What Do Men In Their 40s Want In A Woman

A lot changes as you enter your forties, but not as much as you may think. By your forties, you’ve had enough life experiences to know that your views about the world and your role in it aren’t only based on your parents’, schooling, or what you’ve been told. You’ve learnt a few things, formed your own opinions about the world, and taken responsibility for your own life and happiness. As a result, the people with whom you wish to build bonds shift. If you’re wondering what 40-year-old men look for in a woman that younger guys don’t, the answer is a lot.

It’s easy to draw assumptions about what men in their 40s desire in a woman, so we turned to Zoosk, a famous online dating service, to get to the bottom of the matter. They combed through 656,356 profiles to find which terms men in their 30s, 40s, and 50s use most frequently when defining what they want in a love partner.

And, while many of the qualities that men want are similar, there are also significant distinctions between 40-year-old men and men of other ages.

Men of all ages desire a woman who is both entertaining and trustworthy. Fun is the most favored characteristic among guys of all ages. Honesty is the second most preferred characteristic among men of all ages. Men are looking for honest women with whom they can have a wonderful time across the board. (Interestingly, honesty is also a top quality among women.)

Men in their forties are looking for someone who is compassionate, loving, and kind.

Unlike their younger colleagues, who are more likely to say characteristics like a nice smile or a nice attitude, men in their 40s describe who they want as caring, kind, and kind.

Men in their forties place a higher importance on clever women than men in their twenties. Intelligence is the 16th most common trait among men over 40, and the 13th most popular trait among men over 50. Men in their 30s, on the other hand, don’t use the word “intellectual” nearly as often as men in their 20s, preferring instead to use the term “clever” when describe the women they want.

A good sense of humor is adored by all men. Men of all ages mention humor or a sense of humor as a top characteristic, which may go hand in hand with being entertaining. Women who know how to laugh are also in high demand.

40-year-old guys seek a partner who is dependable. Unlike other age groups, men in their forties rank loyalty as a top quality. Maybe it’s because they’ve had a few heartbreaks, or maybe they’re looking for someone who wants to be a life partner and stick by their side.

Men in their forties desire mates who are joyful and positive. Happiness was another popular attribute among all men, and while it didn’t make the top 10 list for other age groups, men in their 40s wanted to be with someone who was happy as well.

There are a few main lessons from researching what guys in their 40s want: for the most part, men of all ages want an honest, caring individual with whom they can have a good time and laugh. Men in their 40s, on the other hand, place a premium on qualities like loyalty, ease, and optimism.

A man in his 40s isn’t all that dissimilar from the younger or older men you’ve dated in the past. They’ve simply lived long enough to desire things that their younger selves might not have appreciated, and they’re still looking for that special someone with whom to share their lives.

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  • Before You Continue…

    Does he REALLY like you? Take this quick quiz to find out! Find out what he REALLY thinks, and how strong his feelings for you are. Start the quiz now!

    How do you tell if a 40 year old man likes you?

    Is he interested in me? It all begins with a simple “hi” or a gaze across the room. Trying to figure out if he likes you or not. From there, the skepticism and attempting to “figure things out” becomes more intense.

    If you get a meet date, you start worrying about obtaining the first date, and then you start wondering if you’ll get a second date. Maybe you got close and your “is he into me” wondering has progressed to DEFCON 5.

    (By the way, if you’re curious about when to have sex, you can read about it here and here.)

    When my clients ask me this question, I normally respond as follows:

    If you have to ask, he’s probably not.

    Women have a lot to lose biologically if they choose the wrong partner. We are the ones who are responsible for the children. If we choose a man who isn’t interested in us, he will abandon us when we are pregnant or have a child. And we’ll be responsible for raising and protecting his child for at least 18 years.

    It’s no surprise that we’re like Nancy Drew when it comes to figuring out if he genuinely likes us. In our ancestors’ time, asking, “Is he into me?” meant ensuring the species’ survival!

    How does this apply to your current situation? How can you know whether he’s interested in you from the first time you see each other?

    While knowing your biological drives is beneficial, you may also use your intellect and common sense. That’s why I’m here: to provide you with information that will help you balance your intellect and heart.

    BTW, I shared with you four more ways to identify if a guy is interested in you in another blog.

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    How does a 40 year old man flirt?

    Despite the fact that he has 20 years on you, you find him irresistible. You’d like to date him, but where do you start?

    With a few differences, flirting with an older man is identical to flirting with any other guy.

    1. Recognize the age difference.

    You are, in fact, younger than he is. You and he both know it. So, if you’re self-conscious about it, speak out about it. He won’t mind if you’re younger if he likes you. If he objects, he’s not the appropriate guy for you.

    2. Don’t act as if you know something you don’t know.

    He knows you’re younger than him, and he doesn’t expect you to remember the 1970s, let alone have experience raising children or paying a mortgage. Say anything if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Ask him questions if you don’t want to say anything. You can’t go wrong by inquiring about people’s lives.

    3. Seek his opinion.

    Also, pay attention to the recommendations. He’ll be flattered that you seek his advice, plus he has far more life experience than you. As a result, he most likely knows what he’s talking about.

    4. Don’t presume that because you’re older, you’re more attractive than other women.

    Yes, youth is appealing, and he may be drawn to your smooth skin and shiny hair, but don’t get too confident. As you become older, you understand that you need to interact with others on more than just a physical basis.

    If you want to have a meaningful relationship with someone, you need get to know him and let him get to know you.

    5. Don’t assume he’s a millionaire.

    He undoubtedly earns more money than you, but he also has more expenses, particularly if he had children from a prior relationship or owns a car or home.

    What happens to a man when he turns 40?

    Sarcopenia, or muscle mass loss, is a common aging consequence. Men typically lose 1-5 percent of their muscle mass by the age of 40, due to the gradual decrease of muscle cell activity. When left unchecked, this loss accelerates with age, resulting in frailty and difficulties with physical activity.

    The following factors influence the progression of sarcopenia with age:

  • Inadequate protein intake
  • A decrease in the amount of growth hormones in the body
  • Loss of capacity to calculate energy from protein
  • Motor neuron function is impaired.
  • Mitochondrial disease
  • A sedentary way of life
  • Growth hormone replacement therapy has been demonstrated to improve protein balance and antioxidant defenses, which helps to prevent sarcopenia. Physical activity has also been shown to help manage and even prevent sarcopenia.

    What age do guys want to settle down?

  • What exactly is the situation?
  • I’m sure we’re all curious about what goes on in men’s heads, especially when it comes to whether they want to become serious or not. Fortunately, Elite Daily spoke with some dating experts to find out what they thought. They discovered the ages at which males are most likely to seek out real relationships—what here’s they discovered.

    1. It appears that men are more hesitant to commit than women. We hear a lot of stories about males who aren’t ready to settle down quite yet. They’re not ready to go serious yet, so they’re looking for something lighthearted. These stories are routinely shared by women, so it’s not surprising that guys would prefer to settle down later. Duh.

    2. Of course, we can’t make rules that apply to both genders. Sure, there’s anecdotal evidence to support these findings, but we can’t say for sure whether or not a gender exists. We can’t, for example, point to any man on the street and say, “By this time, you’ll be ready to be in a meaningful relationship.” There will always be exceptions to the norm, as well as persons who do not meet the description. Regardless, it’s a fascinating concept.

    3. Sponsored: The best dating/relationship advice on the internet. If you’re reading this, go to Relationship Hero, a website where highly educated relationship coaches understand you, your situation, and how to help you achieve your goals. They assist you in navigating hard and challenging relationship circumstances such as reading conflicting signals, overcoming a breakup, and anything else you’re concerned about. In a matter of minutes, you may text or call an amazing coach. Simply go to this link…

    4. The ideal age range is late twenties to early thirties. Elite Daily enlisted the help of dating experts Michal Naisteter and Eric Resnik to figure out when guys are ready to settle down. According to Naisteter of the “Three Day Rule,” males begin to wish to settle around the age of 28. He did note, however, that determining the exact age is difficult because it might vary widely. Men in their early to mid-30s, according to Resnik, are ready to settle down.

    5. Female brains mature faster than male brains. “The belief that men and women of the same age are often mismatched when it comes to relationship readiness could partially be due to the fact that female brains typically mature faster than male brains, and maturity is a crucial part of being in a healthy, balanced relationship,” according to Elite Daily. Hey, they just confirmed something we all suspected.

    6. Women begin to consider their biology. One theory is that women should consider getting married quickly in order to beat their biological clocks. They must begin considering whether or not they want to start a family considerably earlier than males do. Furthermore, they bear the burden of being fruitful. It’s a tremendous amount of duty to bear.

    7. Younger males are becoming increasingly serious. Resnik thinks we shouldn’t give up hope for younger generations just yet. “An increasing number of males in their late twenties are becoming interested in finding something more enduring than a regular tryst.” Younger men may be willing and interested in hooking up for a serious relationship. At the very least, we can hope!

    8. The regulation does not apply to everyone. I’ve known men who were serious about something significant well before they turned 28. The dating experts aren’t claiming that the window of opportunity for males to go serious is universal. Rather, even in their teens, there are plenty of men who desire to pursue a relationship! You never know what might happen.

    9. Dating older people is always a safe bet. Whether or if there are exceptions, dating older is typically considered to be a safer option. If a man is in his mid-30s, there’s a larger chance he’ll be interested in anything more serious (or even older).

    It’s fine to have the commitment discussion anytime you want. Just because you read somewhere that your boyfriend won’t want to get serious till he’s 28, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask him now. The only way to figure out what someone wants at any age is to just ask them. Don’t be afraid to have the commitment conversation whenever you want (even if you’re nervous or believe it’s too soon).

    11. Don’t bother with guys who aren’t prepared. You can try to figure out when your partner will ultimately want to settle down all day long by playing guessing games. You may just just tell him he’s a jerk. You owe no one anything if you wait. You owe it to yourself to choose yourself above a man who isn’t ready for you.

    12. I’m curious about the statistics for gay and trans males, as well as non-binary people. It appears that we’re discussing whether or not a man is heterosexual in this scenario. What if he’s a gay man? Is the number the same as before or does it differ? What is the reason for the similarity or difference? I’d be very interested to learn more about these topics. I’d also like to know what the statistics are for trans males and non-binary people. They’re frequently left out of situations like these.

    13. Sponsored: The greatest dating/relationships advice on the internet. If you’re reading this, go to Relationship Hero, a website where highly educated relationship coaches understand you, your situation, and how to help you achieve your goals. They assist you in navigating hard and challenging relationship circumstances such as reading conflicting signals, overcoming a breakup, and anything else you’re concerned about. In minutes, you’ll have a text or phone conversation with an amazing coach. Simply go to this link…

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    What do older guys like in bed?

    An older man may want a variety of things from a relationship, depending on his life experiences. If they had previously had a committed relationship – particularly if they required the services of a marriage therapist – they may simply want to have some fun, or they may desire something more serious if they have not yet settled down.

    While a 50-year-old man may lack the desire of younger men, he can nevertheless engage in sexual activity. Older guys love or desire women just as much as younger men, but sex can be different due to the fact that their erectile function isn’t always as responsive as it previously was.

    If you’re interested in dating older men, you should be clear about what you want from the men you have crushes on. That way, you’ll be able to figure out what you need to do to draw them in. Some older men will seek out a younger lady who is always attractive, while others will be more concerned with their intellect.

    Men’s desires in bed are not always the same, and they can vary depending on the woman. Men, on the other hand, prefer it when women initiate sex and would like them to do so more often. They may also be drawn to confidence and a lady who knows what she wants.

    In general, what men seek in a woman is very dependant on the individuals involved. It is not true that all men are averse to commitment, and some will choose women who wish to start a family. Others, on the other hand, will choose ladies who are more carefree.

    What attracts an older man to a younger woman?

    So, why would a younger lady prefer a man who is older? Catherine Zeta Jones, a Hollywood actress, married 25-year-old Michael Douglas in a love-at-first-sight story. “Thirty minutes after meeting her, I declared you will be the mother of my children,” Michael Douglas recalled in an interview.

    Catherine seemed to be persuaded right away. Jones and Douglas are now the parents of a son and a girl. They’ve had their ups and downs in their marriage, but it’s still going strong.

    So, what qualities do younger women want in older men? Is it merely a case of their being sexually attracted to older men, or is it anything more? When older men and younger women are attracted to each other, there are some evident sparks that are difficult to ignore.

    Sometimes it’s merely sexual attraction, and other times it develops into something more significant. The quality of a connection, whether meaningful or sexual, is solely determined by compatibility, which varies from person to person. Here are 11 things that a younger lady finds attractive in an older man.

    They are more responsible and mature

    We can all agree that males behave as if they are grown-up children or as if they are children. They avoid taking on responsibilities, and you can’t expect maturity from them. Women frequently perceive men their age to be lacking in responsibility.

    Women, tired of doing all the labor, seek out someone who will be responsible and look after them, rather than the other way around. Married men become indolent with time, and women believe that because of their maturity levels, older men will still be able to understand their concerns.

    Women mature at a faster rate than men and prefer partners who are on par with them. Older guys are more responsible, making them suitable for ladies like these.

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    Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

    A sense of security

    An important factor for a great relationship is that older men create a sense of stability. Most of the time, older guys have greater life experience. They acquire specific assets to protect their future as they progress in their careers.

    Women seek emotional and financial stability, especially when considering marriage. They are drawn to older men because they want to find a man who can make them feel emotionally and financially secure.

    They are more at ease knowing that their future is safe in the hands of such a person. What draws a younger lady to an older man is that they are both at a point in their lives where they have established assets and investments. A man’s most desirable age is in his mid-30s or early-40s, when he has a steady income, good appearance, and libido.

    They are more experienced

    Older males have more experience with women and have been on the field for longer. Their knowledge of women comes through their interactions with them. They know how to deal with a woman’s mood fluctuations and how to console her with the appropriate words and gestures.

    Younger women are more at ease with older guys because they know just what to say when they are feeling dragged down. They feel emotionally safe around older men.

    Also, older men are better at dealing with adversity; they do not jump to conclusions and are calm and sensible. An older man provides a calming presence in the lives of a younger woman.

    The daddy issues

    Women who have daddy issues are often drawn to older guys. They want the next man in their lives to be the polar opposite of their father. Someone who understands her in the same way that her father did not.

    Younger ladies want older men to replace their father in an attempt to find someone who is not like him. They are looking for a mentor, a buddy, and someone who can offer them advise. In the process, these younger ladies are drawn to older men’s knowledge and maturity and fall in love with them.

    They desire to be protected, shielded, and looked after, which is why a younger woman is drawn to an older man. A lady, in particular, who has spent her childhood emotionally estranged from her father, may seek out an older man who can provide her with that emotional security.

    FREE GUIDE: Make Him Yours FOREVER!

    Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

    They know what they want in life

    If you ask a guy your age what he wants in life, he would either stare at you blankly or give you an immature response like “I’ve spent my life playing video games” or “I’ve spent my entire sleeping.” An older man will respond in the same way regarding his ambitions, professional goals, and future prospects.

    Younger women are attracted to older guys because they are driven by objectives and direction. And by the time you realize you’re married to the wrong person, it’ll be too late.

    This is because women are typically more mature than men, and they seek someone who is mature in the same way.

    Their mysterious aura

    Older men who are sexy have a strange aura about them. The frowns on their faces or the severity in their expressions indicate that they are hiding something, and you can’t help but be curious in their narrative.

    You want to know more about an older man the less he talks about himself. You feel as if he has a dreadful past and you want to act like the girl who saved him and brought happiness back into his life. Blame it on chick flicks or rom-com movies, but you feel as if he has a dreadful past and you want to act like the girl who saved him and brought happiness back into his life again.

    A young woman can be mesmerized by a man who has lived his life and has stories to tell about adventures and hardships, disappointments and successes.

    They are more understanding

    Males in their forties and fifties are more understanding than men in their twenties and thirties. They don’t get into fights over minor issues or make a big deal out of them. Rather than playing the blame game, older men are more patient and will strive to locate the source of the problem and resolve it.

    Their ability to resolve conflicts is extraordinary. They maintain their composure and will attempt to comprehend you before leaping to conclusions. Women find this appealing because it gives them the impression that older men are aware of their sentiments, value their emotions, and respect them.

    Older guys know how to pick their battles wisely and would not bother a young lady over the tiniest of matters. They despise petty arguments, and a relationship with them could be both strong and serene.

    They aren’t afraid of marriage

    Younger ladies grow tired of heartbreak and seek to settle down with someone who will not break their heart.

    Older men are the ideal match because they are hoping to settle down with someone at that age. They aren’t terrified of marriage, and they make such ladies feel safe by assuring them that this will not be another fling.

    Younger women believe they will never experience another heartbreak. Is it possible for an older man to love a younger woman? Yes, he says it from the bottom of his heart. That’s why some love stories between a younger woman and an older man are so popular.

    They make a good sugar daddy

    Younger ladies are often drawn to older guys since they are sometimes only searching for a sugar baby. Younger men and women enjoy easy money and are willing to date older people in order to obtain it.

    They want someone to pay their expenses and provide them with a lifestyle they couldn’t afford otherwise. Some younger women want sugar daddies to give them expensive presents that they may flaunt in public, boosting their ego and making them more socially attractive.

    An older man would be able to provide her with all of these benefits that she would otherwise be unable to afford. Some young women seek to take advantage of older male attraction indications in order to enter a relationship that benefits them.

    They are good in bed

    If there’s one thing older guys are better at, it’s dealing with women. Older males are also more experienced in bed and know how to sexually satisfy their female partners. They recognize that sex is not only for males, but also for women.

    An older man and a younger woman have a sexual connection that works wonders in bed as well. When you’re dating an older man, it’s difficult to get the spark going. If you’ve ever wondered, “Why am I sexually attracted to older men?” it’s because they know how to make you feel wonderful in bed.

    The heart wants what it wants

    When a younger woman dates an older man, it isn’t always because of his age. Love is said to be blind, and the heart desires what it desires. After all, a great marriage does not require a specific age gap! Sometimes it’s just a matter of compatibility and understanding that brings them together.

    Cupid can strike at any time and place. It has the power to bring two people who are diametrically opposed together, even if they are decades apart in age. A large age gap makes little effect to persons who aren’t concerned about their age.

    Is it possible for an older man to love a younger woman? What is it like to date older men? Dating an older man will give you the feeling that you’ve finally discovered someone who shares your goals.

    However, there are a few critical points to consider. Will this guy be able to deal with your inexperience, or will he treat you like a child? What does he have in mind for his children? Where do you envision your relationship with him going? You need to know the answers to these questions because you don’t want to wind up like Monica Geller, who had to leave Richard because he didn’t want children.


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    How do you charm an older man?

    While there are many advantages to dating older men, it’s vital to remember that they are looking for something specific. They’ve figured out what they want. They are aware of what attracts them. These are also the types of men who are drawn to particular things.

    Fortunately, I seem to fall into that category naturally. Guys between the ages of 10 and 20 appear to be drawn to me. So you know what they’re looking for, here are all the things they’ve told me they like about me and other ladies. By the end of the month, if you follow these suggestions, you’ll have an older man.

    Older men naturally like younger women

    While this may appear strange at first, it makes perfect sense when you consider biology. Men and women were created to give birth to new life. As a result, an older man will be naturally drawn to younger women. Younger women are more fertile than older women. Look your age, but the younger version of it, without dressing like a teen, if you want to attract an older man.

    Help them feel young

    Another important factor to consider while learning how to attract an older man is that older men enjoy feeling young. This is where a lot of females go wrong. They attempt to be mature, but they go too far. If you don’t like knitting or old movies, don’t act like you do just because he’s 60. It’s a complete turnoff.

    For you, he’s dating you or is interested in you. Instead of pretending to be someone you’re not, just be yourself. If there is a significant age difference between you and him, you will instantly make him feel younger.

    Never mentioning or making references to his age is another fantastic approach to make him seem younger. Don’t tell him, “I miss when my grandfather did that!” if he enjoys golf and your grandfather used to enjoy golf with you. Instead, simply tell him how much you like it. Keep in mind that age is just a number.

    Act confident

    A self-assured lady is adored by men in general. One of the most attractive qualities is confidence. It also implies they will not be subjected to false allegations. Most men have dealt with this at some point in their lives and don’t want to do so again.

    Older men who are self-assured prefer a lady who is also self-assured. They desire a woman who is aware of her wonderful looks. It’s time to work on your self-esteem if you have poor self-esteem.

    Be independent

    Older men who are self-assured adore independent women. They don’t want to have to jump in to help you out with everything. Consider that for a moment. Their children have already reached adulthood. Another one is the last thing they need. Instead, be sure you’re capable of handling things on your own. When you need assistance, which shouldn’t be very frequently, ask them for it.

    Don’t depend on them for financial stability

    Sugar dating has exploded in popularity as the idea of older men dating younger women has become more common.

    Regrettably, this has also spread to more traditional relationships. Rather than sincerely appreciating a man, we’re witnessing an increase in the number of women who want to marry an older man so that they may rely on him for financial stability. If this is your purpose, make it crystal obvious from the start.

    Get your own finances in order first, or at least be working toward it, if you want him to sincerely like you back.

    Be mature

    I’m not saying you shouldn’t act your age, but you shouldn’t either. That means no outbursts of rage. You must be able to control your emotions and communicate well. If you’re wanting to impress confident older guys, being understanding about unexpected hitches in your dating life and being able to handle misunderstandings with ease will go a long way.

    Look at the bright side

    By the time they reach their 50s, older men have realized that being theatrical isn’t necessary. Older guys, more than younger men, attempt to see the bright side of everything and make it into a positive.

    It’s difficult to remain hopeful all of the time as a young woman who hasn’t yet developed this trait, but give it a shot. When life throws you a lemon, remember that you can turn it into lemonade. This isn’t simply true when you’re attempting to attract an older man. A lady who can laugh things off is admired by all men!

    Be a good listener

    Every man desires a woman who listens to what he has to say, but this is more true when dating an older man. Dating an older man is full of adventure, laughter, and thoughtfulness. For the most part, they are respectful. (Of course, there are exceptions.) He’ll demand the same deference from you. Put your phone away when you’re out to dinner.

    Enjoy common interests

    In some ways, dating an older man is identical to dating a younger man. You converse with one another. Check to see whether you’re compatible. You’ll also discover that you share interests. Perhaps you both enjoy camping and being outside! Perhaps you both enjoy shopping and attending concerts.

    Instead of categorizing older males, look for mutual interests. (This is also an excellent method to entice an older gentleman.)

    Keep up on your appearance

    If you’re wondering how to attract an older man, this is one of the most crucial things to keep in mind. Older men are not interested in someone who appears to be homeless. Don’t push yourself too far, but make sure you shower regularly, match your clothes, and take the effort to find matching socks in the morning.

    Don’t show up for dinner with fingernails that aren’t clean. He’ll be less likely to say anything, but he’ll also be less inclined to invite you out again.

    Hygiene is important

    Examine your self-care routine if you want to learn how to attract an older man. It’s fine to have greasy hair because you’re tired around the house on occasion, but not when you’re eyeing an older man. You must shower on a regular basis, among other things. Brushing your teeth twice a day is recommended. If it describes you, get your act together.

    Don’t pick your nose

    I wouldn’t normally feel compelled to include this one. That is, until I was telling a gentleman about my horrible dates. He was looking for younger women to date. They were getting along swimmingly! As a result, he offered her to accompany him on a vacation to New York.

    She was also picking her nose on the way there. He was too polite to say anything, but the fact that he was stuck with a nose picker for the entire weekend terrified him. If you’re wondering how to attract an older man and this is a habit, it’s time to put it down and pick up a tissue.

    Have your own place

    Those of you who do not yet own a home should make plans to do so. This is in addition to not relying on him for financial stability. Without him, you should be able to live independently.

    It does two things when you can. To begin with, you won’t be very reliant on him. This is especially crucial in the early stages of a relationship. Second, a woman with her life in order is simply appealing.

    Smile more often

    The simple act of smiling will make you more appealing to older men right away. They adore young women who are attractive, and young women who are smiling at them are even better. Simply smile at older men in public to attract them.

    Be playful

    If you’re looking for ways to attract an older man, you’ll need to be able to fool around. Tickling is a fun way to make an older man feel young again. These gentlemen may appear to be more serious than younger men, yet they like having a good time and laughing a lot.

    If you’re out and about trying to attract older men, make an effort to chuckle rather than frown.

    Dress modestly

    Your smokin’ sexy body may have first piqued the interest of an older gentleman, but there’s a limit. He doesn’t always want the whole of the room to be staring at the items. Instead, when you’re out with older men or trying to attract older men, make sure you dress correctly.

    In the middle of summer, you shouldn’t wear a hoodie everywhere, but you shouldn’t wear a bathing suit top either. It’s critical to strike that balance.

    Have interesting conversation topics ready to go

    When you’re trying to figure out how to attract an older man, bear in mind what will keep him engaged. If your older man is successful and spends the most of his day in meetings, work is the last thing on his mind.

    He also definitely doesn’t want to know everything that’s going on with your favorite reality TV celebrity. When it comes to attracting an older man, gossip about Kim Kardashian isn’t going to cut it.

    Instead, think about what he might be interested in. Regularly monitor the news, for example. If you don’t already have one, choose one that you can talk about. When you’re getting to know each other, pay attention to his hobbies. This might assist you in determining future conversation subjects that will pique his interest.

    Smell beautiful

    Men in their forties and fifties don’t often wear as much cologne as younger men, but they do seem to notice when I smell nice. It’s the most common compliment I get from older men, so it must be true. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive perfumes to attract an older gentleman.

    However, smelling pleasant and ensuring that your shampoo smells nice can certainly assist.

    Don’t change who you are

    When learning how to attract an older man, it’s common to hear that an older man prefers a beautiful younger woman with long hair who dresses up. While they appreciate a lovely younger woman, she does not have to be dressed up or have long hair.

    In fact, older men are just as interested in differences as younger guys. Some people adore tattoos, while others are weak at the knees in the presence of a tomboy. Everyone has their own personal tastes. You may not be the attractive younger lady that one man seeks, but you could be the woman of another’s dreams. When it comes to dating an older man, having a big personality might help a lot.

    Pay attention to him

    Yes, you should keep your emotions in check. Older males, on the other hand, thrive on attention. Make it a point to stroke his ego every now and then. Let him know what you admire about him. Don’t forget to compliment him. While the two of you are out and about, stroke his arm and hold his hand.

    Be yourself

    A lady who is faking her identity and concealing parts of herself is a tremendous turn-off. Granted, if you can manage your emotions, older men will appreciate that, but you shouldn’t lie if you can’t. Tell him you’re having trouble with it and that you’re working on it. If you’re honest about who you are, he’ll be more inclined to stay and mentor you rather than leaving.

    This is equally true of your passions. Do you enjoy binge-watching reruns of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Take responsibility for it. Then, instead of talking to him, chat to your girlfriends about it. He’ll accept the fact that you and your partner have diverse hobbies and like various things.

    Because you’re claiming to be someone you’re not, he won’t be cool with you lying about what you like or don’t like.

    Let him know the age gap doesn’t bother you

    When you’re attempting to figure out how to approach an older man, you don’t necessarily consider that he could be hesitant to approach you at first. There are numerous stereotypes that exist. One is the older man who has a thing for younger women. Some women are simply turned off by older guys, and their age is a deal-breaker for them.

    You must let him know that you admire older men, such as himself, in some way. When he brings up his age, which he may do to gauge your reaction, remind him that age is just a number. (That’s basically all there is to it.) Then, to show him that you still like him, compliment him. If he doesn’t feel safe pursuing you, it doesn’t matter how attracted he is to you.

    Be prepared to deal with crap about the age gap

    The world will provide you with plenty of it. This could involve members of your family and friends, as well as those of his. While his friends may congratulate him on dating a beautiful young woman, there are enough preconceptions that will result in his receiving filthy stares in public to balance things out. Before you start dating or making it a mission to attract older men, you’ll need a huge personality.

    The prejudice that older men pursue younger women because they are naive and easy to manipulate is the first. While this may be true in some relationships, I’ve noticed that older guys are more respectful of boundaries and less manipulative than younger men! The stereotype, however, persists.

    People may have preconceived notions about you. Everyone else doesn’t care if he likes you because you’re sweet and make him feel young. If he has money, you’ll turn into a gold digger looking for a quick spot on the will. Consider the assumption that every young woman who dates an older man is weak. Or does he have issues with his father? That is something to anticipate.

    Finally, there are the unidentified nasty remarks. When the two of you go out to dinner, folks will assume you’re his daughter right away. It’s also possible that you’re mistaken for his grandchild. The simplest method to avoid this is for him to wrap his arm around your shoulders at all times, indicating that he is your partner.

    If you can’t avoid such situations, kindly correct individuals and then forget about it. You’ll get used to it, and you’ll get through it together eventually.

    How do you let an older man know you’re interested?

    When you’re out and about, you come across an attractive man and want to get his attention. But what are your options?

    Men seek reassurance that approaching you is safe. Here are five sure-fire ways to show him you’re interested in him. 1. Make five seconds of eye contact with a man you like and smile at him.

    FIVE FULL SECONDS, to be exact. It will seem like an eternity, but it will serve as a signal to him that you are interested. 2. Ask him a question to get his attention.

    Men are biologically predisposed to assisting women. You’re appealing to his best male instincts by asking him a question.

    Here are some questions you could ask to start a conversation between the two of you…

    You’re out with a friend for happy hour when a man sits down next to you and orders red wine. Inquire as to which one it is and whether he enjoys it. After that, you may easily go on to different wines to keep the conversation continuing.

    You’ve arrived at a Starbucks. Inquire if the chair next to a handsome man is available. Ask him what his favorite coffee is if you’re in line.

    You’ve arrived to the dog park. Inquire about his dog’s veterinarian and whether he would recommend him to your puppy. 3. Pay attention to what a man is saying to you.

    “What salad is that?” her buddy inquired, and the conversation between the three of them quickly escalated.

    Heidi and this gorgeous man from out of town continued to talk after her buddy left.

    He told her again and over that he wasn’t tied to where he lived and that he’d really dated ladies from different cities.

    “Are you interested in dating me even if I live out of town?” he asked in a manly tone that she completely missed. Ultimately, she missed out on a chance to date a man she was interested in. 4. Place your handkerchief on the floor.

    It was general knowledge in the 1950s that a woman would drop her handkerchief in front of a man to indicate her interest in him.

    Lucy was posing as another woman while wearing a disguise. She was curious as to whether Ricky would flirt with her.

    So she slid her handkerchief to the ground and muttered, “Pardon me,” expecting him to pick it up for her.

    Both realized this was a hint she was interested in him and that if the attraction was reciprocated, he could approach her.

    Instead of using a handkerchief, try dropping your phone, or a folder or package you’re carrying, if it won’t shatter.

    If he isn’t, it doesn’t mean he is rejecting you personally. You might not be his type since he’s married, has a girlfriend, or is married.

    These five methods will allow you to interact with a large number of men. And who knows, one of them might just be your Mr. Right.

    Lisa Copeland is a dating guru for people over 50. She’s the best-selling author of The Winning Dating Formula For Women Over 50, and her purpose is to help as many women as she can learn how to date and find their Mr. Right beyond 50. Visit www.findaqualityman.com to grab your free report, “5 Little Known Secrets To Find A Quality Man.”

    Previously on Huffington Post/Post50:

    How is it to date a man in his 40s?

    Men in their forties are more inclined to seek for women at similar stages of life, who are well-established in their employment and know what they want. If this is you, and a McDreamy has piqued your interest, you’ll need to take a different approach than you would with a younger man. Here are five things to think about before dating a man in his forties or fifties.

    #1. Be clear and honest

    Don’t feel obligated to be coy if you like him. Men are accustomed to having to bat and strike out frequently, and he will have done so for decades. If you make your interest plain and don’t keep him wondering, he will be very grateful. Make it plain if you’re not interested in this guy! He doesn’t want to waste his time, and he won’t be hurt if you realize he isn’t the right person for you. Allow him to rest easy. He’ll be OK.

    #2. Don’t play games

    ‘The’ “The rule of “wait three days after receiving a number” does not apply to a 40-year-old man. He’ll contact you if he’s interested in you. He’s not going to treat love and relationships like a game since you both stand to lose. As a result, it’s critical that you abandon any pretense of playing games yourself.

    Playing hard to get will lead him to believe you are uninterested. Don’t talk about other men in an attempt to attract them “make him envious” since he’ll assume you’re interested in other men.

    Instead, be forthright and direct. Know that he’ll undoubtedly follow suit. He won’t waste your time with him if you aren’t interested since he doesn’t want you to waste your time with him.

    #3. Don’t assume he isn’t going to want to have a family

    Don’t assume that just because he’s divorced and has children that he doesn’t want a second family. Men in their forties are frequently on the lookout for a spouse. They understand the value of friendship. You’ll have someone in your life eager to meet you halfway if you’re the lady for him and he’s the guy for you. A genuine team player.

    #4. Give him his space

    Men in their forties are more likely to be professionals who go to bed and wake up early every day. You must understand that he is a busy man who will not be able to react to your text messages right away. Respect that he needs space to take care of his duties, and use that time to take care of your own, even if you can’t focus on your own work since this guy is on your mind.

    Also keep in mind that if he has children, he may need to set boundaries. Don’t try to push or pry. Most guys wait until they know things are serious before introducing their children to a new lady. Allow him to go at his own pace.

    #5. Communicate

    Being upfront and direct, as well as continuing to convey what you’re feeling, desiring, and so on, goes a long way. A man in his forties is more at ease expressing himself and is also more inclined to listen to you.

    While dating a 40-year-old man is different than dating a younger man, you’ll like how open, honest, and communicative he is. He will not waste your time or add unnecessary turmoil to your life. Giving him the same is the finest thing you can do. Don’t write him off just because he’s a safe and secure fox. He’ll be on the lookout for a true teammate who can treat you like the lady you are.

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