Why Does He Make Plans Then Cancel? The 10 Most Common Reasons

There’s nothing worse than having a guy make plans with you, and then canceling later on…

And that’s especially true when it’s someone you’re really interested in!

It can really hurt your self-confidence, and fill your head with negative thoughts like:

Why did he cancel on me?

Was it something I said?

Did he suddenly lose interest in me?

Don’t worry – We understand how you feel.

As dating and relationship experts, we’ve helped thousands of women around the world work through these issues, and secure a loving and warm relationship with a man who cares and respects them.

Here’s the truth:

When a man makes plans and then cancels on you, it is usually due to one of 10 common reasons. And it’s not necessarily your fault!

The 10 Most Common Reasons Why Guys Make Plans And Then Cancel

Let’s be honest here:

Sometimes, men can act very strangely.

One moment, he can be completely obsessed with you…

And the next moment, he can be acting cold and distant.

Meanwhile, you’re just not sure what he’s actually thinking.

We understand, and we’re here to help you.

Today, you’re going to learn the 10 most common reasons why a guy would make plans with you, but then cancel.

You’re going to get some surprising insights into how a man’s mind works, and how to take advantage of that to get him hooked on you.

Later, we’ll also give you some powerful tips on how to quickly and easily make a guy commit to you, so that you’ll never have to worry about him flaking or losing interest ever again!

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1. He Ditched You For Another Event

Sometimes, a guy will abandon his plans with you in favor of another event.

Perhaps he did so to hang out with his friends. Or maybe it’s a cool party that he was invited to.

Either way, he canceled his plans with you because he’d rather be somewhere else.

This can really hurt your self-esteem, knowing that he chose another event over you.

But the truth is: This is a clear sign that he wasn’t that interested in you in the first place.

Now, most of the time, he will not be completely honest or direct about this. So he will make up an excuse for canceling on you.

One way you can find out if he ditched you for another event is either through word-of-mouth from friend circles, or looking through his social media.

That being said, it’s important not to stress out over it. The last thing you want to do is to get bitter and start over-reacting.

Instead, focus your time and effort on becoming more attractive and irresistible to guys!

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2. He Wasn’t Serious In The First Place

Another common reason why a guy would make plans and then cancel is that he wasn’t serious in the first place.

Here’s what we mean:

Imagine that you’re really into the guy, but he is less keen towards you.

You’re having a good time chatting with each other, and you bring up the idea of meeting up on the weekend.

He says “Sure, sounds good.” But when you follow up with him later, he flakes on you.

So why does this happen?

From your perspective, you set up a plan with him. You’re glad he agreed, and you started looking forward to the weekend…

But to him, you had only briefly mentioned the idea of meeting up. It was like a passing note in a conversation, and he forgot about it soon afterwards.

It’s not just a matter of miscommunication – There was a difference in emotional investment:

In other words, you took the plans more seriously and cared a lot more than he did.

And this is not a good thing. Why?

Because you don’t want to chase after him. You want HIM to chase you!

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3. Something Important Came Up

As we’ve already mentioned, when a man cancels his plans with you, the last thing you want to do is to panic and overreact.

Because sometimes, he might have an innocent reason to do so.

So don’t take things personally right away. Just because a man has an urgent matter to attend to does not mean he values you any less.

There’s nothing wrong with this: Life happens! So don’t sweat it.

But here’s the tricky part:

How do you know if he actually has something important to do, or he’s just making an excuse?

It’s simple: Take a close look at his behavior.

If something important truly came up, he will be very apologetic. He will also make plans right away to meet with you another time.

That’s because he was looking forward to your date, and he knows it meant a lot to you too.

On the other hand, he won’t be quite as eager to follow up with you if he was just coming up with an excuse.

It’s a lot easier to assess his behavior with a phone call rather than a text conversation, so give him a call to talk with him.

This will also put him on the spot, and make him realize that he can’t disrespect or dismiss you so easily.

4. You Did Something To Push Him Away

As we’ve mentioned above, men can act really weird sometimes.

He can be obsessed with you one second, and then shut you out the next…

But why does this happen?

Well, one of the most common reasons he pulls away is if you’ve done something to trigger a negative emotional response from him.

For example, you might have mentioned a sensitive topic such as religion or family, and he may have suffered some trauma in the past in relation to these topics.

This is especially the case if you’ve just started dating, or you don’t know him well yet.

If you suspect this is the case, do not confront him about it directly.

The last thing you want to do at this point is to come across as pushy or needy, especially if you’ve triggered some hidden trauma inside him.

Instead, give him some time and space to calm down, and then contact him again to set up a date.

He will be much more open to meeting up again if you allow some time for his emotions to calm down. This way, he will see you in a much more positive light too.

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5. He Forgot That He Made Other Plans

awkward guy

Another more “innocent” reason he might cancel plans with you is that he forgot he had already made other plans.

This can actually be a good sign: He might have been so hooked on you and so excited to meet up with you that he didn’t even realize what else he had planned in his life.

It can be a bit confusing at first, but this is one of the most common reasons why men cancel dates and meetings.

Usually, it will be very easy to reschedule with him, as he will still be eager to see you another time.

As we’ve mentioned above, if you want to know if he’s honest about this or just making up an excuse, give him a call to assess his vocal tonality and behavior.

This will tell you a lot more about how he actually feels than just a text conversation.

It’s also a good opportunity for both of you to reschedule the meeting before he forgets about it or loses interest.

6. He Started Chasing Another Girl

Let’s face it – Men have short attention spans.

Even if he likes you right now, there’s always the risk that he loses interest and starts chasing another girl.

This can happen for a number of reasons. He might be frustrated with you for some reason. Or perhaps he just feels more attracted to a girl he just met.

At first, most men are pretty persistent if they feel a strong initial attraction to you, even if there are certain things about you that may bug him.

But as with everything, his heart can change.

If he finds another girl with who he feels he has a stronger connection, he can quickly forget about you and completely change his behavior towards you.

This is especially true if you’ve just recently met him or just started dating.

That’s why we always advise women to “lock-in” his interest as soon as possible, so he takes you seriously as a woman, instead of some casual “fling” that he can quickly move on from.

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7. He Stalked Your Social Media Profile

Did you know that almost 50% of people stalk their date’s social media before meeting up with them?

It’s true. And we bet that there are a lot more people doing this secretly!

So it’s possible that a guy made plans with you but then canceled because he stalked your social media profile and saw something that turned him off.

Perhaps it was something about your lifestyle, or the kind of person you portrayed yourself to be.

It could also be a sensitive or controversial post that you made about politics or religion.

Here’s the thing:

There are certain things that you shouldn’t share with a guy when you’ve just met him. They can really turn him off or leave a bad impression.

These subjects can be discussed later on as you get to know each other better. But for now, it’s best to keep them to yourself.

So protect yourself by making sure that your online profile is private, and be careful of the content that you share with others.

Again, if you do feel like something on your social media might have turned him off, don’t confront him directly.

Just give him some time, chat with him casually, and try again later. And if possible, show him who you truly are through action rather than words.

8. You Were His Backup Plan

This is one of the most insincere and hurtful reasons why a guy might flake on you…

But the sad truth is he might have seen you as his backup plan for his evening.

Maybe he had already planned to go out with his buddies. Or he had already approached another woman for a date that night.

And if you don’t show him that YOU are more special and interesting than his other options, he will prefer being with other people over you.

That’s why it’s important to stand out, capture his heart, and not let him dismiss you as just another casual “fling”.

Now here’s the important part:

You should NEVER accept being a man’s backup plan.

And if he makes you his backup plan, you should never chase after him trying to win his heart.

Instead, you need to make him chase you and earn back your trust and respect.

This way, you will truly capture his heart and make him yours!

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9. You Came Across Too Needy

We all know that first impressions are important.

And that’s especially true for a guy you just met or started dating recently.

Now, most girls focus on trying to leave a good impression…

But it’s also important to know how to avoid leaving a bad impression!

And one of the worst impressions you can give a guy is neediness.

This is one of the personality traits that can completely turn a guy off and push him away from you.

It can trigger a natural emotional response from him that makes him want to avoid you, and pull away from you right away.

And yes, it can cause him to cancel plans with you right away.

Usually, this happens when you’re following up with him about your date.

You might have expressed your excitement and joy for meeting up with him, but come across as needy or desperate instead.

We get it – The days leading up to a date can feel really exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, especially if it’s a guy you really like.

But it’s always best to avoid putting too much pressure on him. So take it easy and just be casual about it.

10. He’s Nervous

Guys may never admit it, but they are deeply emotional creatures…

And sometimes, they can feel nervous for a date too!

This is especially true if he really likes you and is really excited to see you.

You see, men like to keep their feelings to themselves, locked up inside their hearts.

But this means their emotions can build up over time, becoming stronger and stronger.

His affection and obsession with you can turn into anxiety. And if this becomes too overwhelming for him, he might cancel on you.

When this happens, the last thing you want to do is to pressure him or make him feel bad for “letting you down”.

Once again, the solution to this is simply to give him some time and space. Keep talking to him in a casual, easygoing manner.

Just don’t overdo it and make him uncomfortable talking to you. He will be happy to meet up with you again when he’s ready.

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