How Well Do You Know Your Boyfriend

Take the quiz below and then tell your companion how well you did by reading the questions and your responses to them. Then, to test your partner’s understanding about you, ask them to answer the same questions. Any improperly answered queries should be viewed as chances for further discourse and relationship development.

(Please note that these questions are intended for couples who have been together for at least a year.) If your relationship is newer, you should lower your expectations.)

  • Did your partner have a nickname when he or she was a kid? What was it, exactly? Bonus question: Did they appreciate the moniker? Why?
  • Two of your partner’s grandparents should be mentioned. Can you name all of their grandparents as a bonus point?
  • What is something your partner is naturally talented at outside of their profession?
  • What is a personality trait that your partner despises in themselves and shares with a parent?
  • What kind of music does your partner appreciate in secret? What musical taste do they have that most people aren’t aware of?
  • Who has been a big beneficial influence on your partner’s professional progress and whom do they consider to be a mentor?
  • In terms of personality, does your partner regard themself to be more like their mother or father? What do you mean by that?
  • What kind of purchase is your partner thinking right now? What are the items on their wish list?

When you go over your answers with your spouse, keep in mind that your partner is the one who chooses whether you get a point for each response. Your partner may have many answers in mind for some topics, such as their favorite ice cream flavor, depending on their mood that day. However, we may know our spouses better than they know themselves at times. When you read over your responses, you might see that you remembered something they told you about their upbringing that they had forgotten about!

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How can I test my boyfriend over text?

While messages aren’t quite a window into your significant other’s soul, they can reveal a lot about what’s going on in his or her mind (or heart). Here are 16 signs that your boyfriend is falling in love with you… or has already fallen in love with you.

You find yourself talking to them constantly about anything and everything.

It makes no difference what the subject is. They follow up with you as if it were a commitment. Long texts, short texts, sweet texts, random texts, haphazard texts, and romantic texts are all included. You should be receiving a lot of communication on a regular basis. Because they like—no, love—you, they’ll want to keep talking to you.

What would be the absolute perfect day?

As a result, this is a good question because every man will have an answer. As a result, it’s an excellent discussion starter. You’ll also have a better understanding of his interests.

You’ll both have a lot more fun around one other if you can get into things that he enjoys (and vice versa).

What did you learn a little too late?

This is a detour question intended to elicit some of his regrets. What does he wish he could go back in time and do or learn? You’ll get a sense of where he wants to go in the future.

What are you too hard on yourself for?

This one will reveal to you what standards he holds himself to. Because if he holds himself to a high standard, it’s likely that he expects others to do the same.

Also, if he is harsh with himself on a regular basis, it indicates that he is more determined to succeed. If he isn’t harsh on himself about anything, he is either incredibly relaxed back or doesn’t care about improving himself.

If money was no object, where would you live?

This is an excellent question for determining how well you and your partner complement one other. It’s a positive indicator if you both desire to reside in the same neighborhood. But if he wants to live in the country in a cold climate and you want to live in a city in a hot climate, things aren’t looking good. It’s crucial to know if you intend to be together for a long time.

Who was the most toxic person you’ve known?


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We’ve all met folks who wreak havoc on the world around them. You can see what your partner deems the absolute worst in individuals.

Perhaps you both dislike the same characteristic of a person, or perhaps you don’t. In any case, you’ll discover what kinds of actions he despises.

What were the last two books that you read?

Is your lover a fan of books? With this inquiry, you can find out. It could be a problem if you’re a voracious reader and he isn’t (or vice versa). However, if you both read around the same amount, there’s probably nothing to be concerned about.

What habits do you have that annoy other people?

Those vexing behaviors. You’ll want to be aware of these facts about him. Because if you two ever decide to live together, those bothersome habits will quickly go from cute to annoying. We all have irritating habits, so feel free to share some of yours with him and let him know about them.

What makes you nervous?

Nervousness is a universal human characteristic. So, why don’t you find out what makes your guy feel uneasy? There’s a strong likelihood that speaking in front of a large gathering of people makes him uneasy, but if you can, urge him for more examples.

What makes you angrier than it should?

This is an extremely crucial question. You’ll want to know what irritates them so you can avoid it. You might want to find a new boyfriend if you can’t prevent making them furious. This also applies to you; if you find yourself becoming irritated with them frequently, you should probably reassess your relationship. In relationships, too much rage is harmful.

What movie was so sad that you will never watch it again?


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This is an excellent question for learning more about their emotional side. You can see what makes them choke. You might also check to determine if they’re actually that emotional.

It’s good to know in either case, since if they never cry watching a movie, don’t expect them to open up about their own feelings in the future.

What are the two biggest lessons you’ve learned from previous relationships?

Don’t be envious of this one. Yes, he has previously had partners. It’s also worthwhile to hear about those partnerships since you can learn a lot.

From his previous relationships, you might learn a lot about what he expects from you. You can also learn what to expect from him and how he reacts in difficult situations.

What gross and unhygienic things do people do that bothers you?

So, how sanitary and clean is your boyfriend? It’s better to find out sooner rather than later if you want to take your relationship to the next level.

Basically, if he has a huge list of disgusting things, he’s probably pretty clean. If he just shrugs and says, “I dunno,” you can bet he’s filthy.

What habit do you have that you think not many other people have?


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We all have peculiar habits; now is the time to discover some of his! Just remember not to pass too many judgments. You’re certain to have a few odd habits of your own.

What do most people overestimate or underestimate about you?

This question is more about how your partner sees himself than how other people see him. You can learn how your partner thinks the rest of the world sees him and how that differs from how he sees himself.

It’s a negative sign if he sounds a little insane. It’s probably a good sign if he sounds humble.

What is something you probably should do, but will never do?

This is a strange question that can provide a variety of responses. Because he is unlikely to have been asked this before, it makes for an unusual discussion starter. But whatever his response is, it’ll almost certainly be fascinating and instructive.

What was the best thing about how your parents raised you?

Family can be a difficult subject, yet learning about someone’s childhood can reveal a lot about them.

Just remember to let him speak for himself, avoid making assumptions, and never criticize family members. When you criticize someone’s family, they become enraged.

What should I ask my boyfriend when bored?

Mona Green, ELI-MP, a relationship expert, offers the following unexpected questions:


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1. If you were to make a film about your life, who would you want to direct it and who would you want to play you?

2. What’s a strange question you’ve always wanted to ask me but never got around to it?

3. When you were a kid, what did you anticipate being an adult would be like?

4. What do you think aliens would find most fascinating about you if they came to Earth? What can I say about myself? What about people? Why?

5. What was your grandmother’s best piece of advice to you?

6. What is anything you do that you think your 5-year-old self would find amusing?

What kind of music do you like listening to?

Did you realize that your musical preferences reveal a lot about your character? Adrian North, Ph.D., a music psychology expert, did a study with almost 36,000 people to see if music tastes can predict personality. A nice technique to identify mutual interests is to have a talk about your favorite style of music.

What’s your favorite drink?


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

I was born and raised in Belgium, a country known for its chocolate, waffles, and breweries. I also enjoy ordering a nice chilled beer with my friends when we go out. Belgian beers, notably Stella, Duvel, Lambic, and a variety of others. Check out Dave Jensen’s ‘A Guide to Belgian Beer Styles’ if you want to learn more about Belgian beers.

What are your favorite questions to ask a guy?

Do you have any recommendations for good questions to ask a person you like? Do you know how to strike up a conversation with someone you’ve just met and want to learn more about? If that’s the case, we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to provide a proposal in the section below. The finest questions will be included in the next version of this article.

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