Why Does My Boyfriend Sleep So Much

Excessive drowsiness is marked by uncontrollable yawning, heavy eyelids, and a strong desire to nap during the day. Having trouble staying awake can affect your performance at school and at work, put a burden on your social and personal connections, and put you in danger when driving.

It’s natural to question, “Why am I always sleepy?” if you’re constantly tired.

Sleep deprivation and illnesses such as sleep apnea and insomnia are the most common causes of excessive drowsiness. Daytime sleepiness can be caused by depression and other psychiatric issues, as well as certain drugs and physical diseases affecting the brain and body.

Recognizing the problem of excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) is the first step toward solving it. Working with a doctor to determine the problem and improve sleep habits can help you be more productive, happier, and healthier on a daily basis.

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What do you do when your boyfriend sleeps all the time?

So, what can you do to avoid your relationship—and your sanity—being ruined by your misaligned bedtimes?

The bad news first: experts agree that you can’t modify your chronotype. You might be able to move your regular timetable forward an hour or two. But if you try to push it any further, you’ll be fighting biology. Which is usually a lose-lose situation.

This won’t work if you’re out by 10 p.m. and your companion is awake till 3 a.m. You might be able to meet halfway if your bedtimes are an hour apart. Shift your bedtime by 10 minutes every week for a week, until you’re staying up half an hour later and they’re going to bed half an hour sooner (or vice versa).

If you live in a tiny space, this is extremely useful. If you prefer to stay up late reading, create a nook on the opposite side of the room rather than reading in bed, where the light is more likely to disturb your companion. If they have to wake up early for work, have them put out their clothing and get dressed in the bathroom the night before. Do you want to take things a step further? Consider purchasing a canopy bed with dark, heavy curtains to block off light, such as this one.

It works for a lot of couples who have sleep schedules that aren’t in sync. Separate bedrooms may seem frigid, but if they help you and your partner get the sleep you both need, the time you spend together awake will likely be more enjoyable. The one snag? You still need to set out time for each other.

Whether it’s late at night or early in the morning, try to keep in mind that your partner is sleeping—and don’t wake them up. Wear headphones and put a nightlight in your room so you don’t have to turn on the lights to get into bed (or crashing into anything in the dark).

Is sleeping 16 hours a day bad?

Is There Such a Thing As Too Much Sleep? Sleep requirements vary from person to person, but doctors recommend that healthy adults obtain 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night on average. Polotsky believes that if you need more than 8 or 9 hours of sleep every night to feel rested, it could be an indication of an underlying problem.

How much sleep is too much?

Some experts, such as Arizona State University professor Shawn Youngstedt, believe that closer to seven hours is even better. “The lowest mortality and morbidity is with seven hours,” he told the Wall Street Journal. Other studies have connected seven hours of sleep to factors like increased longevity and improved brain health.


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The “proper” amount of sleep depends on the individual, since some people can function well on seven hours of sleep while others may require a bit more. However, most studies and experts regard more than nine hours of sleep for people to be excessive or long.

It’s probably not a big problem if you sleep in a little on weekends. If you consistently sleep more than nine hours each night or don’t feel well-rested on less, it’s worth investigating further.

“If someone sleeps for more than 9 hours per night, the quality of their sleep should be assessed.” If your sleep is of poor quality, you may find yourself spending more time in bed. “Your body need deep restorative sleep, and if you don’t get it during the necessary 8 hours, your body will instinctively strive to extend the sleep period in order to get the quality of sleep it requires,” Michele Roberge explains. Michele is the director of a sleep disorder center in a hospital, where she specializes in treating patients with sleep apnea.

“Look at what could be causing the poor sleep quality—environmental variables (lights, noises, an uncomfortable bed, etc.), drugs, comorbid problems (depression, chronic pain, etc.), or sleep disorders (sleep apnea, narcolepsy, bruxism, PLMD, etc.),” she continues.

“Because there are so many potential contributing factors,” Michele advises, “it’s better to speak with a sleep specialist who can get a basic overview of the sleep patterns, sleep environment, and medical history that could be contributing to the excessive sleep.”

Can a man feel when a woman is pregnant?

Professor Katherine E. Wynne-Edwards of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, examines hormonal alterations in pregnant fathers as well as hormone-behavior correlations in other animal models. She explains herself as follows:


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Couvade, or sympathetic pregnancy, occurs when males experience pregnant symptoms such as nausea, weight gain, mood fluctuations, and bloating. Couvade can also refer to the father’s ritualized behavior during the labor and delivery of his kid, depending on the human culture. Couvade comes from the French word couver, which means “to hatch” or “to brood,” and has a lengthy anecdotal history. However, biologists have only recently begun to pay attention to the occurrence.

Because of the low probability of reporting symptoms, estimates of the frequency of couvade are difficult to come by. For example, a study led by Anne Storey of Memorial University in Newfoundland discovered that when wives were questioned about their husbands’ experiences, they reported a higher rate of couvade than when husbands were asked the same questions at the same time. Estimates of the frequency of couvade in modern Western nations range from under 20% to more than 80% of expectant dads, according to a variety of research and definitions of what defines couvade.

A pregnant woman piques the interest of society and health specialists alike. She is urged to discuss any pregnancy symptoms she is having, even if they are typical and she is not experiencing them. The talk at home can range from her frustrated incapacity as a result of her illnesses to unlimited excitement in expectation of a kid. As a result, it’s not surprising that a variety of ideas have been proposed as the fundamental causes of couvade, ranging from jealously over a man’s inability to have a kid to remorse over having induced this alteration in his spouse to selfish attention seeking.

Do guys get sleepy when their girl is pregnant?

While their partners are pregnant, it’s not uncommon for people to have sleepless nights, heartburn, and exhaustion. In fact, 11% of men experience anxiety during the pregnancy and postpartum period.

How can you stop tossing and turning at night? Make contact with other pregnant parents, since many of them may be in the same boat as you. Don’t believe you’ll be able to switch off the nerves by terminating the pregnancy. Getting more active can help you feel more prepared and in command.

Why couples should go to bed together?

Marriages end for a variety of reasons, including lack of connection and intimacy, especially after 10-12 years. Loneliness and mental and physical alienation can result from not sleeping together.


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Couples need to cuddle and connect intimately on an emotional and physical level before going to bed. Most people feel relaxed and nourished when they go to bed together, according to one study, and it generates feelings of comfort, pleasure, love, bonding, appreciation, and happiness.

Is it normal for couples to sleep separately?

Leina Hsu never found it strange that her parents preferred to sleep in separate bedrooms during her youth. It wasn’t until she began to notice how couples were depicted on television that she realized the practice was unusual.

When Hsu, a Chinese American writer and Georgetown University student, confided in her peers after that, she began to experience the stigma of her parents’ sleeping arrangements.

“Whenever a friend came to visit, I felt compelled to explain and justify my parents’ bedroom predicament before they visited the rest of our house,” she says. “Some of them couldn’t hide their astonishment or surprise,” she said, despite her friends’ best efforts to appear supportive.

Couples sleeping apart has become more prevalent in recent years: According to the Better Sleep Council’s 2012 survey and the National Sleep Foundation’s 2017 survey, one out of every four couples currently sleeps in separate beds. Dr. Meir Kryger, a professor of medicine at Yale School of Medicine and author of “The Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine,” argues that “there’s still shame linked to it for certain people because of how taboo the topic is.”

No couple should be ashamed of sleeping apart, according to Kryger: “For a lot of couples, sleeping apart might be the best thing for their relationship.” Experts concur, however, that sleeping separately has an impact on the family as a whole, and that parents should discuss sleeping arrangements with their children.


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As a result of their parents’ sleeping arrangements, Kryger has met with families where children have felt embarrassed, insecure, or worried.

“Some children have wondered if their parents’ decision to sleep apart meant they are no longer in love,” he explains.

Parents may be concerned that they are modeling bad behavior, or that their children would wish to sleep alone from their significant other in the future.

“The ramifications of sleeping in different rooms can be extraordinarily great for a relationship, incredibly terrible for a relationship, or anything in between,” says Manhattan psychotherapist Dr. Joseph Cilona. “To establish a mutually agreeable solution, each couple should evaluate and share their views, feelings, and desires around this topic in a clear and explicit manner.”

Snoring, restlessness, parasomnia, frequent trips to the restroom, or different sleep cycles are all major reasons couples sleep apart.

“There is no evidence that couples who sleep apart for the goal of better sleep have any less of a love connection than couples who share a bed,” Kryger adds.


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Parents who sleep apart can alleviate their children’s fears about the depth of their link by displaying their love in other ways, according to Kryger.

“Children who see their parents holding hands, complementing each other, or snuggling together on the couch on a regular basis will rapidly lose any fears they may have,” he says.

“Sharing the Covers: Every Couple’s Guide to Better Sleep,” by Wendy Troxel, a senior behavioral scientist at the RAND Corporation and author of “Sharing the Covers: Every Couple’s Guide to Better Sleep,” says there are some couples for whom sleeping apart is a sign of something awry in the relationship.

“Parents shouldn’t mince things or send the children mixed messages” if a couple’s desire to sleep apart arises from a love estrangement or marital troubles, according to Kryger.

He also believes that couples who have been sleeping apart owing to sleep incompatibility can return to sleeping in the same bed or bedroom.

He claims that “almost every sleep problem has a remedy.” “Many solutions are straightforward; nevertheless, in some cases, couples should seek expert assistance.”


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Parents who are concerned that sleeping apart will have a bad impact on their children should consider the long-term stress of unwillingly sharing a bed, according to Cilona.

“Incompatible sleep habits have been linked to relationship problems and higher divorce rates,” he adds, adding that adults are “not so different from children” when it comes to how lack of sleep affects our conduct toward others.

While there is little study on how children are affected by their parents’ sleeping arrangements, Troxel believes that the “growing trend of couples opting to sleep apart” means “this will become an issue that more families will need to address.” According to Troxel, such discussions should be open and honest, age-appropriate, and straightforward.

“Explain to the youngster that families differ in a variety of ways,” she advises, adding that “parents sleep better when they sleep apart, and obtaining healthy sleep is incredibly important.”

Finally, even young children recognize the value of a good night’s sleep, and older children may even see the sense in their parents’ unconventional sleeping arrangements.

“My parents sleeping apart proved to me that they had enough confidence in their relationship that they were willing to deviate from the usual path,” Hsu says she came to.

How do I not wake up with my partner?

Even though it’s critical, getting a decent night’s sleep can be nearly impossible.


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It’s a simple request, but it appears to necessitate near-perfect conditions and the universal goodwill: no humming air conditioners, no neighborhood dogs undergoing kennel training, and no cherished spouses snoring like a siren.

When you add in the element of other people — either a spouse or roommates — who have the same need for sleep but completely different preferences and timetables, the situation becomes much more complicated.

If you live with others and want to start the day with positive energy rather than terror and guilt, you’re probably looking for alarms that localize their effect, waking you up with sound, vibration, lights, or another sense rather than just outward noise.

Here are six silent alarm clocks that will wake you up without disturbing your roommate or partner:

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