What To Do When Your Husband Puts His Family First

In many cultures, marriage is seen as the start of a new life for a couple — it’s the point at which many people decide for good that they’re breaking away from the family they grew up with and starting their own. Married life is typically used as a yardstick for actual adulthood, however elastic that concept may be, and as a result, it’s frequently seen to be the appropriate time for a child to begin living independently from his or her parents.

Regardless of distance or ideallism, the in-laws are still only a phone call away; marriage is more than simply a relationship between two people; it is a meeting of two families. While it’s true that when we marry our spouse, we also marry our husband’s family, creating proper boundaries with our husband’s family is still an important component of developing a long-lasting marriage. Other people, such as the mother-in-law, father-in-law, or other family members, can cross those limits and intrude on the marriage if boundaries aren’t set.

When you feel insulted by his family, it might be difficult to feel that your husband isn’t standing up for you. A son’s love and care for his family is plainly a bad thing; yet, a husband’s strong relationship with his parents can not only nurture but also positively enlighten a marriage and ensure its durability. After all, if a man respects and treats his mother the same way, he is more likely to appreciate and treat his wife. Furthermore, there may be instances when a husband has choose his family over his wife – a variety of unforeseeable family emergencies can develop, requiring a son’s attention.

However, if the boundaries are shaky and a man’s wife is frequently not his top priority, it can be a major stumbling block in married life, especially if your husband is disrespectful. While it’s not always practical for a wife to expect her husband’s full attention, it may be especially devastating when she doesn’t feel like she’s receiving her due or that their relationship is on the verge of coming apart.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why some men prioritize their family over their marriage, and then talk about some healthy options and helpful hints for resolving the issue:

This is especially true for males who grew up with a close relationship with their parents. If you suspect that spending a lot of time with his family is causing a problem in your marriage, talk to your husband about it. If he wants to spend time with his family, you may accompany him when he comes to visit. You might even consider booking family vacations to spend time with your husband’s family so that you can develop your relationship with him while also strengthening your relationship with his family. Alternatively, you can determine when it is okay for him to spend time with his parents.

The “fighting with the in-laws” stereotype isn’t limited to comedy films; conflict between a wife and her mother-in-law, or with a husband’s family in general, isn’t unusual in married life. You may even feel as if you have dealt with law enforcement officials who are discourteous. These disagreements with your husband’s family are acceptable, resolvable, and not hostile, although in-laws can be overly controlling of a husband’s relationship at times. This can be true for small or large issues, and there may be serious arguments with your husband’s family concerning weddings, finances, child-rearing, and property ownership that are tense and divide interests.

Some men may choose to pacify their mothers in these situations in order to keep their heads down and avoid conflict. While this may feel like a betrayal at times, evaluate his point of view and decide whether he’s honestly rejecting your interests and point of view in a choice, or if he’s merely attempting to avoid hurting his family’s relationship. Intra-family conflicts can be delicate, and may necessitate some compromise in order to work with your husband’s family. However, he may be rejecting what’s best for your new household in order to please his parents and his family, which can be a recipe for an unhappy marriage with your husband, and may indicate that he needs to work on setting boundaries.

It’s only natural for a man to love his mother – after all, she was the first woman he ever loved. However, when a boy grows older, his relationship with his mother should mature as well, albeit this is not always the case. With strong attachment, parent-child boundaries are basically nonexistent for a kid who has an immature relationship with his mother — what we may call a mama’s boy. There are clues that your husband thinks his mother’s request is his order. He always agrees to run errands for his mother, take her to the shop, or have lunch with her. Other symptoms that your husband and your mother-in-law have an immature relationship include:

  • Has problems making judgments without his mother, and as a result, you may be expected to baby him.

For the first time in history, according to a Pew Research Center research, men aged 18 to 34 are more likely to live with a parent (35 percent) than with a spouse or partner (28 percent ). This extended living arrangement may reinforce his parents’ strong emotional connection and dependency tendencies, making it difficult for him to shift his attention from his parents to his spouse.

Considerably when they live in separate households, it might be difficult for some men to choose their wife above their parents, but having everyone under one roof makes it even more difficult, and raises the likelihood of him prioritizing his family. Problems may emerge if solid limits are not agreed upon and ingrained ahead of time, and if no emphasis is placed on some degree of independence from the family unit despite physical reliance.

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Here are a few pointers to assist you and your husband get through some of these issues:

Dating and long-term relationships, unlike being single, necessitate regular honesty and communication. The first step is to express your feelings openly to your husband. It’s critical that you speak with him about it. Also, inquire about his emotions, since he may be struggling to articulate his feelings of displaying his commitment to both his family and you. Assure him that you are not opposed to his family and that you do not wish to keep him apart from them. If necessary, reach a compromise, but keep healthy boundaries in mind.

Tell him you understand how much he loves his family and that he loves you as well. Make suggestions for how he could make you feel more valued, and be specific about what he can do to demonstrate that you are equally important to him. Leave the blame game out of it and focus on how you and your wife can best cope with the problem as a couple. Communicating with him in a deliberate and direct manner is a crucial first step in assisting him in shifting his priorities.

You became a team when you married. Recognizing this and working to strengthen your relationship on a daily basis can help you develop a foundation you can both rely on when in-laws and other family members get in the way. Never put your husband in the position of having to choose between you and his family. Instead, hash out your issues privately first, and then approach his family as a unit when problems emerge.

While it’s easy to despise your mother-in-law or be angry with your husband, remember that many of us still feel like our parents’ children and are lured to letting our parents to care for us as they did when we were younger — especially if they were overbearing. However, make it clear to your husband that relying so heavily and completely on his parents for comfort and direction can be unhealthy.

Because your in-laws treat your husband like a child, you could become angry. Inform him forcefully but kindly that he must inform his parents that he is grown enough to control his own life. Make it clear to him that he requires his own independence – not only for his own sake, but also for yours.

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Avoid pestering your husband about how you need him to spend more time with you or that you are more important to him than his mother or father. This will only harm him by diminishing his function as a husband and putting his parents down. These upset feelings could grow into resentment or rage, causing issues in your relationship. Remember that he’s not picking his family to hurt you; rather, he’s doing it because of long-standing relationships and behaviors that can be difficult to overcome.

Finally, your husband must make the decision to change. It is ultimately his decision to make you his first priority and to split away from his family. He must draw a line between his new family and his biological family. Be understanding and supportive of your husband as he learns these new skills.

There are instances when your husband should pay more attention to his parents, or when it is the most sensible decision to choose his family. These are times when his parents or relatives are ill, dying, or going through a terrible time in their lives. These are unusual circumstances that will necessitate your husband’s presence.

There’s a chance your husband will stick to his guns and insist that his family comes first. If this is the case, you should talk to him about why he treats you and his parents differently when it comes to the notion of family. Recognize that this is a complicated subject that demands sensitivity and compassion, and that obtaining help from a mental health expert, both individually and as a couple, can be quite beneficial. There could be unresolved issues that are a contributing cause, and a mental health specialist can help you figure out what they are. In addition, a mental health specialist can help you understand why your husband prioritizes his family above you.

Working with a professional can help you gain the skills you need to improve your communication and work through your problems as a family. They can also help you set effective boundaries, clarify your opinions to your husband, and avoid pointing fingers and exacerbating the problem. These methods could help you, your husband, and your in-laws strengthen your relationship.

“With his assistance, my husband and I have gained a great deal of clarity about each other’s actions and communication in a short period of time.”

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“Keith Welsh has been a wonderful experience for my hubby and me (LCSW). We had never felt completely connected with a counselor previously, but now we leave each session feeling at peace and with a plan to continue working on our goals, both together and separately. Instead of enabling us to vent and perpetuate the vicious cycle, he gives us tools and insights that allow us to take control of developing a stronger connection. We are grateful for his knowledge and concern!”

Be assured that you are not alone in this all-too-common occurrence. If you’re not sure what to do about your husband’s constant preference for his family over you, there are resources available to assist you. Speaking with a neutral professional can assist you in determining the most effective manner to communicate with him so that he hears and understands you. Start by taking the first step.

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Is a husband supposed to put his wife first?

It doesn’t mean you’ll miss every athletic event, never see your pals, or never work extra. It all begins with the heart. And the contents of your heart will be reflected in your acts and thoughts.

We treat or rank something as more important if it is a priority. Prioritizing your marriage is putting your spouse ahead of work, children, hobbies, birth family, and other commitments. It does not imply that we forsake our jobs, abandon our children, or refrain from doing the things we enjoy. It means that we make certain that our spouse understands that we value them above all of the other “wonderful” things.

Ask Before You Make Plans

Ask your partner for their ideas and opinions while making plans and decisions (especially ones that effect where you spend your time, money, and energy). This demonstrates that you don’t want to do anything that would harm your marriage or partner.

  • Inquire about the impact on the rest of the day. “Is there anything going on that will cause this to change?”
  • Recognize that declining the offer might be the best decision for your marriage.

Message Received: Inquiring shows your partner that he or she is important. Their feelings are important. It’s important to consider how your decisions or goals may effect them.

Pay Attention to Your Spouse’s Needs

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The needs of your husband or wife come first. That’s where you put your most effort. Recognize how easy it is to want to help everyone else and believe that your spouse can handle everything on their own.

It’s almost time for your kids to go to bed. They’re fussy, whiny, and a pain to deal with. You’re on the phone with a friend, having a deep, profound talk.

“I know this is important, but it’s bedtime, and I need to pitch in and help get these kids down,” tell your friend. “Give me a call back.”

You have your spouse’s back, you’ve sent a message. Despite the fact that your friend was dealing with a critical situation, your mate was as well. You’ve simply shown where your priorities are. Jumping in to solve everyone’s problems and only supporting your spouse when it’s convenient demonstrates that they aren’t a priority. We want our spouse to be the first, not the last, person we assist.

Consider the Impact on Your Spouse

It’s no longer simply about you after you’ve married. Significant changes have an impact on both of you. Inform your partner about the changes and allow them to plan for how they may be affected.

For example, a large project will demand you to spend long hours and expend a great deal of mental energy.

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From the moment you realize this is going to be a lengthy project, tackle it straight on. Inform your partner about the potential for overtime and stress. “I don’t want you to feel ignored,” you might say. We can make up for lost time as soon as it’s finished, if you get what I mean.”

Message sent: You’ve thought about your spouse’s reaction and displayed some vulnerability. You’ve acknowledged what you’ll lose and expressed a wish to reclaim it since you’d rather spend time with your spouse than work those extra hours.

Seasons are different for couples. You may experience periods of intense work and overactive children in which you feel like taxicabs. Taking care of ailing family members might eat up a lot of time.

The desire to see your spouse happy, at ease, and connected is the starting point for putting your spouse first.

Surprisingly, studies reveal that prioritizing your spouse provides the protection, comfort, and stability that children require to thrive. When spouses prioritize each other, it creates the foundation for a wonderful relationship in which each partner feels loved, supported, and secure.

Who comes first in a man’s life mom or wife?

According to the Bible, a man abandons his mother and father and devotes himself to his own bride. A new trip begins at the altar, and the wife is the key woman on this new journey. The concept of leaving one’s parents implies that parental influence is no longer as strong as it once was. There is a newer influence on the horizon, and it is the wife’s.

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As a result, the issue arises: which is more important: what happened in the past or what is happening now? After all, a guy is responsible for his personal family, which consists of himself, his wife, and his children.

In a previous life, it was his father who was responsible for his mother, not him. In cases where the father was not there, the mother was in charge.

This changed, however, when the man moved into – and created – another family, giving up some of his rights in the first. This current woman, his wife, may be the mother of his children. She is the primary woman in charge of the man’s affairs.

Is there a need for any further justifications to demonstrate her relevance in the marriage? The new adventure begins and ends with this new woman, the wife who must ascend to the marriage’s throne. She must now be the queen – not the man’s mother – in his life.

How do you know you’re not his priority?

If you feel like you’re giving too much without receiving anything in return, you’re probably not your partner’s top priority. It’s usually preferable to talk to your partner up front if you’re feeling neglected or de-prioritized in your relationship.

How do you prioritize your spouse?

1. Consider the future. Imagine yourself at 65 years old, vibrant and full of life. What do you think you see? What would you like to be doing if you had your choice? What aspects of your life will be most significant long after you’ve left your current company or they’ve downsized? What will be left in your house after your children have gone out and started their own families? If, like me, your vision of the future includes kicking back with a nice glass of lemonade and laughing with your husband, now is the moment to start making that vision a reality. What you construct today will be the home you inhabit in in 20, 30, or 60 years.

2. Make time for a person who shares your interests.

They’re referred to as accountability partners by some.

Others simply refer to them as pleasant company.

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Find at least one person who shares your desire in life so you can work toward those healthy objectives together, whatever you call them.

When you start to stray from the plan you created to build a happy and loving marriage that will last well into your retirement years, your friend will be there to assist you get back on track.

We might easily lose concentration when there is so much going on around us.

So keep a positive friend nearby who sees life the way you do and will inspire you to conduct your life in accordance with your stated priorities.

3. Ask your partner what prioritizing your marriage means to them.

To your partner, say something like this: “Every day of my life, I want to put you and our marriage first.

“How does that appear to you?”

If you ask that question, you might get some fascinating answers.

What you think it means to prioritize your spouse could be very different from how they see it.

These types of questions can be humiliating because they typically reveal that you know less about your spouse’s desires than you believed.

These humiliating experiences, however, are also extremely rewarding.

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Remember that you and your spouse are always changing and evolving, so asking questions like this keeps you informed about how they are feeling at this point in their lives.

4. Schedule time to develop a daily ritual.

I know I’ve been harping on this for the past year, but how could I not?

I’d be stupid not to bring it up as often as possible after interviewing so many couples who have been happily married for more than a quarter-century and discovering they all have something in common.

Each day has 1,440 minutes, and dedicating 40 minutes to a daily ritual will be one of the most effective uses of your time throughout the day.

5. Schedule your meetings as if they were a million-dollar meeting.

“We frequently say things like, “Sorry, we can’t join you for that because we already have something on our agenda.”

And it’s completely accurate.

There’s a note on our calendar that says “Us time.”

This is something I learned from a couple I interviewed in Australia last year.

They’ve had it for decades “Every Wednesday, they have “Date Night” on their calendar.

They instantly respond to demands to go somewhere or do something else at that moment by saying, “We are unable to do so.

“We’re fully booked.”

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Would you ever consider canceling a meeting with a million-dollar business concept and an investor who could help you make it a reality?

This is how you should approach your time with your partner.

Nothing short of a catastrophic emergency should lead you to cancel it once it’s on the calendar.

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN: What additional easy ways have you discovered that help you prioritize your marriage despite a hectic schedule?

Why should a man put his wife first?

Giuliana Rancic, an E! reporter, says the secret to her happy marriage is putting her spouse first and the baby second. I completely agree. As you might expect, a nuclear meltdown occurred online as mothers who prioritized their children came under fire. I was invited to defend Giuliana on Good Morning America.

If you watch the video, you’ll see two female bloggers who basically state that their children always come first and then chuckle about where their husbands fall on the list…. “If you asked me what caused the breakdown, I’d say my children, then my girlfriends, and last my husband.” But don’t inform him because he isn’t aware of it.” Then they burst out laughing, as if it’s all a great joke.

Marriage isn’t a joke. It’s something we work hard at and are tremendously proud of. I want it to last a lifetime, which is why I treat it accordingly.

I’m sure her husband’s breakdown is the same: my children, girlfriends, and then my wife….but don’t tell her since she’s too preoccupied with her children, friends, and self. Marriage isn’t a laughingstock. It’s a horrible, sad affair if you put your spouse last. Chris, my spouse, and I have been married for 19 years. Like you, the complexities of maintaining a family, managing careers, and caring for our three children and a dog fill our life. Our lives, like yours, are incredibly hectic. We adore our children, just as you do. Everything we’ve built together is built on the foundation of our marriage. This isn’t a prank. It’s something we put a lot of effort into and are quite proud of. Because I want it to endure a lifetime, I treat it as such. If you think about it, that’s exactly how it should be. You should prioritize your marriage:

  • The healthiest gift you can give your children is a strong marriage. Even after all these years, your children will feel safe and loved when they see two parents who work as a team, show interest in one another, make an effort, express both respect and affection, and act as one another’s favorite.
  • Your marriage will survive a lifetime if you prioritize your partner. Give your marriage the care and work it deserves if you want it to endure a lifetime. Your children will only be with you for two decades. Putting your marriage on autopilot for 20 years while you focus on your children is the equivalent of falling asleep at the wheel—dangerous. it’s Your spouse is the one who is left when your children leave. They’d be stupid to stay with you if you’ve made them your last priority (and think it’s hilarious).
  • Spouses are partners and lovers, not roommates. When your children become the focus of your existence, your wifely duties are put on hold. You gradually begin to resemble a cab driver, a lunch packer, and a homework checker. You and your partner get so preoccupied with things other than each other that you drift apart. You initially feel quite busy, but after a while, you begin to feel like roommates. You get into a pattern, thinking it’s just a phase. It is a phase, and you are correct: it is the beginning of the end. The kids are suddenly gone, and you can’t remember why you married in the first place.
  • You don’t want your children to be obnoxious: When you make your children the focus of your universe, they grow up to believe they are the center of the universe as well.
  • Do you not want your children to grow up and marry someone who prioritizes them? You do, of course! It’s also your responsibility to show them what it looks like. First and foremost, show them your marriage.

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It’s actually quite simple to prioritize your marriage. All you have to do now is think of tiny ways to make your partner feel special. You already do this to your dog; all you have to do now is apply the following philosophy: Treat your spouse like a dog, only better: greet them at the door, always be happy to see them (wag your tail), take daily walks, reward good behavior several times a day with a treat, show lots of physical affection every day (pet the dog), and don’t hold grudges (you wouldn’t punish a dog for weeks on end for pooping once in the house…so don’t be mad at your spouse for something they said last week).

  • Every Sunday, as a family, plan the week to keep logistics to a minimum. Your family should be managed as if it were a team, with you and your spouse as the key players. It’s what a friend of mine refers to as “driving the ship”—the whole family may be on the same cruise ship, but you and your spouse are in charge.

When you think about it, it’s very basic stuff. To be honest, it’s all about your concentration. Life is hectic. We are overwhelmed by technology. When you have kids, dogs, work, girlfriends, and other responsibilities, you have to prioritize since you can’t do everything. The first step is to declare your spouse to be your top priority; after that, it’s quite straightforward. In June, my parents will celebrate 45 years of marriage. When my father would get home, he’d hug mom first, and the dog would start barking at their embrace because he was jealous.

We’d have to wait until he got home from work, no matter how late it was, to have dinner. I realized from a young age that we weren’t waiting because they wanted us all to be together; we were waiting because they wanted to be together. I also recall him telling her every day that he loved her and kissing her before he left for work. They modeled the kind of marriage I wished for. I aspired to be the most important person in my husband’s life, and the other way around. I was never without affection; on the contrary, I was encircled by it. My father adored me, but I knew he loved my mother even more. That is, after all, how it should be.

Note from the editor: This article was first published in March 2013 and has been revised for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

Who comes first partner or child?

As it turns out, the majority of Circle of Moms members believe that your partner should take precedence over your children. “Children find comfort and security in their parents’ excellent relationship,” says “Good Day!” a member. As a result, that connection must be cultivated.

Brenda B. agrees, stating that she prioritizes her marriage over her three children. As a result, she sends her kids to bed at 8 p.m. so that she and her husband may spend quality time together. “Even if it was simply watching a movie together after the kids went to bed,” she says, “we have managed to keep one date a week.” “The benefit: Our children are aware that their parents are in love with one another, and as a result, they are aware that they are loved as well!”

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Joanna L., on the other hand, chooses 7 p.m. as the moment when she switches her focus from her children to her husband. “Obviously, some nights that just don’t work out, but for the most part, that works for us.”

Olwen, on the other hand, claims that she makes no compromises with her spouse for her daughter. “We believe that our daughter would suffer in the long term if we don’t have a strong and connected relationship,” she says. “She doesn’t fit into our lives; we don’t fit into hers.”

When in-laws affect your marriage?

Since their first wedding in 1986, researchers have monitored 373 couples. On a scale of one to four, both the husband and wife in each relationship evaluated how close they felt to their in-laws. Researchers followed the couples over time and gathered information, including whether they stayed together. The probability of divorce was 20 percent higher in marriages where the wife had a close relationship with her in-laws than in marriages where the wife did not have a close relationship. In contrast, marriages in which the husband reported a close relationship with his in-laws had a 20% reduced chance of divorce than marriages in which the husband reported a distant relationship.

The differences in gender come down to how men and women approach relationships differently, according to Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., principal researcher and author of Finding Love Again: 6 Simple Steps to a New and Happy Relationship. “When a wife notices her husband making an effort to interact with her family, she perceives it as a sign of love—attempting he’s to get close to them because it’s important to her,” Orbuch adds.

When spouses spend time with their husbands’ parents, though, the results aren’t necessarily the same. “If a woman spends a lot of time working on her in-laws’ relationship, she may find it difficult to set emotional boundaries,” adds Orbuch. “When you get too close to your in-laws, it’s easy to misinterpret what they say as interference or interfering.”

Do you want to give your relationship a fighting chance? The objective is to establish sound limits. These guidelines will assist you in laying a solid foundation:

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Before you start, draw the lines (with your spouse). According to Andrea Syrtash, author of Cheat On Your Husband, “everyone has a different idea of what is normal in terms of the parent-child connection” (With Your Husband). So talk to your partner about what makes you uncomfortable and how much interaction with his family you’d like. And, as Syrtash points out, the rules may be different for each set of parents. Your husband could wish to offer his father a spare key to your home so he can pay you a visit “Assist” with chores However, you might prefer to live three states away from your parents, seeing them only on special occasions. You and your parents are unlikely to agree on the role you want them to play, but at the very least, you’ll know where the other person stands. He’ll also be better able to help you police those limits if he knows what you’re comfortable with.

Allow him to do the grunt work. If you have a problem with his parents, ask your husband to take care of it first. This method has two advantages: It ensures that he, not you, is the primary guardian of your relationship with them, and it also helps you prevent unneeded additional tension due to misunderstandings—after all, he is the one who knows them best, according to Syrtash. To catch his attention, frame your issue so that you’re asking for his assistance rather than condemning his people (for example: “I want to be close to your parents, but I sometimes get the impression that they don’t get me.”) “As long as your spouse understands that you want to mend your relationship, he’ll be more willing to assist you in getting things back on track,” she says.

Never speak ill of him in front of his family. Orbuch advises against discussing your marriage with your in-laws. Avoid discussing problems between you and their son, as this may open up a line of dialogue (either critical or positive) “It is not suitable to use the phrase “useful” in this context. If one of them baits you, Syrtash suggests making a joke to deflect the statement. If his father says something to the effect that your spouse doesn’t know how to raise children, you can respond with a playful remark like, “One of the reasons I admire him is that he is a huge kid himself! We’re all gaining knowledge.” If you need to get something off your chest, talk to your buddies.

Prepare your responses in advance Prepare responses to your in-laws’ usual jokes in advance of seeing them if they routinely say hurtful things or make you feel as if they’re interfering with or judging your lifestyle. “Instead of becoming defensive, respond with a brief answer and move on to another topic or another person at the table,” Syrtash advises. “If that’s not possible, please excuse yourself gently.” Recognize that some people will simply try to push your buttons, and it’s up to you whether you choose to respond. The more you answer, the more immersed you’ll become—and sometimes it’s best to just say no.

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Who has more rights wife or mother?

In reality, a Parent-Child connection is made up of a unique mix of love, feelings, and expectations for each parent and child. They are concerned with the growth of the child. However, after marriage, the wife assumes this responsibility and assists and respects the parents. After marriage, the lady distributes her love and affection around the house to create a harmonious environment. As a result, there is no doubt about who has more rights.

What destroys a marriage?

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This is by far the most harmful energy a person can bring to a marriage, and it certainly involves physical and sexual abuse or violence. Domestic violence can also include verbal and emotional abuse, even if there is no physical contact. This is something that is often overlooked.

It is never ethical to use power and control to impose one’s will on another individual. There might be a pattern of one partner using anger, intimidation, criticism, and threatening words or conduct to control the other partner in abusive marriages where there has never been physical violence. Belittling, insulting, and criticizing one’s spouse are examples of this.

Partners who are verbally and emotionally abusive will frequently distort and manipulate their spouse’s words, blaming them for their bad behavior. Abusive persons are rarely capable of accepting responsibility for their actions, and as a result, they rarely make long-term and significant changes.

Partners of verbally or emotionally abusive persons may feel blamed for everything, are perplexed, and fearful of speaking up or leaving the relationship. If any of these characteristics are present in a relationship, the abused partner should get help as soon as feasible.

While couples counseling can be beneficial for many couples, it is not initially suggested in marriages including any sort of abuse and may even create more harm than good. Individual counseling can help abusers’ wives get and stay safe, as well as begin to reclaim their lives.

While there are numerous reasons why marriages collapse, these characteristics, such as a lack of intimacy and honesty, undervaluing our relationships, and abusing power and control, are typically damaging to our relationships. By being aware of and guarding against these characteristics, we can help our marriages grow deeper and stronger, as well as fail-proof our most important relationships.

How To Capture His Heart And Make Him Fall For You

Here’s what we’ve realized after so many years of experience as dating coaches:

It’s really easy to make men fall for you once you know the “cheat code”.

See, most women don’t really know how men think, and why they act the way they do…

In fact, they go through their whole life never meeting the perfect guy who treats them right.

Don’t let this be you!

We’ve taught thousands of girls around the world the special “cheat code” to a man’s heart.

Once you learn the truth about how the male mind works, you can make any man fall in love with you.

Here’s how it works:

There are special tricks you can use to target the “emotional triggers” inside his mind.

If you use them the right way, he will start to feel a deep desire for you, and forget about any other woman in his life…

The best part? These techniques are based on psychology, so they work on any man, no matter how old you are or what you look like.

To learn about these simple techniques, check out this free eBook NOW:


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

As women, we understand how you feel.

But no matter what other people say, always remember:

You are an AMAZING woman…

And you deserve an amazing man who loves you, respects you and treats you special.

So start using these special techniques today, and see how quickly men fall in love with you immediately!


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

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