How To Stop Overthinking About My Boyfriend

Overthinking might lead you to draw incorrect assumptions and expect unfavorable outcomes. This can certainly lead to disputes with your partner, who may be irritated with being misunderstood nearly all of the time. Obsessing over minor details and events can have a negative impact on your attitude and self-esteem.

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What it’s like dating an Overthinker?

Relationships aren’t supposed to be flawless. They’re messy and emotional, but they’re always full of love. When you date someone, you thoroughly immerse yourself in their lives. While everyone is different, your partner may occasionally turn out to be an overthinker. Overthinking may appear to be a simple issue, but it is far from it. Overthinkers may not be the best date, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad people. A connection with them, on the other hand, is full of explosions. It’s tough to love someone who overthinks everything, but it’s much more difficult to love someone who does.

What triggers overthinking?

Stress and worry are the two main causes of overthinking. Aside from these fundamentals, self-esteem and self-doubt are two other common reasons of overthinking. Stress and worry are natural responses to dread, and social isolation has exacerbated the pandemic situation.

Is overthinking a mental illness?

Overthinking isn’t a medical term in and of itself, but research suggests that the tendency can have serious consequences for our health. Overthinking frequently entails lingering on the negative – reviewing the past, dwelling on negative experiences, or fretting about the future.

When we fixate on specific thoughts, says Ashley Carroll, a psychologist at Parkland Memorial Hospital, it can snowball into larger, more intense negative thinking. Overthinking, according to Carroll, becomes a problem when it begins to interfere with daily life.

“When it becomes harmful to our lives or really hinders our everyday functioning,” Carroll explained. “For example, if you have difficulties sleeping at night because you can’t turn these ideas off, that’s affecting your daily functioning.” “If it’s impacting your appetite, if you’re becoming isolated from other people because you’re so lost in your thoughts…”

Carroll believes that brooding on the worst-case situations and outcomes is a mistaken sort of self-defense.

“It can be a protection strategy for some people,” she explained. “‘So I’m going to immediately assume that everyone is untrustworthy, so I won’t get close to anyone and can protect myself.”

Carroll claims that overthinking might have a negative impact on one’s physical health. She noted that some of her patients who struggle with negative thoughts and anxiety also have headaches, physical aches, and stomach issues. Overthinking has also been linked to mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and borderline personality disorder.

Carroll recommends taking notice of what causes your overthinking as a first step in breaking the behavior. It could be the result of a prior event or a current source of stress in your life. Carroll adds that after you’ve identified your triggers, you may work on overcoming them.

“Whenever patients fall into that ruminating cycle,” she explains, “I always promote controlled breathing exercises.” “It assists them in refocusing their attention on their breathing and soothing their central nervous system. Then, like writing, they can express and analyze the things that are running through their heads. So any mindfulness activity in which you’re completely focused on the present now can protect you from thinking about the past or the future.”

Why you shouldn’t date an Overthinker?


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Overthinking things in a relationship can cause issues. An overthinker, for example, may read too much into a phone conversation or text message. When you get furious or irritated, they may fear the worst is about to happen. They may require frequent reassurance that you are not leaving.

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