How To Tell A Guy He Needs To Try Harder

Our relationships are the dance that goes along with life if it’s simply a song.

The problem is that, while most women want their men to lead, some of them are incapable of doing so “I have two left feet.”

While some men are born leaders, others struggle immensely when it comes to leading in the workplace “department of “quality time”

As a qualified professional counselor, I’ve worked with a number of couples, and the women in the majority of them had no trouble articulating their needs through face-to-face interactions, phone chats, text messages, and any other means available.

I’m sure some of the men in those relationships were resistive, but for the most part, they just weren’t interested. What drives a man to call, text, and prioritize his woman?

Before I give you five recommendations for developing a good quality time atmosphere, let me tell you what doesn’t motivate guys. I’ve mentioned it before in previous postings; it’s nagging!

In my professional opinion, nagging a man is the most effective way to assure that he does not change. Nagging is both ineffective and humiliating.

1. Take an inventory of yourself.

I frequently emphasize the importance of understanding oneself, and this is especially true here. In relationships, we frequently desire things that we do not personally provide. Many women desire more time and attention from their partners, but they are unable to provide healthy and good attention.

2. Be a role model for the love you desire.

The law of attraction is crucial here; in order to attract more love, women must show more love. The goal is to model exactly what you want to receive, but without pestering him before he has a chance to show you his affection.

Because of their own negative attitudes, some women prevent themselves from receiving good attention from their boyfriends.

3. Assume that your spouse cannot read your thoughts.

There’s nothing wrong with having a respectful face-to-face conversation about expectations. I believe that partners should talk about their individual and shared relationship goals on a regular basis.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

This should occur at a predetermined time with as few interruptions as feasible. Even yet, “The “expectation discussion” sets the tone for the relationship’s desire for uninterrupted quality time.

4. Take note of his efforts.

I have a motto that goes like this: “Every step forward is a step forward.” Make a comment on how hard he’s working, and he’ll be more motivated to keep doing the things that are important to you.

When a woman demonstrates her respect for a guy by willingly following, she allows him the freedom to lead in his own way. He will show more love as he gains more esteem.

5. Keep in mind that building and re-building connections takes time.

If you keep this in mind, your relationship will not become stagnant since you will be constantly seeking for new ways to spice things up. Because this is a collaboration, it’s crucial to remember that things run more smoothly when both parties are working for a bright future.

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How do you tell your man you need more attention?

4. Stay away from it “statements that are directed at you Switching from “I” to “you” utterances is one method people deviate from saying what they want explicitly. “You don’t act excited to see me anymore,” or “You don’t act excited to see me,” are two phrases that many individuals prefer to use “You’re always preoccupied.” It’s fine to provide feedback to your spouse, but if all he or she hears is a barrage of complaints, it’s more likely to drive them away than to bring them closer to you. Saying what you want, on the other hand, is actually about expressing something about who you are and what matters to you. As a result, it is preferable to begin with the basics “I want to feel liked by you,” I say. “I’d like your whole attention.” “I’d like to have a good time with you.” “I’d like to get the impression that you’re paying attention.” This allows you to be more compassionate and understanding toward yourself, while also encouraging your partner to do the same.

Because there are strong emotions associated with wanting, many people avoid acknowledging what they want. Saying what they desire seemed to unearth basic wounds in many of the couples with whom I’ve done this exercise, bringing back recollections of what they yearned for as youngsters. One woman expressed her need for greater affection from her spouse, and she was rapidly overcome with melancholy as she repeated words like, “I’d like to be embraced. “I’d like to be held.” She then explained how her mental image of her husband had shifted to her parents, who rarely showed affection and frequently rejected her pleads for them to pick her up.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

In a conversation with me, Pat Love pointed out that “When you yearn for something, such as love, it becomes associated with suffering—the anguish you felt when you didn’t have it before. Feeling linked to what you want right now makes you feel vulnerable, as if you could be hurt again. As a result, many people are hesitant to realize what they desire, much less convey it to someone else who might disappoint them.”

Everyone has walls around their wants and desires, but in adult relationships, it’s essential to let your guard down and take a chance on being direct. Learning to articulate what you want has enormous value: living in a condition of desiring makes you feel powerful. You are more in tune with yourself and have a clearer sense of purpose in your life. And if you are injured, you will discover that you are resilient and can cope with far more disappointment than you anticipated. Most importantly, when you express yourself in this way, you learn that you are deserving of what you desire and are therefore much more likely to receive it.

Should I tell him I’m giving him space?

when they’re already down in the dumps It’s fine to give him space for whatever reason. They may be enraged by the relationship, but it’s more probable that they’re going through something they’d rather deal with on their own. As a result, when you try to help, they lash out and push you away so they can deal with it. It’s painful to be pushed away, but it’s better to give your partner their space when they’re furious. Trying to negotiate with them will only result in squabbles and regrettable comments. Your partner will likely realize why they are upset and apologize for their behavior. It’s fine to confront them about their attitude when they come back to you. However, in order for them to be responsive to your talk, they must first be allowed space.

What can I text him to get him interested?

1. Hello there, stranger. Don’t be a stranger.

2. Good day, you! I hope your day is going well!

3. How would you react if I invited you over right now?

4. I’m the one who initiates messaging, therefore I’m expecting you to initiate kissing as well.

5. I’m here to ask you out. Do you want to go out for coffee on Saturday?

6. No one understands me like you.

7. Now that I’ve officially texted you, don’t make me wait. I’ll be anxiously staring at my phone, waiting for it to ding.

Come on over. Now. Except for me, no one else is present.

9. Right now, I wish you were sitting next to me.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

10. You can’t text me first, but every five minutes you may post your Facebook status? I see what you’re saying.

How do you express wants and needs?

Then all you have to do is sit down with your partner and lay everything out on the table at a moment when neither of you is anxious, preoccupied, or upset. Describe what you need more of and, more importantly, why you want it in your relationship. Instead of being accusatory, concentrate on “I” statements (for example: “I feel more loved when you surprise me with small gifts”). Because partnerships are a two-way street, both sides need to feel supported, loved, and treasured, it’s also critical to be open to your spouse expressing their wants in return.

“Feeling safe sharing your feelings and thoughts, and having those sentiments recognized and acknowledged,” Erickson says, is one of the signposts of a healthy relationship. “There’s no reason to stay in a relationship where your core, fundamental needs aren’t being satisfied on a consistent basis. To be in a relationship that doesn’t meet your requirements on a consistent basis is, to put it bluntly, harmful to your feeling of self-worth and value.”

Finally, in a relationship, you should never be ashamed to ask for what you require. It may feel awkward at first to be so forthright about your desires, but remember that strong partnerships are built on mutual trust and open communication. You deserve a relationship that makes you happy, no matter who you are, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less than what you want just because you’re afraid to express your worries. If your partner is genuinely a keeper, they’ll be more than willing to go out of their way to make you feel appreciated on a daily basis.

How do you make a guy fear losing you?

If you’re in a relationship where your partner ignores you and isn’t concerned about losing you…

This type of inequity does not come out of nowhere. It’s caused by troubles in a relationship that aren’t visible.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

These are issues that are frequently old and buried because they are simply too frightening to confront!

They also develop very slowly over months or years, making them extremely difficult to detect…

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But no matter what other people say, always remember:

You are an AMAZING woman…

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Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

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