When Your Husband Doesn’t Lead Spiritually

Patience, full of prayer, hope, and forbearance, as well as periodic attempts to engage him in dialogue about her feelings for him.

I don’t mean nagging when I say I try to engage him in dialogue regarding her feelings for him on occasion. Day after day, nagging the guy from the side, top down, underneath, and signaling that he isn’t measuring up through body language and sideways comments. That is the end of the relationship. It renders the companion immobile. It feels bleak, and love seems to be fading.

Rather, I’m referring to a rare and deliberate, “Can we talk honey?” “Can we grab a bite to eat and chat about anything I’d like to talk about?” When you’re not exhausted or irritated, do it. It should be a scheduled appointment that does not feel demeaning or intimidating. Then she can pour her heart out to him, say what she has to say, and ask if he is willing to go farther.

That might just persuade him to join you. And if it doesn’t work—which it won’t if there’s anything more serious going on—she can try again in a few weeks or months. “You know, nothing really changed,” she can say. Is there any way you could speak with Pastor John, Pastor Tom, or someone in our small group about how they do it, how they lead devotions?” See if he’d be interested. Maybe he’ll agree, and then someone else will get involved.

Another option is to look for men’s retreats, such as the ones we provide here at the church. “Could we go to this?” or “Would you go to this?” might be something a wife notices and asks. That’s what I mean when I say “the occasional thing,” as opposed to “the nagging.”

Forbearance was the other aspect I highlighted. According to 1 Peter 3:1, a wife’s forbearance may be the means by which she converts her husband from spiritual indifference to spiritual passion. (While this scripture refers to unbelieving husbands, the concept remains the same.) “OK, this may never change in my spouse,” a lady says when she is forbearing. I hope so, but it’s possible it’ll never change, and I’m not going to let this flaw be the only thing I think about when it comes to him. Instead, I’ll attempt to love, bless, and appreciate him for the qualities that I admire in him, while praying and modeling what I hope he will become for me.”

Prayer was also suggested. She should pray fervently for him, and if she receives permission in her interactions with him, she could tell someone else about it. “You know, Joe doesn’t lead us in devotions, and he doesn’t seem to talk to the kids much about their spiritual paths,” she could say to a couple friend or a pastor acquaintance. “Do you think there’s anything I can do?” Then she can seek the advice of another male, who may be able to assist her.

But, over time, they must attend a good church where her spouse is constantly addressed and aroused in order for him to improve. It’s possible he’s a baby! It’s possible he’s intimidated around her!

Allow me to give you a concrete example. In our church, there is a couple where the wife is in charge of all devotions and spiritual leadership. And he was a devout Christian who attended church every Sunday. “You know, Mary”—let’s call her Mary—”she is simply so much smarter than I am, and she reads way better than I do,” he told me. When she takes the lead, things usually go well, and I have to admit that I feel very inferior to her. I’m pleased to hand it over to her.”

“OK Joe,” I said—call let’s him Joe—”I’ll just trust what you said: she’s smarter and reads better.” But, guess what? That has no bearing on the situation. You should be the one in charge here. Let me show you how to do it using an example. ‘Hey kids, come on in here at 8 o’clock tonight,’ are you able to say? Make your way into the living room. Is it true that we’re going to have devotions’? Is that something you can say?

“Well, say that, and then when they’re all here, say, ‘OK, we’re going to read through John’s Gospel.’ ‘Let us all take out our Bibles.’ ‘Now, Mary, why don’t you read the first fourteen verses here for us?’ they say as they open their Bibles. ‘Jimmy, why don’t you pray and then I’ll pray?’ you can offer when she finishes reading the verses. “Are you capable of doing that?”

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That is what leadership is all about. Competence has nothing to do with leadership in this situation. It is the bravery to act on one’s own initiative.

The question above was about what a wife should do if her husband isn’t spiritually leading her, but I’m going to tell you what a husband should do. However, a wife might be able to persuade her husband into an office where a man might simply explain anything like this to him.

You don’t have to be smarter or more spiritual than your wife to be a leader. Goodness gosh, I head a congregation of hundreds of individuals who are more godly than I am. It would be hopeless for a pastor if my leadership was contingent on my being the most everything in this church.

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What do you do when your husband is not a spiritual leader?

Prayer should be used to cover the issue. Praise God for being the ultimate spiritual authority in your home, and trust him to provide you with the resources you need. Never stop praying for your husband’s spiritual development or the faith of your children. Ask God for insight so that you can handle the circumstance gracefully.

How can I help my husband grow spiritually?

These six steps are for you if you’ve ever felt like your spouse is spiritually apathetic or drifting away from God.

  • Examine your objectives. Why do you believe your partner needs to spiritually mature?

What are the responsibilities of a godly husband?

Your responsibility as a Christian husband is to lead well, love well, and continue to learn about your wife. Husbands who do so are more able to understand their wives’ desires, worries, anxieties, challenges, and interests, as well as what makes them happy. All of this will assist you in leading with integrity and achieving a long-lasting marriage that will glorify God.

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Stay tuned for further information about Christian Husbands’ responsibilities. We’re only at the beginning. Ladies, don’t worry; we’ll be sending you a guidebook as well.

Can the wife be the spiritual leader?

Submission is the hallmark of Christian culture. Some people feel that submitting simply entails mindless obedience. Others believe it has something to do with spouses suppressing their own desires, needs, and feelings. The truth is that the apostle Paul never stated that it is the obligation of the husband to force his wife to submit. It is a decision to submit. A wife submits to her husband voluntarily and as a result of her love and dedication to the Lord. She respects God’s instruction that “you wives must accept the authority of your husbands” and accepts her husband’s status as the family’s leader (1 Peter 3:1, NLT). Submission is more about a mindset—a heart attitude—than it is about an action or a series of actions.

Commit to something higher.

The innovative thought that your purpose is to support each other on your path to ultimate progress, to become your highest self, raises a spiritual partnership above an ordinary relationship. Make it obvious that you’re striving for spiritual growth, not just physical stability or emotional support.

This means you’re helping each other on your path to becoming a more “enlightened” person. Your relationship’s day-to-day functioning will be determined by the goals you set for it. Expect long-term satisfaction if your objective is a radical evolution of your body, mind, and spirit; expect fulfillment beyond your dreams if your goal is a radical evolution of your body, mind, and spirit.

How can I grow spiritually in my marriage?

This one may appear to be self-evident, yet it’s easy to overlook. You could go weeks or months without sitting together in an actual church service if you’re volunteering in the children’s ministry or another area during the normal worship service. There’s nothing wrong with serving (it’s why we included it on this list), but don’t let it become an impediment to spiritual growth.

What is a spiritual connection in a relationship?

When I had that sense, he’d come up on my doorway without warning or conversation. In fact, during the first year of our relationship, we went without exchanging phone numbers.

From a mile out, I could “smell” the man.

That’s what it means to have a spiritual relationship.

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Yes, it’s that spiritual bond with the other person that has nothing to do with sex.

When a couple has a spiritual relationship, they experience harmony, understanding, and peace.

Emotions arise from the core or heart, both physically and mentally. This bond is comparable to finding your soul mate.

Spiritual interactions fill in the gaps in our lives and provide us with the skills we need to grow as people.

  • a) You’ll know it when you’ve found the correct one. With that individual, you will feel at ease. If you have a strong sense of urgency, this is probably not the correct person for you.
  • b) You’ll know you’re with the correct one, sweetheart, when you start walking in a new direction or notice that nothing bothers you anymore.
  • c) You’re in a spiritual connection when you’re okay with letting things unfold naturally because you know they’re moving in the way you want them to go.
  • d) You’ll discover yourself evolving as a person in a spiritual relationship… you’ll feel more complete than you have in the past.
  • e) It’s that unspoken accord, that unconditional love that everyone talks about… it’s that safe feeling that most women and men crave when it comes to the other person.
  • f) Most importantly, we do things for others without expecting anything in return. You provide gifts to your partner to improve your relationship, you try to assist them with their responsibilities, and you offer them a shoulder to weep on after an upsetting incident.

So, as you can see, the broken relationship had nothing to do with what you said or what you’re doing now.

Take care of it… bring positive energy to the table and treat the relationship with respect, as if it were a seed of life. These kinds of connections don’t happen every day.

What is a spiritual leader in a marriage?

Being a spiritual leader entails both protection and development. This entails respecting and loving your wife, as well as assisting her in becoming the greatest woman she can be. It entails being a good listener and not always attempting to be correct, but rather being interested in what your wife is attempting to share with you.

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