogant. Men want women who are composed and won’t humiliate them in discussion; they prefer women who are knowledgeable about a variety of topics. It doesn’t have to be about politics or sports; it just has to be something you care about and understand completely. They despise know-it-alls, so get rid of that trait right away.

How do you become the girl that he wants?

Men consider some women as attractive, regardless of how much we disapprove of it “Some people are “marriage material,” while others aren’t. So you’ll inquire “”What’s the difference?” you could wonder. Here’s how to be the woman every man wants to marry in order to keep him dedicated and show him that you’re the only one for him.

  • Make a point of doing nice things for him. Men are typically expected to do all of the legwork when it comes to scheduling dates and procuring gifts. If you pamper a man, give him sincere praises, and show him you care, he will be very grateful.
  • Appearances do count, so dress the part. You don’t have to look picture-perfect all of the time; we all have bad hair days, but men appreciate it when you’re well-dressed and look great.
  • Demonstrate your belief in and support for him. When a man thinks that his wife believes in him and his abilities rather than being distant or judging him, it means a lot.
  • Avoid being clingy. Even after marriage, if a couple maintains their own lifestyles, they will prosper. Men enjoy it when you respect their personal space; it demonstrates that you care about them.
  • Be there for him, even if he refuses to speak. Even when they’re stressed, most men don’t talk about their difficulties. A guy will feel encouraged and cared for simply by being present and by being at his side.
  • Men enjoy paying for you and bringing you out, but they respect a female who can get by on her own and occasionally offers to pay. It demonstrates to him that you are self-sufficient, capable of managing your finances (spending wisely), and are not dependent on him.
  • For a change, do the things that he enjoys. We know you generally bring him to a chick flick and take him to all of your favorite places, but for a change, try doing something he enjoys. With him, you can go bowling, watch a football game, or play video games.
  • Plan ahead of time and don’t be hesitant to bring up the subject of the future, but give room for spontaneity. Don’t talk about marriage or place conditions on your relationship too soon. That irritates a man.
  • Have self-assurance. If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect someone else to love you? Allow yourself to let go of your insecurities rather than obsessing over them. No matter what, a man will adore you just the way you are.
  • Look after him. Bring him lunch on a busy day when he hasn’t eaten in a long time. Prepare his favorite dessert for him. Things like this show a man that he can rely on you to make him feel better at the end of the day.
  • Seek his assistance and counsel on critical matters. Although an independent woman is appealing, men nevertheless need to feel needed. Still, it’s unappealing to appear weak and desperate.
  • Become acquainted with his family and acquaintances. When you get along with his family, a man will see you in a different light, even if he doesn’t realize it. Double whammy if you also obtained his buddies’ approval!
  • When you’re incorrect, admit it and apologize. No one loves people who are too proud of themselves to confess when they are wrong. Allow yourself to swallow your pride and apologize when it is required.
  • Show him you appreciate what he does for you by being grateful. Nothing makes a man happier than knowing they’ve done something special for you.
  • Be adaptable, relaxed, and spontaneous, but not rash. Men are drawn to women who recognize their own worth and do not seek external validation. They adore a woman who is at ease and isn’t seeking attention.
  • Stay away from unneeded drama. Drama queens inevitably become crazy cat women. Please accept my apologies. No healthy man will want to be your husband if you indulge in drama on a regular basis. It’s harsh, but it’s true.
  • Allow him to know and understand you on a deeper level by opening your heart to him. A man will not marry a lady he has never met.
  • Don’t try to mask your actual motives. If you wish to marry or focus on your work for a few years, be clear about it from the beginning.
  • Constantly improve yourself and your relationship. If you don’t work on yourself, you’re demonstrating to them that you’re not serious. By demonstrating continuous development, you are setting an example for how your connection will develop in the future.
  • Be willing to forgive. Men frequently don’t understand us or what we want, and as a result, they make several errors. We’re not saying you should set your sentiments aside and forgive him right away, but you shouldn’t hold it against him every time you quarrel.
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    What do guys value most in a girl?

    These are some of the qualities that many men look for in “the one,” according to relationship expert David Zinczenko.

    A Woman Who Is Interested in Something Other Than Him – Her interest in something other than him proves her intrinsic goodness, personal drive, and independence.

    A Woman Who Supports Guy Time – Men adore, respect, and are grateful for women who respect and support (rather than criticize) his need for a few testosterone cocktails.

    A Woman With a Strut – It’s her attitude, sassiness, confidence, charisma, and charm that demonstrates she’s not afraid to be brave and daring.

    A Woman with a Good Ties Taste – Okay, so we’re not too concerned with the ties themselves. What we care about is a woman’s ability to provide us with some gentle advice, and this is a critical word.

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    Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

    What type of girl do guys find most attractive?

    It’s all about the length when it comes to legs. Men prefer women with a longer leg-to-body ratio, according to studies, which could explain the appeal of high heels. According to men, the most attractive women are those that are small but have long legs. Scarlett Johansson and Marilyn Monroe are examples of women with this body type.

    Legs that are 5% longer than the average were found to be the most attractive in a research at the University of Wroclaw in Poland. “Long legs are a sign of health,” psychologist Boguslaw Pawlowski, the team’s senior researcher, told New Scientist (via The Guardian).

    Long legs, according to Newcastle University’s Martin Tovee, suggest not only good health but also good childhood nutrition. “If a woman has long legs, it shows she grew raised in a healthy environment, and that has a beneficial effect on fertility,” said Tovee, because women’s legs cease growing when they reach adolescence.

    How can I be more attractive?

    Most people will confess that they aren’t always at their best. Even the most attractive and successful people have terrible days, but if you’re feeling horrible about yourself more than you’re feeling good, it’s time to change your mindset.

    Despite popular belief, how attractive and desirable you feel may have little to do with your physical appearance.

    We looked at scientific studies and talked to relationship and dating specialists to come up with a list of basic lifestyle adjustments you can do to make yourself and others more attractive.

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