What Guys Want When They Are Sick? A Complete Guide

When it comes to being sick, guys can be a bit of a handful.

From acting like giant babies to needing everything done for them, it can be a challenge to know exactly what they want and need.

But fear not, because in this article we’ll be exploring the top things that guys want when they’re feeling under the weather.

Whether it’s practical assistance or just some good old-fashioned TLC, we’ve got you covered.

So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of sick guys.

What Guys Want When They Are Sick?

1. Practical Assistance: When a guy is sick, he may need practical assistance to help him feel better. This can include things like food, drink, medication, rest and relaxation, and hygiene and cleanliness. It’s important to make sure he has everything he needs to feel comfortable and cared for.

2. Comfort and Support: One of the most important things you can do when your guy is sick is to provide comfort and support. Make sure he feels secure and safe and that you’re there to help him whenever he needs it. Be understanding and patient, and let him know that you’re there for him.

3. Nourishment: Keeping your guy well-hydrated and nourished is essential when he’s sick. Give him food that will help him stay nourished, and make sure he’s drinking plenty of fluids. If he’s having difficulty eating or drinking, try some gentle massage or aromatherapy to help him relax.

4. Medication: If your guy is in pain or discomfort, be sure to find medications that work for him. Encourage him to take his medicine as prescribed, and make sure he’s following any other medical advice given by his doctor.

5. Entertainment: Being sick can be boring, so try to provide some entertainment for your guy. Whether it’s a good book, a movie or TV show, or some music, find something that will help him pass the time.

Food And Drink

When it comes to food and drink, there are certain options that can help your guy feel better when he’s sick. Chicken soup is a classic choice, as it’s easy to eat and provides important nutrients like protein, vitamins, and minerals. It’s also a good source of fluid and electrolytes, which can help prevent dehydration.

Hot tea is another great option, as it acts as a natural decongestant and can help clear sinuses. Tea also contains polyphenols, which offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Other types of soup and broths can also be helpful, as they provide hydration and nutrients.

Foods that are mainly liquid, like ice cream or pudding, can be a good choice if your guy is having difficulty drinking fluids. Fresh fruit is also important for providing important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Fruits like oranges, berries, and melons are especially good choices.

It’s also important to avoid foods that can cause more problems, like spicy or fried foods. Soft, easily digestible foods like bananas, rice, apples, and toast (BRAT diet) may be a preference if your guy is feeling nauseous or having trouble keeping food down. Overall, focus on providing nourishing options that will keep your guy hydrated and comfortable while he recovers.

Comfortable Environment


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Creating a comfortable environment is crucial when taking care of a sick guy. The room temperature should be comfortable, not too hot or cold, and the air should be fresh and clean. Make sure the bed is made and the sheets are clean, even if your guy is feeling too sick to move. Avoid sweating excessively, as it can make him feel uncomfortable and worsen his condition.

It’s also important to keep the room quiet and peaceful, so your guy can rest and recover without any disturbance. If he’s sensitive to light, make sure the room is dimly lit, or use curtains or blinds to block out any unwanted light.

Hygiene and cleanliness are also crucial for creating a comfortable environment. Keep a supply of hygiene products on hand, such as soap, toothpaste, and towels, so your guy can stay clean and fresh. Offer to do the dishes, laundry, or any other household chores that need to be done, so your guy can focus on resting and recovering.

Finally, let your guy know that you care about him and are there to help him feel as comfortable as possible during his illness. Offer him a warm blanket or a cozy sweater if he feels cold, and make sure he has everything he needs within reach. By creating a comfortable environment, you can help your guy feel better and recover faster.

Medication And Remedies

When it comes to medication and remedies for a sick guy, it’s important to understand his symptoms and needs. Encourage him to see a doctor if necessary, especially if he’s at high risk for complications. Over-the-counter medications like cough medicine, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and naproxen can help alleviate symptoms like fever, coughing, and body aches. However, it’s important to check with a doctor before taking any medication, especially if there are other health conditions or allergies to consider.

In addition to medication, there are other remedies that can help a sick guy feel better. Drinking plenty of fluids like water and clear liquids can prevent dehydration. Using a cold washcloth on the forehead or back of the neck can also help reduce fever and provide comfort. It’s important to keep the body temperature at a comfortable level so that rest is possible.

Entertainment And Distraction


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When a guy is sick, it’s important to provide some entertainment and distraction to help take his mind off his symptoms. While mindfulness and focusing on bodily sensations can be helpful for dealing with physical pain and negative emotions, distraction can also be an effective coping mechanism. Engaging in pleasant thoughts or activities that shift focus away from the pain can help reduce the brain’s capacity to process pain signals. This can include simple distractions like watching TV, playing video games, or listening to music. It’s important to note that entertainment doesn’t take away the pain, but it can provide temporary relief and help put it in the background. However, it’s also important to strike a balance between entertainment and rest, as too much stimulation can be overwhelming for someone who is sick. Finding the right balance of entertainment and rest can help your guy feel more comfortable and cared for while he recovers.

Emotional Support And Understanding

In addition to the practical assistance and care, emotional support and understanding are crucial when your guy is sick. Dealing with a serious illness or chronic pain can take a toll on a person’s mental and emotional well-being. It’s important to remember that this illness does not define him and to let him know that you still see him for who he is. Keep communication open and be open and honest with each other. Encourage him to express his needs, feelings, and ideas honestly and directly, without putting down or hurting others.

When discussing problems, use “I” statements to describe them so that your partner doesn’t feel blamed or criticized. This keeps the focus on your needs and wants while avoiding endless complaining, which can be draining. Encourage a positive outlook by finding humor in situations, and use honesty and transparency to foster closeness. Remember how you and your partner overcame difficult situations in the past and use those strategies now.

Allow room for a “time out” if needed, as serious illnesses can cause feelings of anger and depression. Give your partner space to feel their emotions and take a moment alone when necessary. Remain intimate by spending time together in ways that don’t necessarily involve sex, such as holding hands, reading together, or talking. Encourage him to find time to do the things he loves, but also let others know what to expect of him as he heals – and what not to expect.

Finally, be gentle with yourself and commit to getting and staying emotionally and spiritually strong. Your partner needs your strength and support during this difficult time, but it’s important to take care of yourself as well. By providing emotional support and understanding, you can help your guy feel loved, cared for, and supported during his illness.