“Is The Guy At The Gym Interested In Me?” – 5 Signs To Watch Out For!

Did you know?…

The gym is one of the most emotionally charged places in the world?

Here’s what we mean.

When we are working out, our bodies go into a primal state.

Blood is pumping fast, and hormones are flooding our bodies.

This is why it is easy for guys to fall for girls at the gym.

But there’s a problem…

How do you know for sure if your gym crush is interested?

The answer is actually quite simple.

We just have to look for some clues in his behavior and body language.

Today, we’re going to show you the Top 5 Signs that a guy at the gym is interested in you.

Our team of dating coaches and romance experts have broken down and decoded these body language signals.

We’ll show you exactly how to tell if he is attracted to you.

Later, we’ll also show you how to start a conversation with him, and attract him using male psychology.

Once you learn these secrets, you’ll be able to use them on any guy at the gym!

Before You Continue…

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1. Wandering Eyes

Put yourself in his shoes for a second:

He sees you all the time at the gym, and he’s interested…

But there’s a problem:

The gym is meant to be a place for working out, not socializing.

There are also many regular gym-goers there.

Deep inside, he wants to walk up and starts chatting with you…

But he might risk embarrassing himself in front of everyone if things don’t go well.

This means he will be extra nervous about approaching you.

To find out if a guy is interested in you at the gym, pay attention to his eyes.

His eyes will be wandering around the gym, but always coming back to you.

Usually, you will catch him staring at you, only to look away immediately.

He will also shy away from making direct eye contact, and prefer to look at you from the sides.

2. He Can’t Stay Focused

One of the biggest signs he wants you to make the first move is if he looks like he can’t pay attention to his workout.

Here’s the thing:

Some guys at the gym are super-focused, and completely locked in with their workout.

But if a guy has a crush on you, he will act very differently.

His mind is racing with thoughts of you, but he can’t approach you physically.

Look at his facial expression – He will look unfocused, with his attention scattered everywhere.

You might also find him on his phone a lot. This is actually a sign of nervousness.

Unfortunately, most guys will be stuck like this unless you make him to approach you.

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3. He Seems To Be Always Nearby

This is a habit many guys do in front of their gym crushes.

Let us explain:

Often, we move around the gym as we work out, doing different exercises and using different machines.

But if a guy likes you, you will notice him nearby a lot of the time…

He may stay on one exercise for a longer time because his attention is fixed on you.

He will naturally be drawn to you because you are what’s on his mind.

This is especially true if you go to a big gym.

Bonus Tip:

You can test if he likes you by moving close to him yourself and seeing how he reacts.

If he likes you, his attention will snap to you once he realizes you are nearby.

This will usually be very obvious, because it is a reaction males cannot control.

4. He Mirrors Your Actions

Mirroring is one of the biggest body language signs he secretly likes you.

In fact, every single guy does this because it is deeply rooted in his psychology.

Here’s how it works:

When a guy is focused on you, his body will follow his mind.

Naturally, his body language will begin to mirror you.

This means he will mimic or copy some of your behaviors.

A common example of this is drinking from a water bottle.

Take a sip from your bottle and see how he reacts – You might notice him also reaching for his bottle soon afterwards.

Another great example of this is simple expressions like deep breathing and sighs, or wiping sweat off the forehead.

The trick is to look out for these behaviors without him finding out.

You can do so by looking out of the corner of your eye, or using the mirrors at the gym to keep an eye on him.

(Check out this guide to know what a man is thinking from his body language!)

5. He Finds Reasons To Talk To You

This is one of the biggest signs he is emotionally attracted to you.

Remember how we mentioned the gym is not a social environment?

It makes it very hard for guys to approach you…

There is a lot of pressure for him NOT to come talk to you.

But if he makes an effort to do so despite this, it means he is very interested in you.

It means the emotions he feels for you are greater than the social pressure against him.

Usually, he will try to start a conversation with you by talking about exercises or random topics.

Now, it’s very important to know he is just making an excuse to start talking with you.

So don’t get too caught up with the topic he starts with.

In other words, be sure to make the conversation deeper and more personal.

(Find out exactly how to do this in the next section)

The Next Steps: How To Move Things Forward And Get Together With Him

As girls, we all know this…

It feels good to know a cute guy is interested in you.

But here’s the secret most girls don’t understand:

Interest does not equal attraction.

Here’s what we mean…

A guy’s attention span is very short.

You might have his attention now, but if you don’t do anything, he will forget about you completely.

This is why you need to act fast, and turn his interest into attraction for you.

Fortunately, there are certain “emotional triggers” that you can use.

These are special words and techniques that create strong emotional responses inside the male brain.

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