How To Approach A Guy At The Gym (5 Simple Steps)

Do you know what’s the hardest thing about being a girl?

When you see a cute guy who you really like at the gym…

But you just don’t know how to approach him.

You don’t know what to say, or when to say it…

In fact, you don’t even know if he’s interested in you.

All the time, you’re just waiting and hoping that he comes to talk to you…

But it never happens.

It’s a terrible feeling…

As girls, we understand.

However, there is good news:

There is a smart way to approach a guy at the gym, without sounding weird or awkward.

Today, we’ll show you exactly how to approach a guy at the gym.

Here’s the key:

You need to keep the approach casual, and focus on getting him to meet you outside of the gym.

Using body language and psychology, our team of dating experts came up with a method to do exactly this.

(Don’t worry: We’ll also show you exactly what to say to start the conversation!)

Later in this article, you’ll also learn how to talk to him in a way that makes him attracted to you.

Follow these 5 steps to introduce yourself to a guy at the gym!

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Step 1: Be Subtle In Your Approach

Like it or not, the gym is a high-pressure social environment

Here’s what we mean.

When we’re working out, our bodies enter a primal state.

Our heart rate increases, and hormones flood our system.

On top of this, the gym is not designed for socializing. There will be many gym regulars.

Hitting on someone at the gym is not like socializing at a bar or club.

This is why it can be quite embarrassing for you if things go wrong…

Despite this, the gym is a very good place to meet guys, if you do it properly.

The most important part of approaching a guy at the gym is to be subtle.

This means you should never make it obvious that you are hitting on him.

Instead, your goal should be to introduce yourself, and get his contact info.

You can do this by maintaining a casual and friendly vibe.

Later on, you can slowly get closer to him using emotional triggers and rapport techniques.

(Check out this guide to learn EXACTLY how to do these techniques!)

Step 2: Dress Appropriately

Science shows that guys are visually-motivated people.

This means you must catch his eye for him to be interested in you.

It also means your first impression on him has to be very strong.

For these reasons, it is important for you to dress well at the gym.

Look for options that show off your curves and figure.

Tights, leggings and sports bras are a great choice.

Also, have at least one piece of clothing in a bright, eye-catching color.

However, do not wear anything too revealing – You need to remain classy and respectable, especially in a gym full of regulars.

You should also avoid too much make-up – This can come off as unnatural and try-hard.

The goal is not to show off or stand out. You simply need to catch his attention when you first start talking to him.

Step 3: Open The Conversation

Once you’ve prepared yourself, it’s time to start the conversation.

This is especially hard as a girl, because you’re expected to wait for him to make the first move…

You might be feeling nervous about this, but if you do it the right way, he will love talking to you.

Remember: The key is to keep it low-key and casual.

There are two main ways to start a conversation at the gym.

The first way is by using the “Comment + Question” technique.

Here’s how to do it:

Choose one thing about him that impresses you.

Casually comment on it, then follow up with a question.

For example:

“Hey! I really like your shoes. Where did you get them?”

The great thing about this technique is it gives you both something interesting to talk about.

He will also feel good because you’re giving him a compliment.

Another way to talk to your gym crush is to ask him for help, either with an exercise or a machine.

This is a great idea because it triggers a guy’s “hero instinct”.

It is found in every male brain – Every man wants to feel important and “needed” by women.

This method also invites him to get closer to you physically. There may even be some physical contact too, which is very important for creating attraction.

(To learn exactly what to say to get him hooked on you, check out this guide!)

Step 4: Move Past The Opener

Using these methods, you will easily start a conversation with any guy at the gym.

However, this is where a lot of women make a huge mistake…

A lot of girls start talking at the gym, and stick with the topic they started with.

While it might feel good to start talking to him, you need to change the subject as soon as possible.

If you remain on one topic, the conversation will die out very quickly.

Instead, you need to push things onto a deeper, more personal level.

A great idea is to turn the conversation about him.

For example, you can follow up with this:

“I haven’t noticed you here before. How long have you been working out here?”

This will show that you’re interested in him, while giving him the chance to impress you.

Step 5: Give Him Your Contact Info

When meeting guys at the gym, it’s important to remember this golden rule:

The gym is not a date!

Your goal is simply to introduce yourself, leave a good impression, and keep in touch with him.

After a few minutes of chatting, you should end the conversation and go back to your workout.

Make this casual and easy-going:

“It’s nice talking to you! We should hang out sometime.”

While many girls will go for his number, a great alternative is to add him on social media.

The key here is not to ask for his contact, but to give him yours.

This forces him to make the first move next time, and gets him to start chasing you.

If you give him your Instagram profile, you’ll receive a notification with his profile.

On the other hand, if you give him your number, get him to call it on the spot so you have his number too.

One Last Thing: How To Make Him Attracted To You

As we’ve explained above, attraction is built outside of the gym.

You will find it is a lot easier to get closer to him on a date somewhere else.

Here’s the truth:

If he agrees to meet you later, you already know he is interested in you.

The hard part is turning his interest into attraction.

The thing is, any attractive guy will have dozens of girls on his phone .

If you don’t capture his attention, he will lose interest very quickly and forget about you completely.

This is why you have to move things forward.

To do this, you have to use “emotional triggers” to target special areas inside a male brain.

These are special words and techniques you can use to “lock-in” his feelings for you, and make them stronger and deeper.

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