How To Get The Guy You Want

When going out, Tessina warns against hanging out with a “gaggle of chicks.” If you’re in a group, it’ll be difficult to pick you apart.

If you do go out with a group, make an effort to stand out or find a method to be alone for a while.

Comment on the conversation the guy you’re interested in is having; show off your intellect and personality, not simply your appearance. “We have such a strong focus on appearances right now that it’s great to see a lady who is as interesting and intriguing as she is entertaining,” Tessina added.

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Try the damsel in distress act.

“I put on the nice and innocent act whenever I want a guy to do something. I’ll do almost anything besides bat my eyelids, but it works! Even if I’m not naive, I’ll appear as if I am and sugarcoat everything I say and do toward him.” — Erin, a 25-year-old woman

Give him something he loves.

“My lover enjoys surprises (despite his denials), so I always come prepared.

If I want him to join me and my girlfriends on a night out, or if I want him to help me clean the apartment, I make sure to pick up something he’ll really enjoy — or something he’s been hinting at. There are no squabbles, no huffing and puffing – just a pleasant surprise, and he’s in my pocket.” — Lisa, 29 years old


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Make him think the idea was his.

“When my husband and I initially started dating, my mother let me in on a little secret. She claimed that deceiving him into believing it was his idea was the greatest way to get through anything.

You have to be sneaky, but everytime I want Jed to do something, I make sure he believes he invented it — even if he doesn’t. The fact that I’m conceding (and letting him believe he’s won) is the most efficient way to get through this.” — Hannah, 40 years old

Ask in a sweet tone of voice.

“Call me crazy, but all I do is ask sweetly — really, really nicely. If my guy already understands how important it is to me, I just tell him how important it is and vow to make it up to him later. How could a man refuse such an offer?” — Tara, 32 years old

Butter him up with compliments.

So that it doesn’t appear too obvious, I’ll begin much earlier in the day and simply make him feel great about himself. Then, once he’s warmed up, I’ll tell him we’re going to spend the weekend with my folks!

How could a guy be angry at a female who has spent the entire day giving him exactly what he wants?” Morgan, 33 years old


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Lean in for a long kiss.

“There’s nothing like a long kiss before asking for something to make you feel better.” It’s my way of saying, ‘I need something from you, but I’m not going to fight you about it.’

What attract guys the most?

Jeremy Nicholson (aka the “Attraction Doctor”), a social and personality psychologist, showed that dating in the present era is extremely difficult, especially for women. You don’t need a doctor to tell you that, though. But you might be surprised to learn why. Women are in a “double bind” between the types of men they find biologically appealing and “the type they choose to attach to,” according to Nicholson of Psychology Today. These personalities are frequently at odds with one another.

Other experts point to a variety of reasons for involuntary singleness, ranging from a lack of prioritization of dating to being very emotionally committed. As you can see, entering the dating world may be a daunting experience. You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re a single lady wanting to crack the male code. And if you’re not single, we won’t hold it against you if you’re curious. These are the behaviors that have been shown to attract the most guys.

What words attract a man?

  • A new study reveals the words and phrases that are most likely to help singles find love online.
  • The words ‘ambitious,’ ‘perceptive,’ and’sweet’ are the most likely to draw male attention.
  • The words’spiritual’ and ‘peaceful’ are the least likely to entice males to click.
  • Overall, the phrase “physically fit” is the most attractive to women.
  • electronic mail
  • According to studies, using specific terms in a dating profile can increase the amount of communication received from possible partners.

    According to a new study, men like ‘ambitious’ women and women want ‘intellectual’ men, but ‘funny’ is a turn-off in the new vocabulary of love.

    The studies found that the words ‘ambitious,’ ‘perceptive,”sweet,’ ‘hard working,’ and ‘thoughtful’ are the ones most likely to attract male attention on dating services.

  • Copy and paste the URL into your message
  • ‘Ambitious, insightful, sweet, hardworking, and thoughtful’ are the descriptions most likely to attract males, according to a new study into the words most likely to help singletons meet a spouse on dating sites.

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    Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!


    1. Physically fit (with a score of 96%)

    2. Perceptive (+1 51%).

    3. Unprecedented (+45 percent)

    4. Expenditure (up 44%)

    5. Overconfident (+39%)

    6. Intuitive (+35% of the time)

    7. Enthusiastic (+32 percent)

    8. Attached (+29 percent)

    9. Speak clearly (+24% increase)

    10. Determined (+23 percent)


    1. Determined (+48 percent)

    2. Observant (+46% increase)

    3. Sweet (with a 33% increase)

    4. You’re a hard worker (+32%)

    5. Contemplative (+28%)

    6. Physically fit (+21% of the population)

    7. Innovative (up 19%)

    8. Rationale (a 19 percent increase)

    9. Unprecedented (+19 percent)

    Energetic (+18%) is the tenth quality.

    The dating buzz phrases have also altered in the last two years, according to the study.

    In 2014, the word’sweet’ drew the most male attention for women, but it has since fallen to third place, with ‘ambitious’ gaining the top spot.

    For men, however, the word ‘ambitious’ has had the reverse effect, slipping from second place in 2014 to tenth place today.

    Instead, women were more receptive than they were two years ago to the phrases ‘perceptive,”spontaneous,’ and ‘outgoing.’ Overall, the phrase “physically fit” continues to be the most attractive to women.

    What to say to a guy to make him want you?

    1. Just thinking of you makes me happy…

    2. Cocktails for you and me?

    3. I was just thinking about a time when we… (bring up a happy memory that you shared)

    4. Do you want to know what I’ll do the first time I see you? Make up your own story…

    5. Do you miss me?

    6. You have one of the most beautiful smiles…

    7. One of my favorite things to do is flirt with you…

    8. I wish I could be in your arms right now…

    9. I’m having a hunger…

    10. Just so you know, when I saw a message from you, I grinned.

    11. I’ll have a surprise for you the next time I see you.

    12. I’ve had such a rough day, do you want to cheer me up?

    13. I consider myself fortunate to have you as a friend.

    14. I’d want to play with you in a game…

    15. Let’s spend the day just cuddling in each other’s arms.

    16. Put down your phone and hurry over here…

    17. Hello, sexy…

    18. I’m looking for love.

    19. Just knowing you’re there makes me feel better.

    20. I’m chilling a bottle of wine…

    21. Let’s snuggle up and keep each other warm…

    22. When I’m with you, I have a lot of fun.

    23. When you’re not with me, I genuinely miss you.

    24. Can you tell me what you’re wearing? Lol

    25. Make a note of me on your “to-do” list.

    26. I just stepped out of the shower and wanted to let you know that you’re on my mind.

    FREE GUIDE: Make Him Yours FOREVER!

    Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

    When a guy can’t give you what you want?

  • I have a ton of questions in my inbox, but this one caught my eye:

    “What does it mean when a man says, ‘I can’t give you what you want,’ or ‘I can’t be the man you need me to be,’ or ‘I can’t be the man you need me to be?'”

    These are what I call your golden opt out moments or ‘windows of opportunity’ when a man (or a woman) makes statements like this. A warning statement like this will make you very uncomfortable and bring you back down to earth with a bump if you have boundaries, values, awareness of red flags, and a reasonable sense of self-esteem. And it’s a warning statement, so if you hear it, it’s time to end the relationship and accept the short-term suffering in exchange for the long-term gain.

    He’s also revealing his identity and attempting to persuade you to be honest with yourself about him and the relationship so that you can opt out.

    However, the following are the translations:

    When a man says, “I can’t offer you what you want,” it means, “I can’t give you what you want.”

    ‘I’m afraid I won’t be able to provide you with what you desire…. I’m also not willing to give you what you want, so stop expecting it from me and move on.’

    This individual is well aware of his capabilities and what he is willing to provide. He’s also clever enough to realize that you’re looking for more than what’s on the table. What he’s saying isn’t mysterious; he’s just giving you a heads-up and a warning.

    It’s a red flag and a sign to run the other way when a man says he can’t offer you what you desire.

    Don’t make the same mistake as millions of other women and assume you know better. You don’t. Also, don’t make the mistake of deciding to put your own needs on hold in order to keep hold of him, since you’re setting yourself up for a big, terrible fall.

    ‘I adore you, and of course you can do whatever you want,’ you might say. No, he can’t, and you’re dismissing what he’s said and attempting to invalidate what he’s said because it contradicts your worldview, and you’re in denial. It is not up to you to determine what he is capable of giving.

    When a man claims he can’t give you what you want and you want to be in a relationship, it suggests he doesn’t want to be in a relationship, and it’s time to let go and go on.

    In this circumstance, a respectable person will not only tell you this, but will also decline and move on with his life. A guy who wants to take use of the relationship’s perks while keeping your expectations in check thinks like this:

    ‘I’ve already informed you that I won’t be able to give you what you desire. I’m warning you, and if you don’t have the self-respect to go and stay, I’m not liable for any pain you could feel, even if I continue to shag you/get an ego stroke/or lean on your shoulder and groan. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because I’m still here, I’m in a position to offer you what you want – I’m not – but if you’re willing to stick around and let me use you up, I’ll go all out to meet my own wants.’

    When a man says, “I can’t be the man you need me to be,” he means, “I can’t be the man you need me to be.”

    ‘Please stop placing me on a pedestal and generating false impressions about me because I am not the man you believe I am, and I am not the man you so plainly need me to be, and I cannot and do not want to meet your requirements.’

    Men (and women) say things like this because they are aware of who they are, what they are capable of, and how they feel about you and any relationship. They’ve probably done this dance with other individuals before and are attempting to turn off the willing, waiting, hoping, dreaming, betting on potential, and everything else that comes with placing someone on a pedestal.

    If a man says this to you, it’s because you have misgivings about who he is and the relationship, and he’s trying to bring you back to reality.

    You’ve probably projected your assumptions about who he is and what kind of relationship you could have, and it’s making him nervous. He may even believe you’re being emotionally demanding, which you are. If someone is in a position to say this, it’s because you’re asking and expecting something from them, even if it’s obvious that they can’t meet your ‘needs requests.’

    ‘Back off!’ he says. Expect nothing! Stop fantasizing! Stop putting your money on potential! ‘Look at me as I am!’

    A decent guy will not only tell you this, but will also choose to move on. In fact, if you keep attempting to be with him, he may have to stop communicating with you. A guy who doesn’t give a damn about you and is content to reap the benefits of your erroneous affections for him, on the other hand, will believe something like this:

    ‘I’ve already informed you that I’m not the man you require. If you still want to remain with me despite this, I know you value the illusion over your dignity and a genuine relationship. If you stay, even if you don’t realize it, it’s on my terms, so even if you think that since we’re still sleeping with, I can be the man you need, I still can’t, and there’s no use in complaining because I told you I couldn’t meet your demands – it’s not my fault you stayed.’

    These comments have no underlying significance, as difficult as it may be for some of you to believe. When individuals show you who they are by their behaviors or tell you who they are, you must listen and watch, rather than disputing or deciding that you know better, or acting like Dan Brown trying to crack a code.

    When you put the scenario in context, you can actually understand what they’re saying:

    When a man says things like “I can’t offer you what you want” and then persists in the relationship, he’s a lazy man who is trying to reshape the relationship on his terms and manage down your demands and expectations so that he can get his needs satisfied with minimal contribution while marginalizing yours. He’s aware that you’re not ‘the one,’ but he’s content to pass the time. ‘I can’t be the man you desire, but if you’re willing to put up with some shoddy treatment, what kind of man would I be to pass up the perks?’ he says.

    Don’t hunt for significance where there isn’t any, and don’t believe everything you hear. Pay attention to the warning indicators.


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    What do guys find cute in a girl?

    We’ve all wondered what it is that makes us so appealing to others. This one is for the ladies! Here’s a list of ten qualities that most men find appealing in a woman. At the end of the day, each and every girl on our planet is stunning in her own special manner!

  • Men enjoy it when women wear their big clothes because it makes them look adorable, even if they don’t admit it.
  • 2. Your grin Men enjoy it when a girl grins or laughs at his jokes because of something he said. Women who smile all the time are generally more attractive to males.

    3. Your tummy. Guys enjoy holding girls around the waist, therefore this area is particularly important to them.

    4. Do you have a baby face? Men adore those wide eyes and plump cheeks! So, the good news is that you should embrace your chubbiness.

    5. The majority of guys despise dyes and artificial colors. As a result, keep your hair as natural as possible.

    6. Tattoos and piercings Despite the fact that some men despise piercings, the majority of men agree that they make a woman look more edgy and sexier.

    7. Legs that are long. It makes no difference if you’re short because boys prefer woman who are shorter than them. They want a short girl with long legs, which is why they enjoy wearing heels.

    8. The manner in which you walk. The way you walk is really essential, and one of the first things a guy observes about you is how you walk.

    9. When you’re dressed in red. Red lipstick, a red dress, or red heels are all good choices. The color red is typically thought to be enticing and seductive. It evokes feelings of ardor, love, and desire.

    10. When you stretch your muscles. Guys appreciate it when girls are relaxed enough to wrap their arms around them.


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  • What makes a boy fall for a girl?

    Men want to invest time in a woman who is receptive to love, regardless of how much culture wants us to believe in the ‘chase’ and the amusing games surrounding the idea of falling in love. A man will swiftly lose interest in a lady who refuses to be loved. If he’s constantly shut down, he won’t be able to open up or exhibit love. It will only make him feel rejected and befuddled, leading to his withdrawal from the situation and the termination of the partnership.

    Men want to be with someone who values organic love rather than someone who manipulates and plays games with them.

    Mind games are bad for everyone involved, and if you haven’t learned that yet, you should learn it quickly. Men are human, and they value a true, open relationship.

    Men find it attractive when a woman knows what she wants in a relationship and how to love them to the best of her ability. When a man finds a woman who is on the same page as him in this regard, they can share the thrill of falling in love. They may do things together, learn about each other, and unearth their genuine selves without fear of the other being closed up to love. Because both people are delighted to see where they both end up and there are no issues, the relationship is moving on with a new sense of freedom and hope.

    “The factors that cause a man to fall in love boil down to a strong emotional bond. You’re probably falling in love when you feel comfortable being open and vulnerable with someone. To let down the walls that surround them, humans as a whole need to feel linked to someone. When the walls are down, we can truly feel anything, including love “James Preece, a relationship counselor, agrees.

    What is the first thing guys notice about you?

    asserting superiority in one body part over the other. Finding and confirming the presence of the Loch Ness Monster would be like finding and proving the existence of the Loch Ness Monster.

    13. Your Self-Belief. The energy you emanate is most crucial to a guy meeting you for the first time. There is nothing (and I mean nothing) that a man finds more appealing than self-assurance. A guy will notice you immediately if you can conduct yourself assertively and have a strong sense of self, regardless of your other features. That’s universally appealing.

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  • 6 Things to Look for When Meeting a Guy for the First Time
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  • What is a man’s secret obsession?

    If you want to bring out your husband’s inner hero, ask him to assist you with DIY projects or something else he excels at so that he feels like a hero. Nothing makes a man feel better than being able to look after his girlfriend like this, so ask him to open a jar you can’t get the top off or mount some shelves on the wall.

    If you want to make your man feel like a hero and activate his hero instinct, have him do something you can’t so he feels great about himself. To boost his confidence, ask him to do something you can’t do but that you know he’s great at. When he has performed the duty for you, express your gratitude.

    The hero instinct 12 words are a list of phrases you can say to a man or SMS him to activate his hero instinct and enhance his confidence. These sentences have been proved to raise his ego and ignite his hero instinct in a variety of men. Try out these sentences on your partner the next time you meet him to bring out his inner hero.

    Secret obsession phrases are words or phrases that will make your boyfriend fall in love with you. They will allow him to show you his vulnerable side, allowing you to grow as a pair both emotionally and physically. If you want your partner to fall madly in love with you or strengthen your bond with him, use the secret obsessive phrases.

    A man’s secret fixation is something he secretly desires more than love and money. You’ll win your guy over if you figure out what his secret obsession is. Every guy harbors a dark secret. Finding out what your man’s secret preoccupation is is crucial if you want to gain his love and dedication for the rest of your life.

    What things guys like to hear?

  • What exactly is the situation?
  • Although males aren’t always the best at choosing the perfect words, women aren’t completely blameless. Here are just a few of the things we wish our girlfriends would say to us more frequently.

    1. “I have faith in you.” Yes, many of us are cocky and arrogant and believe in ourselves completely, but it’s occasionally great to hear it from someone else, especially someone close to us. Also, no matter how arrogant we may appear at times, we men can become down on ourselves, so we need you to give us a pick-me-up now and then to restore our confidence and make us feel supported.

    2. “You have such a good-looking face.” You ladies aren’t the only ones who care about how you look. Most of us make an effort to appear our best for you as well. It’s wonderful when you complement us on our attractiveness, much like ladies appreciate being complimented on their appearance.

    3. Sponsored: The best dating/relationship advice on the internet. If you’re reading this, go to Relationship Hero, a website where highly educated relationship coaches understand you, your situation, and how to help you achieve your goals. They assist you in navigating hard and challenging relationship circumstances such as reading conflicting signals, overcoming a breakup, and anything else you’re concerned about. In a matter of minutes, you may text or call an amazing coach. Simply go to this link…

    4. “You have a sexy look about you.” Let’s be clear: there’s a distinction to be made between looking good and appearing sexy. Being described as handsome is like to being told, “You clean up pretty well, fantastic job.” It’s like hearing, “I’m getting a little turned on just looking at you,” when you believe we look sexy. Do you see the distinction? It’s wonderful to be reminded that you still get the urge to jump our bones by telling us that we look hot.

    5. “You’re not like the other guys,” she says. Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. Sure, a lot of us are a dime a dozen, but it’s wonderful to know that we stand out from the crowd to you. Guys, like women, want to believe that we’re unique in some way, so please remind us of this every once and again.

    6. “It’s wonderful to be in your arms.” This is obviously something to say while cuddling, and it’s always pleasant to hear. For starters, it gives us the impression that we have large, powerful arms that can grip you tightly. Yes, it’s rather caveman-like, but that’s just how we’re wired. Also, as you may know, cuddling isn’t always our favorite activity, so knowing you’re getting something out of it is at least comforting.

    7. “You never fail to make me grin.” This is hopefully correct, and if it is, it’s always good to know. Remember that males, too, are insecure at times, fearful that you’ll find someone better. Hearing things like these makes us feel more confident in our partnership. That said, you shouldn’t say this if you don’t mean it; otherwise, you’re sending mixed signals.

    “Have a good time with your pals.” It’s not that we don’t care about you; we just need to hang out with our buddies from time to time so we can do things we wouldn’t do in front of you. It’s also quite thoughtful of you to encourage us to hang out with the guys rather than making us feel guilty. If this is your attitude when your partner goes out with his pals and leaves you at home, I applaud you.

    9. “I have faith in you.” As it should be, this is a massive one. No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who does not have their best interests at heart. In fact, if you don’t trust someone, you should probably avoid them altogether. We appreciate hearing that you trust us and our relationship as a whole.

    10. “Are you able to assist me?” We don’t mind if you ask this during the fourth quarter of a playoff game. You may believe that enlisting our assistance with a mundane task is a bad idea, but being needed can feel good at times. Unless your partner is a complete jerk, he’ll appreciate the fact that you sought for his help.

    11. “Let’s get it done.” Obviously, this may be a reference to your desire to have sex, and we’d be fine with that. “Let’s do it,” on the other hand, might be employed in a different context. In either case, it demonstrates that you agree with what we’re saying. It might be a date suggestion or a vacation suggestion. In either case, we appreciate it when you pick up while we’re putting down.

    12. “I made a mistake.” This is, after all, a two-way street. Men and women alike have a tendency to be stubborn and unable to accept when they have made a mistake. When this happens, simply admit that you were mistaken so that we can both move on, OK? We’ll do our best to follow suit.

    13. “What I’m looking for is…” We’re not mind readers, don’t get us wrong. We also don’t always enjoy playing games where we have to decode what you say. Come out and say it if you want anything. We want you to be open and honest with us about what you’re thinking.

    “I think you’re fantastic just the way you are.” To be fair, expressing something like this generally necessitates a little hyperbole. Regardless, it’s always a pleasure to hear. Even if no man is flawless, it’s still good to hear that you love us despite our shortcomings.

    15. “Give me the money.” Sorry, but this is a little out of date, especially since most couples nowadays split the bill when they go out to eat. It never hurts for a woman to pick up the check if you’re still in the early stages of a relationship and trying to make a good impression on the other person. If you’re dating a nice guy who believes in feminism (and if you don’t, you shouldn’t be dating him anyhow), he’ll be fine with it.

    16. “Last night, you were incredible.” Hearing this first thing in the morning is the ideal way to start the day for a man. It’s not even necessary to be sincere. You don’t even have to remember what happened last night. Don’t get us wrong: it would be fantastic if you really meant it. Regardless, it’s something any man would enjoy hearing a lady say the morning after hooking up.

    17. Sponsored: The greatest dating/relationships advice on the internet. If you’re reading this, go to Relationship Hero, a website where highly educated relationship coaches understand you, your situation, and how to help you achieve your goals. They assist you in navigating hard and challenging relationship circumstances such as reading conflicting signals, overcoming a breakup, and anything else you’re concerned about. In minutes, you’ll have a text or phone conversation with an amazing coach. Simply go to this link…

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  • How To Capture His Heart And Make Him Fall For You

    Here’s what we’ve realized after so many years of experience as dating coaches:

    It’s really easy to make men fall for you once you know the “cheat code”.

    See, most women don’t really know how men think, and why they act the way they do…

    In fact, they go through their whole life never meeting the perfect guy who treats them right.

    Don’t let this be you!

    We’ve taught thousands of girls around the world the special “cheat code” to a man’s heart.

    Once you learn the truth about how the male mind works, you can make any man fall in love with you.

    Here’s how it works:

    There are special tricks you can use to target the “emotional triggers” inside his mind.

    If you use them the right way, he will start to feel a deep desire for you, and forget about any other woman in his life…

    The best part? These techniques are based on psychology, so they work on any man, no matter how old you are or what you look like.

    To learn about these simple techniques, check out this free eBook NOW:

    FREE GUIDE: Make Him Yours FOREVER!

    Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

    As women, we understand how you feel.

    But no matter what other people say, always remember:

    You are an AMAZING woman…

    And you deserve an amazing man who loves you, respects you and treats you special.

    So start using these special techniques today, and see how quickly men fall in love with you immediately!

    FREE GUIDE: Make Him Yours FOREVER!

    Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

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    Why Men Don’t Want To Get Married Anymore

    Men aren’t marrying because the benefits of getting married are much lower than they used to be, while the costs and risks are much higher. Divorce rates are at an all-time high: 45 percent of marriages end in divorce, and 80 percent of divorces are initiated by women. Finally, men understand that they stand to lose a lot, from their independence to financial exploitation to losing custody of their children. It is well known that the courts prefer women to men. Even …
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    Why Would A Guy Want To Get You Pregnant

    He most likely adores you and want to have a child with you. If you are not in a romantic connection, he must take into account your hereditary qualities. All parents want their children to be ideal, and parents unwittingly play an important role. If you are gorgeous, tall, and clever, and you have no medical concerns, the strong genetic qualities may make him wish to have children with you. According to a survey, many men desire their pregnant women more …
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    When Do Guys Know They Want To Marry You

    According to studies, the average North American guy takes 6-7 months to decide whether or not the person he is dating is marriage material. Many people who have been in long-term unmarried relationships may be surprised by this low figure, which can occur for a variety of reasons. Because of age, school, finances, or other hurdles, a couple may meet at an unfavorable time to marry, so they postpone marriage until a better time – even if the male has already decided …
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    Why Do Guys Always Want To Talk Dirty

    People may prefer dirty talk because sex relieves tension, making them less self-conscious about expressing what they’re really thinking and feeling. According to a research published in 2005 by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, having an orgasm releases oxytocin, a stress-relieving hormone. When your stress levels are lower, you’ll be less constrained and more likely to express exactly what you want or think, even if you wouldn’t say it in ordinary life. Maybe you have something incredibly disgusting to …
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    What Do Men In Their 40s Want In A Woman

    A lot changes as you enter your forties, but not as much as you may think. By your forties, you’ve had enough life experiences to know that your views about the world and your role in it aren’t only based on your parents’, schooling, or what you’ve been told. You’ve learnt a few things, formed your own opinions about the world, and taken responsibility for your own life and happiness. As a result, the people with whom you wish to …
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