Dating A Married Man – 10 Signs He Will Leave His Wife For You

Let’s not joke around here…

Dating a married man is complicated business.

There are many risks and messy emotions involved…

You have to be careful to keep things low-key…

And all the time, you’re always wondering where the relationship is heading…

But everybody knows:

Love is the most powerful feeling in the world.

When you find yourself loving a married man who loves you too, there is always a possibility he will leave his wife to be with you.

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The Top 10 Signs A Man Is Ready To Leave His Wife For You

The psychology behind a married man’s mind is complex.

On one hand, you have a gut feeling that he likes you…

But on the other, you’re not sure how he feels about his wife anymore.

It’s frustrating!

As experts in relationship dynamics, we understand.

In this article, you’ll learn to read his mind using 10 powerful psychological signs.

Watch carefully for these signs – If you observe them, there’s a good chance he is ready to leave his wife for you.

Later in the article, you’ll also learn some special techniques to give him the “affection signals” that will force him to make a move and commit 100% to you.

1. He Reserves Time For You

Let’s start with a little-known secret about male psychology…

You can tell how much a man loves you by how much he invests in you.

Here’s what we mean:

When a guy only likes you a little, he won’t think of you that much, and will often have other girls he is interested in…

But when a man truly loves you with his heart, he devotes a lot more time and energy to you.

That means he will reserve time just for you, even if he has a busy schedule and responsibilities to tend to.

2. He Proactively Makes Plans For Your Next Meeting

How do you measure the strength of any relationship?

It’s simple.

Just look at how much he is chasing you.

If a married man proactively makes plans to meet you, it means he cannot wait to see you again.

It means he wants you to be around, and is eager to spend time with you.

This is a strong sign that he is ready to commit further to you, if you give him the right “affection signals”.

(Check out this guide to learn EXACTLY how to do this.)

3. Look For Eye Contact Cues

You can tell a lot about how a man feels about you by looking in his eyes…

When a married man falls in love with you, his eyes will light up whenever he sees you.

This shows his life without you is cold and lonely, but he feels amazing when he has you by his side.

As he becomes closer and more comfortable with you, his eye contact will also become longer, deeper and stronger.

If you are able to hold eye contact with each other comfortably, it suggests he is ready to take things to the next level.

4. He Texts You While He’s With His Wife

Think of a man’s heart like a room…

The more space you occupy in his heart, the less space the other woman will have.

When a married man texts you while he’s with his wife, he is thinking of you, even when you are not together.

He wants you by his side, and can’t keep his mind off you.

In fact, if he didn’t have to keep it a secret, he’d spend every evening with you wrapped in his loving arms.

It shows that you are the one true woman in his heart, even if he can’t admit it.

At this point, all you have to do is give him a gentle “push” to act on his true feelings, so he makes a move and fully commits to you.

(Take a look at this guide to learn EXACTLY how to do this!)

5. Your Dates Are Fun And Playful

A strong relationship needs more than just romance and affection…

You need to have fun.

Put yourself in his shoes for a second:

He has been trapped in a depressing marriage…

But all of a sudden, he meets you and falls deeply in love…

You make each other feel amazing…

On an emotional level, this brings him back to a younger age.

In other words, he feels youthful and happy with you.

If your dates have a playful and fun vibe to it, he will be a lot more open minded to the idea of running off with you in his arms…

6. He Makes You Feel Special

Sometimes, the best thing to do is look in your heart…

How do you feel?

When you truly have a man’s heart, he will make you feel special.

He will treat you like someone important in his life – You can often see this in his eye contact.

He will also go the extra mile, taking you out to a nice dinner or a romantic evening out, for example.

It’s also one of the biggest signs a married man cares for you, because he wants you to feel special and loved.

7. He Makes You Feel Safe And Protected

As women, we understand.

You want that strong, amazing guy who everyone likes and respects…

But you also want his softer side, for him to stay by your side and protect you.

If he manages to do both for you, then there’s a good chance he is ready to settle down with you.

Think about this:

A guy who only wants a quick fling will not stick around to make you feel comfortable and loved…

But if he makes sure you feel secure and protected at the same time, it shows he respects you fully as a woman and a lover.

8. He Is There For You When You Are In Need

Everybody knows:

A man who really loves you will do anything for you.

So if he makes himself available to you even when you’re not together, you can be sure that he has you in his heart .

To see how much he cares about you, use this simple test:

Text him and ask for a small favor.

You can ask him to bring you a small gift next date, or even to chat with you because you’re feeling down.

Next, see how he responds.

If he is willing to drop whatever he’s doing to talk to you or help you out, it’s a good sign that he wants to leave his wife for you.

9. He Talks About His Wife And Family With You

Here’s a mistake many girls make:

When a married man likes you but talks about his wife, it doesn’t mean he won’t commit to you.

In fact, if he opens up to you about his marriage and family, it is more likely that he is ready to leave his wife and devote himself to you.

So if he flirts but mentions his wife, recognize this is actually a good sign that he loves you.

On the other hand, if he is nervous about discussing his wife, it shows you he is not ready to commit to you further.

(Check out this guide to learn the special trick that makes him commit!)

10. Your Relationship Becomes Personal

When you begin dating a married man, your relationship might start off casually…

But the more time goes on, the closer you will become.

Eventually, your relationship will become very personal.

Here’s exactly what to look out for:

Your conversations will turn towards deeper, more personal topics.

Your personal boundaries will come down, you will share inside jokes, and you will know each other’s quirks and secrets…

You might also start talking about the future of the relationship, even though this may bring up some awkward feelings…

But as we’ve already mentioned:

Love is the most powerful feeling in the world.

If you both share true love for each other, then it is time to be honest and take the next step together…

BONUS: How To Make Him Commit And Devote Himself To You

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to pull a man away from his marriage.

From his point of view, divorce is a stressful and expensive process…

But if you make him see how powerful the love between you and him is, he will decide to go with you instead.

Let’s be realistic:

He would not have started seeing you in the first place if he was in a healthy marriage.

In fact, getting a second chance at true love with you is a very beautiful thing for him.

If both of you love each other, it’s better to be honest about your feelings and take things to the next level.

Here’s the bad news:

The longer you wait, the less likely he is to leave his wife for you.

This is because he will get lost in his thoughts and doubts, and eventually give up on you, even though he really likes you right now.

That’s why you need to give him the right “affection signals”.

These are words and phrases designed to target special parts of a man’s mind.

Once he here’s them, he will experience a feeling even more powerful than love.

These words will shock his psychology, making him realize how amazing of a woman you are.

They will wake up a primal emotional response inside him, making him want you (and just you) more than any other woman in the world…

…And he will begin to wrap things up with his wife, even if he says he still loves her right now.

You won’t have to worry about a thing. All you have to do is look forward to the day when you’re finally together.

To learn how to use these special psychological techniques, check out this free eBook:


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

As relationship coaches, we understand.

The situation you’re in right now is an awkward and messy one…

But look into your heart and ask yourself:

Do you love him?

Remember – You’re a special and beautiful woman, inside and out.

And he sees this in you.

So don’t blame yourself for getting into this situation.

Don’t feel bad for breaking up an unhealthy marriage.

Love is love – If you feel the same towards each other, it’s time you took things seriously.

Just try out these special techniques for yourself, and see how quickly he devotes his whole life to you!


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

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