How To Deal With A Drug Addict Boyfriend

A manual designed to assist people who have experienced sadness and loss as a result of their substance use.

The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction collaborated on this drug and alcohol treatment handbook.

Develops programs and resources linked to problematic substance use for parents, youth, educators, health promoters, and communities.

A provincial resource center that provides information, resources, and peer support to children, youth, and their families from all around British Columbia.

Foundry provides health and wellness resources, services, and supports to young people aged 12 to 24 in seven areas across British Columbia, both online and through integrated service centers.

Information about mental health, mental disorders, and substance abuse difficulties and disorders is available.

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How do you get someone to stop being addicted?

Knowing someone with an addiction is not uncommon, but figuring out how to aid a loved one with an addiction can be perplexing and even frightening. An addiction can damage every part of a person’s life, as well as the lives of their loved ones. You’ll undoubtedly be concerned for your loved one, and it might be tough to know what to do and what not to do, but keep in mind that recovery is a viable option.

It takes 21 days to break an addiction

The ancient assumption that it takes 21 days to break a habit has been debunked. According to psychologists, forming a new habit takes around 21 days of deliberate and continuous effort, but breaking an existing habit takes much longer.

It can take up to 90 days to break an addiction

According to scientific research, it takes about 90 days for “the brain to reset itself and shake off the immediate influence of a drug,” according to a TIME article. After an addict has refrained for at least 90 days, researchers from Yale University discovered that proper decision-making and analytical functions in the prefrontal cortex of the brain gradually re-engage.

This could explain why 90-day rehab is more effective than short-term treatment. 90-day rehab is the current gold standard of therapy because it allows your brain to reset itself, grasp recovery skills, and allow time for new patterns to become habits.

Any goal worth achieving takes time, and addiction rehabilitation is no exception. As the old adage goes, “what goes around comes around.”

What does addiction mean in a relationship?

People in addictive relationships may have a sense of emptiness, despair, and misery, which they try to alleviate by connecting with others. The connection is viewed as a means of satisfying one’s desire for affection, attention, and security. Addictive relationships are marked by obsessive attention paid to the partner and insufficient attention paid to the self. These connections are important “In the sense that there is a strong want to connect with and stay connected with a specific individual, it is “addictive.” Even if they realize the relationship is terrible for them, they find themselves unable to leave.


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Addicts may ponder and daydream about their spouse much too much, and they may dedicate too much of their time, energy, and hopes to them. Healthy limits vanish in terms of what they’re prepared to do or give up in order to keep the connection alive. Bad partnerships can devastate one’s self-esteem and make it difficult for individuals involved to progress in their professional or personal lives.

Staying in a terrible relationship is not only stressful, but it can also be physically hazardous. Such partnerships may include physical abuse. Constant stress can drain energy and weaken resilience to physical sickness by causing tensions and hormonal changes. Continuous involvement in toxic relationships can lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as alcohol and/or drug misuse, as well as suicide thoughts and attempts.

Although the anguish of these relationships, many sensible and practical people find themselves unwilling to leave, despite knowing that they are in the wrong. They may desire to go, but a seemingly stronger part of them refuses or feels unable to do so. Relationships are defined in this way “It’s addicting.”

How doyou determine if you are in an addictedrelationship?

  • Despite the fact that you know the relationship is bad for you (and that others have undoubtedly told you), and that you cannot expect it to change, you take no effective steps to end it.
  • You give yourself biased justifications for staying in the relationship (not accurate with reality).
  • When you consider terminating the relationship, you may feel overwhelmed with anxiety. You may experience dread, severe anxiety, and fear, making you hold to it even tighter.
  • When you try to stop it, you experience intense withdrawal symptoms like as physical and mental distress, which can only be eased by reestablishing touch with the individual.

If you answered yes to the bulk of these questions, you’re probably in a relationship where the addictive parts have taken over and are threatening to take away your ability to regulate your own life.

Strategies for overcoming addictive relationships

The author of Women Who Love Too Much, Robin Norwood, offers advice on how to break the cycle of obsessive relationships. Her recommendations, which are equally applicable to males, are as follows:

  • Develop your spiritual side and participate in regular activities that will help you feel more at ease and peaceful.
  • Identify and learn to avoid common relationship games and roles, such as rescuer, blamer, or victim.

Characteristics of an Addictive Relationship:

  • Your companion, you believe, will meet all of your social, intellectual, and personal needs.
  • You get overly invested in the connection and preoccupied with it (have limited or no social contact outside ofthe relationship, no interests outside of the relationship).


  • When you’re deeply dissatisfied in a relationship and aren’t sure whether you should accept it as is, make more efforts to improve it, or leave.
  • Even though you realize it would be preferable to quit the relationship, you persist in doing so and suffer greatly as a result.
  • When you assume you’re remaining for reasons like guilt, fear, or worry about being alone, and you haven’t been able to overcome these sentiments on your own.
  • You’re aware that you have a pattern of entering and maintaining addicted relationships that you haven’t been able to change on your own.

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What happens when someone is addicted?

Addiction is defined by a strong need for something, a loss of control over its use, and a willingness to engage in it despite negative consequences. Addiction alters the brain, first by altering how it perceives pleasure, then by corrupting other basic drives like learning and motivation. Although overcoming an addiction is difficult, it is possible.

Do you ever recover from addiction?

Some of what we learned from this survey was depressing — persons who have overcome a substance abuse problem, for example, are worse off in terms of health and employment than the general population. The news wasn’t all negative, either. In fact, this approach yielded a number of significant benefits.

To begin with, this study discovered that 22.3 million Americans have conquered an alcohol or other drug issue – that’s 9% of the adult population in the United States at the time of the poll! The fact that roughly one out of every ten persons in the United States has conquered a substance abuse problem demonstrates that addiction recovery is not only possible, but also widespread. To put this finding in context, more people in the United States endorsed having resolved an alcohol or other drug problem in the year these data were gathered (2015) than had a current alcohol or other drug use disorder (22.3 million vs. 20.8 million).

We also noticed significant gains in quality of life and a reduction in psychological distress over time in recovery, demonstrating that people and their lives improve after a substance use problem is resolved. Although almost anyone in addiction recovery will tell you that, these findings are significant because they give hard proof that refutes the myth that substance use disorder is an incurable disease.

It’s not merely that one’s mood improves. We also discovered that 80% of those who had overcome an alcohol or other drug issue had made at least one substantial milestone related to self-improvement and family participation after their recovery, such as gaining a new job, finishing a university degree, or volunteering. As one might assume, achieving such goals was linked to bettering one’s quality of life and well-being over time.

How long should rehab last?


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It’s critical to realize that your treatment and rehabilitation as an alcoholic in rehab may differ from that of others. However, based on your specific circumstances, you can choose from a number of straightforward therapy options.

Long-term services for alcoholics include sober living centers or halfway houses.

Consider what would give you the best possibility of long-term success while choosing a program for alcoholic treatment. Most addicts need at least three months of rehab to get clean and start a long-term recovery plan. According to study, longer treatment periods yield the best effects. Longer alcoholic rehab programs may appear daunting at first, but they might be the most beneficial.

How long can you stay in rehabilitation?

For a variety of reasons, 90-day or longer rehab programs are useful. People suffering from addiction require time to properly cleanse their bodies of the addictive chemical. Detoxification (detox) is the initial step in the rehabilitation process, and depending on the substance or substances used, medications may be available to help with withdrawal symptoms, making the process as safe and comfortable as possible. While the detox procedure helps an individual to safely remove alcohol or drugs from their body, it does not treat the underlying conditions that lead to addiction.

While the process of detox may differ from facility to facility, time may be required to complete it effectively, especially when treating addiction to chemicals that can cause life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, such as alcohol or benzodiazepines. Longer rehab programs give patients the time they need to stop taking substances and learn more about the recovery process. A patient must be followed throughout the detox process to ensure that he or she is medically and emotionally healthy and is not in danger.

A longer recovery program can also be beneficial since it allows those who are struggling with addiction to concentrate on the fundamental causes of their addiction. To successfully cure an addiction, a person must first comprehend why she is abusing narcotics. Longer addiction rehab programs, in contrast to shorter treatment programs, may allow persons in treatment to delve deeper into the issues that contributed to their substance addiction.

Longer addiction treatment programs also provide patients more time to engage with experienced professionals to figure out the best ways to comprehend and manage with their addiction. It can take time to trust staff and speak up about problems, and being in treatment for longer periods of time can help. The length and severity of the addiction should also be considered when determining how long treatment should last. When determining how long recovery takes, many patients should include the time it takes to investigate the causes of their addiction.


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The length of a drug treatment program varies not only from person to person, but also from treatment facility to treatment facility. While one duration of stay may be suitable for one person, it may not be suitable for another. Many treatment centers provide patients with short-term stays of 28 to 30 days. However, if the patient is showing indications of improvement, certain residential homes may offer prolonged stays for an additional price.

Which of the following is the most common treatment for addiction?

The following basic ideas, which have been based on scientific study since the mid-1970s, should form the foundation of any effective treatment program:

  • Addiction is a condition that affects brain function and behavior. It is a complex but treatable disease.
  • Treatment that is effective takes into account all of the patient’s requirements, not simply his or her drug usage.
  • The most prevalent types of treatment are counseling and other behavioral therapies.
  • Medications are frequently used in conjunction with behavioral therapies and are a significant aspect of treatment.
  • Treatment plans must be evaluated and adjusted on a regular basis to meet the changing demands of the patient.
  • Patients should be tested for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C, TB, and other infectious diseases, as well as educated on how to lower their risk of contracting these illnesses.

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