He Wants To Be Friends After Dumping Me: What Should I Do?

It’s one of the most painful and heartbreaking things that can happen to a woman:

Things seemed to be going so well in your relationship…

But all of a sudden, your whole world comes crumbling down.

He has decided to quit the relationship. He simply doesn’t want to be with you any longer.

And instead of completely severing ties with you, he wants to be friends with you after he dumps you.

He thinks this will ease the pain of the breakup. But in reality, it makes things even worse!

So what does it mean when he wants to stay friends after dumping you? And what should you do?

First things first, take a deep breath – You’re not alone.

In fact, as international dating and relationship experts, we’ve helped women in your position time and time again

And today, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about how to handle this situation the right way.

Most importantly, you’ll learn some powerful secrets about male attraction, and how you can quickly secure a man’s devotion simply by pressing a few “emotional buttons”.

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Why Would My Ex Boyfriend Want To Be Friends? The Top Reasons Revealed

When a guy dumps you, he may want to be friends with you for a variety of reasons.

These can including wanting to ease the pain of leaving the relationship, to feel better knowing you’re still in his life, and even to keep you as a “back-up plan”.

He may want to be friends with you after dumping you out of guilt in some cases.

He could be feeling guilty for hurting you, and he believes that friendship would make you feel better and relieve his guilt.

You see, guys will rarely desire to be friends with you after a break-up merely for the sake of friendship…

When he wants to be friends, he usually has selfish and self-centered reasons.

At this point, it’s important for you to explore all of the reasons why he wants to be friends with you after dumping you.

This will allow you to get a better picture of what is REALLY on his mind, his goals, and what your next steps should be…

1. He Cares About You

Yes, there are plenty of selfish and disrespectful reasons why a guy would want to stay friends with you after dumping you…

But that doesn’t rule out the chance that he wants to be friends with you because he cares about you and believes the two of you can have a positive friendship.

When two people grow apart and feelings fade, relationships end. Sure, it hurts. But it’s a fact of life, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

If you truly feel like you can stay civil and friendly, you don’t have to cut each other off completely.

It’s beneficial for two individuals to have some space from each other when they stop a romantic relationship.

But it’s not an issue if they can remain helpful at times through polite communication.

It all depends on how you feel, what he wants, and how you can move on with your life without becoming caught in the past or being tormented by the split.

If he truly cares about you, however, you will be able to sense his sincerity in his wish to be friends.


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2. He Wants To Make The Breakup Less Painful

Breakups are painful.

There’s the agony and worry of actually having to go through with the breakup and having that talk, which can be quite unpleasant at times.

And then there’s the heartache and anguish of having to separate permanently from your partner.

This whole process can really hurt, and it’s something you never really think about until you have to end a relationship.

Now, put yourself in his shoes for a second:

It’s difficult to tell someone you care about that your relationship isn’t working and that you want to end it.

You begin to be concerned about what your partner may say, how they will react, and so on.

It hurts you, but you can be sure that this entire ordeal will be replayed in his mind a thousand times too.

To avoid all this pain and hardship for the both of you, he feels that by asking you to stay friends, he can avoid having to deal with your reaction and all the emotional fallout from the breakup.

He also understands that he will miss you. Outside of romantic feelings, attachment can still exist.

Despite the fact that he is no longer in love with you, he may still feel connected to you on an emotional level.

No matter how hard he tries, he won’t be able to walk away from the routine, the plans, and the life you’ve established together without any difficulty.

So to avoid all this drama and pain, he hopes to be friends with you after you’ve been dumped.

3. He Wants To Keep You As His “Back-Up Plan”

This is by far the most selfish reason for him wanting to be friends with you after abandoning you.

You see, your man is being pulled in two directions:

On one hand, he enjoys the security and comfort that comes with knowing there is always someone who he can be with…

But on the other hand, there are hundreds of other women he’d like to be with, and he desires the freedom to move on and pursue them.

To avoid feeling all alone and abandoned, he may attempt to stay friends with you after dumping you, simply to keep you as his “back-up plan”.

He might tell you that he wants to stay friends. But in reality, he is only keeping you around in case other relationships don’t work out for him.

The truth is: This is actually a very common thing among guys.

Some men will abandon you but keep you around in case their romantic lives do not work out.

Worse, some men will try to transition into a friends-with-benefits type of relationship while you’re thinking he wants to get back together or be true friends.

You do not want to be in this position. It lowers your value in his eyes and essentially rewards him for ditching you.

What you’ll notice is that he won’t put much effort into your “friendly” relationship. He might even go missing for a while.

But every now and then, he will appear out of nowhere, telling you how much he misses you.

It will only be a short time before he becomes again, just to repeat the whole process.

While he’s gone cold on you, it’s typically because he’s met someone new or is dating someone new.

And it’s only because something went wrong with that other person or his love life in general that he returns to your side.

Does this sound like the behavior of someone who genuinely wants to be your friend?

The truth is, you don’t want to be used or pulled around by a guy.

In an ideal world, you have his complete attention, devotion and commitment. He should be the one pouring his heart out, and doing everything he can to make you happy.

So don’t let him play games on your heart. Take control of the situation.


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4. He Wants You To Remain In His Life

Here’s the funny thing about breakups:

No matter how much he wanted to breakup with you, even the dumper will feel all same awful sensations of separation eventually.

The reason why the dumper appears to suffer less in the early phases of a breakup is because they have complete control over the situation.

But what they don’t realize is that this sense of control fades very quickly following the breakup.

And after this happens, he will have to face a rush of emotions alone as he realizes you are gone from his life.

It will hurt when they are alone with their thoughts, experiencing separation anxiety, or simply missing you.

It’s at this point that they usually begin to second-guess their decision to leave the relationship.

The sheer distance between you, both physical and emotional, will increase his worry and fear. And he will start to think about the potential of never hearing from you again.

As a result, he may suggest to be friends with you after you’ve been dumped.

It’s simply an attempt for him to get some relief and move on whenever your concerns and worry strike.

Should We Stay Friends After The Break Up?

he texts you

Whether you should stay friends after a breakup all depends on how the breakup happened, and what kind of person he is.

If the breakup was calm and peaceful, and you both decided it was time to move on, then perhaps you can stay friends…

But if he dumped you, staying friends is not a good idea, UNLESS you are emotionally stable enough to move on and made peace with the past.

Being his friend is not a smart idea if he is a toxic person who has brought a lot of stress, drama, tension, and troubles into your life since all of that negative energy will prevent you from moving on and finding serenity.

Another reason you shouldn’t agree to be friends with him after he dumps you is that if you didn’t want to end the relationship, “being friends” is not a wise method to bring him back.

Instead of agreeing to be friends and watching him move on with his life while you wait for an opportunity to get him back, it might be more efficient to use no contact.

After all, it will just damage your feelings if you see him with other women.


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How To Decide Whether To Be Friends With Him After The Breakup


You’ll need to set some ground rules and set some limitations. Things cannot be the same as they were during the partnership, particularly in terms of your privacy.

In any case, you should avoid spending too much time with him because it can mess with your emotions.

Instead of moving on, you may find yourself wishing for his return and becoming deeper in love with him.

This is not a good thing for you.

Apart from that, if you find that you’re still emotionally attached to him or are not entirely over the breakup, you should try your best to avoid his social media updates.

Guys are unpredictable, and seeing him flirting with other women online will hurt you on an emotional level.

On top of this, try not to bring up past conflicts or troubles in the relationship when you’re talking to friends and family.

It’s quite likely that rehashing the circumstances of the breakup and your relationship will simply make the breakup more painful.

The “Shortcut” To Forming A Deep Emotional Connection With Any Man

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing:

We want to enjoy an honest and loving relationship with an amazing guy who understands us, cares about us, and opens his heart to us.

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Relationships are full of mixed emotions, ups and downs, and other hardships.

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