Why Do I Fantasize About My Boyfriend With Another Woman

Your husband is certainly a cuck if he enjoys seeing you with other people because it makes him feel horrible and then happy. It’s enjoyable because it’s humiliating. Our deepest shames and fears are eroticized through cuckoldry. Being present and coordinating the humiliation of a partner with someone else is a means for them to reclaim control in a circumstance where they might otherwise feel weak. It’s a form of mental masochism.

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Is it normal to fantasize about your partner sleeping with someone else?

Thinking about someone fresh can set off alarm bells in your mind if you’re in a nice, loving relationship. But, before you get caught up in a maelstrom of self-doubt and misguided guilt, remember that fantasizing about someone isn’t the life-changing event you’re picturing.

It’s very normal to have fantasies! Dr. Jones notes, “People fantasize because it is a good aspect of the human experience.” “While not everyone has sexual fantasies, I believe that the majority of the population does.”

There’s no need to worry out if you encounter a cute stranger on the bus or have a romantic thinking about the Starbucks barista who served you. “This does not imply that you are unhappy in your relationship, that you would be unfaithful, or that you desire to have sex with someone else. Sometimes they’re just wonderful to think about “Dr. Jones says.

Is fantasizing a form of cheating?

No, you are not being unfaithful, in a nutshell. We are all sexual beings, and fantasizing is a natural part of the process of increasing desire and arousal.

Is it normal to fantasize about your partners friend?

The truth is that imagining isn’t the same as lying. If it were the case, wouldn’t you be a cheater by now for all those George Clooney fantasies? Let’s be honest, as women, we may have had a fantasy (or two or three) about his closest friend as well.

Fantasy is good for you. They’re what keep us from betraying our partner by cheating or stepping out on them and hurting them even more. Who, after all, is the moron who had the hot friend? Is it really the fault of your man?

1.) Be truthful to yourself: Don’t act as though your man is invulnerable. Accept that he stares at your buddies and don’t get envious.

2.) Discuss it: Perhaps what he sees in her is something he wishes he saw in you as well. Or it could be that something is missing. It may not persuade him to stop, but it will at the at least open the channels of communication and possibly aid both of you in reaching a shared understanding.

What is Micro cheating?

Cheating is described as acting dishonestly and unfairly, and micro-cheating is when the acts are smaller—texting, conversation, social media messaging, and social gestures—but the purpose is to betray the person’s romantic relationship. Micro-cheating is frequently used as a covert means of meeting people’s conscious and sometimes unconscious wants.

If we’re being honest, those kinds of actions have probably been going on for a long time in relationships, but the term “micro-cheating” makes it sound like the concept is new.

Why do I fantasize about my partner being with other people?


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Humans aren’t “programmed” to find only one person attractive for the rest of their life. This is because we, like many other animal species, are affected by the Coolidge Effect. This relates to the well-documented fact that sexual interest in one partner tends to decrease with time, but returns with a vengeance when new partners enter the picture. (In case you’re wondering, this effect is called after a story about former President Calvin Coolidge, who remarked the seemingly unending prowess of a rooster with access to many hens during a visit to a chicken farm.)

When men and women watch the same porn video over and over again, studies reveal that individuals develop habituation — a loss of sexual interest. Similarly, when heterosexual men watch pornography showing the same woman every day for a week, they ejaculate faster when given sexy photos of a different woman, according to other research.

These findings suggest that novelty turns us on by nature, which explains why most of us fantasize about persons other than our partners and occasionally find ourselves staring at attractive strangers. These things don’t always imply we don’t love our spouses or that our relationships are in danger of falling apart; they’re more often than not just a part of being human. Denying this and instead blaming it on “micro-cheating” is a recipe for catastrophe in a relationship. If you want your spouse to find no one else appealing than you — an impossible expectation based on science (not to mention basic sense) — you’re going to have a tough time, because every lingering glance they give and emoji they send will become a point of conflict.

To be clear, the existence of the Coolidge Effect does not imply that long-term passion in a monogamous relationship is impossible, nor does it imply that an open relationship is the only option. Monogamy and sexual passion aren’t mutually exclusive; nevertheless, if you want both, you’ll have to put in the effort to find new ways to spice up your sex life on a regular basis. According to research, the more novelty and variation couples engage in (such as watching porn together or giving each other massages), the better able they are to keep the romance alive.

It’s natural to find people appealing who aren’t your mate. And this isn’t cheating in and of itself. It’s simply the way our minds work. While it’s tempting to interpret this as a threat to our relationships, there’s a more positive approach to use this knowledge: trying to keep novelty a large part of your personal sex life. In the long term, this will almost certainly improve your relationship.

It’s also natural for us to seek out close, emotional relationships with people who aren’t our love partners. This is why many other “micro-cheating” activities, such as confiding in or seeking advice from someone who isn’t a love partner, aren’t necessarily considered infidelity. We’ve all heard that our partner should be our best friend, but being too close could be harmful.


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When we become so close to a partner — when we’ve practically fused together — it suffocates emotions of autonomy and independence while also erasing any sense of mystery about the other person, as therapist Esther Perel eloquently explains in her book Mating in Captivity. That’s a shame, because a sense of mystery or elusiveness is an important part of sexual attraction. Having some psychological separation or distance can therefore be beneficial since it allows us to be ourselves while still making us seek our relationships. “Rather than continuously aiming for intimacy,” Perel says, “couples may be better off fostering their separate personalities.”

It’s fine if your partner doesn’t tell you everything, and we shouldn’t instantly interpret this as cheating. Giving each other some space may, in fact, be beneficial to both of you.

With that stated, I’m not rejecting all of the micro-cheating actions that have recently been labeled as such. Some of them, particularly those that entail dishonesty, are red flags. For example, pretending to be single by not notifying your friends and coworkers about your relationship, or pretending to be single by telling your spouse you’re going out for dinner or drinks to discuss work when no work will be done. This should go without saying, but concealing your relationship status and lying to your partner aren’t good for your relationship’s future.

Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that being bossy, demanding, and possessive isn’t the route to a happy relationship. Instead, you’d be better off communicating your norms and boundaries early and often, while also giving each other space to breathe and be yourself.

Is it normal to think about someone else while in a relationship?

When you’re in a relationship, there’s nothing wrong with having feelings for someone else. You, on the other hand, have choice over whether you nurture your crush or acknowledge it and move on. It’s quite natural to have a crush on someone other than your partner while you’re in a relationship.

Why do I keep fantasizing about someone?

Spend more time working on yourself to become the strong, independent woman you want to be – a woman who knows her worth and understands that she doesn’t need this man to feel good. Make the proper decisions. Begin by immersing yourself in it.


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Have faith in me. It will pay off if you can find the strength to take a step back and do the things you need to do.

I’m not suggesting you eliminate this person out of your life, but you shouldn’t make them your first priority.

For the time being, your only focus should be on you. So attempt to refocus your attention and re-energize yourself.

You fantasize because you’re yearning for love, connection, and affection. However, you must be content with yourself and your own company in order to avoid compromising on what you want and committing to someone who does not truly deserve you.

Can you mentally cheat?

If you deceive or betray your partner in a non-physical sense, this is known as “emotional cheating.” Small yet intimate activities, such as confiding in a close work buddy about your relationship or spending the majority of your free time with them despite having a spouse, describe it.

Who is more jealous boy or girl?

  • Jealousy over a partner: “You believe that your boyfriend/girlfriend had a one-night stand while on vacation. Even if s/he had sex with this other person, you recognize they are unlikely to see each other again. ‘How upset do you think you’d be if something like this happened?’
  • Jealousy of the heart: “You suspect that your boyfriend/girlfriend fell in love with someone else while on vacation. Even if s/he did form these feelings, you recognize that s/he will almost certainly never see this other person again. ‘How upset do you think you’d be if something like this happened?’

Participants were given a 10-point scale to answer these questions on, ranging from 1 (not at all) to 10 (very) (extremely).


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What did Walum and his team discover after crunching the numbers? Women reported higher degrees of jealousy on both measures, confirming previous study, while both men and women scored higher on sexual jealousy than emotional jealousy.

Men, on the other hand, expressed more jealousy in response to sexual adultery than in response to emotional infidelity. These findings support the hypothesis that men and women have different sorts of jealousy, such as sexual vs. emotional jealousy.

Genetics was also discovered to be a substantial impact, accounting approximately 30% of the equation. On a genetic level, however, there were no differences between men and women when it came to jealousy.

The authors point out that their research adds to the growing body of evidence showing men and women deal with infidelity in various ways. It could be the product of distinct “selection pressures” over the course of human evolution, according to evolutionary theory. And their discovery that genetic factors have a role in romantic jealousy is consistent with earlier research linking genes to other mating behaviors such as marital quality, monogamy, and the likelihood of divorce. While the researchers acknowledge the study’s limitations and future research areas, their findings provide additional insight into a terrible aspect of human nature.

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