What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Boyfriend


Having recurring dreams of your lover is a sign that you are in a committed relationship. Even in your nightmares, you see him. Your love life is going well. If you haven’t already, you’ll soon be in a relationship with the guy you’ve always wanted. It’s crystal clear that the two of you enjoy each other’s company.

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What does it mean if you dream about your partner?

If so, have you ever woken up in a bad mood because of a dream dispute with your partner?

If this is the case, you’re not the only one who feels this way.

No matter how well you and your partner are getting along in real life, it might be difficult to shake the feeling that something is amiss when you dream about it.

The state of our relationships and emotions are frequently depicted in our dreams, but not always in the most precise way.

The International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) and sex and relationship therapist Megan Fleming (Ph.D.) agreed to help us understand some of the more common relationship dreams that people have.

What does it mean when you dream about someone you love?

Having a dream about a person you like is a sign that you desire to be with them.

Affection, love, infatuation, whatever you want to call it, it exists.

You secretly long to be with and spend time with the person you fancy.

Dreams can help us discover the mysteries of life, and they may even provide clues for the future.

Make the most of it while you can and pray that one day it will become a reality.

Is it true that when you dream of someone they were thinking about you?

When you dream about someone, it’s possible that they’re also thinking about you or perhaps dreaming about you.

Scientific research on this phenomenon, known as “dream telepathy,” has yielded no conclusive evidence of its existence.

One theory proposes that we may be dreaming of someone else when we are actually dreaming of another person we know.

Why did I see my lover in my dream?


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Your love fantasies are influenced greatly by your thoughts and feelings about romance. Dreams about love can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Lover’s dreams and their interpretations are shown below.

Dreams Of Seeing Two Lovers

When you dream about having two partners, you’re expressing a desire to have a relationship of your own. It would be nice if you could find love in the real world. It is also possible to dream of a couple of people who are in love with each other, but you are keeping it to yourself.

Dreams Of Someone Confessing Their Love Towards You

It’s a sign that you’re longing to be needed and wanted when someone confides in you about their sentiments in your dreams.

In reality, you may be feeling alone, lonely, or neglected.

A lover who tells you in dreams that he/she loves you is trying to get something more out of you.

It’s possible he doesn’t feel loved because you’re so far away from him/her during the day.

Dreams Of Unfamiliar Lover

Dreaming of falling in love with someone you don’t know is a sign of your insecurities and a want to be loved, according to psychologists.


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There are moments when you may feel isolated, and you’re hoping that things will get better in your waking life.

There is no need to be alarmed, as seeing an unknown partner in your dreams might be a sign of positive life changes and the discovery of someone or something you’ve been searching for in your waking hours.

Dreams Of Lover Cheating On You

However, you should not be alarmed if you dream that your sweetheart is having an affair with someone else. This is not a sign of impending doom, but rather a reflection of your deepest anxieties and concerns.

It’s a sign of insecurity and a sign that you’re not good enough for your relationship if you dream about your boyfriend cheating on you.

They are the attributes you think you need to please your sweetheart in your waking life that he or she is having an extramarital affair with.

Why does a person come in your dreams?

It’s common for people to have dreams about a certain person, such as a friend, relative, or ex, to remind them that they need to come to grips with anything linked to the person in question. You may be feeling unsure about a situation involving them in your waking life, and their appearance in your dreams is a sign of that.

Do dreams come true?


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Occasionally, dreams come true or foretell an event that is to come. Coincidence is the most likely explanation for a dream that manifests itself in the real world, according to experts.

Do dreams reflect your true feelings?

It’s important to keep track of what you’re letting go of intentionally or unintentionally in your dreams since they represent your sentiments and beliefs rather than what’s actually happening in the real world.

The two days before your dream, ask yourself what opportunity you believe you’re missing in life.

Can you feel if someone is thinking about you?

Remember not being embarrassed about it. The only thing you didn’t have on was a hint of blush. You don’t have a high temperature or a fever. The weather hasn’t gotten chilly yet, thus there is no inflammation in your body.

It’s possible that someone is thinking about you in an unfavorable way if you notice a sudden redness or tingling feeling.

It’s as though you’ve been slapped hard in the face. A tingling and burning redness engulfs your face, rather than a subtle flush of color.


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if you’re experiencing this, it’s safe to assume that someone is thinking poorly of you.

It’s possible that they’re gossiping about you behind your back and slapping you with words instead of hitting you directly.

Other individuals say that if your ears suddenly become heated, it means that someone is showing more interest in you as a romantic interest.

Thoughts of love and hate appear physically identical, making it impossible to tell the difference.

What does it mean when you remember your dreams?

“Dr. Sujay Kanagra, Mattress Firm’s sleep health specialist, tells Healthline that while some believe that dreams are a window into the subconscious, others believe that dreams are the consequence of the activity that goes place when we sleep and replenish our brains.

“To put it another way: “Our failure to remember our dreams may simply be due to the sorting of vital and non-essential information during sleep.”


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According to this hypothesis, dreams occur when our brains are processing information, weeding out the unneeded and shifting key short-term memories into long-term memory. So people who remember their dreams may have a distinct advantage when it comes to retaining information.

Furthermore, the brain may actually erase a dream from our memories such that we don’t remember it the next day.

“It’s possible that our brains actually hide or mask the dream in order to avoid becoming mixed up between our waking and dream worlds when we have a vivid and real-life dream.

As a result, most people forget their dreams. He says so himself.

In the past, have you ever experienced one of those dreams that are so lifelike that you’re unsure if they actually happened? Isn’t it a little unnerving and strange? Hence, our brains might aid in our ability to distinguish between our dream world and the real one by allowing us to forget about it.

On the other hand, increased activity in the brain makes it easier to recall a dream.

“The temporoparietal junction is a part of your brain that deals with information and emotions.


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As Julie Lambert, a certified sleep specialist, says, “this region can also put you in an intra-sleep waking state, which in turn assists your brain to encode and remember dreams better”.

An international study published in Neuropsychopharmacology and reported by International Business Times revealed high dream recall was associated with increased activity in the temporoparietal junction.

What does it mean when the same person keeps popping up in your dreams?

Relationships are a major aspect of our lives, and it’s not surprising.

Because we carry our social lives with us in our pockets in the current world, they play a greater role.

People are only a button click away, which can be a blessing and a curse.

When we’re under a lot of stress, it’s difficult to turn off or take a vacation from the situation.

It can also be a good thing if you’re separated by a large distance, as phones help us maintain our relationships.


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You have the option of responding later, but you can’t just leave a chat in the middle of it and expect it to come back!

Faces from our daily lives are frequently used by our brains to populate our dreams, although the same face can occur multiple times.

In some cases, they’re a regular cast member and deserve a credit.

Some research has demonstrated the absurdity of having a dream about someone you’ve never met before, but your subconscious has plenty to work with if you’ve been out and about for years.

Relationships are common themes in dreams about repeating faces.

In our waking life, the people we interact with might reflect our choices, viewpoint, and perceived identity.

Of course, because we are born into our families, there is less freedom of choice, but the degree to which we choose to stay in touch does reflect our decisions.

As the notion is reinforced over numerous nights, this dream is surely attempting to capture your attention, even if it’s over weeks or months.


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When you dream of the same person repeatedly, it’s an indication that you’re experiencing some sort of spiritual growth.

This dream is all about you and how you feel about your current situation in the world.

Your feelings of contentment, anxiety, and remorse from the past.

If you’re having dreams about more than one person, it could be a sign that you need to spice up your social life, or that a significant event is approaching that necessitates your participation.

Dreaming of the same person again indicates that you haven’t yet learned an important lesson from these dreams.

What is the Reason You Keep Dreaming of The Same Person?

Associating an individual’s name with recurring dreams has a meaning that is linked to one’s waking life connections and the choices that impact them. Many people believe that they aren’t ready to commit to an actual relationship in this dream. It could be that you appreciate the location or are terrified of it plummeting.

Perhaps the person you’ve always wanted is already a part of your life.

Because of this, the current state of your relationship may be revealed by the fact that this person is either a family member or a friend.

Whether they’ve been annoying or not, you’re in a great spot with them.

There is no doubt that it will pop up in your dreams multiple times.


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For the sake of yourself and the other person, this dream is reminding you of your power over your relationships. You have the ability to either improve or harm them.

This dream signifies your mental and physical health if you dream of being in a long-term relationship with someone who is significant to you and who you see on a daily basis.

Emotional journeys may be both good and harmful, and this dream may indicate that you are about to go on one.

Dreaming about your boss or working life in general, and feeling anxious, may indicate that it is time to look for a new career path or that you need a new position in your current firm.

Someone on your team may be underperforming because of a lack of responsibility.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning behind Dreaming about the Same Person?

There are moments when you just can’t put your finger on it.

You wake up to a message from the person you were thinking about in your dreams.

The moment they ring you, you pick up your phone and ring them back at the same time.


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When a surprise bill arrives at the end of the month, you wish you had saved a little extra money.

instantaneous knowledge of how someone’s influence on your life will affect your own.

“Sixth sense,” “universe telling you something,” “trusting your gut,” and “red thread” are just few of the numerous labels it has been given throughout the years.

Whatever the reason, it’s important enough to warrant the attention of so many individuals and the use of so many different terms.

There’s a connection between us and the world’s energy and spirit that permeates all we do.

Some people use the term “thread” or “cord” to describe the bonds that bind you to others, regardless of where they are in the world.

At the same time, you can say the same things.

You may have reached out to them in your sleep, and that’s why they showed up in your dream.


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You’ve been negatively influenced by them or a decision they made has caused you emotional distress if you have a negative relationship with them.

Online, there is a wealth of material to assist you with the transition from a relationship with this individual.

A constructive and frequently successful approach to the future is to align your beliefs with the skills you need to let go.

These connections can be severed with the use of guided meditations.

Once you’ve completed one of them, the individual in question is likely to get in touch with you.

Let go of anyone who has caused you or someone close to you distress by cutting them out of your life.

It’s possible to decrease their impact on you and free up your time for more positive activities at the very least.

Are You Dreaming About Someone You’re Missing in Real Life?

In many cases, your subconscious will see them for you.

They may not show up the manner we think or wish they will.


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A dream in which you see your spouse cheating on you may simply be a sign that you miss them, and you’ll accept the tension because it means they’re still a part of it.

If you’ve sent someone a message and they haven’t responded, you might be obsessing on the reasons behind this and having dreams about them as a result.

If you’ve ever had a relationship, you know that things are always more complicated than they appear.

It’s up to you to decide how much this individual means to you.

What does it Mean to Keep Dreaming of an Old Boyfriend?

If you keep seeing your ex in your dreams, it may be a sign that you haven’t come to terms with the breakup.

You may have hoped that they would have treated you better than they did, but it didn’t work out that way.

Because of the way they acted, you may still be disgusted.

Even if you’re no longer involved, it might be difficult to let go of a situation since emotions can remain far beyond what you might seem acceptable.


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These things, on the other hand, don’t have a certain date on a calendar that you can cross out and say, “That’s it now!”

and then they vanish.

It all comes down to what you’re hoping to achieve.

The question is whether or not you’re still processing and moving forward.

Overthinking the past, especially a difficult one, is damaging and even unhealthy.

There’s nothing you can do to change your ex-boyfriend, or yourself, or the decisions you made together.

Nothing you can do will change the past, so don’t worry about it.

Dreams of the past will fade away as you focus on what lies ahead.

An association you’ve made in the present with something similar to what happened in the past could be prompting a flashback from your unconscious mind.

In either good or terrible ways, this is a reminder of the good old days.

You’ll be able to tell the difference between the two and what your desire requires of you.

Your ex-boyfriend may have broken up with you for a variety of reasons, and you may still be haunted by it in your nightmares.


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Consider forgiving yourself and others from your past and letting go of that spiritual connection, which will allow you to move on in a more positive direction.

Rather than dwelling on the past and missing out on the good things that come your way, focus on the future and all it has to offer.

What does it Represent Dreaming of the Same Person Over and Over?

Dreaming about the same person over and over again is a sign that you need to set some limits with this individual.

Boundaries should exist in all of your relationships, even if they aren’t explicitly stated.

People are more at ease when they know exactly where they stand with them.

If you’ve had an argument or reached an impasse with this individual in the real world, it’s possible that you’re having the same issue in your dream.

You may not realize it, but having recurring dreams about the same person might also signal that they’ve passed some sort of limit.

It’s possible that the person who appears in your dreams on a regular basis is attempting to give you advice or point you in the correct direction if you don’t know who they are.


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It’s a wake-up call to take stock of where you are in relation to your most cherished goals, or to get away from someone or something that’s poisoning your life.

Also, if they give you a sense of serenity or comfort, this tells you that you have the ability to overcome any problem, no matter how difficult it appears at first.

It’s up to you to figure out what this idealized person represents.

What does it Mean to Keep Dreaming of Someone Who is Dead, or has Died Recently?

Grief is difficult to deal with.

Every journey isn’t a straight line from one stage to the next.

Regardless of how long it’s been after the death of the person, some days are more difficult than others.

Because of this, it can serve as a testament to the strength of your relationship and how much you care about them despite the pain.

Alternatively, the dream could be a wish-fulfillment.

Close your eyes and they’re right there in front of you if you’ve missed them.

In order to make meaning of their death, your brain may be trying to fill the vacuum they’ve left behind or provide some explanations as to why it occurred.


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Bringing up the subject of a person you’ve had a dream about can elicit a negative response from others.

Even though it’s practically become taboo, having a dream about a deceased loved one is not necessarily a bad omen.

It doesn’t indicate there will be another death in the near future.

To assist you deal with the sudden end we’ll all face, regardless of whether you knew they were going to die or not, it’s a natural approach.

The death of a loved one can cause a wide range of emotions to surface, and many of them will surprise you.

It’s impossible to negotiate with them, so you’ll have to take each one as it comes.

So when the pain of losing a loved one fades, you’ll be able to face the future with confidence.


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As a result of your memories of their beliefs, this individual may reappear in your dreams, offering counsel or consolation in the face of a present situation you’re facing.

There is a possibility that you are remembering how they performed in similar situations, and attempting to emulate their actions.

It can be difficult to accept that they’ve passed away.

In order for you to safely express your feelings, your subconscious transports them into your dreams so that you don’t have to worry about anyone criticizing you.

In order to accept the death of a loved one, each person has a varied time frame in which to do so.

Because of the loss you experience in your life, this dream is linked to a person who was always there for you, like a parent.

When a close friend or family member dies, you may find yourself in a state of disarray, reflecting the loss of stability in your life.


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Your life may be at an impasse if you’re dreaming of someone who has passed away. You should take it easy now, since big things are on their way, and you need to be prepared for them.

What Happens When We Keep Dreaming of Someone that Died Recently?

It’s never easy to deal with the loss of a loved one, and it takes varying amounts of time and different coping mechanisms for different people.

After a death, there is an outpouring of sympathy.

If you dream of flowers, you may find yourself wading in a sea of them.

It’s hard to read messages that you can’t stand to read, and you can’t swallow casseroles because there are no words for how you feel.

When you’re dealing with hospitals, solicitors, wills, and what’s left behind, you get less help.

That’s especially frustrating when the person you’d ordinarily turn to is no longer there, and you have to make key decisions on your own.


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While you’re still mourning the loss, it can be tough to focus on the tasks at hand.

A popular way to deal with this is by relying on dreams as a source of comfort and escape.

There is a period of adjustment ahead of you.

It’s easy to ignore the fact that someone you care about is no longer in your life. Using this strategy, our minds can resist the idea that they’re gone. If you identify with anything in this section, my prayers go out to you for a speedy recovery so you may get back to living your life to the fullest.

What does it Mean to Dream of Someone and it Becomes a Complete Nightmare?

Experiencing nightmares is never a pleasant thing to do.

Even if the root of the nightmare is not an issue in real life, they can leave us feeling bewildered.

It’s possible that you’ve got a wiring problem in your subconscious.

Maybe something is weighing heavily on your mind, and it’s all blurred into a nightmare, leaving you baffled as to what it all means.

It’s possible that’s the reason you’ve landed here.

Because of their intensity, nightmares are notoriously difficult to process.

You don’t have a psychopath in your life if you’re dreaming of an axe killer.


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This could simply be your brain’s way of getting rid of old garbage that has accumulated in your emotions.

You can have nightmares any time, but they’re more likely to strike when you’re agitated or disturbed.

A nightmare can be turned into a dream with the appropriate thinking, but it’s not always possible to do so.

It doesn’t have to ruin the rest of your day. ‘

Do you know who’s making your fantasy a reality?

In what way are you connected to them?

Do the bad feelings permeate your waking hours?

Do your nightmares make you fearful of them when you’re awake?

The frequency with which these dreams occur is also an important consideration.

Alternatively, you may have a separate nightmare with the same content.

You may have the same nightmare every night.

Emotional boundaries are often the source of recurring nightmares.

This individual you’re dreaming of may be a part of a difficult circumstance that has no easy solution.

Someone who you don’t know may be an indicator of a troubled relationship with someone you are close to. During our sleep, our minds tend to see our issues in different ways, which makes it tough to translate them into something we can grasp.

What does it Mean to Keep Dreaming of Your Mother?

One of the most significant responsibilities in our lives is that of our mothers.

Whenever possible, we portray mothers as kind people who are always willing to help and who only bring good things into our lives.

Some of the time, this information isn’t correct.


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The quality of your relationship with your mother has a direct bearing on whether or not you dream about her in your sleep.

You may be concerned about her physical or emotional condition, or you may simply miss her.

Those who work outside the home, or who are single parents who juggle both careers and children, are beginning to be seen as equals in society’s eyes.

It’s possible that the relationship you have with your mother will serve as a model for all the other important relationships in your life.

Our mother is often shown in our dreams through the archetypes that Carl Jung invented, and he believes that this is a reflection of how we feel about her.

It’s a good thing to have a dream about your mother, no matter how distant you are from her.

It’s possible that this dream is a sign that you need to spend more time with her if you have a positive relationship filled with love and respect.

For people who have a tough time approaching their significant other or if she has passed away, this dream may be their subconscious trying to make sense of their relationship in a more positive light.

What does it Mean When You Keep Dreaming Of Your Boss?

If you have dreams about your boss, you may be on the verge of making a major decision in your life.

When you think of your boss, you think of your professional life, work ethic, or image of oneself as a professional in general.

Is your job something you look forward to going to every day?

Is your supervisor being fair to you?

Is it easy for you to talk to your supervisor about any issues you’re having?

Dreaming about your boss can often reveal fresh challenges and opportunities that you may not have previously considered.

Often, we feel like we’re being taken advantage of or undervalued at work, and it may not be our boss who is to blame.

For as long as I can remember, there has been a blurring of the borders between authority and friendly, personable colleagues.

Playing the boss and making harsh decisions, being supportive, and acting as a sounding board can be a challenge at times.

In the long run, the significance of dreaming about your employer will become evident, even if it takes a while.

What does it Mean to Keep Dreaming of a Friend?

It’s no surprise that having a dream about a friend has any bearing on your relationship with them in the real world.

Your friendship may be in an easy phase, and you’re able to help each other out without any issues.

Your fear may stem from the fact that they’re going through a hard time.

Friendships are the most straightforward of all the interactions we have in our lives.

Despite the fact that they can be lifelong companions, some of these relationships fall apart or aren’t very compatible to begin with.

It’s possible that you’ve forgotten something in your waking life if you keep dreaming about the same person over and over again.

Instinctively, your mind may be alerting you that you’ve forgotten someone’s birthday or some other significant occasion in their life.

Anyone from a longtime friend to a new acquaintance could be the subject of your dreams.

Trying to decipher a dream about a buddy’s friend is one of the trickiest things to do.

It’s extremely aggravating if you don’t have any other connection to them beyond the obvious social one, yet they keep popping up night after night after night without fail.

It is rare for friends to abruptly discontinue their relationship with you, yet it does happen.

If a friendship isn’t benefitting your life, it may be time to examine what the individual means to you.

Some dreams don’t make any sense and don’t have any influence on our waking lives, so don’t worry about this one.

What does it Mean to Keep Dreaming of Your Son or Daughter?

Like your relationship with your children, the dreams you have about them might be emotionally fraught.

When things are going well, it can bring out the best in you both, but when things aren’t, it can bring out the worst as well.

You and this person are going to be together for a long time, therefore the dream may just be a reflection of how much you care about each other.

A testament to your love and commitment to your child is the fact that you can’t stop daydreaming about them.

If your children are about to enter adulthood, it’s possible that your dream represents a premonition of this major transition. You may find yourself yearning for the days when your teen didn’t argue back so much, and this could be a sign of how much love you have for your child.

Don’t be alarmed if you have nightmares about your child being harmed, lost, or otherwise subjected to violence. All parents want the best for their children, and they don’t want anything bad to happen to them.

It’s possible that your “inner kid,” or the person you were and what you wanted when you were younger, may be influencing your dreams of having children, even if you’re not a parent.

You may want to revisit your childhood dream of becoming a dinosaur (see also dinosaur dream meaning).

A difficult one to cross off the list, perhaps.

What does it Mean to Keep Dreaming of Babies?

A new beginning and rebirth are a common theme in our dreams.

A baby in your dream is a symbol of success on a spiritual level.

It’s time to relax and enjoy the good things that have come your way after all the hard work you’ve put in.

It’s possible that you’re experiencing inner struggle if you keep having this dream night after night.

They can also be a representation of who you are and what goes on in your mind.

What does it Mean to Keep Dreaming of Work Colleagues?

Dreaming about your boss is a lot like this one.

They both reflect a part of your professional life in some way or another.

It can be a good idea to take a look at where your career has taken you.

Seeing a coworker repeatedly in your dreams may indicate that you’re ready for a new challenge, or that you’ve outgrown your current role.

Also, it could be a dream that stems from fears about the future, such as concerns about work or the economy.

This isn’t a dream you need to study unless you’re bringing home troubles from your professional life.


While it’s common to see many different people in our dreams, when you see the same person repeatedly, whether they’re a known face or a complete stranger, it’s a sign that you should pay attention to in the real world.

When you dream about a loved one who has passed away, it can be upsetting because you’re already thinking about them.

It can exacerbate an already difficult situation, so try to remember the blessings they brought into your life rather than dwelling on the negative.

Our connections are reflected in these dreams, and we can use them to improve our waking lives.

In other cases, they may suggest that your relationship is in need of some care to get it back on the right track.

It’s possible that you’re obsessing over the past or the future if you’re always thinking about that person. Alternatively, it can represent that the future is going to be a good one for you, or that you’ve learned from your mistakes and this will benefit you in the present.

Can you see loved ones in your dreams?

To assist you deal with grief and loss, visitation dreams have been documented. When you have vivid dreams about a deceased loved one, you may mistake them for a visit from the deceased’s spirit or ghost.

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Will No Contact Make Him Move On

Your boyfriend or girlfriend has expressed their want to end their relationship with you and no longer be romantically involved with you. You probably came on this page by looking for information on how to get your ex back or viewing one of my YouTube videos. You probably read or heard to me propose the No Contact Rule when you went to war to get your ex back. No contact with your ex, on the other hand, may have struck…

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How To Make Him Jealous And Want You More

I realize this is all a little ridiculous. Women don’t need someone to save them and be their heroes in today’s world. But here’s the funny thing: it’s true. Men still have a need to be heroes. We seek out partnerships that allow us to feel like a guardian because it’s in our DNA. Check watch this free online video if you want to understand more about the hero instinct. Some ideas have the potential to transform the game. And…

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How To Make Him Think Of You

Okay, this is for the drama queens and kings among us. Slipping a pair of your sexiest underwear into his briefcase, bag, or laptop case will make him think more about you. If you don’t want his coworkers thinking about you all day, place them somewhere safe where they won’t inadvertently fall out in front of everyone. Do something completely unexpected. If you always get together after work, switch things up. Surprise him by showing up outside his office wearing…

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What Guys Want When They Are Sick

When your lover is sick, whether it’s a simple cold or a stomach bug, you’ll want to look after him and console him. He might be exaggerating and acting like a huge baby, but if you go out of your way to help him, you’ll get significant brownie points. Because when a man is unwell, all he wants is to be molly coddled. Even if he’s behaving like he’s got the plague when it’s just a slight cold, indulge him…

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How Can I Make Him Miss Me Badly

You want to be comforted not just so that you may feel pleased in your relationship, but also so that your love story can continue to flourish. This is why convincing him to miss you can be a viable option. You can not only be certain of his feelings for you, but you can multiply them tenfold. Make the time you spend together amazing so he wants you around more. You mix up the power play between you and make…

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How To Know If A Guy Just Wants Sex

It’s wonderful to be with someone who makes you feel good about yourself, but you’ve probably realized that the majority of his praises are directed towards your appearance. This is an indication that he solely wants to sleep with you and isn’t interested in anything else. He might not appreciate your personality or anything other than your physical attractiveness. He would tell you how much he admires other elements of you if he liked you, not only make compliments about…

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