Here’s What Happens When A Man Realizes He Lost You

Let’s be honest here:

No matter how it happens, break-ups always hurt.

You might try your best to keep your spirits up and move on. But deep inside, you will be troubled with thoughts like:

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Will he realize he made a mistake and come back?”

“Has he already stopped loving me?”

It’s perfectly normal to feel this way. And as international dating and relationship coaches, we understand it completely.

In fact, we’ve already helped thousands of women deal with their break-ups properly, and even get their ex-boyfriends desperately chasing them again!

It all comes down to understanding what is going on in his head when he realizes he lost you.

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The 10 Things That Happen When He Realizes He Lost You

One of the biggest mistakes girls make is they become overwhelmed by their own thoughts after a break-up.

But in reality, there’s a lot that is going on in his head too!

When a man realizes he lost you, he will first experience shock at this realization, and then go through an emotional process that involves regret, depression, and loneliness.

Now, here’s something that most girls don’t understand:

Sometimes, he has to lose you to realize how much he loves you.

So if you’re still hurt about the break-up and you’re not sure what to do, don’t worry:

He will come back even more obsessed and in love with you, as long as you take the right steps…

In this article, our team will show you the 10 most important things that will happen once he realizes he lost you.

You will take a deep dive into a man’s mind, and find out how he truly feels about you deep inside his heart.

What’s more, we will also show you how to make him realize he lost you, and desperately ask for another chance!

Later in this article, we’ll also show you exactly how to make him realize he lost you, fill him full of regret, and get him to beg you desperately for a second chance!

1. He Starts To Think About You All The Time

A break-up is a huge emotional in a man’s life, even if he doesn’t want to admit it.

And once he realizes that he’s really lost you, he will start to think about you non-stop.

No matter what he’s doing at the moment, or what else is going on in his life, he will be constantly tortured by thoughts of you.

He will struggle with a deep sense of regret and loneliness, and he will become restless whenever something reminds him of the relationship.

Now, this might not be obvious to you at first, especially if you’ve already fallen out of contact.

After all, most guys tend to keep these thoughts and feelings to themselves.

But once a man finally realizes that he has lost you completely, you can be sure that he’s thinking about you constantly.

2. His Mind Becomes Filled With “What Ifs”

One of the biggest feelings a man gets when he realizes he lost you is regret.

And this is what causes his head to be flooded with all kinds of “What If” questions about the relationship:

“What if I hadn’t been so stubborn?”

“What if I had expressed my love to her more?”

“What if I had put more effort into our relationship earlier on?”

These regretful thoughts will cause him to feel tons of guilt and shame, making him feel like he never took the time to appreciate you when he had you.

And in some cases, he might start taking on the blame for how the relationship ended.

No matter how the break-up happened, there will always be some “what-if’s” that torture him.

And if you do the right things, you can use these thoughts and make him run back to you and obsess over you once again!

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3. He Replays About Memories Of You In His Head

We all know that guy’s tend to play it cool and keep their true emotions inside…

But make no mistake: Once a man realizes he lost you, he will replay every memory of you in his head.

At first, he will try to distract himself and move on past the break-up quickly…

But when he’s left alone with his thoughts, things start to get mixed up in his head, and strong memories of the relationship come rushing back…

This is when the regret begins to kick in!

The truth is: A relationship doesn’t end instantly.

Here’s what we mean…

It takes time for the emotions to fizzle out. And usually, this means the memories that you shared with each other will stick for a while.

So if you want to rescue a relationship and get a man’s heart back, you need to act fast and take advantage of these memories before it’s too late!

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4. He Constantly Wonders What You’re Doing Now

When a man breaks up, most women don’t realize that he experiences a hidden emotion…

And that emotion is curiosity.

Think about it:

During a relationship, we get used to being close to each other all the time.

We know what our partner is doing, or how they feel at any given moment…

It’s the sort of familiarity that makes you feel “close” to someone and glues the relationship together.

But once the relationship ends, this familiarity suddenly gets cut.

And once he finally realizes that he’s lost you, it can be very confusing.

He will start to grow curious about you, even if he doesn’t admit it. He will be constantly wondering: “What is she up to right now?”

“How does she feel about me now?”

“Is she dating other guys?”

Sometimes, you might notice him stalking your social media. Other times, he might ask mutual friends about you.

From here, there are two possibilities:

Most of the time, these feelings will fade away over time. After all, guys have simple minds and can easily become hooked by the next pretty girl to enter their lives…

But if you “trigger” his curiosity in his heart, it will build up over time, and become harder and harder for him to ignore.

This is when his obsession over you truly begins…

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5. He Becomes Angry And Frustrated

As we’ve mentioned above, guys tend to play it cool and keep their emotions inside.

And that’s especially true after a break-up!

Some girls will see how he acts, and feel like he has moved on and doesn’t care anymore…

But put yourself in his shoes for a second:

Break-ups hurt, no matter how hard you try to ignore it. It’s not easy to keep these feelings inside.

And the more you suppress these feelings, the more intense they become!

Eventually, they can boil over and turn into anger and frustration.

He might express this anger in irrational outbursts, or he might turn to quick fixes and distractions to help him forget about you.

But make no mistake: These are all signs of the true feelings he has for you that are trapped underneath the surface.

And if you make the right moves, you can turn these powerful feelings inside his heart into a desperate desire to win your heart back.

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6. He Starts To Play Games

It’s quite common for a guy to go “no-contact” on you after a break-up.

But once he realizes that he lost you, he might start to play games with you.

For example, he might start making posts on social media, showing off his new social life without you, but secretly hoping you’d see them.

It can be depressing to see this. But make no mistake: Guys often do this just to “test” you.

The only reason he plays these games is that he’s still thinking about you, and wants to see how you react.

These games can really play with your emotions. And that’s exactly what he’s trying to do!

The best thing for you to do is to make sure you don’t play along or let him bother you.

Once he sees that his games aren’t working, he will become even more emotionally frustrated over you.

And if you want him back, you can easily turn this into obsession inside his heart, and have him come crawling back to you!

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7. He Withdraws And Becomes Distant

Here’s one of the biggest differences between how men and women deal with emotions:

For us, it’s a lot easier to express our pain and frustration, and to open up to our friends.

In fact, it usually feels good to let those emotions out, and share these emotions with those who care about you.

But for most guys, they will have trouble doing so even with their closest friends.

Here’s why:

For men, it is natural to deal with trauma and pain inwardly.

Instead of opening up to friends, they generally prefer to have their own space to process their emotions.

You might notice that right after the break-up, he will act quite unpredictably. He might try all sorts of ways to move on, and maybe even find a rebound.

But once he truly realizes he lost you, he will usually withdraw and become distant from everybody around him.

And this is actually the best time to reconnect with him and make him fall deeply in love with you once again…

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8. He Tries To Distract Himself From The Pain

Every man is different, and guys will deal with break-ups in different ways.

For many of them, however, they will turn to something called avoidance.

They don’t want to think about what happened, or see you out enjoying your life with other guys.

And so they try hard to stay busy and forget about you.

He might try to focus on his hobbies and spend quality time with his friends. He might start going out often and hitting the bars.

Or perhaps he’ll try to find a new “emotional fix” in the form of hookups and flings…

The point is: Guys will do whatever it takes to keep their minds distracted from any painful thoughts of losing you forever.

Once again, you might look at his actions and think that he’s completely moved on…

But the only reason why he’s doing all these things is he’s trying to distract himself from the pain of your break-up.

9. He Experiences Emotional Outbursts

awkward guy

No matter how hard he tries, it’s simply impossible for a man to keep his emotions completely hidden inside his heart.

He might try to suppress them and keep them locked up inside his heart…

He will do all sorts of things to take his mind off them, and forget all about you…

But in many cases, his hidden feelings will boil over in emotional outbursts.

For some guys, these outbursts will be sporadic and short-lived. For others, it will be recurring and more intense each time.

But regardless of this, his emotional bursts can become very uncontrollable once he finally realizes that he’s lost you for good.

Now, here’s the thing that most girls don’t realize:

It might be a bit confusing or even scary for you to witness these outbursts…

But as he goes through these emotional outbursts, he is also opening his heart up at the same time.

So when you start to notice these outbursts, don’t be surprised. This is actually a great time to start reconnecting with him.

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10. He Reaches Out To You


Finally, we have the clearest sign that a man still has feelings for you.

When a guy truly realizes he has lost you, he can miss you so badly that he has no choice but to reach out to you directly.

Now, don’t expect him to pour his heart out and tell you how he feels without you right away.

In most cases, he will usually start by reaching out to you casually, perhaps just asking how you are and catching up with you.

But don’t be fooled: This is a clear sign that he hasn’t moved on completely yet.

The only reason a man would reach out to you after breaking up with you is that in one way or another, you are still in his heart.

If you do want him back, now is the time to make him realize what he is missing.

This is your perfect chance to make him realize just how much he needs you in his life, and have him BEG for another chance with you.

Not sure how to start? Just keep reading…

One Last Thing: The RIGHT Way To Reconnect With Your Ex

Let’s be honest here:

Break-ups are a stressful experience. And we understand how you feel.

It’s a time full of emotion, loneliness, and uncertainty, as you are haunted with thoughts in your head.

What’s more, it can also be a very awkward situation with you and your ex…

But take a deep breath and ask yourself this:

Are you still thinking about him?

Do you still have feelings for him?

Deep inside your heart, do you want him back?

If the answer is yes, then pay close attention:

As relationship coaches, we’ve helped thousands of women around the world deal with their break-ups.

We know exactly what to do to get rid of all that emotional stress and trauma, and start all over again in a loving relationship with your man.

We know the RIGHT way to reconnect with him, so you can skip all the awkwardness and have him BEG you for another chance at your heart!

And we know how to make him feel a deep desire to commit to you once and for all, to treat you like the most special woman in the world, and never to let you go again.

Today, we want to help you too.

To get you started, we’ve prepared a handy guide on how to reconnect with your ex-boyfriend, and rekindle his feelings for you again.

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Don’t let this be you. You deserve better.

You deserve a warm and caring relationship with a man who loves and respects every single thing about you.

You deserve a strong, amazing man who obsesses over you non-stop, and worships you like his personal princess.

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You deserve this. And we want to help you achieve all this.

So grab your free guide below, and start trying out the little tricks inside. You’ll be surprised at how well they work on any man!

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