What To Do With Your Boyfriend At Home? (Fully Explained)

Are you tired of the same old routine with your boyfriend at home?

Binge-watching Netflix and scrolling through social media can get old quickly. But don’t worry, there are plenty of fun and creative activities you can do together to spice things up.

Whether you’re looking for a hands-on cooking experience, a silly and goofy night in, or a romantic outdoor movie night, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll explore some exciting ideas to help you and your boyfriend make the most of your time at home.

So put away your phones, grab your favorite snacks, and get ready for some quality time together!

What To Do With Your Boyfriend At Home?

1. Get Creative in the Kitchen

Cooking together can be a fun and fulfilling experience. Instead of making the same old meals, try something new and hands-on like sushi or homemade pasta. If you’re short on time, make your own pizza using a store-bought crust. And if cooking dinner seems too involved, whip up a dessert together instead.

2. Discover Your Inner Chef

Find new recipes on YouTube and challenge yourselves to create something delicious. Take photos of your most impressive (and disastrous) date-night-at-home creations and post them on social media platforms.

3. Have a Silly Night In

Part of the fun of being in a relationship is being goofy together. Make your night in special by instituting a rule that you can ONLY eat using chopsticks. Come up with several snacks, appetizers, and/or a main meal idea for the evening, grab two pairs of chopsticks, and “work” at eating your feast! Get really creative and silly here.

4. Try Something New

Looking for 100 things to do when you’re bored at home? There’s always times in your life when you’re at home and you get bored. So these things to do when you’re bored at home can help start giving you ideas of things to do the next time you’re stuck at home and don’t know what to do. There’s only so much binge-watching you can do, and Netflix and Chill quickly becomes old when you’re at home with your significant other. Mixing up your days and taking some time away from the screen is always a great idea, and will help keep you both sane.

5. Take It Outdoors

Instead of just a regular movie night, make it a little more exciting by taking it outdoors! This is such a fun option for dates at home. Just take your computer outside and create a cute little setup to pretend you’re at a drive-in movie or outdoor movie.

Cooking And Baking Together

Cooking and baking together can be a great way to bond with your significant other. Not only is it a fun activity to do together, but it can also help you feel more connected and happier in your relationship. According to a recent survey conducted by Light Speed GMI, 87% of respondents believe that cooking is one of the top activities couples can do to strengthen their relationship.

Cooking demands that you and your partner stay in the moment and be mindful, which can boost feelings of peace and happiness for both of you. Engage all of your senses while cooking, from observing the vibrant colors of the ingredients to listening for the sizzling sound of food hitting the hot pan. Smell the ingredients as you add them to the recipe and taste-test as you go.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Not only does cooking together allow you to spend quality time with your partner, but it also provides an opportunity for communication and teamwork. You can plan a menu together, contribute your own ideas, and compromise on what to make. If your partner isn’t a big fan of cooking, try to get them more involved by assigning them tasks such as chopping vegetables or stirring the pot.

To make the experience even more special, set the table with a tablecloth, candles, and fresh flowers. Use your good dishes and cloth napkins, and open up a bottle of wine for an extra special meal. And don’t forget to take photos of your creations to remember the fun times you had together in the kitchen.

Game Night Fun

Game night is a classic and fun option for a date night-in. It’s a great way to stay connected, show off your skills, and bring a little levity to your date. There are plenty of games you can play as a couple or even as a group if you want to invite some friends over. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Board Games Galore

Pick an assortment of your favorite board games and challenge your significant other to some friendly competition. You can choose from a variety of games, some more cerebral like Scrabble, or some that are just fast-moving fun like Connect Four. You can also throw in some card games like gin-rummy for some hard-core strategizing. If you just want to laugh, slapjack is a great pick for a date night card game.

2. Virtual Escape Room

Playing virtual escape rooms is a great way to learn more about your partner’s problem-solving skills and how they handle pressure. It’s also an exciting way to spend time together and work as a team. There are plenty of virtual escape rooms available online that you can play together.

3. Couple’s Password

Have you ever seen the game show Password? Well, even if you haven’t, we know you will love it! We’ve included everything you need to play your very own version of this couple’s password game. This date idea can also be turned into a group date if you are looking for some couples date night ideas and want to invite some friends over!

4. The Price is Right Game Date Night


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

We have created a ready-to-play version of The Price is Right that you can do for a fun date night with your significant other or play it on a group date. And the best part is it involves a field trip to your local Walmart or Target to guess the prices of the listed merchandise.

5. Jenga with a Twist

Everyone enjoys a good game of Jenga, but why not take it to the next level by adding conversation prompts or funny activities on the blocks? It’s a great way to get to know each other better and have some silly fun.

Remember, game night doesn’t have to be limited to old-school board games! A video game night can be just as fun if you’re both gamers, put on your headset and team up against other squads. Or have fun with retro video games like Pac-Man or Atari sets. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that both of you will enjoy and have fun with!

DIY Projects And Crafts

1. Memory Jar or Framing Memories

Creating a memory jar or framing memories is a great way to cherish your relationship and the moments you’ve shared together. Find a cute jar or frame and decorate it together. Fill the jar with small notes about your favorite memories or write a love letter to each other. Or, choose your favorite photos and create a collage to display in your home.

2. Candle Making

Candle making is an easy and inexpensive craft that allows you both to create scents you enjoy individually. You can find candle-making kits online or at your local craft store. Choose your favorite scents and colors, and enjoy the process of making candles together.

3. Coasters

Making homemade coasters is a very easy craft that can be used for home decor or as gifts. All you need are some inexpensive supplies like cork coasters, paint, and stencils. Get creative with your designs and have fun making something useful for your home.

4. DIY Wind Chime


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Create a cute DIY wind chime using a plastic plant pot, some string, and beads. This is a great addition to any garden and can be made with items you already have at home.

5. Book Lamp

Transform old hardcover books into a unique lamp for your bedside table. This is a great way to repurpose old books and create something functional for your home.

6. Holiday Garland

Create a holiday garland that can be used year after year to add charm to your home during the holiday season. Use short loops of baker’s twine to hang cookie cutters along a single long ribbon. Display on a mantel, shelf, cupboard, or even a headboard.

Movie Night With A Twist

If you’re looking for a movie night at home with your boyfriend, why not add a twist to it? Instead of just sitting on the couch and watching a movie, make it more interactive. Choose a movie that you both love, and then add some fun activities to go along with it.

1. Movie-Themed Snacks

Create snacks that are themed around the movie you’re watching. For example, if you’re watching a romantic comedy, make heart-shaped cookies or popcorn with pink and red sprinkles. If you’re watching an action movie, create snacks that are more savory, like nachos or wings.

2. Movie Trivia

Before you start the movie, create a trivia game based on the movie you’re watching. You can find trivia questions online or create your own. Make it fun by adding in some silly questions or making it a drinking game.

3. Dress Up


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Make the movie night more special by dressing up for the occasion. Even if you’re just staying at home, putting on something nice can make the night feel more special. You could even dress up in costumes based on the movie you’re watching.

4. Create Your Own Movie

If you’re feeling extra creative, why not make your own movie? Use your phone or camera to film a short movie together. You can come up with your own storyline, costumes, and props. It’s a fun way to spend the evening and create a memory together.

5. Have a Movie Marathon

Instead of just watching one movie, why not have a movie marathon? Choose a series of movies that you both love and watch them back-to-back. You could even make it a themed marathon, like all the Harry Potter movies or all the Star Wars movies.

Romantic Indoor Picnic

For a romantic and cozy night in, consider setting up an indoor picnic with your boyfriend. Start by choosing foods that are easy to eat and won’t make a mess, such as sandwiches, fresh salads, or specialty meats. Avoid messy or greasy foods like pizza or chicken wings. Consider if your partner has any dietary restrictions or food allergies before deciding on the menu.

Next, create a cozy atmosphere by laying out a picnic blanket and adding some lounge pillows for comfort. Use a tray to display your snacks and drinks, and add some candles or fairy lights for a romantic touch.

To make the night even more special, consider adding some activities to your indoor picnic. You can try the famous 36 questions by New York Times to deepen your connection, have a karaoke competition or play video games together. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider trying a new dance tutorial on YouTube together.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Remember, the key to a successful indoor picnic is to keep it simple and intimate. Focus on spending quality time with your partner and creating a special memory together.

Virtual Travel And Exploration

6. Explore the World From Home

One of the perks of being in a long-distance relationship is that you can explore different parts of the world together without leaving your home. Take advantage of virtual tours offered by world-famous museums like the Louvre, the British Museum, or the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. With the help of panoramic photos or virtual reality apps, you and your partner can explore exhibits together and learn about different cultures and periods. You can even recreate your favorite exhibit by drawing the painting, statue, or artifact on a digital whiteboard feature.

7. Go Stargazing Together

Even though you might be miles apart, you’re still under the same sky and seeing the same stars. Use this as an opportunity to bond with your partner by sitting out on your deck or balcony and pointing out constellations to each other. This is a romantic way to feel closer to one another while admiring the beauty of the night sky.

8. Take a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive way to spend time with your partner, try a virtual scavenger hunt. Let’s Roam Indoor Couples’ Scavenger Hunts are expertly curated to provide a night full of laughter, competition, and fun. By simply adding a virtual party pack, you can both connect from wherever you are and engage in a little friendly competition. You’re sure to learn a lot about your partner and have a blast while doing it.

9. Travel Around The World

Virtual dates allow you to travel all around the world without leaving your home. From hearing an Art Institute of Chicago curator’s take on George Seurat’s iconic A Sunday on La Grande Jatte to wandering the halls of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, you’ll get your culture fix without needing to peer over anyone’s shoulder. You can even tour famous landmarks and attractions like Machu Picchu or the Great Wall of China through virtual tours.