25 Signs A Guy Likes You But Is Intimidated

Have you ever pondered why he seems so hard to figure out?

You might quickly suspect that he isn’t that interested in you…

But believe me when I say that this does not have to be the case. Guys aren’t the same as us.

The majority of them aren’t used to expressing their emotions and are actually afraid of the new emotions that are building up inside of them.

“I’m a manly man, love can’t conquer me!” the guys would say. Then, all of a sudden, they fall head over heels in love with you.

It’s crazy how it happens, but it’s true!

Keep in mind that he isn’t being distant; He might simply dealing with new emotions that he isn’t sure how to cope with, and being attracted to you puzzles him.

So how can you figure out if he likes you but is afraid or intimidated? Well, pay close attention to this article.

Here are clear signals he likes you and there’s definitely connection between you, but he’s terrified to just follow his heart and give in.

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1. He Is The One Who Opens The Door For You

This is both an indication that he likes you and a sign that he is a true gentleman.

Let’s face it: There aren’t quite as many gentlemen as there once were. Most of the guys surrounding us are just jerks looking for a way to get laid.

If your guy does this on a first date and all the dates after that, you can consider yourself lucky because he is a keeper.

2. He Becomes Nervous When He’s With You

Have you ever had the experience of him blurting stuff out or acting strangely?

You can see he’s worried about something, but you’re not sure what it is. This, my sweetheart, is a hint that he likes you but is afraid of you.

He’s only worried that he’ll say or do something that will cause problems. He aspires to perfection in all he does.

It’s as if you have to perform something very important, and you care about the outcome, so it’s natural that you’ll be nervous and your palms will sweat. It’s the same with him, except the result is you.


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3. He Gives You Compliments

You’re all aware of what this entails. It’s a sign that a guy likes you if he compliments you. He’s only doing it to observe your reaction.

And admit it, it feels great when a guy you are on a date with tells you how amazing you look like in that tight dress. Oh, this is something I could listen to all day. What about you?

4. He Blushes

I’m sure you all believe that women are the only ones that blush. Wrong! This is something that most men do in front of a girl they like.

If you catch him blushing while telling you his life story, this is a sign he likes you but is scared to admit it.

It suggests he is concerned about what you will think of him and wants to make the greatest impression possible.

You should make an effort to make him feel at ease and ask him questions. It will point you in the proper path on your first date!

5. His Secret Is Revealed By His Buddies

It’s safe to assume that if his buddies say he likes you, it’s true.

If he likes someone, he’ll tell them, and in this situation, that someone is you.

So now it’s up to you to decide whether you’ll give him a chance or simply destroy his frail heart. P.S. I hope you aren’t completely soulless.


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6. He Gives You Emotional Support

He is there to provide comfort whether you have a problem or are going through a difficult time in your life.

He knows that it is really important to be with a loved one so he does his best to be with you anytime you need him.

He is a man you can trust, and he is willing to go above and beyond for you.

7. He Has A Good Laugh At Your Jokes

He won’t mind if you don’t know how to tell jokes since he’ll still laugh at them.

This is a clear indication that he likes you but is afraid to say so.

He’s only trying to create a pleasant environment for the two of you, and laughing at your jokes is a good start.

If you see positive feedback, you will be able to relax and enjoy the rest of the night. Isn’t it true that certain people are just born to brighten our day?

8. He Is Not Willing To Take The Initial Step

You have a feeling he likes you. All the signals are there, yet he refuses to take the initial step.

You just know he’s telling the truth by the way he looks at you and speaks to you. Let’s be honest. You can tell when a guy likes you because you can feel it.

And as I have already said, if he doesn’t make his move despite the fact that he really wants to, he is definitely scared to do so.

Someone may have broken his heart, or he may be scared by you, or he may believe you are too good for him.

As soon as you figure out which one it is, tell him it’s fine to approach you and that you want him to.


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9. His Friend Is Aware Of It… But Are You?

The most clear clue that he is afraid of how much he likes you is this. You nailed it if you’re the “hot subject” among his pals.

If he is talking to his friends about you, that means he really likes you because guys aren’t going to talk seriously about girls if they aren’t planning to be with them. You are one lucky lady if his friend tells you this.

10. He Averts His Gaze

Body language is crucial, especially if we are dating someone for the first time. We don’t know if a guy likes us or not in those situations.

If he is looking at you and then suddenly breaks eye contact, it is a clear indication that he loves you but is afraid to tell you so.

In fact, maybe he will never be brave enough to tell you those words in person.

Maybe if he just texts you that he loves you and cares, he’ll feel a lot better.

This is a sign of true love but also a sign that he still feels nervous around you. I’m sure you have some tricks up your sleeve to help him unwind.

11. He Gets Envious Of Other Guys

Even if the two of you aren’t legally dating, he’ll be envious if another man approaches you.

He notices a potential suitor and isn’t happy about it. He is trying to protect you from all those carnal looks and wants you to be his girl only.

This is an indication of how much he likes you but is too afraid to say it. He’d rather chase the boys away from you than admit his feelings. What can I say, boys can be tricky.

12. He’s Indecisive

This is a clear indication that he cares yet is afraid. He may be sweet, compassionate, and caring one moment and distant and frigid the next.

This appears to be a never-ending internal struggle for him. Is he going to open the door for you or not? You’re not sure how to react because he’s throwing you confusing signals.

Are you going to leave him because you think he’s playing games with you, or are you going to stick with him long enough for him to admit he likes you? It’s entirely up to you!


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13. He Texts You All The Time

A guy who likes you will be curious about your day. He might text you in the morning to wish you a good morning, or he might even invite you out for breakfast during your break.

The trouble is, he’ll want to spend as much time with you as possible. This is a hint that he likes you but is afraid to tell you.

He just wants to get to know you better before saying those magical three words: “I love you!”

14. He Might Not Invite You Out

Right now, you’re probably wondering how this could be a hint that he likes me.

You must understand, dear females, that the best guys are sometimes the bashful ones.

Maybe he has been trying to ask you out for days, but somehow he can’t find the right moment for that.

Don’t dismiss him right away. Give him an opportunity to succeed. He could be the cutest person you’ve ever seen.

And who knows, maybe he’ll make you the happiest woman on the planet.

15. He Sweats When He’s Around You

When confronted with unfamiliar situations, we all get sweaty. So, you can imagine how your guy will be anxious and sweaty when you go on a first date.

In front of you, he will attempt to be the greatest version of himself, but he will also show all the signs of anxiousness.

Please don’t be too harsh with him. Try to make him feel better by laughing at his jokes or asking him new questions.

He’s simply showing you that he cares but is afraid to confess it. Please keep this in mind. After all, he could be your soulmate.

16. He Is Attentive And Considerate

A man who would listen to you talk about your troubles in life will be a nice companion in the long run.

This is a hint that he cares but is afraid to tell you because he worries you’ll be offended.

He’s only demonstrating that he’ll be there for you no matter what happens, protecting you from terrible people and things.

If you’re lucky enough to have a man like this in your life, make sure you support him as well.


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17. He’s Been Harmed In The Past

He occasionally implies that he has been harmed before and that he will go to any length to avoid it happening again.

That’s why he’s not putting all of his effort into your connection.

He’s frightened you’ll shatter his heart in the same way the one before you did. That is very typical. Put yourself in his shoes for a moment.

Would you trust someone else right away if a guy crushed your heart, or would you wait until you were sure that scenario wouldn’t happen again?

18. He Feels Your Sadness

He will share your misery if you are sad because of something horrible that has happened to you.

If he cares about you, he won’t be able to be cheerful and laugh while you’re all unhappy and melancholy.

This is a man who really cares about the girl he likes and he is definitely worth giving a chance to.

Not to mention that he is hubby material and that he would probably do anything to make you the happiest woman alive.

19. He Stares At You

Do you ever have the feeling that someone is watching you? That he’s keeping an eye on you?

You can see he’s staring at you and thinking about how fortunate he is to have gotten you.

Yeah, and it’s a wonderful feeling. You don’t want to look up since it will destroy the situation.

If he realizes that you are onto him, that you know he’s watching you, he will stop because he is afraid of admitting to you and himself that he’s falling for you.

20. He Makes No Mention Of Other Girls

He doesn’t seem to need to discuss other women because he appears to have discovered what he was seeking for.

He can’t help himself; he’s solely interested in you right now.

His pals taunt him about being a wuss, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He only has room in his life for one woman, and that lady is you!


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21. He Is Meticulous In His Attention To Detail

If he remembers the name of your dog or the last time you were on vacation, it shows he cares about you.

If a man is not interested in you, he won’t even make any effort to remember things like that but this is an obvious sign that you really mean a lot to him and that he is really interested in you.

22. He Never Gets Bored Of Hanging Out With You

He’ll take you out, invite you over to watch a movie, and so on. This indicates that he likes you.

If he wouldn’t want to hang out with you or if he is interested in you just because of other things like sex, for example, he wouldn’t call you to go out and want the two of you to spend that much time together. He enjoys being in your company, but he won’t acknowledge it to you just yet.

23. He Doesn’t Put A Label On Your Relationship

He always has those puppy dog eyes on you when you’re with him, and he can’t keep them off of you.

He considers you to be the ideal woman and want to have you in his life.

He adores everything about you, from your smile to your eyes to your sweet voice.

In fact, this man is madly in love with you, but he’s afraid to confess it even to himself.


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24. He Takes A Protective Stance

If you have a problem, he will go to great lengths to resolve it. That is how he expresses his affection for you.

This is one of the clearest indications that he adores you. He just needs some time to sort out his emotions.

And believe me when I say it will take a lot longer for him to admit that he loves you.

That’s how guys are, and we have to accept that. But, hey, that’s one of the reasons we enjoy them!

25. He Tells You

He can’t stand anymore to be with you all the time, not letting you know what his real feelings are, so he breaks the ice and admits them to you.

He tells you that he likes you and that if you could give him a chance, he would be grateful. He is so taken with you that he forgets how shy he is with ladies.

And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that this is the most clear evidence that he’s madly in love with you.

These are only a few indications that he likes you yet is afraid of you. Asking a guy if he likes you is the greatest method to find out. If you don’t have the courage to do so, you can rely on some tried-and-true signals of male desire.

In the end, you’ll know whether he’s actually interested in you or not. If you’re having difficulties deciding whether or not he cares about you, this can assist.

If you’re certain he likes you, just hold on a little longer and he’ll breach that shell and release those feelings. It’s only a question of time!

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