How To Steal Someones Boyfriend

What Is The Best Way To Steal Someone’s Girlfriend? (21 Slick Ways)

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How do you steal a man’s heart?

We don’t mind a romantic lie-in; it’s only that burning candles and putting flower petals on the covers doesn’t count. Why not surprise your man with some steamy circus sex moves…in costume? Okay, I gave it my all. In bed, you don’t have to be an acrobat, but you should mix things up now and then: Make a fantasy come true, study the Kama Sutra, and do something out of the ordinary. “I revealed to my fiancée and myself at a bookstore that the ol’ sexy librarian image does it for me,” Rudy, 24, admits. “The next day, she arrived at my house dressed for the occasion. ‘Do you need help finding your Longfellow?’ she asked, peering over her spectacles and pulling her bun out. I couldn’t get out of my underwear quick enough.”

It’s critical to form strong bonds with your family. That’s something we understand. But don’t let us suffer through every family occasion once we’re down with Dad. If you excuse your guy from going to a family gathering every now and then (no guilt trips), he’ll worship you for weeks. If you don’t, he’ll wind up like Mike, 27, who says, “Having monthly Sunday dinners with my girlfriend and her entire family has begun to make me feel resentful.” When all I want to do is be at home, splayed out on my own couch, I end myself talking politics with her uncle.”

The old adage “the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach” rings true. But, unlike you, we’re not expecting to be pampered at a posh restaurant with unpronounceable entrées. We don’t want to eat with you; we just want to eat with you. “It irritates me when a woman’s diet is so strict that she never deviates from her order of grilled chicken over salad,” Tom, 28, says. “There’s nothing cuter than a girl who throws caution to the wind once in a while and orders a cheeseburger.”

A little friendly competition gets the guys going. However, sparring with your man does not necessitate advanced athletic abilities. We’ll become hot and bothered if you challenge us to a game of bowling, cards, or even a video game. “Every time we went to a pub, my girlfriend would invite me to play darts with her,” Tony, 24, explains. “She’d make bets with me like the loser opening the winner’s car door for a week.” I was completely fueled by the challenge. It was like a game of cat and mouse.” A rematch is guaranteed for any babe who beats us.

How do you cheat in a relationship?

Some people believe it’s cheating if their partners do any of the following with persons who aren’t in their relationship:

While most people consider sexual intercourse to be the ultimate betrayal, other actions, while seemingly benign at first, aren’t that cut-and-dry. (Some may even believe that sex outside of a relationship is unimportant.) Whether infidelity takes the form of physical, emotional, or cyber-cheating is primarily determined by what each party has defined as destructive behavior in the relationship.

What do you call a girl who steals boyfriends?

“Man-stealer” is a term you may use that is generally understood. If you’re going to a party with your partner, keep an eye out for Donna, the man-stealer. The word “homewrecker” may be used if the man who is stolen is someone’s husband.

What is spouse poaching?

Although both genders engage in mate poaching, I will focus on female mate poachers because this is the most common type of mate poaching that couples therapy clients hear about.

In a 2004 study, 54 percent of the women said they “poached” their present boyfriend from a previous engagement.

Researchers in the United States and Australia are studying how these relationships start and how they differ from those created by previously unattached people.

Mate poaching behavior is of particular interest to evolutionary psychologists. Mate poaching is prevalent and may be found all around the world, according to research.


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In most countries and cultures, it is a prevalent interpersonal difficulty. According to evolutionary psychologist David Schmitt, who conducted a global survey of over 16,000 people, mate poaching affects as many as 10% to 15% of all committed partnerships.

Mate Poaching Has Always Been with Us to Some Degree

According to David M. Buss, another evolutionary psychologist, women have always competed for the attention of Alpha males. Mate poaching is a popular tactic. Women will aggressively compete for desirable men in societies where they are hard to get by via poaching.

Let go of all thoughts of sisterhood. Another explanation for the widespread use of mate poaching is that it is a generally safe approach for women with few risks. In mate poaching, men are directly exposed to violence. However, lethal force between female rivals is uncommon.

Mate Poaching Can be Dramatic, Risky, and Emotional

Stealing another person’s spouse is tough and risky (see Davies, Shackleford, and Hass, 2010; Schmitt and Buss, 2001). To begin with, the chances of being rejected are higher than normal, especially if the prospective partner is married or otherwise deeply devoted to their current relationship (Schmitt and Buss) (2001).

Mate poaching might inspire acts of vengeance by cuckolds defending their turf, or it can lead to social censure (Daly and Wilson, 1989). Even if they succeed in catching interest for a short period of time, they run the risk of being dumped. It’s no surprise that mate-poaching methods are cunning, sneaky, and discreet.

How Do Mate Poachers Operate?

Flirting, suggestive body language, or spying on the connection through a shared to probe for symptoms of vulnerability or unhappiness that might be exploited are examples of other approaches (Schmitt and Buss 2001).


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Mate poachers frequently attract attention by requesting assistance with a work-related topic. They then develop a platonic friendship with their targeted target over time.

Mate poachers are known for shifting the dialogue content over time. A popular approach for the office mate poacher is to ask progressively intimate and probing inquiries (Mogilski & Wade, 2013).

Many mate-poachers are already involved in a romantic engagement. They will mislead or deceive their spouse and act in unexpected ways to gain space to maneuver.

Mate poachers who are already in committed relationships, for example, may act even more passionately with their current partner to mask their efforts to poach another partner and escape suspicion, according to experts.

Mate Poachers and Permissive Environments

According to research, many mate poachers have a high level of the Dark Triad personality traits.

Machiavellian intelligence, narcissism, and psychopathy are all characteristics of Machiavellian intelligence (Jonason, Li, & Buss, 2010). Poachers with coworkers have intrinsically shaky personal relationships. They have a hard time keeping partners and are generally willing to be poached as well.


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We also know that Mate Poachers are seen to be more attractive than non-poachers (Sunderani, Arnocky, & Vaillancourt, 2013).

They frequently portray themselves in a stylish and alluring manner. This is understandable, given that their reproductive strategy is to persuade a high-value mate into a partnership. Some mate poachers are outright flirts, but the majority are more devious.

Mate Poachers and Their Hunting Grounds

According to Josephs (2016), adultery is impossible to achieve without a “permissive environment.” Coworkers who are willing to have sex with you despite the fact that you (or they) are in a committed relationship help to create a permissive environment.

The mate poacher can analyze the available inventory of seducible partners the longer people continue to work in co-ed situations. Individual treatment with mate poachers is difficult, according to Josephs (2016), since the drama of the high risk/high reward takes the therapist on a wild trip.

Mate poaching as a reproductive strategy has the dopamine high of snatching a highly desirable spouse on the cheap…or the dopamine crash of being the cast-off third wheel. This is the same cerebral reward-seeking pathway that is seen in problem gamblers, according to neuroscience (Joseph, 2016). Being a mate poacher can be addictive.

Mate Poachers in Therapy

Mate poachers frequently seek individual treatment when they believe the love tide is going against them, which is an interesting phenomena.

Mate poachers’ inability or unwillingness to accept defeat is a mystery of neurobiology.


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“Why would someone be committed to winning a fundamentally untrustworthy mate when honesty and trustworthiness are such favored, desirable attributes in a long-term partner?” researchers continue to wonder.

Mate Poacher and Moral Continuums

The mate poacher is always on the lookout for an attractive, but already taken, companion. They’re always on the lookout for a better deal. Perhaps a mate poacher is in a terrible relationship and uses a workplace departure affair to soften the pain.

In therapy, mate poachers can come with a moral continuum. It’s for this reason why therapists hire such continuums at their own risk.

Who can blame a woman in an abusive relationship for being drawn to her kind, steady, but unhappy married boss?

However, research reveals that a large number of mate poachers suffer from personality problems such as narcissism or Borderline Personality Disorder (Jonason, Li, & Buss, 2010).

Mate Poachers and Masculine Privilege

Successful men frequently believe that they are entitled to reap the benefits of their labor by exploiting the women who are smitten with them.


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The #MeToo movement, on the other hand, has ushered in a societal transformation. Employers are rethinking how they hire “Their workplace culture should be “permissive.”

CEOs who engage in even consensual partnerships with mate-poachers are being sacked.

The popular stereotype of the powerful guy and the trophy lady is congruent with research findings showing males are drawn to beauty and youth, while women are drawn to power and resources, throughout cultures and time. Unfortunately, research has confirmed the stereotype.

“These powerful men are enthralled by the prospect of seducing beauty queens who spurned them when they were young, awkward, and just starting their career. What they usually don’t realize or consider is that when they take the enormous step down from their lofty perch to engage in an unlawful sexual relationship, they become a prize in their own right.” Shirley Glass, Ph.D.

Mate Poaching and the HR Department

Clinical research on mate poaching would be beneficial to HR departments. In a business setting, the HR issue with mate poachers and their prey is the social chaos they cause.

Mate poachers are notorious for refusing to cut their losses when things get nasty. That’s why, while HR departments wring their hands pathetically on the sidelines, mate poachers have been known to serially harass and cyber-stalk their affair partner’s wives.

The concept of cultural blindness is fascinating. We’re in the midst of a period of revelation and disclosure. Sexual harassment training has become a cliché in HR departments. Men’s terrible behavior is on show like it’s never been before. The floodgates of rebuke have been opened.


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Many great men will perish under the weight of this cultural transformation. When consciousness expands, this can happen. That’s OK.

Hopefully, our consciousness will broaden again at some point to include the phenomenon of workplace mate poaching. HR departments are in desperate need of comprehensive training on how to build a family-friendly workplace culture with clear limits.

There is preventive, teachable evidence-based research thanks to the late Dr. Shirley Glass, which may easily inform an HR workplace initiative mate poaching prevention program.

The mate poacher does not generate a permissive atmosphere. Corporate and workplace culture also have an impact.

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