How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Bad For Hurting You?

Have you ever been hurt by your boyfriend and wanted to make him feel guilty for his actions?

It’s a common feeling, but figuring out how to make him feel bad can be a challenge. You may be tempted to lash out or seek revenge, but there are more effective ways to get your point across.

In this article, we’ll explore some tips and tricks on how to make your boyfriend feel bad for hurting you. From ignoring him to confronting him directly, we’ll cover different approaches that can help you communicate your feelings and hold him accountable for his behavior.

So, if you’re ready to take control of the situation and make him realize the impact of his actions, keep reading.

How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Bad For Hurting You?

1. Don’t Show Your Hurt

The first step to making your boyfriend feel bad for hurting you is to not let him see how much he has affected you. Posting positive pictures and statuses on social media can give the impression that you’re doing just fine without him. Avoid negative or wallowing options, but don’t go overboard and make it obvious that you’re faking it.

2. Ignore Him Back

Ignoring your boyfriend may seem difficult, but it’s an effective way to make him realize that his behavior is not acceptable. Focus on yourself and your own happiness, and don’t let him see that he has any power over you. Remember, you deserve better.

3. Mess With His Mind

If the relationship is still on, try saying things that will mess with his mind. For example, talk about a vacation you intend to take without him or mention that you’re going out with some new guy friends. This can make him feel jealous and hurt, and he may realize the impact of his actions.

4. Confront Him Directly

If you feel comfortable doing so, confront your boyfriend about his actions and explain how they have hurt you. Men may not naturally feel the same level of guilt as women, so watching the hurt he caused you play out on your face as you let him know he hurt you can be effective. Make it clear that his behavior was not okay and that he needs to take responsibility for it and bring immediate change.

5. Live Your Best Life

The most effective way to make your boyfriend feel bad is to show him what he’s missing out on. Live your best life, have fun, look gorgeous, and be happy without him. Seeing you out having a good time can make him envious and realize what he’s lost.

Take Time For Yourself

One important aspect of making your boyfriend feel bad for hurting you is taking time for yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to make him feel guilty, but it’s important to remember that your own well-being should come first.

Take some time to focus on yourself and do things that make you happy. This can include hobbies, spending time with friends and family, or even just taking a relaxing bath. By prioritizing your own happiness, you’re sending a message to your boyfriend that you don’t need him to be happy.


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This can also help you gain some perspective on the situation. Sometimes, when we’re in the midst of a difficult situation, it can be hard to see things clearly. Taking a step back and focusing on yourself can help you see the situation more objectively and make better decisions about how to move forward.

In addition, taking time for yourself can help boost your confidence and self-esteem. When you feel good about yourself, it’s easier to stand up for yourself and demand the respect and treatment you deserve. By showing your boyfriend that you value yourself and won’t tolerate being treated poorly, he may start to feel guilty for his actions.

Express Your Feelings Calmly

While it’s important to show strength and independence when dealing with a hurtful partner, it’s also important to express your feelings calmly. It can be difficult to remain composed when you feel upset, but it will ultimately benefit your relationship if you keep your emotions in check. Lashing out in anger or aggression will only fast track a fight, and you’ll lose the opportunity to have a productive conversation.

Instead, be specific about what exactly hurt you. Try explaining the exact words or actions that caused you pain, but express your feelings calmly rather than with anger. It’s okay to feel angry, but when communicating with your partner, it might be easier to get your message across if you can avoid lashing out at them.

Before talking with your partner, take some time to identify how you’re actually feeling. Your partner may not fully grasp what’s going on if you don’t have this clarity. Explore your emotions to help you unravel the complexity of what you’re feeling. If you’re still not clear about how you feel, communicate this to your partner. For example, say “I’m experiencing some mixed feelings about this.” At least this gives your partner a chance to understand the confusion better.

Try not to judge your own or your partner’s feelings. If you want your partner to continue to share on a deep level, it is essential not to get irritated or defensive about the feeling expressed to you. Rejecting a feeling is rejecting the person feeling it. Do not say things like “Don’t worry, be happy” or “You shouldn’t feel that way.” Doing so invalidates how the other person feels. Instead, show each other support and validation. Research has found that feeling validated can help people better regulate their emotions. Showing each other this support and validation may improve your ability to cope with your feelings and reduce conflict in your relationship.

Use Specific Examples Of How His Actions Hurt You


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

When confronting your boyfriend about his hurtful actions, it’s important to use specific examples of how his behavior has affected you. For instance, if he canceled plans last minute or forgot an important event, explain how disappointed and hurt you felt. If he made a hurtful comment or insulted you, explain how it made you feel insecure and unworthy.

It’s also important to explain how his actions have affected your relationship as a whole. For example, if he has been distant or neglectful, explain how it has made you feel unimportant and unloved in the relationship. If his behavior has caused trust issues, explain how it has damaged the foundation of your relationship.

By using specific examples, you are showing him that his actions have real consequences and have deeply hurt you. It can also help him understand how to make amends and prevent similar behavior in the future. Remember to communicate calmly and assertively, and avoid lashing out in anger or blame.

Set Boundaries And Consequences

Setting boundaries and consequences is an important step in making your boyfriend feel bad for hurting you. It’s important to communicate your boundaries clearly and directly. Let him know what behaviors are not acceptable and what the consequences will be if he continues to hurt you. For example, if he’s consistently late for dates without warning, let him know that if he continues to do so, you will not wait for him and will make other plans.

It’s also important to follow through with the consequences. If you’ve communicated your boundaries and consequences but don’t follow through, your boyfriend may not take you seriously. Stick to your boundaries and don’t let him cross them without facing the consequences.

Remember, setting boundaries and consequences is about taking care of yourself and your own well-being. You deserve to be treated with respect and kindness, and it’s important to make sure that your boyfriend understands that his behavior is not acceptable. By setting clear boundaries and consequences, you can make him realize the impact of his actions and hopefully encourage him to change his behavior.

Consider Counseling Or Therapy For Both Of You


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

It’s important to note that while the above steps may help you deal with the immediate aftermath of being hurt by your boyfriend, they may not address the root of the problem. If your partner’s behavior is a recurring issue, it may be worth considering counseling or therapy for both of you.

Counseling or therapy can provide a safe and neutral space for both partners to discuss their feelings and work through any underlying issues that may be contributing to the hurtful behavior. A trained therapist can help both partners communicate effectively and develop healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with conflict.

It’s important to keep in mind that counseling or therapy is not a quick fix, and both partners must be willing to put in the effort to make it work. It may be helpful to start with discernment counseling, which can help you both determine if counseling is the right step for your relationship.

If you do decide to seek counseling or therapy, it’s crucial to find a qualified therapist who makes both partners feel comfortable and safe enough to open up. Remember, therapy won’t work if both partners don’t feel heard and validated.

Ultimately, seeking professional help can provide both partners with the tools and support needed to build a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Remember To Forgive, But Not Forget

While it’s important to make your boyfriend understand the impact of his actions, it’s also crucial to remember to forgive, but not forget. Forgiveness is a powerful tool, but it doesn’t mean that you have to forget what happened or let your boyfriend off the hook completely. It’s okay to set boundaries and expectations for how you want to be treated in the future.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Separate the action from the person and try to understand their motivation. Perhaps your boyfriend was going through a tough time and didn’t know how to communicate effectively. Empathize with him, but also make it clear that his behavior was hurtful and unacceptable. Mark your boundaries and let him know what you expect from him moving forward.

It’s important to eliminate emotional attachment and not hold onto resentment or anger towards your boyfriend. This doesn’t mean that you have to forget what happened or pretend like everything is okay, but it does mean that you can move forward without carrying around negative emotions that will only harm you in the long run. Remembering to forgive, but not forget, can help you maintain a healthy relationship with your boyfriend while also prioritizing your own emotional well-being.