Will No Contact Make Him Move On

Your boyfriend or girlfriend has expressed their want to end their relationship with you and no longer be romantically involved with you.

You probably came on this page by looking for information on how to get your ex back or viewing one of my YouTube videos.

You probably read or heard to me propose the No Contact Rule when you went to war to get your ex back.

No contact with your ex, on the other hand, may have struck you as a means to push them away or perhaps lead them to move on and seek a relationship with someone else.

While enforcing the no-contact rule would have driven your ex away while you were together, it frequently has the reverse impact after you’ve broken up.

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Will no contact help him move on?

Following a split, the no-contact rule refers to breaking off all contact with an ex, and it’s the healthiest way to move on. No contact should be made for at least 60 days, and this includes no texting, calling, or social media interaction. When you’re still trying to get over a split, breaking all communication with an ex may seem excessive, but it’s the quickest and most successful method to truly move on. Here’s all you need to know about breaking up with someone and not communicating with them:

Will he lose feelings during no contact?

Perhaps in a retro mili-flicker. But it’s not because they don’t care about you in some manner.

It’s unfortunate (but understandable) that traumatized people may go to such lengths to avoid feeling any bad emotions that they miss out on actual emotional intimacy with themselves. When they make a mistake, they lack compassion for themselves. Most of the time, they miss out on being at peace with themselves. And they miss out on actually missing you, not because you are unmissable, but because it is impossible to feel true connection with somebody when you are walled off to yourself.

So, what do you receive as a result? More of the same as you were getting before the relationship.

Your ex will miss the person he was while he was with you.

It doesn’t matter if he’s alone, in a relationship with someone who lives in a garbage can, or uploading images with a Victoria’s Secret model.

We often discuss how emotionally unavailable, egotistical, and narcissistic people will go through cycles of valuing (showing you affection) and discounting you (ignoring you or outright being cruel). What we don’t talk about is how this type of ex goes through cycles of self-valuation and self-devaluation.


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People only know how to be in the kind of relationship they have with themselves, as has been stated many times before.

What exactly does this imply? It indicates that, regardless of your ex’s current situation, he will experience moods and cycles in which he feels either (1) absolutely worthless or (2) king of the world. Even if it appears that his life is better than it has ever been, the cycle will continue.

When he feels absolutely useless, he will miss the person he was when he was with you.

  • He’ll miss having someone whose job it was to be a perfection concierge cater to his every need.
  • He’ll miss the guy who was dating (insert status symbol here) female. Even if you swear up and down that he has “upgraded” to a different person or appears to be living a better life, trust me, whatever it is that you have that would remotely inspire jealousy in others (an amazing career, eyes, skill, education, book collection, tomato plant, fill in the blank with literally anything) is what he will think about, talk about, and may even embellish about to others.
  • He’ll miss the guy who was always there for him and was always predictable.

When I read comments or inquiries asking if these types of people live on drama, it crushes my heart “Why am I not hearing anything when I say, “hoover,” and always want for more? And why doesn’t he reach out to you if he is thinking of you and missing you (in terms of how he wishes he felt about himself)?

He doesn’t contact you because this form of missing someone isn’t based on an emotionally close bond with you. It’s based on a coping method for dealing with low-self-esteem panic attacks. If he does reach out, it will be for the purpose of getting an ego boost and confirming that you are still very much available and predictable for him.

If your ex has a history of feeling empty and unhappy in relationships and has no motivation to learn new coping techniques, he will have a nagging hope that the next remotely beautiful person he encounters will be the one – the one with whom he will no longer feel empty and sad.


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After the relationship is finished, thinking about you and missing you is like thinking about the previous fad diet he was on while he was on it. He tried a diet that he hoped would work and that made sense to him, but he couldn’t stick to it regularly.

Before concluding that your relationship will not work, he may linger on the feelings of optimism he felt when you were together (the relationship initially felt perfect) and even the (short-lived) relief he felt (this relationship will work because she is just perfect and makes me feel like a king).

I’m not attempting to belittle your relationship in any way. You’re clearly more than a glimmer of hope on a fad diet. It’s just necessary to state that your ex may miss the person he was with you, but this is not the type of relationship you want to have “you’ve been missing” that you’ve been owed. It’s fleeting (until he reverts to feeling like a king), inconsistent, and anchored in his own ego.

Even if he reaches out, this form of missing you will never make you feel supported, nourished, or constantly loved. Because you’re dealing with the same emotionally impotent, ego-driven individual as before, it’ll feel eerily similar to your previous relationship. It will end the same way your previous relationship ended because this individual will eventually return to the same sentiments of worthlessness and blame them (at least partially) on you.

But isn’t the objective of no contact (which you’re not meant to discuss) to make your ex regret leaving you?

“Does he miss me during no contact?”Your ex will miss you if he perceives you as different, glowed up, and indifferent to his absence.

If you keep no contact, you will begin to feel less helpless, less invisible, and more secure in your ability to feel (all) of your emotions and be genuinely yourself. It may appear impossible, and progress may be slow, but it will happen. If you don’t make contact, you’ll be known as “the girl who got away” for the rest of your life.


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If you’re suddenly uncontrollable, unconcerned, and relaxed. If your ex starts looking for an ego snack of evidence that you miss him, can’t live without him, and won’t be the same without him, but never finds it. If all he finds is a leveled-up version of the girl he used to know (not just physically, but energetically)…

This will reawaken that familiar nagging hope that you ARE the ego trophy that will boost his self-esteem for the rest of his life.

Anyone who has gone through a relationship, experienced emotional intimacy, and has the ability to perceive the good and terrible in themselves and others knows that there is no such thing as a magical ego trophy that will make you feel wonderful all of the time.

Regardless, if you continue to leave him alone, your ex will begin to wonder about you, hoping that he was incorrect and that you are the missing link in his unhappy life. You’ve returned to being cherished.

You’ve become a new fad diet once more. Until he tries to get emotionally personal with you again, realizes he has the same defenses as before, and devalues you once more.

Don’t be the fad diet. Don’t give him the chance. Stay on your white horse. Be the girl who got away.

And if he sees you glowing and uninterested but never says anything to you about how much he misses you, know that he regrets it in the little way that he can.


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This means that “signs he misses you during no contact” don’t exist. If your ex reaches you after a period of no contact, it does not guarantee he or she is interested in a long-term relationship with you. He could be yearning for an ego boost, missing the guy he was with you, or has returned to valuing you for the status and esteem boost you can provide.

It doesn’t imply your ex doesn’t want to be with you if he or she is on radio silence during the no contact time. It suggests he’s the same person you used to be in a relationship with — someone who can only love, support, and now miss you on a sporadic basis.

You will change if you avoid touch with a toxic, emotionally unavailable, and narcissistic ex. Going cold turkey on this ex will cause them to miss you, worry about you, and regret missed possibilities for the ego boosts he used to get when you were together. However, avoiding contact with your ex is unlikely to make him any different from the guy you already know.

Consider the following scenario. The Ghost of Christmas Future appears to you and provides you a glimpse into your ex’s life several years in the future. You get a surge of recognition when you see him. That sense of familiarity indicates that he hasn’t changed. Not at all. He could be with another woman or living somewhere else. He might have landed a great new job. He’s a father, a mayor, and a star, yet he’s remained the same.

A person who is emotionally unavailable will never feel true connectivity or intimacy, regardless of their wealth, status, relationship, or change in circumstances. You’ll see his life as if it were a shell. He may have it all or nothing at all, but you can tell that he is always on the lookout for the person, place, or status that will give him enough self-esteem to get him through the next day, year, phase of life, and lifetime. You can see that he has reflected on his life with regret, perhaps realizing that the life raft he missed was someone or something he left behind.

And where do you fit into this picture? Are you taking care of yourself, making the most of your limited time, connecting with yourself, surrounding yourself with people who allow you to be yourself, and living in the image of who you intended to be? Or does the Ghost of Christmas Past show you a glimpse of yourself as you are now: looking for yourself in someone else’s emotionally chaotic life?


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Don’t let the present you become the future you on the hope that someone who has never been able to consistently love and support you would miss you long enough to change.

There’s nothing wrong with missing your ex around the holidays and wondering how you’re going to get through the season without hearing from him. Please be gentle with yourself and mourn the person you believed he was. Please cling to whatever happiness, tranquility, and connection this season provides you. Please be kind to yourself and take care of yourself, but also look for it – it will be there for you when you are ready to see it. Many blessings and happy holidays to you.

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Will no contact make him want me back?

Breakups can be one of the most difficult experiences a person can have, especially if they are the one who is abandoned. It can actually register as a loss in someone’s mind, causing a great deal of pain. If you’ve recently broken up with someone, you could feel compelled to consider sentiments of betrayal or disrespect. For most people, a breakup might cause them to question their worth, beauty, and overall self-image. It’s critical not to internalize or portray this loss as your responsibility when there was very certainly no wrongdoing on your side. By adhering to the No Contact Rule, a person can reclaim their ex without having to go through the stages of grief.

People break up with their significant others for a variety of reasons. It’s possible they don’t even want you anymore. They may genuinely be unable to cope with strong emotions. As a result, it appears that fleeing is the easiest option for them. Nonetheless, this isn’t good enough. A person who claims to value you should be able to adequately explain their feelings, or at the very least request time to gather their thoughts.

In other cases, a person may simply not recognize your worth at this time. Alternatively, they may believe that you will always be available to them. This is essentially what the No Contact Rule is all about. “Does No Contact Work?” some people may wonder. While every ex is different, the No Contact Rule increases the chances that your ex misses you and wants to see you again. In essence, it will demonstrate to them that you are not always accessible for them and that you have your own life to live. This independence will most likely pique their interest, causing them to crave you even more.

How long into no contact Will he miss me?


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The concept behind the no contact rule is simple: you’re essentially creating a space between you and your ex. This means you don’t text each other, don’t phone each other, and, of course, don’t see each other in person. It also means no emails, no responding to their social media postings, no emailing them humorous photographs you find on the internet, and no commenting on a picture in which they appear. The no contact rule, at the very least, compels you to remain silent for 30 days after the breakup. Depending on your circumstances, the void may need to last a few more weeks or months.

After a breakup, the purpose of no contact is to give you the power of silence. Your ex made the decision to end your relationship. They had the power to select and make a decision that would have an impact on both of your life. Making them go through what they did to you by avoiding touch is one technique to make them go through it. It’s a way of saying, “If splitting up is really what you want, then I’m going to break up with you, too,” and it’s done by abruptly ceasing all contact with them.

This will soon alert them to the fact that the breakup isn’t quite what they expected. They may have assumed you’d crawl and beg them to take you back. They may have already imagined repeatedly refusing you, pleased by your attempts to persuade them to change their minds. They weren’t expecting you to appear to be cool with the breakup and stop communicating with them after a 30-day period. This plays with their expectations, causing them to experience feelings they didn’t expect, and this is where the no contact rule truly shines.

What no contact does to a man?

The no-contact rule is a post-breakup time during which you avoid all communication with your ex in the hopes of moving on or possibly reuniting with them. If you’ve been thinking about ‘how does the no-contact rule effect a man?’ you might be tempted to contact him to find out what he’s thinking.

“While experiencing the no-contact rule, the male could go through rage, embarrassment, and anxiety, sometimes all at once,” Dr. Bhonsle explains. The man might feel any of these separate feelings or all of them at the same time, depending on the time of day.”

How long does it take a guy to realize he wants you back?

The answer is different for everyone, however many guys will have regrets about breaking up with you within a month to six weeks.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Dumper’s remorse, as I refer to it, is a very real emotion. It happens to almost everyone who has ever dumped someone. Even guys who are certain that the girl they left wasn’t suited for them experience it, and may even wonder if they did the right thing.

Why is no contact so powerful?

The “no contact rule” is particularly powerful because it signifies that someone has recognized that their relationship is over. Catharsis activities include putting away memorabilia, banning phone numbers and email addresses, and unfriending an ex on social media.

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