How To Deal With An Insecure Boyfriend

You must be gentle with a man who is emotionally insecure, understand his concerns, complement him frequently, and include him in your life. Continue to lavish him with lovely, kind words to make him believe you adore him.

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How do I reassure my insecure boyfriend?

In the end, he’ll have to deal with it on his own terms and in his own time. However, depending on how you react, you might make the process easier or more difficult. To ensure that you alleviate a man’s insecurity, follow these procedures.

1. Assuage His Fears

Insecure men are concerned that they aren’t good enough for you. He’ll be frightened that the next man you meet will take you away. He’s always worried that you’ll believe other men are better than him in every aspect. This is a self-esteem issue that he must address, but you may assist him by reassuring him of your feelings and letting him know what you admire about him. Don’t stroke his ego to the point where he need constant reinforcement, but a few well-timed praises will help him relax.

2. Recognize His Fears

The fear of not being good enough, the fear of losing you, and the fear of being humiliated by any of the above are the three basic fears that drive insecurity. These concerns exist in all males to some degree, but they are far more visible in some people. Talk to your partner about his insecurities so you may comprehend his concerns. Feel free to add some of your own. Insecure guys sometimes believe they are the only ones who feel this way, so sharing your own anxieties will help him realize he is not alone.

3. Make Him Feel Loved by Doing Something

You don’t have to reassure him with words all of the time. Actions, after all, speak louder than words. Do something that demonstrates your love for him, and he will feel reassured and at rest. The book by Gary Chapman

How do you deal with an insecure partner?

You can’t seem to persuade your partner that you’re committed to them, no matter how hard you try. Perhaps your partner is clingy, jealous, or avoids intimacy by remaining aloof. Whatever the situation, they assume you have a negative opinion of them and are afraid you will leave. So, how can you show them that they don’t have to be concerned?

Surprisingly, giving up on trying to prove your position is the best thing you can do. It hasn’t worked no matter how many times you’ve tried, and if you keep trying, you’ll receive the same result. They may feel better for a short while, but it never lasts. And it won’t last since the issue is in their perceptions, which you can’t “force” them to change. (An key exception to this logic is that it doesn’t apply if you’ve earned their suspicion.)

People who are insecure in their relationships feel unworthy, inadequate, or unlovable on a regular basis. Even if you disagree with their self-perception, there’s nothing you can do about it — they’re the only ones who have the power to change it. This change, on the other hand, can be supported, encouraged, and nurtured.

When kids voice their insecurities, one of the most crucial first steps is to actually listen. Instead of disputing, acknowledge that you have heard your spouse. Tell them how their self-perceptions influence you, emphasizing any feelings of compassion you have. “It makes me sad to see you so angry at yourself and embarrassed of yourself,” you can add. And all I want is that you feel better about yourself.” “This is also very difficult because it’s not how I view you at all,” you can add. In my opinion, you are simply amazing.” It’s worth noting that the last sentence isn’t about persuading your partner to change their mind, but rather about emphasizing how you perceive your relationship differently. Your partner may be more open to perceiving oneself differently if you don’t explicitly challenge any self-perceptions.

If your partner becomes clingy or acts insecurely in any way that bothers you, inquire as to what is bothering them. Even if you disagree with their viewpoints, listen in a way that links you to how they are experiencing.

What are the signs of an insecure boyfriend?

This is a tendency they can’t seem to break, which may stem from childhood events or previous relationships. Because it’s difficult for them to find such comfort within themselves, they require continual affirmation that they’re making you happy and that the two of you are on solid ground. Even if they don’t explicitly ask for these words of encouragement, they may imply them through their behaviors and attitudes. “You may find yourself comforting him that he is good enough to be with you or that he deserves the nice things in life,” Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D., a licensed sex and marriage therapist, told Women’s Health.


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In this scenario, it would be beneficial to try to figure out where these insecurities originate. Is there anything you don’t know about their past? The more work you put into learning about them and what makes them tick, the better your chances of surviving (if that’s your aim).

Is my boyfriend insecure or controlling?

Controlling conduct is one of the most typical signs of insecurity among guys. This can include demeaning or putting you down, isolating you from friends and family, continually guilting you, a lack of trust, emphasizing their duty as your “protector,” and so on.

Can being insecure ruin a relationship?

It’s okay to be curious about your partner’s previous relationships, but if you’re continually comparing yourself to their previous partners and fretting that you don’t measure up, your anxieties are impacting your relationship. “All of the negative ‘what ifs’ have the ability to destroy a relationship.”

How do you comfort an insecure person?

When a scholarship winner or the most attractive woman you know confides in you that they are terrified of their own worth, it might be perplexing. How can this individual, who has so much evidence of their worth, be lacking in confidence? How can you help someone who is insecure when it’s clear to you that they’re amazing?

Gold medalists are perhaps the most prone to low self-esteem, according to research, because they rely on external validation to convince them of their standing. A study published in Psychology of Sports and Exercise in 2018 indicated that athletes who truly associated with their sport and placed all of their self-esteem in it were more likely to burn out than those whose identities were concentrated on other things.

How does an insecure person behave?

Is there a certain individual or type of person that makes you question your own self-worth? Is that person always bragging about his or her abilities? It’s possible that they’re projecting their insecurities onto you if you don’t feel insecure in general but only with certain people.


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You don’t have to be insecure around someone to determine that their behavior stems from a sense of inferiority. People who are always bragging about their wonderful lifestyle, excellent education, or wonderful children may be doing so to persuade themselves that they are truly valuable.

The humblebrag is a self-derogatory phrase disguised as a brag. You’ve probably seen these on Facebook, such as when a friend complains about how much travel she has to do (because to the significance of her profession) or how much time he has to spend watching his children play (and win) hockey games. (The “Facebook gloat” is a bold-faced brag that is easy to see, but it may have similar origins.)

People with low self-esteem want to brag about their high expectations. You can call them snobs, but even if you know they’re acting, it might be difficult to escape the notion that they’re actually better than you. You might think that what they’re attempting to do is declare their high standards as a way of asserting that they’re not just better than everyone else, but that they also hold themselves to a more stringent set of self-evaluation criteria.

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