How To Get Over Your Boyfriend Cheating

“Infidelity is complicated; there’s a lot of depth and complexity to why individuals cheat and how to get back together,” Elmquist continues, emphasizing the importance of awareness. “What caused this to happen? What happened to cause the breakdown? What was it about our relationship that made it possible for someone else to stroll through the open door? It’ll be crucial to have that understanding in your relationship.”

However, if the person who cheated is unable to be open about why it happened — or begins pointing fingers — it may be impossible to fix the situation. “It can’t be unduly simplistic, such as ‘I’m a man’ or ‘it just occurred,'” says Lesli Doares, a marriage coach and author. “The only way to repair confidence is to be entirely transparent about what happened so that, in the future, if presented with a similar situation, a different decision will be taken.”

Grant’s husband admitted to being a sex addict and went to treatment on his own to get help. “By the time I felt ready to leave, my husband had been in counseling for a couple of years and had done so much work to understand why he’d put his family in jeopardy for relationships that didn’t truly matter,” Grant recalls. “I admired how hard he had worked. He’d done everything he could to assist me in my recovery.”

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Remove temptations to re-engage with the affair

If the affair is genuinely finished, taking tangible actions to cut off contact with the person and establish boundaries is critical to your partner’s recovery. “Contact information will need to be deleted, numbers will need to be blocked, and social media contacts will need to be removed,” says Dr. Brandon Santan, a registered marriage and relationship therapist in Tennessee.

Can a relationship go back to normal after cheating?

“After an affair, couples may and do stay together, but it takes a lot of work to mend lost trust.” When one partner cheats, most couples don’t recover, according to Klow, but “Those who do can emerge stronger as a result of going through the process of getting over the affair.” It does, however, take time.

How long does it take to get over a cheating boyfriend?

While the healing process from the negative emotions associated with being cheated on differs from person to person, affair recovery based relationship experts agree that it takes at least two years to heal from an ongoing affair, whereas other couples who have been cheated on only once or twice may heal faster. It’s critical to allow yourself time to heal from the bad feelings associated with being cheated on so that you may enter your new relationship with trust and a sense of satisfaction that you are no longer hurt by the harm that was created, whether it’s with the cheating partner or someone else.

It is usual to seek the assistance of a mental health expert in order to prepare for a new relationship without fear of experiencing the same pain and unpleasant emotions that your previous relationship did. Working with a therapist can also allow you to assess whether your previous relationship is worth preserving or whether it is better to end due to the hurt that was created. While getting back together with your cheating partner may provide you with a temporary sense of fulfillment, you may come to regret your decision if you don’t take the time to address the issues that led to the infidelity in the first place.

Whether you start a new relationship or work through the issues with your cheating partner, you must give yourself time to heal from the damage and hurt caused by your partner’s actions.

Cheating does not always imply that you do not love the person with whom you cheated. Some people may adore their partner, but they struggle with their opposing sexual desires, leading to one of them cheating. Others may cheat because one of their partners is frequently absent, and infidelity serves as a diversion from their feelings of longing for them. While none of these are justifications for adultery, they are instances of situations in which a partner cheats but still loves the person with whom they cheated.

Cheating should not be taken lightly. Cheating has a long-term negative influence on a person’s sense of self-worth, capacity to trust, and general sense of security. Individuals must heal after being cheated on because of the long-term effects of betrayal. The healing process can be long and difficult, and it will not be without its difficulties; yet, it is necessary to properly transition into new relationships.

As a person embarks on their healing journey, the first step is to accept their past. Recognize and acknowledge how you feel as a result of the cheating, as well as why you reacted the way you did. If you’ve had a history of desertion or trust issues, the adultery may have a greater impact on you than it would on someone who doesn’t.


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It’s also crucial to analyze all of your feelings and avoid self-blame. Even if it feels like it, none of the cheating is your responsibility. There was nothing you could have done to avoid the cheating, and even if the cheating partner claims that there was something you could have done, the reality is that the person who cheated bears complete responsibility for the act of cheating.

Spend some time getting to know yourself and your relationship patterns. If you’re continuously seeking out relationships that make you feel insecure, dig a little further and ask yourself why that is. Make the most of your healing experience to learn more about yourself.

Finally, it’s critical to start exercising trust in all of your relationships. Begin developing a solid foundation of trust with the people you surround yourself with, whether it’s in your familial relationships or friendships, because it will feel more natural and easy when you enter into a new love engagement.

People cheat on the people they love for a variety of reasons. None of these reasons have anything to do with the person who is cheated on, because the cheater bears the brunt of the responsibility. While the reasons people cheat are highly personal, some of the most common reasons include self-exploration, thrill seeking, not getting enough out of their current relationship, or feeling they have missed out on some aspect of their lives and believe that cheating will provide them with the thrill they seek. These reasons all stem from the fact that the person who cheats is looking for answers and solutions outside of their relationship rather than articulating their worries or feelings to their partner. Cheating is inconvenient, and the reason why someone chooses to cheat is unlikely to matter.

When one of your partners has cheated on you, you may feel guilty. However, if your partner has cheated on you, it is critical to understand the difference between whether or not your partner feels guilty. They are either aware that they have harmed you and have made a dreadful mistake, or they are feeling guilty because they have been caught. A person who feels terrible for the harm they have caused you will be willing to collaborate with you to devise a strategy for moving ahead. They could be willing to meet with a relationship therapist or expert to figure out why they cheated and how to prevent it from happening again. Examining your partner’s actions, as well as whether or not they feel accountable, and whether or not they have changed, will help you understand why they are feeling guilty and whether or not it is worthwhile to stay in the relationship.

Can you truly love someone and cheat on them?

It’s why, while lying in bed at night, someone can have strong sentiments of attachment to one person and then switch to passionate love for another.


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“It’s as if you’re having a committee meeting in your thoughts while you try to figure out what to do,” Fisher explained. “I don’t believe we were created to be happy; I believe we were created to reproduce. I believe that we create our own happiness.”

This may sound like a cynical view of love, but Fisher claims that there is still mystery and “magic” to it, despite all of these simple and inescapable biological processes.

Deal with your grief

“Attempt to control your emotions when they arise. “Don’t make the mistake of assuming that all future partners will be the same,” Kate advises. “We frequently carry the weight or experiences of previous relationships and experiences with us, although not always in a favorable way.” Take attention of yourself and your actions if you feel like you’re starting to take your grievances forward.

Talk it out

In Kate’s opinion, talking is the cure. “Don’t cram everything in. Speak with a trustworthy friend or family member, or seek help from a counsellor or therapist if necessary. That way, you’ll be able to focus on yourself and your experience while also working on your comprehension of what happened.”

Rebalance the positives and negatives

Martina suggests that you try to balance your thoughts on both the positive and negative parts of your ex-partner and the relationship as much as possible.

“Ask yourself, ‘Was it really as I’m remembering it now?’ Is it possible that I’m emphasizing the positive while downplaying the negative? What was it about the connection that I didn’t like? ‘What triggered my rage?’ And so forth. In fact, nothing is flawless, and every relationship has its ups and downs. “With a cheating partner, there may have been more downs than ups; otherwise, you wouldn’t still be together,” she adds.

Accept the hurt


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It’s critical to recognize that it will be difficult now, but not forever. “Avoid interpreting your ex-actions partner’s to mean everything about you. Infidelity can devastate a person’s self-esteem and confidence, but it speaks more about their behavior than it does about yours,” Kate explains. Listen, listen, listen.

Try and see the bigger picture

Trauma can cause extremely dramatic reactions, such as your brain considering the best and worst-case possibilities. “You might find it helpful to jot down a list of, say, five happy memories and five terrible recollections from the relationship to help you balance your thinking,” Martina suggests.

“What makes you think that?”

You will be able to perceive the wider picture as a result of this. After that, connect the happy and unpleasant memories to how you felt at the time. “How did I feel about being there?” you might wonder. Is it something I wish to experience again? “Is this how I want to feel with my next partner?” you might wonder. This can assist you in learning from your prior relationship and avoiding repeating the same errors in the future.”

Surround yourself with people who make you smile

This is a crucial one. “Assemble a group of people who care about you. Spend time with individuals you care about and who you know love and accept you for who you are. Allow them to lift your spirits and pay attention to them.”

Prioritise self-care

While you may not feel like you have much time for yourself when you are depressed, even tiny actions can make a huge difference. Consider how you would wash your hair or paint your nails. “Do something for yourself,” Kate says. “Put yourself first and prioritize activities that make you happy. Use this time to improve yourself, whether it’s by performing a home workout, listening to a new podcast, downloading a mental health app, or watching a new series. Something you want to do simply for yourself.”

Get outside

Fun fact: it has been proven that going outside improves mental wellness. “Even if it’s just a short walk, it’ll allow you to adjust your perspective for the day.” Plus, the increased oxygen intake will make you feel more energized,” Kate adds.

Keep busy


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When you’re dealing with low-grade depression, it doesn’t seem so clear. “Keeping yourself busy will add a sense of comfort and self-soothing to your days,” Martina explains. “Make sure you’re doing things you enjoy and that make you happy, and that you’re not overworking yourself. “Having a cup of coffee in your favorite spot or reading your favorite author’s latest book are two examples of caring behaviors that cost minimal effort, time, or money,” she continues.


When you’re ready to date again, it’ll take some time, but it’s crucial to set clear boundaries. “Decide what is and is not acceptable to you; if a new partner doesn’t like them, they aren’t the proper partner for you,” Kate advises.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Take your time and don’t compare your success to that of others. Every relationship, as well as every breakup, is unique. “If you focus on how everyone else is doing, you don’t give yourself a fair chance to focus on how well you’re doing.” “Everyone’s timeline is unique,” Kate explains.

Plan, plan, plan

This may not be for everyone, but Martina adds that for some people, making sure they have a week’s worth of plans is critical to their mental health. “It’s critical to arrange your weekly obligations ahead of time so you can visualize your schedule and fill in the gaps,” she says.

Why do guys cheat even if they love you?

One of the worst things that may happen to you is for someone to cheat on you. When someone you care about breaks your trust, it can seem like a weight is lifted from your shoulders. The worst aspect about cheating is that it frequently makes no sense. Many people find themselves asking, “Why would they cheat if they love me?” Finding the answer to that question isn’t always straightforward.

The reality is that people cheat for a variety of reasons. Without more information, it will be impossible to tell why the person in your life cheated on you. Regardless, there are several frequent causes for cheating that can be discussed. Take a look at some of the reasons why people cheat on their spouses in the list below to get a better idea of what’s going on.

Consider the likelihood that your boyfriend or husband isn’t actually in love with you.


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Because they aren’t completely content in their relationship, people will sometimes cheat on their significant other. This could indicate that they aren’t truly in love and are seeking for an exit. It’s impossible to say whether this is true in your scenario without knowing the details.

It’s simply necessary to understand that not everyone who claims to be in love is actually in love. People can deceive you, and they aren’t always brave enough to tell you the truth straight up. When a person is unable to break up with their partner on their own, they may resort to infidelity. This isn’t likely to be the case in your situation. It’s heartbreaking to learn that someone you care about never felt the same way you did.

You’ll discover that many people find cheating thrilling. As heinous as it is to cheat on someone you love, there are others who relish the prospect of being discovered. Making a mistake makes what they’re doing even more appealing, and it appears to be something they can’t get enough of. Cheaters that cheat on a regular basis seem to fall into this category more often than not.

Even when they feel bad about their conduct, some people can’t seem to stop themselves from cheating. It’s a strange position, and you’d think that if they actually cared, they wouldn’t do this. Cheaters like this may also be dealing with emotional issues or mental health issues that force them to seek cheap thrills or satisfaction from unusual places. This is not an excuse for cheating, but it is something to consider.

Someone who is cheating on you and finds the act of concealment thrilling may not truly love you. If they truly love you, they aren’t demonstrating it by the actions they are taking. It’s not always simple to come to grips with adultery. Most relationships will fail if the cheating is driven by some form of thrill or arousal.

People have their unique sexual urges and requirements in general. If those requirements aren’t being addressed in their current relationship, it’s probable they’ll go for fulfillment elsewhere. However, you must exercise caution when approaching cheating from this perspective. It should never feel as though the one who has been cheated on is the one who is at fault, because their partner should have considered their needs before doing something so heinous.


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If you’re in a relationship where communication isn’t working, it’s conceivable that some details have gotten lost in the shuffle. Your lover can have wants that they haven’t been able to express properly to you. It could explain why they chose to cheat in this circumstance. Instead of expressing their wishes or needs with you, they found it easier to seek sex elsewhere.

This is a clear indication that your relationship isn’t where it should be. It also indicates that there were issues in your relationship prior to the infidelity. No matter what, some people will never be able to forgive infidelity. It’s entirely up to you if you try to meet your partner in the middle to work things out. If you truly love him, you might be able to finally talk about your sex life and what’s keeping things from moving forward.

It’s just as vital not to blame yourself for the infidelity. You couldn’t work on correcting something if you didn’t know what was wrong. Even if there were issues, if your spouse recognized they weren’t happy, they should have stopped the relationship. It’s up to you now to decide whether to work with them to strengthen your friendship or to move on.

Another option is that your partner suffers from a sex addiction of some kind. Sex addiction is a genuine problem that may destroy people’s life. People with these addictions find it difficult to stop seeking sex from others. They may even feel deeply ashamed, but they will feel obligated to seek out sex wherever it is available.

This is a horrible addiction to have, and it has the potential to ruin your relationship. It will not be easy to overcome a sex addiction. This is a complicated issue, similar to a drug addiction or an eating disorder. There are specific types of therapists who are trained to assist persons with sex addiction issues.

In order to help patients overcome sex addiction, therapists will need to work closely with them. This can take a variety of forms, and people may need to refrain from sexual intercourse for an extended length of time in order to “get it out of their system.” You should encourage your significant other to seek help if you feel they have a sex addiction. This may make their lives more challenging, and some people may even lose their jobs as a result of such issues.


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Sex addiction can manifest as a problem with compulsive masturbating or binge-watching pornography. People may seek sex from other sources as a result of such issues. It could possibly turn out to be a simple cure that has nothing to do with having sex with other people. It’s a complicated subject, and anyone suffering from a sex addiction of any kind should seek expert therapy.

When it comes to commitment, many people are frightened. Committing to others is not always easy, and some people perceive it as a loss of self-identity. It’s not unusual for people to experience “cold feet” before a wedding. Something like that could be the cause of your partner’s infidelity.

Many people are also incapable of maintaining monogamous partnerships. In the United States, monogamy is the most common type of relationship. People who don’t want to be tied down to just one lover are opting for polyamorous or open relationships. Even if someone is more interested in this type of lifestyle, cheating on someone you’re meant to love is not acceptable.

Finally, it’s possible that your boyfriend or husband simply committed a major blunder. Everyone has heard stories of people who got too intoxicated and did something they later regretted. This isn’t unusual, but it doesn’t make it any less harmful. When something like this happens, it’s usually a one-time occurrence for which they’ll apologize profusely.

People make errors, and it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to forgive them. Cheating may be extremely damaging to a relationship. Even if the person who did it was not in their right mind, you will almost certainly be severely harmed as a result of it. To get past this type of problem, you might want to explore couples counseling. It’s also a good idea to consider whether someone needs help with a drinking problem or a substance abuse problem.

Couples counseling may be a good option if you want to try to move forward in your relationship. After someone has cheated on you, this is an excellent method to work on mending your relationship. Working over unfaithful issues is difficult, but some couples are able to emerge stronger than ever before.


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Online therapy platforms, according to a growing body of research, can provide excellent couples counseling for persons suffering with a variety of relationship challenges, including infidelity. The usefulness of several different types of online couples counseling in aiding distressed couples was investigated in a large study conducted by the University of Miami. According to the paper, online therapy is a cost-effective and accessible type of treatment, owing to the lack of geographical restrictions, reduced overall expenses, and fewer logistical problems. According to the findings, online couples counseling can effectively address symptoms of individual mental health concerns while also improving overall relationship functioning and communication. These findings are consistent with the majority of research, which indicates that online therapy is a viable choice for those who are hesitant to seek treatment in a traditional setting.

“Dr. Harrell was there for me and helped me figure out what was causing my troubles and triggers. I’m a much better person now, and I feel like a whole different person. I’m chasing a dream that I never imagined I’d be able to realize. With a ray of hope, my wife and I are back on speaking terms. I honestly wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for her help.”

Infidelity in a relationship can lead to some really difficult times. If you think things can be fixed, counselling can help couples improve their communication. It’s possible to repair a broken relationship after adultery, but it’s also fine to go on. In any case, know that assistance is accessible if you require it.

Why do people cheat on people they love?

The desire for romantic love is what causes a person to focus all of their energy on one person.

The urge for safety with a long-term spouse who will raise children with them is known as the attachment drive.

“In short,” Fisher explains, “we’re capable of loving more than one person at a time.” It is for this reason, she continues, that people cheat. “You experience intense romantic love toward someone else and, at the same time, feel sexual desire toward another person because it is physiologically feasible to sense a deep bond to a long-term partner at the same time.”


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“We are biologically capable of ‘loving’ more than one person at a time,” Fisher said, advancing the idea.

There is an incredible amount of evidence that humans are capable of loving multiple people at the same time, which may easily lead to a sexual connection with multiple people.

A monogamous relationship isn’t for everyone, as evidenced by the growing popularity of polyamorous dating applications.

While this does not excuse adultery, science suggests that you can still love the person with whom you cheated. All of this isn’t going to make the agony go away.

At the very least, you now understand the scientific reasons why cheaters can be completely honest about their feelings for their partner even when they are cheating.

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