Why Do I Fall Asleep So Easily With My Boyfriend

You know how youngsters who are terrified of the dark like to sleep next to their parents? This is due to the fact that they feel safe with them. Sleeping next to someone helps you feel protected, which lowers your risk of nightmares. Hugging someone while sleeping increases our sleep quality. When you sleep with your lover, you will feel much more tranquil and pleasant than when you sleep alone.

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It makes you happier

Do you need a bit more joy in your life? Then sleep with the person you care about! Sharing a bed with someone you adore on a regular basis makes you happier because it releases dopamine (the chemical that makes you feel good) and serotonin (the “happy chemical”) in the body, which enhances your mood and makes you giggle.

Touching someone releases dopamine and serotonin, which can then be turned into melatonin by the body, according to an article in Women’s Health Magazine. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates sleep and wake cycles. You’ll sleep more quickly and wake up happier.

Do you fall asleep easier next to someone you love?

Perhaps it’s the oxytocin high. Perhaps it’s an evolutionary feature resulting from our forefathers sharing sleeping quarters as a safety precaution when in the vulnerable condition of sleep. Whatever the science or biology behind it, studies shows that sharing a bed with a loved one makes people feel better about their sleep.

When people are briefly separated from their bed companion – for example, due to work travel – a study from the University of Utah found an increase in reported sleep troubles. There was a significant decrease in reported sleep issues when a couple was reunited after a separation.

Women in stable, long-term partnerships slept better than single women or women who experienced a change in their sleeping arrangement, either losing or gaining a new sleeping companion, according to a multiyear study done by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Why do couples get sleepy when together?

“REM sleep is a type of sleep in which the body’s natural capacity to regulate temperature is decreased. As a result, the presence of a partner may aid in the regulation of one’s own body temperature “he stated

Another reason is that it is reassuring psychologically. Because REM sleep is aided by relaxing and comfortable situations, sleeping with another person may help to establish a sense of security.

The data were examined by Jessy Warner-Cohen, a senior psychologist at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, N.Y.

“This research emphasizes the importance of social support in improving sleep quality,” she stated. “It has been discovered that sleeping alongside one’s spouse, particularly in deeper quality relationships, results in better quality sleep.”

Drews believes that sleeping in the same bed might assist elderly couples in happy relationships. Couples with bad relationships, particularly those in which one partner feels threatened by the other, are unlikely to benefit from the extra sleep. In the future, the researchers plan to conduct a larger, more diverse study.

What does it mean when you get sleepy around someone?


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Compassion fatigue is a type of stress characterized by “physical and emotional exhaustion” caused by “caring for someone in considerable emotional or physical anguish.” Compassion fatigue is characterized by a lack of empathy or disinterest for the individual for whom they are caring.

Why do I sleep better with someone else?

The findings back with a Wall Street Journal analysis from 2012 that showed co-sleeping was good for couples’ mental health.

‘Sharing a bed may also lower cytokines, which are involved in inflammation, and increase oxytocin, the so-called love hormone, which is produced in the same area of the brain that controls the sleep-wake cycle,’ according to the WSJ.

Can a man sleep with a woman without developing feelings?

Men have the ability to compartmentalize and see sex as more of a want act without emotion. Men who sleep with women they’ve friend-zoned do it “without attachment,” according to Bose, because they can enjoy the sex act without being emotionally attached all of the time.

What sleep positions say about relationship?

Sleeping couples who sleep back-to-back without touching are “attached and safe in themselves,” according to relationship psychotherapist Corrine Sweet. In (their) relationship, this pose demonstrates both closeness and independence.”

Is it better to sleep alone or with a partner?

  • Researchers believe that sleeping together improves REM sleep, which reduces emotional stress and improves interpersonal relationships.
  • And REM is only one aspect of a restful night’s sleep. Simple actions can help everyone sleep better.

According to a new study, couples who share beds have enhanced measures for better sleep. However, as someone who is currently and happily sleep divorced, I’m not certain that the findings are applicable to all marriages.


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Henning Johannes Drews, a researcher at the Center for Integrative Psychiatry and professor at Christian-Albrechts University Kiel’s department of psychiatry and psychotherapy, evaluated 12 heterosexual couples who spent four nights in a sleep lab.

He used technologies to collect brain waves, movements, muscle tension, and heart activity as the individuals slept together and apart. In addition, the couples filled out questions regarding their relationships.

Couples who slept side-by-side had more and less interrupted rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep than couples who slept apart, according to Drews’ research. Memory organization, mood regulation, creative problem solving, and social connections have all been linked to this beneficial stage of sleep.

In addition, the higher people rated their relationships, the more couples slept side by side in sync.

However, you don’t need a mate to have a decent night’s sleep. Drews believes that certain people, regardless of their relationship situation, are better suited sleeping alone.

“There’s nothing stopping you from sharing a bed with your significant other. It could even be beneficial to your health,” he continued.


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“If your companion makes it difficult for you to fall asleep or interrupts your sleep, and you feel much more calm sleeping alone, then is definitely the greatest sleeping arrangement,” Drews said.

Should couples sleep together every night?

This post is part of TED’s “How to Be a Better Human” series, which includes a variety of blogs with helpful advice from members of the TED community; you can see all of them here.

The shared bed reveals our greatest weaknesses and how we rely on our connections to keep us safe in dangerous situations. “Is it harmful if my partner and I sleep apart?” is arguably the most commonly asked question I get as a sleep scientist who has spent her career investigating the paired nature of sleep.

Sleep, on the other hand, does not occur in lab settings. In the actual world, sleep is frequently interrupted, noisy, and, most crucially, shared. When it comes to the shared sleeping experience, couples of all kinds — straight, gay, young, elderly, well or sick — face a variety of difficulties.

Let’s go ahead to the sexual revolution. That’s when we started equating the figurative meaning of sleeping together (that is, sex) with the actual meaning, resulting in societal attitudes that persist today: sleeping apart is always a sign of a loveless or sexless partnership. When spouses opt to sleep apart, it’s referred to as “sleep divorce.”

When asked, “Do you prefer to sleep with your partner or do you prefer to sleep alone?” the majority of individuals who have trouble sleeping answer they prefer to sleep with their partner. This shows that at night, our social brain prioritizes our need for intimacy and security, even if it means sacrificing our sleep.


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All couples, though, should make sleep a priority in their relationship. Why? Because a good night’s sleep may build our relationships, but a bad night’s sleep can impair them. Consider the following scenario, which is all too common. When one of the partners falls asleep, snoring begins. The second spouse is awake and in pain until the snorer is smacked across the ribs. Neither couple gets enough sleep, and at least one of them is growing bitter. This can set in motion a vicious cycle of sleep issues leading to relationship issues, wreaking havoc on your relationship, health, and well-being.

When we looked at sleep and relationship quality in a sample of heterosexual couples both at night and throughout the day, we discovered that when our male respondents slept poorly, their relationship quality worsened the following day. But it was all about the romance for women. Our female subjects’ sleep and her husband’s sleep both suffered that night on days when they were unhappy in their relationship.

Differences in sleep-wake rhythms might potentially cause issues. Take, for example, my friend Lisa, who has suffered with sleeplessness her entire life, and her husband Mark. While Mark had the best of intentions, he accidentally contributed to Lisa’s sleep issues. He would frequently advise Lisa to “catch up” on her sleep by sleeping in or going to bed early. That may sound thoughtful, but when it comes to insomnia, that is precisely what you should not do. One of the most important aspects of the most effective treatment is to shorten rather than lengthen your time in bed.

Other couples suffer difficulties as a result of their sleep-wake patterns being out of whack. Some of us are night owls who enjoy burning the midnight oil, while the larks, much to the owls’ disgust, get up cheerfully at the break of dawn. Should these birds of various feathers share a bed?

According to our findings, couples who were more in sync with their sleep had certain marital benefits. We tracked couples’ sleep patterns minute by minute throughout the night and discovered that those who slept or awoke at the same intervals were happier in their relationships. Mismatched couples have lower levels of relationship satisfaction, more conflict, and less sexual engagement, according to other study.

But don’t despair, mismatched pairs. There is hope. Couples with high problem-solving skills are also able to overcome the obstacles that come with sleeping out of sync, according to research. For many couples, the moments before and after falling asleep and waking up are critical to maintaining a healthy relationship. If you’re an owl and your partner is a lark, for example, you may spend some time together in bed before he falls asleep, then discreetly depart the room until your natural bedtime. Alternatively, if your boyfriend gets up before you, he could start his day early and come back later to wish you good morning — ideally with coffee in hand. After all, understanding how to manage differences and find compromises at all hours of the day and night is crucial to maintaining successful partnerships.


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There is relatively little systematic research on how sleeping apart impacts the quality or intimacy of a couple’s relationship. However, anecdotally, I’ve spoken with a number of couples who claim that sleeping apart has “saved their relationship.” Consider Jennifer, a 28-year-old writer for an online publication, and Steve, her partner. Jennifer and I met because she was working on an article about why sleeping in different beds might not be such a bad thing for some couples.

Both were adamant about not even discussing the possibility of sleeping separately. It felt “old school,” like a scene from I Love Lucy, and it was far from the image they had of themselves as passionate, in-love twentysomethings. Jennifer explained to me that they “tried” sleeping apart at first. Jennifer would preemptively choose to sleep in the guest bedroom on occasion, especially when she had a huge deadline and felt compelled to stay up late writing. Jennifer and Steve were first unwilling to recognize that this sleeping approach actually worked well for them both.

However, after experimenting with sleeping alone, they discovered that when Jennifer slept in the other bedroom, they were both happier, less resentful, and could enjoy their time together in bed, especially on weekends, when their conflicting sleep habits were not an issue. As a result, sleeping in separate beds has become the norm for them, and it suits them well. I told Jennifer that she and Steve had made the best decision for themselves and their relationship. When “the sleep specialist” told Jennifer this, I could feel her relief over the phone.

So, in response to the question, “Is it terrible if my partner and I sleep in different beds?” I say, “No, not necessarily.” Sleeping together doesn’t ensure a successful relationship — if only it were that simple! — and sleeping apart doesn’t guarantee a failed relationship. Use open and honest discussion to come up with solutions that will improve both of your sleep quality. If sleeping apart seems like the best option for you as a couple, try to think of it as establishing a sleep alliance rather than filing for sleep divorce.

Here’s the bottom line: There isn’t a single sleeping approach that works for all couples.

All couples, though, should make sleep a priority – for both partners. After all, sleep takes up roughly a third of our lives. That accounts for a significant chunk of our lives as a pair, far more than sex, yet our sleep lives receive far less attention than our sex lives. According to studies, being well-rested makes you a better communicator, happier, more empathic, attractive, and funny – all of which are crucial qualities in building and maintaining great relationships.


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Unfortunately, many people still regard sleep deprivation as a badge of honor in our culture. We can finally perceive sleep as the cornerstone of health it is if we focus on how our sleep difficulties affect not only ourselves but also our relationships. If you’re not going to sleep for yourself, make time for your partner and everyone else. Consider it an investment in the people you care about the most. Nothing is healthier, happier, or even sexier than a good night’s sleep at the end of the day.

How do you know if a relationship is draining you?

“Work, friendships, family, health, economics, spirituality, or downtime is one of the biggest symptoms that your relationship is negatively hurting your emotional health,” Carolyn McNulty, certified mental health counselor and Guardian Ad Litem, stated.

Most people can maintain their personal relationships distinct from their other aspects of their lives. When you’re with someone who requires continual attention and reassurance, however, it can take you away from being the best version of yourself.

“It’s difficult to focus on other relationships and your profession if you’re constantly mentally drained,” Chong explained.

“If any of these areas have been negatively impacted by the relationship, it’s important to take some actions to get back to your ideal level of emotional functioning,” McNulty said.

Why do Empaths get tired?

Empathy fatigue is often seen as a type of secondary traumatic stress disorder. It’s the kind of stress that comes from helping others on a daily basis or witnessing or assisting someone who is going through something traumatic. The stress and difficulty of what you’re going through, seeing, and feeling starts to wear you down.

When a girl sleeps on your shoulder?


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— is a casual head resting on your shoulder. She could be bored or sleepy, but if she’s resting on your muscular shoulder, it’s a very good sign she believes you’re a great person.

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