How To Make Him Regret Hurting You

Even if you want your ex-boyfriend back, it’s a good idea to show that you’re fine. Many men are put off by “sticky” partners and, regrettably, choose to leave them. But when they see the same girl in a new light – as strong, confident, and outgoing without him – something shifts, and they may reconsider.

You can show him that you’re fine by performing the following:

  • Use social media to share photographs of oneself having a good time;
  • If the two of you are still communicating, say you’re doing fine.
  • Meet up with mutual friends and tell them you’re having the time of your life, and similar things.
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    Have a Glow Up!

    This is a great movie example of how to make him regret losing you — make yourself glow from the inside out and become even more beautiful! Of course, you’re stunning as is, but you want him to realize the type of diamond he’s lost.

    I’ve written a whole tutorial on how to glow and look better in 30 days or less. Check it out because it might just be what you need to flourish even more beautifully and make him regret abandoning you so quickly!

    Initiate a Talk

    If not all bridges between you and your partner have been burned, it’s sometimes worth having one last chat.

    Some people are simply clueless to what is going on around them, even their girlfriends’ coolness.

    If you want to make him regret losing you, utilize this conversation to remind him of how much fun you two had together. If he left you for someone else, remind him that what you two shared was unique – perhaps even destined to last – and that nothing, no one, can compare.

    Of course, every circumstance is unique, and I have no idea what happened between you and your partner, so my advice may or may not be applicable to you. However, we all know that communication is crucial in many situations, and you may always attempt.

    No, those are the essential things to attempt, and before you go looking for more information elsewhere, think again! I understand that this doesn’t appear to be much, but that’s precisely how it should be.

    You can’t keep attempting indefinitely. People, even your ex, have a right to their opinions. He may be sorry for losing you, but he may be unconcerned, and there’s only so much you can do without jeopardizing your dignity.

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    How To Make Him Regret Losing You: a Recap

    Let’s wrap things up! You may make him regret losing you by:

    1. Demonstrate to him that your life is just as enjoyable without him.

    2. Concentrate on radiating inner and exterior beauty;

    3. Try to start another conversation with him, reminding him of all the excellent things you’ve done for him.

    I hope you find these suggestions useful. And if he still won’t accept he made a mistake after all of this… This may come across as harsh, but – just maybe… Was he not truly worth it to you?

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  • How long does it take for a guy to regret hurting you?

    The answer is different for everyone, however many guys will have regrets about breaking up with you within a month to six weeks.

    Dumper’s remorse, as I refer to it, is a very real emotion. It happens to almost everyone who has ever dumped someone. Even guys who are certain that the girl they left wasn’t suited for them experience it, and may even wonder if they did the right thing.

    Want to make him regret his decision to break up with you even more quickly? Try one of these ten suggestions to make him suffer and bring him back to his senses:

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    Get a makeover.

    Although Khloe Kardashian’s Revenge Body program was contentious, there was a kernel of truth in it.

    Guys will feel dumper’s remorse if they see you looking like a million bucks after they dump you. After all, no man wants to admit that he dumped a girl who had blossomed into a ten.

    Keep your composure.

    This is a difficult one, and believe me when I say that even I, a relationship writer, struggle with it. It’s part of what makes men regret breaking up with you and why it’s so impressive to guys, as difficult as it is.

    Guys expect a female to break down when they dump her, so if you don’t, it helps them understand that maybe, just maybe, they were the ones who got the short end of the stick.

    Get his friends on your side.

    If you were always lovely and kind to him, and his friends knew who you were, you can sure his friends will notice him dumped you. Most people are well aware of how difficult it is to find a suitable companion. If they liked you enough, they might even ask him what the deal was.

    Because his pals wield so much power over him, don’t be shocked if they pique his interest in bringing you back.

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    Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

    Make more money than he does.

    This is what I refer to as the “Taylor Swift principle.” Everyone knows that the pop diva has had a string of bad luck with men, with several of them dumped on her. She’s now a multimillionaire with a fancy mansion, cars, and the freedom to do whatever she wants.

    Succeed at work.

    Making more money usually (but not always) goes hand-in-hand with this. Even for guys who are afraid of dating independent women, success is enticing. The truth is that it demonstrates your ability to win, and people enjoy winning.

    Have your friends back you up.

    This is a very effective way of making males who aren’t as popular as you worry if they made a mistake. Popularity is one of those things that can aid you in any situation, including breakups.

    If they witness a large number of people rallying to your defense or coming to hang out with you, their decision to leave will be all the more painful in the long run.

    FREE GUIDE: Make Him Yours FOREVER!

    Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

    Meet (and date) new people.

    You are free once you have broken up with someone. In other words, you have complete freedom to interact and meet new people.

    When they watch their ex-girlfriend dating other people, meeting new people, and simply having fun, most guys start to regret their decision to dump her. When people see you doing it, they usually realize they’ve been missing out on some fun with you.

    Cut off contact.

    One of the most popular tips for those who are going through a split and want to get their ex back is to go no contact. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and once he understands what life is like without you, he’ll most certainly start second-guessing his choices.

    How do you make a guy realize he lost you?

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  • Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to let him know you’ve lost interest in him.

    If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place. The 16 great suggestions in the guide below will show a man that he’s losing you.

    However, before I give these hints, it’s critical that you carefully read the following phrases.

    It was a troubling pattern that I assumed would never cease. I was convinced that something was severely wrong with me.

    It turns out that I simply didn’t understand how to have an emotional impression on men.

    Thankfully, things changed when I learnt about the ‘Hero’s Instinct,’ a little-known facet of male psychology.

    This potent psychological trigger has a significant influence on how men view the women in their lives.

    In fact, it might mean the difference between being perceived as a “little bit of fun” or an OBSESSION.

    My relationships rapidly became a lot more passionate and compassionate once I understood how to activate this line of thinking inside a man (I wrote this personal story to explain how it works).

    Once you understand how it works, a man’s ‘Hero’s Instinct’ is rather straightforward to engage. The bizarre thing is that so few people appear to comprehend how it works.

    If you’re wondering why men aren’t trying harder to impress you, I recommend reading about how the ‘Hero’s Instinct’ transformed my love life.

  • 1 16 Ways To Get A Guy To Recognize That He’s Losing You
  • 1.1. Don’t Do Things For Him
  • 1.2 2. Don’t Have Sex
  • 1.3. Experiment With Some Sexy New Bed Moves
  • 1.4 4. Flirt With Men You Don’t Know
  • 1.5. Treat him to the Silent Treatment
  • 1.6 6. Make plans without him in mind
  • 1.7 7. Become the prize he’s looking for.
  • 1.8. Don’t Worry About Him
  • 1.9. Cancel Last-Minute Plans
  • 1.10 10. Don’t Schedule Last-Minute Dates
  • 1.11 11. Ensure that his friends see you having a good time.
  • 1.12 12. Share your happy moments on social media
  • 1.13 13. Don’t Always Let Him Have His Own Way
  • 1.14 14. Make Your Best Effort
  • 1.15 15. Don’t be afraid to be yourself
  • 1.16 16. Inform Him That You Need A Break
  • How do you make him realize he made a mistake?

    Indeed! It’s nearly impossible for your first relationship to be your last when it comes to relationships. You’ll reach a point in your lives when you’re both old enough to have diverse tastes and forge your own route away from each other.

    However, there will inevitably come a time when you believe you’ve discovered the right one, just for one misstep to throw everything into disarray.

    We all make errors; it’s human nature; but when your man makes a mistake and loses you, it’s a bit of a job to get him to understand his error.

    Following a huge fight, it’s natural to wonder if he’ll recognize his error and return to me, but contemplating won’t help, will it?

    As a result, here are some fast advice on how to make him realize he made a mistake so that he will apologize and pledge not to do it again.

    Do guys always regret letting a girl go?

    Do males have second thoughts about breaking up with good women? In a nutshell, sure. Men who regret their breakups nearly always do so because hindsight is a cruel prism through which the past becomes all too evident. Men who are remorseful for allowing someone to flee do so for a variety of reasons. Maybe they fell for someone else who appeared to be more appealing at the time, but that was only a first impression. When a new relationship strikes a sharp contrast, the man who had Wonder Woman all along may regret losing her. Many men reflect on a wonderful girlfriend they had as a teenager and realize that they should not have broken up with her since they still think about her years later.

    On the other hand, we all know that breakups may be lovely. Relationship red flags and warning indicators of a toxic partner should be taken seriously. A breakup is a necessary and beneficial event for many people. Relationships that ended for no apparent cause are the ones that haunt people later. Breakups are difficult, but empathizing with others can be beneficial. These stories are ideal for anyone in that situation, or for anyone who could use a reminder to be grateful for what they already have.

    What makes a man miss a woman after a breakup?

    Well, that is debatable. This is a question for which there is no definitive solution. It is possible that it will be determined by the nature of the breakup. If the relationship was long, caring, and ended on a sorrowful note, a male will miss a woman shortly after a breakup. When relationships break due to distance or societal/family pressure, the impact on both partners can be immediate and severe. Guys, like women, will struggle to cope with an abrupt breakup, especially if the relationship appeared to be going somewhere.

    Do guys miss their ex-girlfriend or boyfriend even if the relationship didn’t end so happily? In most cases, males respond differently to a breakup than women do since the awareness comes to them much later. That isn’t to argue that guys are cold-blooded and uninterested in their relationships. When males become freshly single, the widespread perception of single men is that they are “”players” gives them the impression that they are suddenly free. As though they’d been ‘tied down’ previously.

    However, that liberation only lasts so long. When they’ve exhausted all other options for escaping their thoughts, such as partying, drinking, and so on, the breakup will hit them like a truck. When a man misses you, that’s when you’ll know. In a nutshell, the answer to the question is 8 weeks “After a breakup, how long does it take a guy to miss you?”

    Of course, we’re making a very wide assertion. Some guys take longer than others, while others take less time. When a man begins to miss you after a breakup is a difficult question to answer. Do they ever come to the realization that they made a mistake and wish to make amends? Let’s take a closer look at why a man misses a woman after a breakup:

    When it finally hits them

    I grew up watching Johnny Bravo and idolizing James Bond, aspiring to be Dan Bilzerian. The freshly single man will fantasize about being a player. He’ll start partying with his buddies and bragging about all the freedom he now believes he has, even if he didn’t have any to begin with. It’s a typical trick males use to fool themselves into thinking they’re thinking positively. “She shackled me, buddy, and wouldn’t let me leave the house!” Men may even begin a new relationship, but it will not last long.

    After a breakup, what makes a man miss a woman? If you’re curious, “If you’re wondering, “Is he thinking about me after the split?” remember that guys start to miss you after a breakup when reality sets in and they’ve exhausted all of their evasive efforts. Now comes the phase where they have to face their feelings, which can be extremely difficult for some men.

    When you stop talking to them for good!

    When you shut a guy off and refuse to communicate with him on any platform (including SMS), you’ve done something wrong. Get a grip, ladies; he’ll naturally become more interested in what you’re doing. As long as guys can see your stories and occasionally comment, you’re fine to go “They won’t understand they’ve permanently lost you if you say “hello.”

    A girl who adheres to the no-contact rule is the type of girl that boys lament losing. You might be leaving “My relationship with my partner ended. He shattered my heart. There’s no need for us to stay in touch.” When does a man realize he is missing you? He’ll miss you if you cut him off. He will become frustrated if he does not receive answers to the queries he has in his head. Maybe even ask your pals what they think of you. When this happens, guys will begin to miss you after a breakup.

    When wishful thinking sets in

    Guys will start reminiscing about how great the relationship was after a bit more time has passed. They will frequently overlook memories that remind them of why the relationship failed, preferring instead to focus on the positive aspects of the connection.

    Some may even question their own abilities, speculating, “Perhaps I was the one who was wrong the whole time!” Men may realize they made a mistake and desire their ex back as a result of this ego-diminishing behavior. This is also when you can get a text saying “I miss you” or “I’m sorry I treated you so badly.”

    When they realize being single isn’t all that great

    It will take some time, but guys will eventually realize that being single isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Yes, you save a little more money, but you also don’t have the same level of support or someone to do things with.

    All hell breaks loose as they learn they must now do their buying based on their fashion judgment. Expect the next several t-shirts to be exceedingly ill-fitting, with a random color scheme. Guys start to miss you after a breakup at this point, and they realize they miss being in a relationship as well.

    When you upload that Instagram selfie with a new bae

    Nothing in the world hurts a freshly single guy more than this. Especially if the ex-couple hasn’t made contact in a long time. Whether or not he’s following his ex on social media, that new snapshot of you with your new love interest will end up in his phone and break his heart.

    Guys appear to be in love with their ex after this occurs. Memories of the relationship will flood back to him, and this is usually when a man recognizes he has lost a nice lady.

    When he goes through a challenging phase in his life

    When does a man realize he is missing you? When life gets tough, men will need emotional support more than before. Unfortunately, society has not taught guys how to emotionally support their male pals. Discussing melancholy and emotional pain with other males is sometimes regarded as sissy.

    As a result, males find themselves unsure of how to assist their male companions in times of emotional hardship. After a breakup, this is when guys start to miss you. Men don’t get the same level of support and responses from their women in any other situation.

    When they simply miss being in a relationship

    After a breakup, a man’s loneliness is what causes him to miss a woman. When a man misses you, he will pine for the cuddles, emotional stability, and the constant companionship. When this happens, they will understandably miss you.

    The comfort and sexual intimacy that they shared with you will be missed by the guys. This is when they begin to wish they had treated you better so they could continue to receive emotional support and sex from you. This could take anywhere from 8 to 16 weeks, depending on how soon they notice their peers in partnerships.

    How do I make him realize my worth?

    “Stop entrusting so much of your mind, feelings, and emotions to individuals who do so little for you.” Will Smith (Will Smith)

    In a partnership, both parties must put in equal effort. To make things function, two persons are required. If you’re the one who puts in the effort while your partner takes advantage of your quiet, it’s time to let him know how valuable you are. Make him perceive you as the one when he doesn’t regard you.

    It is difficult to maintain a connection only on the basis of one’s efforts. So, what can you do to increase his regard for you? What can you do to make your partner realize how important you are? What can you do to get him to work for you again? Here are 13 strategies for convincing him of your worth.

    Keep yourself busy

    You must take some steps to convince a man of your worth. You don’t have to be available all of the time for your guy. Take some time for yourself and complete the tasks you’ve been putting off for so long.

    Make sure he’s aware of your absence. He’ll come to you to find out what’s wrong if you don’t show up when he needs you. To make him comprehend that you are not always available, you must make him miss you.

    Boyfriends are incapable of comprehending things on their own. They only realize what’s going on when their girlfriends prod them. Only then will he realize he has made a blunder.

    To make him realise your worth, stop texting and calling him

    Do you make the first call or text to your boyfriend? Does he never text you first, even if you think he does? Do you frequently inquire about his well-being and begin by saying “I love you”? If you answered yes, you must immediately stop.

    Texting and calling your partner first gives them the impression that you are always available to them. Furthermore, he won’t text you initially because he’ll have grown accustomed to his girlfriend constantly calling and texting him.

    Make him call and text you instead if you want him to see how valuable you are. You can take it a step further by ignoring him long enough for him to believe he has lost you. If he truly cares, he will make every attempt to reclaim you.

    Forget to do some of his chores

    Girlfriends look after their boyfriends in a variety of ways that their men are unaware of. Boyfriends take their girlfriends for granted since they are unaware of the amount of work they put in for them. It’s past time for you to show him how important you are in his life.

    Forget to do some of his responsibilities, such as doing his clothes, reminding him, obtaining things for him, and so on. “I’m sorry, it genuinely slipped my mind,” say as though it were an honest error. “I was under the impression you were going to do it yourself.”

    This will make him realize how reliant he is on you for his day-to-day needs. If you want to make someone realize how important you are in their life, take steps like these.

    Express your feelings through your actions

    You’re clearly annoyed because your guy takes you for granted. Why suffer in silence when you may express your dissatisfaction?

    Show your dissatisfaction by your behaviors. Show your dissatisfaction and disagreement if he asks you to do something. Make angry sounds when doing work, such as slamming something down hard. This will pique your boyfriend’s interest, prompting him to inquire as to what is wrong.

    If you want your partner to realize how important you are in his life, you may need to make a lot of noise.

    Stop being a pushover

    A pushover is someone who is readily manipulated and easily yields. Your lover is unaware of your worth because he believes you are a pushover who would do everything he says.

    You must speak up for yourself and show opposition to things you dislike. Instead of obeying what he tells you to do, express your views. If you’ve had a long day at work and he wants to invite his pals over.

    Simply state that you are available only on weekends and that you will not be included in his plans because he must prioritize you. Sometimes you have to put your foot down.

    Go out with your friends

    You must have a life outside of your relationship, not only to demonstrate to your lover, but also for your own sake. Make friends with your lady gang and have some fun with them every now and then. Reconnect with your buddies by going out with them.

    When your boyfriend sees that you have a life outside of your relationship, he will realize that you are not completely reliant on him, and he will be concerned about losing you.

    He’ll be a little jealous that you’re not spending time with him and will begin to pay more attention to you as a result. Make him see you as the one when he doesn’t value you, and that should be your strategy.

    Pamper yourself

    Women tend to take less care of themselves after they enter a relationship because they are more focused on their relationship than on themselves.

    You must recognize your worth and take care of yourself. Visit a salon for a full body treatment or a manicure and pedicure. Allow yourself to receive the attention you deserve. Self-love should be practiced and savored.

    Furthermore, once your partner notices that you are taking care of yourself the way you used to, he will be unable to take his hands off of you.

    Start saying ‘no’

    Women who assert themselves “Their boyfriends are more likely to take them for granted if they say yes to everything. This is due to the fact that boyfriends anticipate what their girlfriend will say “They say “yes” to everything and don’t care what their girlfriend thinks.

    It’s not harmful to say “no” now and again. Say, “When he asks you to do his clothes,” the next time he asks “I’m completely engrossed in something. “Could you kindly do it again this time, as well as mine?”

    It will demonstrate to your partner that you are capable of standing up for yourself, and he will appreciate and respect you more. You must persuade a man of your worth, and the power of persuasion is essential for this “The word “no” is crucial.

    Take decisions for yourself

    Are you one of those girlfriends whose boyfriend orders her food at restaurants without asking? What if you wanted pizza but your guy insisted on ordering a salad instead?

    These things may seem insignificant, but they add up, and before you know it, your boyfriend is making all of your decisions for you. Make your own decisions and don’t allow your partner dictate to you.

    Say you want a pizza the next time you go to a restaurant and your partner orders the salad for you. He needs to know how valuable you are to him.

    Stop doing things together

    Couples have a list of activities that they participate in jointly. This is cute, but it’s also bad since it becomes routine and you stop seeing it as a special occasion.

    When such things become habitual, you don’t place the same value on them as you once did. Make an excuse and do something without your lover if you have a movie to see together.

    This will make him miss you and make him want to do things with you even more. The only way to make your lover comprehend your value in your life is to make him less available to you.

    Ignore him for sometime

    Because you’re constantly there for your boyfriends, they don’t realize how valuable you are. You should ignore him for a while and watch how he responds.

    Even if it pains you to ignore him, you must realize that doing so will benefit you in the long run. Allow him to approach you first.

    When he notices that you aren’t present, he will feel left out. He might even believe he has misplaced you. He’ll do stuff to attract your notice and elevate your status.

    To make him realise your worth, first know your worth

    “Keep in mind that you are stunning.” Many women prefer to remain silent rather than admit that they are taking their guy for granted because they believe that is what they deserve.

    They degrade themselves, which causes their boyfriends to degrade them as well. You must understand your value and significance in your boyfriend’s life.

    Consider all you do for him and everything you receive in return. Any guy would be fortunate to have someone like you, and you should be aware of this.

    Talk to him

    Boyfriends require encouragement from time to time. They require information that they are unaware of. A healthy partnership is always marked by an open line of communication.

    Tell your lover you’re tired of being ignored and taken for granted. Tell him about the several times you’ve felt this way. “You make me feel left out,” tell them. You don’t seem to value my efforts. I’d like you to acknowledge me every now and then.” He’ll remember this and pay greater attention to you in the future.

    One partner may put in more effort than the other in a relationship, but it is always a two-sided endeavor. If you believe your relationship is one-sided, you must take steps to make it a two-sided one. It will construct a wall between you and your boyfriend if you do nothing about it, and it will eventually make things sour between you.

    Making him see your value will enable you to work together in the relationship and strengthen your foundation.

    Do guys ever realize what they lost?

    Let’s dig a little deeper and respond to the following question:

    When guys eventually calm down and learn humility, they realize what they’ve missed.

    At some time in his life, every man embarks on a hero’s journey. They believe that their objectives are the most important.

    But, sooner or later, a man would realize that the aim of his ambitions is to give back to society. He’ll learn that what matters in life is relationships, and that it’s not about stealing from them.

    This is something I discussed in my post about discovering your genuine motives for living. Check out the section where I discuss purpose. My purpose, I discovered, was not about me, but about the people in my life.

    This is a realization that most guys will have to face. They’ll become aware of their fragility. They’ll wish they had someone who was nurturing and kind in their lives.

    He’ll know what he’s lost at this point. He’ll notice how far you’ve progressed in your life. He’ll notice that you’ve found someone who is more emotionally mature than he was at the time.

    Will he come back if I move on?

    It’s natural to miss the man you were dating and in love with when he breaks up with you. “Will he come back?” you undoubtedly ask yourself, your friends, and anybody else who will listen.

    Even if you’ve gone “no contact,” which means you’ve cut off all contact and communication with him, whether it’s by blocking him on social media, refusing to speak to anyone close to him, refusing to call or text him, or even thinking about him, you may still spend time reading relationship advice and strategizing how to win him back and make him miss you.

    Ex-boyfriends have a habit of reappearing after you’ve broken up with them, especially when you’re completely over it and ready to move on with your life.

    As if hurting your heart once wasn’t enough, these men will return, woo you like they’ve never been wooed before, just for things to end… again.

    Even after what appears to be a final breakup, there are a few signals that he isn’t completely over you and may try to restart your relationship.

    Why do men always come back?

    From time to time, we all grow nostalgic. Maybe he saw something that reminded him of you, or maybe he’s been thinking about you lately.

    In any case, he really misses you and your relationship. He may miss being in a relationship, or he may miss the person he was when you were together.

    If you think you can succeed by trying again, go for it! Listen to your intuition, make sure you’ve both had enough time to guarantee you truly want to be back together, and double-check that you’ve worked over whatever was holding you back the last time.

    It’s also fine to miss someone but not want the relationship to resume — and it’s fine to tell him that.

    You may decide that talking to him is too difficult and that you’d rather focus on getting over him and moving on, regardless of how much you miss each other.

    Will he come back if I leave him alone?

    There are some characteristics that men want in women, particularly their ex-wives, that unwittingly cause them to fall in love with them again. Many women wonder if if they leave him alone, he will return. The answer is usually affirmative because if you leave him alone, he will resume a more positive attitude about the relationship because you exhibit the following characteristics.

    You actually listen to what he has to say

    As women, we are prone to being impulsive and doing what we want rather than what others want of us. When he ends a relationship and you don’t contact him, it shows that you pay attention to what he has to say because you respect his wishes. If you don’t leave him alone, he’ll assume you’re prioritizing your own desires over his, which isn’t desirable. Being able to listen to him is a personality attribute he will value, and it may cause him to reconsider why he wanted to break up with you in the first place.

    You are strong

    Strong women are incredibly attractive, and by giving him the distance he requests and moving on with your life without him, he will notice your strength. When a man breaks up with a partner, he often keeps them on the back burner as a Plan B in case he gets lonely or can’t find what he’s seeking for elsewhere. By demonstrating your strength, he will quickly see you are refusing to be his back-up plan, which will likely make him realize how much he misses you and how amazing you are.

    You are mature

    When a child isn’t given what they want, they cry and scream until they get it. If you act like this when he breaks up with you, he’ll think you’re a child, and it’ll simply confirm his suspicions that he made the correct decision. You must demonstrate to him that you are capable of handling the matter with maturity and class. This will help him see you in a better light, which will hopefully lead to him returning to you in the future.

    How To Capture His Heart And Make Him Fall For You

    Here’s what we’ve realized after so many years of experience as dating coaches:

    It’s really easy to make men fall for you once you know the “cheat code”.

    See, most women don’t really know how men think, and why they act the way they do…

    In fact, they go through their whole life never meeting the perfect guy who treats them right.

    Don’t let this be you!

    We’ve taught thousands of girls around the world the special “cheat code” to a man’s heart.

    Once you learn the truth about how the male mind works, you can make any man fall in love with you.

    Here’s how it works:

    There are special tricks you can use to target the “emotional triggers” inside his mind.

    If you use them the right way, he will start to feel a deep desire for you, and forget about any other woman in his life…

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