How To Dominate Your Husband

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How do you become dominant in a relationship?

Dominance is a relationship in which one partner has authority over the other and wields power and control over the submissive. Some partners prefer to assert dominance in the relationship all of the time, while others prefer to play these roles only during dreams. Trust, respect, honesty, equality, communication, and consent are the foundations of healthy dominance in a partnership. Regardless of who has power in the relationship, a BDSM relationship and any behaviors should always be consensual. A healthy BDSM relationship will create rules and boundaries ahead of time that are followed and respected by both the dominant and submissive parties. A dominant/submissive relationship is based on reciprocal enjoyment, with the submissive freely surrendering power and control to the dominant. These terms should be agreed upon by both partners in the relationship, and consent should always be given and respected. Stop doing anything if neither person in the relationship feels secure or comfortable doing it. Safe words are always used in healthy dominant/submissive relationships, and they are always respected when their safe word is used.

Consent, or the lack thereof, is what determines whether or not a dominant relationship is toxic. In a relationship, the power exchange between the dominant and the submissive should always be voluntary. When there is no mutual respect or understanding amongst the partners involved, dominance is unhealthy. There should always be clear boundaries and communication when there is dominance. If you’re in a BDSM relationship and aren’t sure if it’s healthy or not, keep an eye out for these red flags of unhealthy dominance:

Some people may be perplexed by the concept of equality in a BDSM relationship with a dominant and submissive role. In a BDSM relationship with a dominant and a submit, it may appear that these partners are not equal and that the dominating partner has complete power. A healthy BDSM relationship, on the other hand, should feature an equal and mutually beneficial power exchange between the dominant and submissive. In a relationship, the subordinate partner should freely and consensually agree to submit to the dominant spouse. The dominant’s authority and control can be taken away at any time by the submit, giving them power and influence over the situation or relationship. At no point in their relationship should the submissive feel belittled, uncomfortable, or unsafe. They choose to submit to the dominant, which benefits and pleases both parties, resulting in an equitable power exchange in the partnership.

Following up on BDSM interactions is critical, especially if you or your partner are new to these fantasies and practices. Individuals that assume dominating and submissive roles during BDSM are not necessarily who they are in their everyday life. Aftercare allows you and your partner to return to reality and talk about your BDSM experience, including what you enjoyed and didn’t like for each of you. This allows you to ensure that you understand your partner’s requirements and expectations, as well as better your fantasy in the future. Aftercare chats can be highly private, allowing both partners to be completely vulnerable, so deepening your bond and partnership. You are concerned about each other’s bodily and mental needs throughout this time. Aftercare is a moment for you, as the dominant, to express your gratitude and appreciation for their submission by showing them love, respect, and care. Every relationship’s aftercare will be different, but it’s critical to be sympathetic and receptive to your partner’s needs. Cuddling, a massage, providing a warm blanket, or bringing your partner something to drink or eat are all standard aftercare rituals.

If you’re starting a BDSM relationship, take it slowly and only partake in activities that you’re comfortable with. Your partner should never make you feel guilty or obligated to do something. Make it clear what you’re willing to do with your partner and what you’re not. If you don’t feel comfortable expressing these worries to your partner, you should reconsider entering into a BDSM relationship with them. In a romantic relationship, you should constantly feel protected and secure. Assume you’re in a BDSM relationship or activity where you’re the dominating player. In such scenario, it’s critical to have an open and honest discussion with your partner about what they’re willing to attempt and what they’re comfortable with.

Your sexual health is extremely vital in any personal connection. Before starting a relationship, it’s critical to have an open and honest chat with your partner about any pertinent information regarding your sexual past. You might talk about what kind of protection you’d like to use. Before becoming closely engaged with a new partner, it’s a good idea to have your sexual health checked with a STI test to ensure that you’re both healthy and safe.

It’s critical to seek treatment immediately away if you or a loved one feels uncomfortable in a relationship or is being abused. The National Domestic Violence Hotline is a free and confidential resource that provides advice and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can reach the hotline by dialing 1.800.799.SAFE (7233) or texting START to 88788.

Are marriages stronger when one spouse is dominant?

According to academics, having a dominant spouse in a marriage might increase the stability of the relationship and lead to more children. According to a study, couples in which one spouse is more dominant than the other may be more effective than those in which both partners are equally dominating.

How do you speak like a dominant?

Dominant voices convey authority, assertiveness, and safety. They demonstrate that you are not attempting to impress others. People will have more faith in and respect for you.

Submissive tones convey insecurity, passivity, and self-doubt. They indicate that you’re looking for other people’s approval or validation. People will be suspicious of you and disregard what you have to say.

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You don’t have to yell like a jerk to get your point across. However, you must alter the inflection of your sentences, particularly near the end.

When ending a sentence or phrase, dominant voices maintain the same or lower pitch. You sound as if you’re not afraid to say what you’re thinking. Submissive voices rise in pitch, almost as if you’re asking a question (which you aren’t) or expecting a response.

Recognize and stop yourself from speaking in a servile tone. Women and higher-ups at work are the two most typical scenarios. When you’re scared or in a position where you feel inferior, your voice automatically weakens. Be proactive in your approach and work against it.

Record a variety of words in both an authoritative and submissive tone to practice. Pay attention to how tiny inflection changes affect your voice. Feel the difference in your tone of voice. Rep until it’s second nature in your everyday discussions.

Use Your Chest, Not Your Head Voice

Now that you’ve learned how to distinguish between vocal tones, it’s time to make sure your voice projects correctly. This will help you develop a powerful, commanding voice.

Your diaphragm is used to speak in the chest voice. This results in a tone that is more resonant, deep, and appealing. It can cut through noisy situations without yelling or straining.

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Your throat is used to speak in the head voice. This results in a thin, light, and grating tone that isn’t quite right. It won’t go you very far, and it’s one of the reasons why men find it difficult to be heard. They then compensate by yelling, which causes damage to their voice chords.

Begin by learning how to breathe diaphragmatically. Most people breathe too shallowly, forcing them to communicate using their head voice. Your best voice will emerge once you understand how to breathe properly.

To get started, read this article on diaphragmatic breathing techniques. There are also a plethora of educational YouTube videos.

At a comfortable volume, hum. Adjust the pitch to a lower level and pay attention to how your chest feels. You should be able to feel the vibration in your chest after a few minutes of humming. Continue to hum and try to raise the vibration level. Next, raise the pitch slightly; take attention to how your nose and mouth feel as you do so.

Make a sound using your mouth. Humming until you feel vibrations in your tongue and lips, as well as beneath and above your mouth Continue to hum and try to raise the vibration level again. Finally, redirect your attention to your chest. To generate a full, sensuous tone, repeat the entire exercise, always ending with your chest.

Place one hand on your stomach while sitting or lying down. Inhale deeply while extending your hand as far as possible. While your stomach rises, your chest should remain relatively still.

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Take note of how it feels; this is how you should breathe when speaking to fully utilize your lung capacity and produce the fullest, strongest, and richest voice possible.

Exhale swiftly, but without making a sound. Tension is indicated by sound. Inhale deeply once more. Say the first letter of the alphabet as you exhale. Keep going till you get to Z.

Pretend that you’re speaking to a target more and farther away as you work your way through the alphabet. You should be quite loud and strong by the time you get to the end.

Take 5 Steps to Build Your Best Voice

  • Slow down your speech. Almost everyone speaks too quickly. They feel that speaking quickly and clearly will hold the listener’s attention. In reality, speaking quickly is difficult to comprehend, distracting, and will cause people to tune out. Declare your words clearly and completely. Take your time and talk clearly.
  • Increase the volume of your voice. You may believe you are loud enough, but you are not. You’re too quiet if you ever have to lean in or have someone inquire, “What?” Use your chest voice to help with this from the previous exercises.

Another suggestion that has proven to be really beneficial to me is to speak to people rather than at them. Imagine a person 3-6 feet behind them, and direct your voice in that direction.

  • Don’t be in a hurry to answer. Allow yourself a few of extra seconds to comprehend what they just stated. A self-assured man isn’t scared to think things over. Rushing to give responses makes you appear agitated and as though you’re trying too hard.
  • Make good use of pauses. Pace your speech in the same way you don’t haste. Pause not only at the beginning and finish of sentences, but also in the middle. Consider commas as places where you can and should wait a second longer. This creates suspense and interests the listener, especially with stories. Take a look at how Don Draper patiently captivates a room.
  • Speak passionately. Dammit, get pumped up! People are put to sleep by flat, monotone voices. To reflect your feelings, emphasize terms in your phrases. To make your conversation more interesting, use lively facial expressions and expressive hand movements. If you’re passionate about what you’re saying, your audience will be as well.

I was always the child with the soft-spoken, airy voice when I was younger. I used to feel bad about myself since I didn’t have the same deep tone as some of my pals. One day, I decided to put an end to my self-pity and make an attempt to change.

I paired the tips above with a Roger Love vocal warm-up CD and practiced on a regular basis. Although I still don’t sound like Barry White, my voice is richer, deeper, and more appealing.

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It completely altered people’s perceptions of me. I was given greater attention. At my place of employment, I was promoted. My dating success surged as women responded with raw attraction. Finally, I developed into a skilled and confident public speaker.

Make the most of your voice and start meeting women. I’ll assist you in getting things started.

What are the traits of a dominant man?

As a result, a dominating guy is more likely to be physically healthy and powerful than someone who simply seems to be dominant but lacks true self-control and self-discipline.

When the dominating man indulges in anything, he does so in a controlled manner.

He knows (and uses) the power of body language.

He is aware of and appreciates body language that relaxes others and makes them feel valued. Look for the following cues in the body language of someone who is at ease in a dominant position:

He knows he’s a work in progress, and he does the work.

The dominant man does not act as if he knows everything. He is in charge of others not because he knows everything, but because he is constantly learning and growing. And the best way to learn how he does it is to follow him.

What is a DOM lifestyle?

Please remember that BDSM is separated into three sections: BD, which stands for bondage and discipline; DS, which stands for dominance and submission; and SM, which is for sadomasochism. Not everyone combines these areas, and not everyone does it in the same way; the pair must decide and agree on this together. Many couples don’t even put themselves in these categories, instead referring to activities like blindfolding or handcuffing as “kink.”

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D/s is, first and foremost, a flow of energy between two people. The Dom is more of a leader, guide, enforcer, protector, and/or daddy, whereas the sub is more of a pleaser, brat, tester, baby girl, and/or servant. Many couples limit the D/s dynamic to bedroom sexual role play. D/s, on the other hand, can be expanded and used in new and fascinating ways.

For instance, a Dom may make simple but ‘unusual’ rules for his sub to fulfill, like as asking her to get his permission to masturbate while he is away. Alternatively, the dynamic could entail considerably tougher regulations and a plethora of responsibilities that entrust him with greater authority over her mind, body, and habits. This is where the line between D/s and Master/slave blurs, resulting in a much more in-depth relationship that is more of a lifestyle.

No. This is one of the most common misconceptions regarding D/s. The needs, wants, desires, and curiosities of the sub are the foundation of a true D/s relationship.

What is a dominant marriage?

In many circumstances, a marriage’s dominance is complete. That is to say, the dominating spouse has complete authority over the marital. There are, however, marriages in which dominance is separated. That means one partner may have power over the children and spiritual life, while the other has control over the finances and sex life. In either situation, dominance is harmful and ineffective.

To understand why dominance is so damaging, we must first examine the biblical marriage plan. The concept of dominance is never mentioned in the Bible, either when God created Adam and Eve or when we read about God’s plan for the roles of woman and husband in Ephesians chapter five.

“The Bible says that women are supposed to submit to men,” any man might think to himself at this moment. As a result, men are not dominant enough to be the heads of their households and the employers. It’s the Word of God!” The line in Ephesians 5:22 that tells women to submit to their husbands is preceded by the words “submitting to one another in the fear of Christ” in verse 21 (NKJV). It is then followed by a description of how a husband should be a sacrificial lover of his wife, laying down his life for her and nurturing and cherishing her as if she were his own body.

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Even while I believe that women should submit to their husbands in the same way that they should to the Lord, I also believe that men and women should submit to each other in the fear of God. A Christian spouse is the home’s leader because he begins the family’s well-being, not because he dominates. His wife is his absolute equal, and what she thinks and feels is just as important to him as it is to her.

In addition, the Biblical husband is the head of the household because he has earned his wife and family’s hearts through godly sacrifice and Christlike love. It’s not because he’s the strongest or because he can cite one verse from Ephesians 5 as a spiritual bullet to dispatch any “insurgency” that threatens him.

Marriage was designed by God to be a partnership in which both parties are respected and honored. Both the husband and wife are equal partners of the relationship, with their own specific needs totally supplied by the unselfish dedication of the other, according to the biblical role models in Ephesians 5. Dominance is contrary to God’s will. At its foundation lies a self-centered, autonomous attitude that exploits people for its own gain, regardless of the consequences. Also, arrogance is a form of dominance. It believes that it can justify its behavior without the involvement or accountability of others because of its superior intelligence or qualities. It is the polar opposite of Jesus Christ’s spirit. In Matthew 11:29, Jesus says that He is gentle and humble in heart, and that if we approach to Him, He will provide rest to our spirits. God is without a doubt the supreme ruler of the universe. His strategy, however, is love, not coercion.

When both partners are dominant?

It can be difficult to make decisions and get past conflict when two people have dominant personalities in a relationship. You both want to get your way and find it difficult to listen to the other. Learning to compromise and consult one another when making major decisions will help to relieve some of the strain.

What are the signs of a controlling woman?

A domineering girlfriend can manifest itself in a variety of ways. It’s vital to remember that what one person considers to be controlling may appear normal to another. Snooping, for example, may appear oppressive to one individual, while another believes there is nothing to conceal and no reason not to snoop. However, some characteristics of a domineering girlfriend are universal. Before we get into the specifics of the indicators listed below, it’s worth noting that the following characteristics are also typical in controlling boyfriends and controlling relationships in general.

Is your girlfriend attempting to keep you apart from your friends and family? It may appear innocent enough at first, with your girlfriend inventing excuses for you not to go out with your friends or attend family functions. But it will gradually snowball to the point where you will seldom see your friends and family, and you will never be without your girlfriend. This is frequently due to your girlfriend’s insecurity and concern about what others would say about her to you.

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It’s possible that you’ve noticed that nothing you accomplish ever appears to be good enough. If your partner frequently criticizes you and makes you feel like you’re not good enough for them, this could be an indication of extreme control. This is a sign that your girlfriend wants to be in charge of every aspect of your life and transform you to suit her needs.

Most people imagine threats of physical violence or aggressiveness when they think of someone making threats. Threats and ultimatums of a more personal and emotional kind, on the other hand, are far more common, far more often, and far more successful, which is why controlling women employ them.

Do you only feel loved and accepted by your partner when you do something to please her? It’s a sign that she’s very controlling if she only exhibits affection when you do what she wants and withholds it when you don’t.

There will always be a certain amount of giving and taking in a relationship. It’s well acknowledged that the giving-to-taking ratio will fluctuate over time, but both partners should be dedicated to making an attempt. A controlling girlfriend, on the other hand, keeps track of everything and will make sure you know when she’s ahead.

If you’ve ever done something to irritate a controlling girlfriend, you’ve probably realized that she won’t let you forget about it. To persuade you to do what they want, a controlling woman would bring up prior indiscretions and make you feel terrible about them.

This indicator of a dominating girlfriend frequently occurs in conjunction with #5, keeping score. A controlling girlfriend will do everything she can to create a debt against you, which she will then bring up and use to obtain what she wants when you are least expecting it. She might try to get a lot of mileage out of a single debt by bringing it up repeatedly.

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Although some individuals may not consider snooping to be controlling behavior, it might be an indication of a dominating girlfriend. While you should never try to hide anything from your relationship and should always be honest and truthful, this does not mean that you should tell your partner everything that happens every day. Trying would be exhausting. It’s a terrible indicator if your girlfriend is so controlling that she has to snoop on your phone to figure out what she missed.

Is your partner often envious when you’re preoccupied with anything else? Jealousy can develop over friends and family members, not just other women with whom you may come into contact. A controlling girlfriend will frequently accuse you of something and use her assumptions to isolate you from your friends and family.

Although you should share almost everything with your partner, you must spend time alone as individuals. The importance of alone time in preserving your mental wellness cannot be overstated. Spend some time alone with your thoughts or doing something you enjoy, even if it’s only for an hour a day. A controlling girlfriend won’t let you have alone time since she’ll be worried about what you’re doing when she’s not there.

Is your girlfriend only nice to you when you do anything she asks of you? It should not be contingent on what you do for your girlfriend that you are treated with respect and care, that you go on dates, that you express affection, or that you have confidence in each other. Your partner is controlling you if she makes you earn the kind of treatment you deserve all of the time.

A domineering girlfriend will continually initiate fights and disputes and then try to play the victim. The goal behind regular bickering, even if it’s over something trivial and seemingly insignificant, is that you’ll get so weary of arguing that you’ll start giving in more and more until your girlfriend is controlling everything you do in order to avoid arguing.

In order to resolve problems and find compromises and solutions in a healthy relationship, both partners must try to perceive one other’s point of view in situations. If your girlfriend refuses or is unable to see your point of view and insists that her point of view is the only one, you’re in an extremely controlling relationship.

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