How To Trick Your Boyfriend Into Admitting He Cheated

The ruse: tell him about your friend’s lover breaking up with her “simply because he cheated on her,” and express regret for the guy who was discarded.

Guy who is good: Says something ordinary, such as “But isn’t it possible that wasn’t the main reason they split up?”

So, you’re supposed to tell your guy that you don’t believe cheating is such a big deal? This tactic is particularly cruel, as he apparently proves himself to be a bad apple by agreeing with you on something.

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Why do cheaters never admit?

Infidelity is a very unpleasant issue that many couples face. Unfortunately, the desire to seek out another guy or woman is very prevalent. The side fling usually lasts a few weeks, although some relationships might last months or even years.

Regardless of how long the side relationships persist, they all have one thing in common: a victim and often irreversible relationship harm.

Some people wish to make things right with their relationship and confess in the hopes that they will be forgiven, while others want to forget it ever occurred in the hopes that their partner will never find out the truth.

Nobody likes to be lied to, but if you’ve been the victim of infidelity, here are seven reasons why your lover might have lied to you:

This is a ruse to avoid facing the unpleasant truth of what might happen if you confess. Coming clean does not make the guilt go away. When you see the agony in your partner’s eyes, it can be much more obvious.

If they’ve already broken up with their side lover, an unfaithful man or woman might wonder why they should disclose. They assume that keeping their partner in the dark won’t harm them. However, as time passes, the lies get greater, and you have to keep covering up old ones with new ones. It’s preferable to find out the truth sooner rather than later.

“You should have considered about your family before you deceived me,” adultery victims are likely to think.

“But don’t keep your affair hidden merely to save the relationship,” Dr. Mark White recommends, “since that isn’t fair to your partner and just serves to preserve a relationship with fractures that will inevitably spread.”


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You’ll have to confess anyway if you truly want to save your relationship. Even if you’re apprehensive about what might occur.

People have a tendency to “project,” which means they see only sadness when they are sad. They are better at focusing on the pleasant things around them if they are joyful. “My partner can’t bear to know the truth,” for example, is an excellent example of projection. So, in the end, they’re terrified of the truth, and they feel their spouse is as well.

It’s the equivalent of believing you can build a house without a foundation. It will last for a time, but the house will be demolished when storms strike. When you start harboring secrets from your partner, destruction is unavoidable.

You should do both of those things, but to truly make things right again, you must confess. Everyone who confesses is required to repay their obligation. You can’t just promise yourself that you’ll never do it again. These two things must be expressed to your spouse, not simply to yourself.

This is perhaps the most common reason cheaters keep the truth hidden. If you’ve ever broken one of your parents’ possessions, you’ll remember your gut tightening into a great knot of remorse. Thoughts of how to fix it, replace it, hide it, or blame it on someone else may have entered your mind, but only one option was correct: confess.

Without defending the unfaithful, my advise to them is to tell the truth with wisdom, balance, and the deep love they have for their relationship. They can repair their marriage and work together with their spouse to overcome the grief of the past with counseling and a true willingness to improve.

How cheaters hide their tracks?


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This is a subtle one, but when someone is cheating on you, they will go to any length to cover their tracks. This can include washing more frequently to remove any unpleasant odors, wearing a lot more cologne or perfume, or even purchasing a completely new scent. “If you notice somebody spending a little extra time on self-care and it’s not for you, it’s probably for someone else,” Wood said.

How do you act if you suspect cheating?

How can you tell if your boyfriend is being unfaithful? If you’re asking this question, you probably already suspect adultery or, at the very least, that something is wrong with your relationship. Of course, the indicators of cheating varies from relationship to relationship, but there are some similar threads to watch for. First and foremost, I’ll tell you this: If your instinct tells you that your partner is cheating, it’s possible that you’re correct.

However, before confronting your significant other about their actions, you may want to acquire additional evidence. The following are some common indications of infidelity to keep an eye out for:

Improved appearance.

If your significant other begins exercising and eating healthier all of a sudden, it could be an indication that they are attempting to appear more desirable to someone (possibly you, but possibly an affair partner). If Mr. Sweatpants-Are-Just-Fine-at-a-Party suddenly starts wearing slacks with matching socks and a trendy shirt, or Ms. I-Can’t-Help-It-If-I-Smell-Like-Our-Son’s-Poopy-Diapers suddenly starts smelling like Chanel No. 5, it might be a sign of an affair. The same goes for a new haircut and underwear, especially if your significant other appears to be the same around you but looks substantially better for work or certain social occasions.

Secretive phone or computer use.

Cheaters tend to use their phones and laptops more than they used to, and they guard them as if their life depended on it. It’s not a good sign if your partner’s phone and laptop never required a password before and suddenly do. It’s not a good indicator if your partner starts deleting texts and cleaning their internet history on a daily basis. It’s not a good indicator if your partner never gives up their phone, even if they take it into the bathroom with them when they shower. It’s also a problem if you ask to look at your partner’s phone and they refuse. What might possibly be there that they would wish to keep hidden, except from information about your surprise birthday?

Periods where your significant other is unreachable.

If your partner is cheating on you, he or she will be less likely to pick up the phone or react to your SMS. You might hear plausible reasons like they were in a meeting, driving, or in a “dead zone” and didn’t realize you were attempting to contact them. It’s a terrible indicator if your partner is unavailable while working late or on a business trip.

Significantly less, or more, or different sex in your relationship.


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Sexual activity levels in your relationship might be decreased or raised, which can be an indication of infidelity. Less sex occurs when your spouse is preoccupied with someone else; more sex occurs when they are attempting to conceal this. Another clue that you’re cheating is that the sex you’re having with your partner feels less emotionally linked. Another clue that your partner is adding new techniques and activities into your sex life is if your partner is introducing new techniques and activities into your sex life. Even if you appreciate it, it’s possible that they’re picking up new skills outside of your relationship.

What are some serious questions to ask your boyfriend?

  • Are you an introvert (those who get their energy from being alone) or an extrovert (those who get their energy from being in a group)?

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