How To Show Your Boyfriend You Love Him

When your boyfriend is chatting to you, give him your whole attention. Remove yourself from that annoying phone, close your laptop, and relieve your mind of the stress of the day.

Give him the same care and love that you gave him when you first started dating. When interacting with him, don’t multitask. Make an effort to pay attention to what he has to say.

Whether you’re talking about something important, like your partner’s insecurities, or something trivial, like his hatred for pineapple on pizzas, you should both be paying attention and memorizing everything.

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Do A Little Something Kind For Him Every Day

Remember, it doesn’t take much to brighten someone’s day. Prepare his favorite dish for supper as a surprise. Put a note in his lunchbox that says “I miss you” or “I love you.” Give your bae a sincere compliment on his appearance. These thoughtful and caring acts might show him that he is important to you.

Anticipate His Needs

If you’ve spent a lot of time with him and are in a long-term relationship, this becomes easy. Predict what your significant other wants before he even realizes he requires it. Understanding his values and requirements will enable you to do so. Little gestures can mean a lot. They don’t have to be big or expensive. Keep his towel on the line for him if he has a habit of forgetting to take it to the bathroom. Before his deo/shampoo/soap goes out, replace it. Make these sweet little gestures that won’t take up much of your time but will mean a lot to him.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Affirm Verbally That You Care About Him

On a frequent basis, verbally reinforce your love, respect, and admiration for your mate. If you’ve progressed beyond the initial “I love you,” make sure you’re uttering those three key words on a regular basis. You may feel like you’re repeating yourself, but it’s important to tell your SO that you love him. When someone hears something over and over, they are more likely to believe it. The more you express your affection for your partner, the more it will linger with him and make him feel safe in the connection.

Know His Language Of Love

Is physical touch, acts of service, acts of kindness, or presents something he enjoys? Learn these little tidbits about your partner and you’ll be able to adore him properly. If you catch him kissing your cheeks or playing with your hair on a regular basis, you can consider doing the same to him. Find ways to express affection that are acceptable to both of you. Your relationship will be strengthened as a result of this.

Let Him Know You Are Listening

When he speaks, pay attentive attention. Respond and participate in the conversation to validate your significant other. The importance of communication in a partnership cannot be overstated. If you don’t agree with them on something, it’s fine to express your dissatisfaction. When they try to speak with you, though, clamming up or ignoring them is a certain method to drive a gulf between you two or ensure that he never confides in you again.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Make Time For Him, No Matter How Busy You Are

Make a concerted effort to spend quality time with your partner. This is a fantastic method to show your significant other how much you care. You should do it even if it means squeezing time out of your busy schedule. Give him your time; it’s a tiny but meaningful gesture that demonstrates your concern. Meet up with him on your lunch breaks, pay him a visit at his employment, or even commute home together – all of these activities may be incorporated into your regular routine. You should figure out what works best for both of you and then hang together whenever you have the opportunity.

Make Physical Contact

Touch him affectionately and playfully on a daily basis to remind him that you adore him. Physical contact can also help you stay calm and lower your blood pressure. Couples in a relationship feel more secure when there is frequent passionate touching. While going along the street, reach out and hold his hand. Every morning, give him a kiss on the cheek before you leave for work.

Make Eye Contact

When you make eye contact with your spouse while they are speaking to you, it communicates to them that you are fully present in the moment. He will feel recognized, cherished, and validated if he knows he has your undivided attention.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Give Him A Hug

Hug him like a bear! Pull your spouse closer to you when hugging him. The nervous systems are calmed by securely hugging and squeezing your hearts and stomachs together. So says science!

Tell Him Why He Is Amazing

Let him know why you adore him. One of the most amazing things in the world is saying “I love you.” Telling someone why you love them, on the other hand, may be a really romantic and emotional experience. Knowing what distinguishes us from others makes us feel special and unique. Explicitly stating why you love your SO can have a significant positive influence. Make a list of all the things you admire about him and hide it around the home for him to locate. Every few days, he’ll find them and feel incredibly loved and adored.

Get Closer

Lean in close. In public, take his hand. Fluff his tresses. All of these actions demonstrate that you respect what you have and are completely invested in him, his feelings, and his life. Subtle PDA is an excellent method to inflate your partner’s ego and make him feel special.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Cheer Him

In private and in front of your friends and family, be his biggest booster and fan. Giving your boyfriend real compliments and showing support makes him feel cherished and more confident. Praise his accomplishments in front of family and friends, and tell people about all the nice things he does for you and the community to make him feel recognized and loved. He should know that you are aware of and appreciate all of his positive traits.

Share Your Feelings

Talk it out with your significant other if anything is bugging you and you aren’t feeling the love. Be truthful and avoid criticizing him. Instead, be vulnerable and real in expressing what you require.

When we relax our guard, we typically notice that the other person relaxes as well. Without being upset or irritable, express how you’re feeling. Don’t get caught up in the mistakes of the past. Allow yourself and your partner the time and space to learn and grow.

Pay Attention To All The Little Things

Take note of the minor things he says (and doesn’t say) and act on them. If he enjoys a certain type of food, surprise him by making it for him. Have you noticed how worn out his sneakers are? They must be replaced. Has he been too preoccupied with work to pay his expenses or replace the light bulb? Do it for him as a surprise. He’ll grow to appreciate these small acts of kindness you make specifically for him.

Ask Him What He Wants

We make the mistake of assuming that what we want is also what our partner wants. Inquire as to when your bae feels the most loved and what form of tenderness he values. While it may seem odd, asking what your SO prefers removes the uncertainty and guessing – and you are much more likely to get the response you desire.

Be Receptive To His Affection

It’s not up to one person to show affection; it’s a two-way street. Be sensitive to his adoration and grateful for his small acts of kindness. It strengthens our relationship when we give ourselves up to bonding with our spouse. Don’t be afraid to extend your hand if he does. If he cuddles you, cuddle him back. Physically, mentally, and spiritually demonstrate your love.

Accept What He Has To Offer

We frequently believe that love is all about giving. That, however, is not the case. When one partner continues to give while the other continues to receive, an imbalance is created. Accept and appreciate whatever he gives you, and love him back.

Flirt A Little

Even though this individual is already a part of your life, that doesn’t mean you can’t be playful and flirty with each other. Flirting with your bae is not only entertaining, but it may also bring you closer together. Do you want to take it a step further? Do it in front of a crowd.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Cuddle And Netflix

Simply seemingly routine activities like watching TV, listening to music, or even drinking coffee can be used as an excuse to spend time with each other and express affection. Cuddle up under a blanket while watching a Netflix movie — it’s the ideal way to spend some quality time together. Don’t try to force it. Even in the midst of your hectic routines, find subtle methods to express your love.

Comment “I Love You” On His Social Media Posts

Have you ever secretly wanted for someone to openly rave over you on social media? Make his day by expressing your affection for him to the cosmos – and to him. Leave little heart emojis on his photos, or just post “I love you” on his wall. Shout from the rooftops to let the world know how much you adore your man!

Don’t Criticize His Family Or Friends

Mutual respect is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. This will demonstrate to him that you are concerned about not hurting his feelings. You can help him out when he’s dealing with unpleasant people, but only if he initiates the dialogue. Take your cues from how he handles the problem. Express yourself appropriately if you have unpleasant thoughts about a family member or a friend of his. However, in your talks, be cautious and considerate. When you treat his friends and family with respect, he will treat your family and friends with respect as well.

Never Sweat The Small Stuff

Don’t be a pain in the neck. Allowing little irritations to ruffle your feathers is not a good idea. It will not only add extra stress and drama to your relationship, but it will also drive you and your partner to resent each other over time. Even in the face of adversity, maintain your composure and calm. Don’t let your temper get the best of you. It’s critical to stand up for yourself, but it’s also critical to know when to let go.

These are some of the most crucial considerations to make as you begin to construct your life with your partner. You’re both on this adventure together, so make it as enjoyable as possible. If you’re experiencing a lack of sensitivity and affection, consider what you’re doing (or not doing) to contribute to the problem. Make an effort to get to the bottom of this problem. However, be honest with yourself about your expectations. After all, if you want to get any love, you must constantly be willing to give it.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

How do you prove to your boyfriend that you love him over text?

You don’t have to be a poet laureate to write love texts for your partner, but finding the appropriate words to express how much you care can be difficult. Don’t worry if you’re hesitant to express “I love you” through text message – or even if you haven’t reached that point yet. There are several ways to communicate “I love you” without saying it out loud. The idea is to make sure your partner understands how much you care about them, and what better way to do so than by sending a fast text?

If you just learned about love from movies and television, you’d assume it was all about males making swoony confessions like Lloyd Dobler with his boom box or Andrew Lincoln with those cue cards in Love Actually.

Knowing a person’s face, learning how their eyes shine when they’re joyful, how they prefer to be caressed when they’re sad, happy, or turned on, and how to navigate through disagreement together are all examples of love in real life.

Compliment him.

Where did we obtain the idea that only women want to be told they’re pretty, smell nice, are smart, or sexy?

I’ve always assumed that men are more confident in their appearance and sex appeal than women. Guys are supposed to be unconcerned about what they wear or whether or not their new haircut looks good, right?

That’s a load of nonsense! I’ve never encountered a man who didn’t give a damn if the woman he loved found him attractive. So tell him when you see him and get that tickle of oh my my, you’re so hot.

It’s simple: whenever anything positive comes to mind, tell him. Tell him his old beat-up tee shirt makes him look gorgeous. When you hug him, tell him how much you enjoy smelling his neck.

Tell him you appreciate what he does for you and your family.

If your partner works outside the home, express your gratitude for his efforts. Even if he enjoys his job, I’m sure there are days when he fantasizes about quitting, cursing at his employer, or simply hiding in his office all day. He, on the other hand, does not do it. You and your family could be a part of the problem.

Winning money is a huge burden for everyone, but society emphasizes it more more for men. Unfortunately, their monetary potential is frequently linked to their social worth. As bad as it is, it’s made worse when we don’t understand the stress guys are under and the effort they put in.

Your partner is sacrificing for your family if he works at home with the kids. As much as he presumably enjoys being a stay-at-home parent, every parent has moments when they want to throw in the towel (or diaper), rage at the boss (the baby? ), or hide in a corner. They don’t, however! They’re in there all day, elbow-deep in something disgusting and caring for the kids.

It’s simple: tell him you understand how difficult his job is. Tell him how much you appreciate it and how much you admire his dedication. It’s not about the money, whether it’s yours or his; it’s about recognizing something that most people take for granted.

Make time for things to get hot in the bedroom.

No, he’s not a sex god, but the best sex is transcendent, reciprocal, linked, passionate, and dreamy, so make sex sacred and intense for both of you. Making him feel like your personal sex god, and him reciprocating, will almost certainly make both of your lives better.

Nobody owes their spouse sex, but in a healthy relationship, developing desire is a good thing. If you’re having trouble getting into sex-god or goddess mode at home, consider spending the night in a hotel room. If that’s not an option, a tent in the woods can be just as enjoyable. If that works for you, you can talk about dreams or look at sensual photographs together at home, such as the diverse selection in Dr. Timaree’s NSFW library.

Alternatively, you may shoot some boudoir shots of yourself. Don’t want to expose your entire body or go too racy? Close-ups of a sexy but not-so-obvious body part are a good idea. The top of your undies poking out from your jeans at the hip, your bra strap on your shoulder. There are numerous sources of inspiration available.

It’s simple: feed your passion for him. Choose to fantasize about him, about a time when you were together, or about your favorite feature of his body. Then heap all of your desire on him the next time you have a chance to be alone with him.

Be supportive of his alone time.

To be honest, this was the most difficult for me. I’m not sure why, but I used to resent how much time Ivan spent surfing or riding his mountain bike when we first started dating. We were both working, we didn’t see each other very much, and I felt as if I had been forgotten.

That was an unfair amount of strain to place on my husband. We gradually figured out how to organize our alone time, and I took advantage of his willingness to accommodate my need to exercise, write, or simply read in bed.

Unless he’s so engrossed in his alone time that you’ve vanished off his radar, your independence is a good thing! If you’re concerned about how long he’ll be gone, simply schedule a time for him to return and make arrangements with him for later. Being apart can give you more things to talk about, and if he uses his alone time for exercise or meditation, he’ll likely be happier and healthier as a result.

It’s simple: smile when he says he’s out to do activities on his own that make him happy. Kiss him on the cheek. He’ll have a sense of being seen, heard, and supported.

Put down your phone.

On this, I’m just as culpable as everyone else. There’s always that one more email, that one more text from a pal, that one more work emergency. However, you must put your phone down and look at the individual in front of you.

When I find myself engaged in this cycle, I try to take a big breath and imagine the worst-case scenario of ignoring whatever is buzzing at me. He understands if it’s a serious emergency, but most things can wait.

When I put down my phone, I frequently notice him and take a good look at his face. I see the man I adore, the man I met so long ago, and I say to myself, “How ridiculous is it that I’m not engaging with him?”

Make a pact with your partner: if you need to use the phone for something essential, tell the other in a few words what it is. “The server is down,” or “The sitter is calling,” are both valid reasons to take a break, but inform him of your plans and when you’ll be back.

It’s simple: be present while you’re with the person you care about. Try not to lose track of time while staring at a computer screen.

When you get something for yourself, get something for him, too.

I’ll admit that I stole this idea from James Sama, but it’s sound advice that’s also simple to implement!

Getting a cup of coffee? Take one for him! Do you want to make a cup of tea? Make one for him as well.

I learned a long time ago that whenever I ever go to a surf shop, I always bring Ivan a present. I’m generally there for the kids, but I always grab a tee shirt or a cap for my husband, or even just a fresh lip balm or tube of sunscreen.

It isn’t about the amount of money spent; it is about the fact that I am telling him, “I know you like surf stores, so when I was there, I thought of you.”

It’s simple: saying, “It only takes a second,” is all it takes “Is it possible for me to get you one?” The effect continues indefinitely.

Look him in the eyes.

You don’t have to look longingly at each other as you used to at the roller rink with your 9th grade lover. Just take a moment to gaze each other in the eyes and share a look.

You wouldn’t think a soul-gazing connection would be on a guy’s list of wonderful things if you went by stereotypes, but I defy you to try it. With a smile or a fun expression, look him in the eyes and hold his gaze for three seconds. It’s a flirting tactic that works well for singles since it makes the other person feel as if they’re the only one in the room. He may now be your boyfriend or husband, but he deserves to be treated with respect.

Giving your partner a million wonderful little moments with you is one essential to a long-lasting relationship, and he should do the same in return. After all, research suggest that how much compassion exists between the couples appears to be a key factor in a happy marriage.

Even though I attempted to make it sound easy, some of these tasks are not always simple. They sometimes force us to be vulnerable in ways we aren’t accustomed to. I understand; I’ve been there, and occasionally I still am. But I believe it is worthwhile to give it a try.

Also, inquire about his list of small pleasures – I’m sure you’re already doing many of them.

How do I get attention from my boyfriend?

At some time in their lives, most people with hectic schedules cope with stress and life’s overall high demands. Unfortunately, if you have so much on your plate that your spouse becomes less and less of a priority, that stress can have an influence on your relationship. While being busy isn’t the end of the world, there are methods to pay more attention to your relationship when life gets in the way, because you both deserve quality time together, and showing your partner how much they matter to you is more appreciated than you might imagine.

How do you show emotional love?

Hearing and actively listening are two different things. Hearing is something that most of us take for granted. Sound is perceived by our ears instinctively. Listening, on the other hand, is something you choose to do. To put it another way, a good listener pays intently with the goal of comprehending what the other person is saying. This is actively participating in the conversation by asking insightful questions rather than simply absorbing what the other person is saying. Good listeners also pay attention to how their significant other is communicating with them. What people don’t say may convey more about how they’re feeling than what they say. You’re showing your S.O. that you care about their feelings by being an active listener. This brings us to our next point…

What is the secret way to say I love you?

Consider what your particular someone would say is the finest way to communicate “I love you.” Do they like to laugh or are they hopeless romantics, introverts, and artists? Saying “I love you” won’t be as difficult after you learn out their preferences.

With these 25 beautiful ways to express “I love you,” you can figure out what the most romantic phrase is.

Date him for who he is, not for his potential.

Everyone wants to be liked and accepted for who they are, but many women make the mistake of dating a man for his potential, or the man he could be in five years (with your help, of course).

Men, on the other hand, aren’t projects. When you expect a man to change, he perceives that you aren’t recognizing him for who he is. It may make some guys feel ashamed, as if they aren’t good enough. If a man feels this way in the start of a relationship, he’ll most likely become worried and end the connection.

When I’ve asked happily married guys what about their wives made them think, “Yes, she’s the one,” they frequently say, “She never attempted to change me.”

Know what you’re searching for in a man and look for someone that fits the bill.

Create emotional safety for him.

Emotional safety refers to a place where people can freely express their views, feelings, and wishes without fear of being judged.

When males claim a woman is easy to talk to, they’re referring to the fact that they can say things to her that they wouldn’t say to anybody else since they won’t be criticized.

Listen to your man without passing judgment the next time he’s having a difficult day, moaning about a colleague, or telling you something personal. Understand when to solve a problem, when to provide assistance, and when to just listen. People don’t always want their problems solved; they simply want someone to listen to them out and feel safe with you.

Keep things light and playful.

People will remember you based on your shared experiences. The more pleasant and enjoyable experiences you share, the more those sensations get associated with you.

Relationship timelines varies between men and women. Women are more likely to rush into partnerships, anxious to define their status and skip over many of the pleasurable aspects of dating, whereas males are more likely to take their time deciding whether or not they want to pursue the relationship further.

Because you’re still dating a guy, even if he really, really likes you, it’s crucial to keep the beginning of a relationship light and playful.

Be vulnerable.

Dropping your guard and revealing your vulnerability is the quickest method to develop emotional intimacy with someone. When you show someone an unedited version of yourself, you’re essentially handing them the key to your entire life, and that’s a significant responsibility.

Consider how you’d feel if you’d earned someone’s trust in that way. Isn’t it incredible?

When you expose your vulnerability to others, you create an emotional safe space for a male to do the same.

How does a man show his love without saying it?

Not everyone is adept at expressing their emotions and expressing affection. Men, in particular, tend to hide their emotions from us, so we don’t hear them express “I love you” very often. However, this does not imply that he is unconcerned about you. That’s something he can’t convey to you directly. These men are shy and introverted, and they don’t know how to express their sentiments to their partners. When men are unable to express themselves verbally, they express themselves via their behaviors.

The way they look after you, listen to you, defend you, and praise you reveals a great deal about their love for you. They have their unique way of expressing their affection for their mate. It may not be particularly romantic or considerate, but paying close attention will reveal how much they adore you.

1-He enjoys being in close proximity to you. He grabs your hand, wraps his arms around you, hugs you, and always sits near to you, for example.

2-He goes to great lengths to make you feel cherished. He sends you unexpected gifts, sings you a song on a special day, makes time to chat to you nevertheless, makes last-minute plans, and so on.

4-He recalls every detail about you and is interested in learning new things about you. If you’ve recently coloured your hair, he’ll be able to tell right away.

5-He will discuss his future plans with you. He’ll want to include you in all of this.

6-He can’t be upset at you for a long time, even after a large battle. Whatever happens, once the fight is done, he’ll talk to you.

7-He is considerate of your personal space. And he will never question you about it if you need it.

8-He will always go out of his way to meet your needs, make you happy, and keep you safe.

9-He enjoys spending time with you. He doesn’t require any special planning. He simply enjoys being in your presence.

Compliment him.

Not only do girls enjoy receiving compliments, but boys do as well. Who doesn’t like to be told that they are attractive or intelligent? The idea that men are unconcerned about their appearance is a thing of the past. Compliment your lover and tell him what you enjoy about him, such as how he drives you insane or how good he looks in that white shirt. It will undoubtedly make him grin.

Tell and show how much you love him.

It’s not difficult to express your affection for him, and it’s even easier to demonstrate your admiration for him. So express your affection by saying “I love you,” or by making small gestures such as writing him nice notes or cooking for him.

Comfort him.

Be there to console him when he’s fatigued from job, school, or if he’s been through a lot in the last few weeks. A simple embrace, kiss, or encouraging words like “You’ll feel better” might brighten his dreary days while also revealing the curves on his lip.

Give him your attention.

It’s not always a good idea to take your guy for granted. Give him your whole attention and make him feel loved instead. Get off your phone and pay attention to what he has to say. Give him the time and attention he deserves since every minute you spend with him is crucial.

Be honest with him.

One of the finest ways to make your guy happy is to be honest, no matter how difficult it is. Always be honest with him and don’t keep secrets from him. You will not only make him happy, but you will also experience the same happiness he does since he will be honest with you.

Give him space.

When it comes to making your guy happy, this is one of the most important factors to consider. You probably enjoy spending time with your partner, but every relationship has times when you need to give each other room to develop as people. As a result, offer him time to be alone, hang out with friends, or concentrate at work.

Trust him.

No one will be content in a relationship if they do not believe they can be trusted. Give him space and promote love, communicate how you’re feeling, have faith in your partner’s talents, and leave his phone alone to demonstrate your trust.

Show your support to him.

One of the most crucial things you can do to make him happy is to have the desire and capacity to be a helpful partner. Encourage him in his work and hobbies by saying encouraging things, being his cheerleader, complimenting him to make him feel good, and respecting his career goals. Your help will be much appreciated.

Be a fun girl.

When you’re with your lover, be spontaneous and upbeat. Look for methods to make him laugh, or plan a fun activity for the two of you to undertake together. You may attempt a new sport or go somewhere new together. Just keep in mind that the goal here isn’t to do anything extravagant, but rather to do something enjoyable.

Hug him.

Guys adore romantic embraces; when it comes to lovely affectionate moments, they melt like butter. So, out of nowhere, run up to him and hug him close; he’ll adore the way you feel in his arms.

Make him feel appreciated.

Taking the time to appreciate your mate on a regular basis is an excellent method to make him happy. You can cook a dinner for him, bring him coffee, or remind him how much you love and miss him by noticing the small details on him, such as his new haircut. These small efforts will undoubtedly contribute to his happiness.

Surprise him.

This is a simple trick, but it’s one of the most effective methods to keep your lover pleased. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or costly; what matters is the thought. You can write him a love letter, pack him a lunch, bring him breakfast in bed, bake for him, take him out, or even massage him.

Always be there for him.

Be there for him when he needs a shoulder to cry on or when he’s in a bad mood. Staying at his side to support him during his downcast would mean the world to him. You don’t need to say much; simply listen and be there. Your very presence is enough to put a grin on his face.

Accept his flaws.

Everyone has flaws, but it’s easier to live with them when you have someone who can accept them. Accept that your lover isn’t perfect, concentrate on what makes him special, and watch how the positive expands.

Be Yourself.

Who wants to be with a person who is a master of deception? Of course, we all want to be with someone who is secure in her own skin. So, instead of pretending to be someone else, be yourself and maintain looking gorgeous. The simplest thing you can do to make your husband pleased is to do that.


When a man sees his girlfriend happy, he can’t help but smile. So, as much as possible, when you’re together, smile, laugh, and be pleasant since your pleasure is also his delight.

How To Capture His Heart And Make Him Fall For You

Here’s what we’ve realized after so many years of experience as dating coaches:

It’s really easy to make men fall for you once you know the “cheat code”.

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In fact, they go through their whole life never meeting the perfect guy who treats them right.

Don’t let this be you!

We’ve taught thousands of girls around the world the special “cheat code” to a man’s heart.

Once you learn the truth about how the male mind works, you can make any man fall in love with you.

Here’s how it works:

There are special tricks you can use to target the “emotional triggers” inside his mind.

If you use them the right way, he will start to feel a deep desire for you, and forget about any other woman in his life…

The best part? These techniques are based on psychology, so they work on any man, no matter how old you are or what you look like.

To learn about these simple techniques, check out this free eBook NOW:


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

As women, we understand how you feel.

But no matter what other people say, always remember:

You are an AMAZING woman…

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So start using these special techniques today, and see how quickly men fall in love with you immediately!


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

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According to studies, the average North American guy takes 6-7 months to decide whether or not the person he is dating is marriage material. Many people who have been in long-term unmarried relationships may be surprised by this low figure, which can occur for a variety of reasons. Because of age, school, finances, or other hurdles, a couple may meet at an unfavorable time to marry, so they postpone marriage until a better time – even if the male has already decided …
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Why Do Guys Always Want To Talk Dirty

People may prefer dirty talk because sex relieves tension, making them less self-conscious about expressing what they’re really thinking and feeling. According to a research published in 2005 by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, having an orgasm releases oxytocin, a stress-relieving hormone. When your stress levels are lower, you’ll be less constrained and more likely to express exactly what you want or think, even if you wouldn’t say it in ordinary life. Maybe you have something incredibly disgusting to …
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What To Text A Guy To Make Him Smile

Make your partner grin with these nice remarks that express how you really feel. You may not always know the exact words to express how much your boyfriend means to you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. And, of course, when he says something sweet to you, you’ll want to express your feelings in kind. We’ve got you covered if you’re seeking for fresh methods to express your love for your sweetheart, whether it’s in person, via text, or over …
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