What Will My Future Husband Look Like? What You Need To Know

As little girls, we often dream of our future husbands – what they will look like, how they will treat us, and if we will live happily ever after.

But as we grow older and start dating, we realize that finding the “perfect” man is not as easy as we once thought. We may date a variety of men with different qualities, but none seem to fit the image we had in our minds.

The truth is, the idea of a perfect husband may not exist at all. So what can we expect from our future partners?

In this article, we’ll explore what traits and characteristics may make up the ideal husband and what to keep in mind when searching for that special someone.

What Will My Future Husband Look Like?

When it comes to physical appearance, everyone has their own preferences. However, there are some general traits that many women find attractive in a partner.

For starters, a future husband may have a relatively athletic build and be energetic and active. He may have bright eyes and a roundish face, with a height that is not too tall or too short.

Of course, physical appearance is just one aspect of a person. It’s important to also consider personality traits and values when looking for a partner.

The Myth Of The Perfect Husband

Many people hold onto the idea of finding the “perfect” husband, but this can be a dangerous myth to believe in. No one is perfect, and it’s important to recognize that flaws and imperfections are a natural part of being human.

Instead of searching for someone who checks all the boxes and fits into a predetermined mold, it’s more helpful to focus on finding someone who aligns with your values and complements your personality. This may mean compromising on certain physical traits or letting go of unrealistic expectations.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that a successful and fulfilling marriage requires effort from both partners. No one person can be solely responsible for making a relationship work, and it’s important to communicate openly and work through challenges together.

In the end, the idea of a “perfect” husband is just that – an idea. It’s important to approach relationships with an open mind and realistic expectations, focusing on finding someone who makes you happy and supports your goals and aspirations.

Traits To Look For In A Future Partner


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When searching for a future partner, there are certain traits that can make for a strong and healthy relationship. One important trait is honesty. A partner who is honest and transparent can build trust and create a foundation for a lasting relationship. Look for someone who is open about their thoughts and feelings, and who is willing to have difficult conversations.

Another trait to look for is someone who supports your passions and dreams. A partner who encourages you to pursue your goals and believes in your abilities can be a great source of motivation and inspiration. They should be willing to help you achieve your dreams and be there for you through the ups and downs.

It’s also important to find someone who respects you as an equal partner. A future husband should value your opinions and input, and should be willing to make decisions together as a team. Look for someone who is not controlling or possessive, but rather trusts and supports you.

Compassion and kindness are also important qualities in a future partner. Someone who is able to empathize with others and show kindness can create a loving and supportive environment in the relationship. Additionally, having a sense of humor can help bring levity to difficult situations and create moments of joy and connection.

Finally, it’s important to find someone who values your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. A partner who respects your boundaries, supports your self-care practices, and prioritizes your health can create a safe and nurturing environment for the relationship to thrive.

Remember that everyone has different preferences when it comes to what they look for in a partner. However, by seeking out these traits in a future husband, you can increase the likelihood of finding a loving, supportive, and fulfilling relationship.

The Importance Of Shared Values And Goals


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While physical attraction is important, a successful and fulfilling relationship goes beyond just looks. It’s essential to share similar values and goals with your future husband. When partners have compatible core values, it leads to more peaceful conflict resolution, efficient communication, and a stronger connection overall.

Having shared values in a relationship means that both partners have a clear understanding of what matters most to them. This shared understanding makes decision-making easier and reduces the need for negotiation. For instance, when partners share the value of financial responsibility, they can work together towards their financial goals without any conflicts.

Furthermore, having similar goals in life ensures that both partners are working towards the same future. This makes it easier to support each other’s dreams and aspirations. When partners share the same values and goals, they can achieve a higher level of satisfaction in their relationship. Studies confirm that partners with similar communication values are more attracted to each other and are more satisfied with their relationship.

It’s important to note that differences in values can lead to conflicts and require more effort to resolve. For instance, if one partner values solitude while the other values companionship, it can lead to feelings of exclusion and lack of intimacy. Therefore, it’s crucial to identify your core relationship values early on in your relationship.

Physical Appearance Vs. Inner Qualities

While physical appearance is important, it’s not everything. In fact, when it comes to getting married, women are looking for more substantial qualities in their future husband that will lead to a solid and long-lasting marriage.

Inner qualities such as honesty and a good sense of humor are highly valued. Trust is essential in any relationship, and honesty is a key component of trust. A future husband who is honest and genuine will be attractive to many women.


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A good sense of humor is also important, as it can be a sign of honesty and authenticity. A person who can laugh at themselves and find joy in life’s moments is someone who is likely to be a positive influence in a relationship.

Other important inner qualities include kindness, empathy, and emotional intelligence. A future husband who is kind and compassionate towards others, who can empathize with their partner’s feelings, and who has the ability to communicate effectively will make for a strong and healthy relationship.

Ultimately, while physical appearance may catch someone’s eye initially, it’s the inner qualities that will determine the success of a relationship in the long run. A future husband who possesses honesty, humor, kindness, empathy, and emotional intelligence will not only be attractive but also make for a fulfilling and happy marriage.

Communication And Emotional Intelligence In A Relationship

When it comes to building a successful and fulfilling relationship, communication and emotional intelligence are key. A partner who lacks emotional intelligence may struggle to accept influence from their significant other, which can result in gridlock and a lack of progress in the relationship. On the other hand, an emotionally intelligent partner is interested in their partner’s emotions and respects their perspective. They actively listen to their partner, validate their feelings, and express empathy.

An emotionally intelligent partner also prioritizes their relationship over their own individual needs, showing solidarity with their significant other. They understand their partner’s inner world and communicate respect by turning towards them. This level of emotional intelligence can lead to a stronger relationship, a more fulfilling sex life, and overall greater happiness.

In addition to benefiting the relationship, emotional intelligence can also make someone a more supportive and empathetic parent. It allows for the expression and identification of emotions, which can be modeled for children. The Emotion Coaching parenting program is based on the power of emotional intelligence, which can benefit everyone.


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Great communication in a relationship involves talking freely and openly, feeling safe sharing private thoughts, and verbalizing concerns and positive thoughts with tact. Both partners listen attentively and try to understand each other’s perspective with sympathy rather than looking for what’s wrong or dismissing what they hear. After talking, both partners should feel good about the conversation and feel like their concerns have been considered.

When seeking a future husband, it’s important to look for someone who values communication and emotional intelligence in a relationship. This will lead to a stronger and more fulfilling partnership for both individuals involved.

Understanding And Accepting Imperfections In Your Partner

While physical appearance is important, it’s equally important to understand and accept imperfections in your partner. No one is perfect, and it’s unrealistic to expect your future husband to be flawless.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new relationship and focus only on the positive aspects of your partner. However, over time, you’ll start to notice flaws and imperfections. It’s important to remember that these flaws are just a different manifestation of the same energy that you love in your partner. Once you recognize this, it becomes easier to accept and appreciate these imperfections.

Additionally, it’s important to reevaluate the seriousness of your partner’s flaws. It’s easy to get caught up in small annoyances or quirks, but it’s important to differentiate between minor issues and serious red flags.

Another aspect of accepting imperfections is understanding that everyone has their own struggles and challenges. Your future husband may have his own insecurities or past traumas that affect his behavior or attitudes. It’s important to approach these issues with empathy and understanding, rather than judgment or criticism.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Ultimately, accepting imperfections in your partner is essential for a strong and healthy relationship. It allows you to appreciate your partner for who they are, flaws and all, and build a strong foundation based on mutual understanding and acceptance.