Do Guys Regret Losing A Good Girl? Here’s The Truth…

We’ve all experienced those little magical romantic moments in life where it feels like you’re in a movie:

Perhaps you’ve already met the one man who brings you true happiness. You’ve met the guy who fulfills all of your emotional needs. The one who was genuine and truthful with you.

But sadly, he did not appreciate you fully. Eventually, he starts to take you for granted. And instead of acknowledging your value, he spent his time being self-centered.

They say you don’t realize how valuable something is until you lose it. And it’s possible that this is what occurred to you two…

But what is he really thinking? Does he regret losing a good girl like you?

If you’re wondering about these questions, don’t worry – It’s perfectly normal.

In fact, as international relationship coaches, we get these questions from girls from all around the world all the time.

And today, we’re going to reveal to you exactly what he is thinking, as well as some powerful tips on how to leverage this sense of regret to make him BEG you for another chance at your heart…

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Do Guys Regret Breaking Up With A Good Girl?

Here’s the truth:

Yes, men generally regret losing a good girl, especially if they cared for and were attached to.

It usually takes a bit of time before this regret sets in. But when it does, they usually start missing her and regretting losing her when they are alone or nostalgic.

The key is in the emotional connection that he shares with you.

If he did connect with you on a deep level at some point, then it’s only a matter of time before he starts to feel these feelings of regret for breaking up with a good girl like you.

Guys who never shared this connection with you, on the other hand, will not feel bad about losing you, even if you are attractive.

In other words, a deep emotional connection is a requirement for regret.

This is true in all aspects of life: As long as you care about something, it has a certain amount of worth for you.

When something valuable is taken away, it is mourned and missed.

So, if he truly regarded you as a person or cared about you in some way, it’s unavoidable that he will be sorry for losing you.


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How Long Before He Realizes He Made A Mistake Losing A Good Girl?

A man will begin to realize his mistake of losing a good girl once the initial rush of emotions from the breakup passes, and he realizes that he is left all alone again.

In most cases, this can take anywhere from a few weeks to three months.

That’s usually when things begin to slow down, giving him plenty of time to ponder and evaluate.

Some people immediately go into a condition of sorrow and pain following a breakup, while others prevent this by dating other people.

These guys don’t want to cope with the aftermath of their loss.

As a result, they spend the first few weeks enjoying their newfound ‘liberty’ until the novelty wears off.

When that happens, their entire world comes crumbling down around them.

They begin to grasp that you are permanently gone, and that there is a empty space in his heart where you used to be. Nothing or no one else will be able to fill it.

That’s when they know they’ve lost a nice girl, and they’re filled with regret.

The Exceptions: The Guys Who Don’t Regret Losing A Good Girl

As we’ve mentioned above, men who never care about you in the first place will not regret losing you.

In his eyes, your presence had no worth, thus there was no reason for him to be sad about your departure.

We know it’s unpleasant to hear, but it’s the truth.

You should not waste your time with a man who is uninterested in you. He didn’t see your worth since he’s so blind and unappreciative, and you are deserving of someone who recognizes you for the amazing woman you are.

A player is another type of person who will not be disappointed if he loses a good female.

He doesn’t give a damn about your personality. His only goal is to amuse himself by playing mind games and being with multiple women at the same time.

On top of this, a guy who is in love with someone else is unlikely to be disappointed if he loses a good female. This is because he’s far too preoccupied with his love for someone else.

He is unconcerned about what he has lost. In actuality, he is just thinking about what he wants to acquire or has already gained.

When his eyes and heart are fixed on someone else, there’s no reason for him to be sad over the loss of another female.

Of course, emotions are a changing thing, and even the most stubborn and cold man can have a change of heart.

As long as you push the right “emotional buttons”, you can get any man to be desperately devoted to you, and flood his body with an uncontrollable desire to be with you.


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Signs He Regrets Losing A Good Girl

We all know that guys can be quite mysterious sometimes…

And that’s especially the case in the aftermath of a breakup.

In these highly emotional times, they love to keep their feelings hidden and play it cool in front of others, even amongst their best friends.

However, no matter how hard they try, they simply can’t keep everything hidden.

There are a few key signs of a man who regrets losing a good girl, and we recommend keeping an eye out for them.

The more of these signs a man shows, the more regret he is going to have:

1. He Simply Can’t Move On

Months or years have passed, yet he still isn’t able to go on.

When people ask him why, he might avoid the question or say he doesn’t want to be in a relationship.

But make no mistake: This is clearly due to his sorrow and incapacity to move on after his loss.

2. He Is Stuck In The Past

A fascination with the past, specifically of the good times spent together, is a big sign that a man regrets losing a good girl.

His perpetual melancholy is a reflection of his sorrow and concern.

The fact is: He wouldn’t be thinking about you or spending any mental energy on you if he didn’t care.

Talking about the past a lot is a way of committing to living in the past rather than moving on.

3. He Expresses His Regret To You

You might think that it’s quite obvious that he regrets losing you if he actually tells you…

However, we bring this up since most women are filled with uncertainty and don’t know whether or not a man is being truthful about this.

The truth is that most men avoid putting themselves in these sort of vulnerable positions.

So if he comes out and expresses his regret to you, it shows you that his feelings are so powerful that it’s overriding his need to protect his pride and ego.

That’s when you know for sure that he regrets losing you.

4. He Tries To Win You Back

If a man is pushed to the edge by the feelings of regret and sorrow from losing a good girl, he will do everything he can to undo everything and win her back.

He might an attempt to be better, and try to keep in touch all the time.

In some cases, he might even have an emotional outpouring, expressing his feelings and begging for another chance.

This is when you know his feelings of regret have pushed him into desperation and despair.


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5. He’s Jealous Of You

Another telling indicator of a guy who regrets losing a good female is jealousy.

In this state of mind, he simply can’t bear seeing her with another man.

He can’t stop thinking about how he used to be the one with her. This irritates him, and he can’t help but be envious.

He may interrogate her about her love life on a regular basis, belittle the other person, or be snarky.

He may even seem as if he doesn’t care, but these are only indicators of regret.

6. He Keeps Texting You

Think about this for a second:

He wouldn’t be putting so much effort into staying in touch with her if he didn’t regret losing you, would he?

His numerous texts are simply a reflection of his current emotional state.

He is filled with regret and can’t cope with the reality that he has lost you.

And to an extent, he is trying to keep you in his life or even win you back by texting you a lot.

7. He Tries To “Make Things Right” With You

When a man regrets his behavior and actions, he will usually go out of his way to make amends.

He is dissatisfied with his blunders and places far too much value on you for him to escape taking responsibility for his actions.

So, despite having to accept the truth that he messed up or lost out, he humbles himself and seeks to make things right again.

What Happens When He Realizes He Lost A Good Woman

Unfortunately, most men are unaware of their possessions until they are lost. That is the issue.

If you think about it, most of us would make better decisions in life if we could anticipate this sense of loss.

In fact, regret can be an excellent teacher.

It can cause a man who used to take you for granted to completely change his behaviors.

And if you use it the right way, he may come back to you, begging for another chance at your heart, and promising never to let you go again.

Before we get into some ways of doing this, let’s take a look at what really happens when a man realizes he lost a good woman:

1. You Leave An Impression On His Life

Good people have a remarkable ability to touch your heart in ways you may not realize until you finally lose them.

It’s difficult to fill the vacuum they leave behind when they pass away since they are so special.

When the adrenaline rush of being alone again wears off, a man will be left with his thoughts and will have to deal with the loneliness and coldness of being alone again.

At that moment, he’ll begin to recall all of the little things that made her special, and that distinguished her from other girls.

That’s when the feeling of regret starts rushing in.


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2. He Loves You

At the end of the day, love is a powerful emotion. It has a huge impact on our life and influences the majority of our decisions.

Once he realizes he’s alone again, the man who loves you will be heartbroken if he loses you.

The feelings of anger, mistrust and resentment will fade quickly after the breakup. And he will simply be left with the feelings of love and affection that remain in his heart.

It doesn’t even matter whether he has met anyone else or the loss was caused by something other than his own conduct.

He will always have that feeling of regret because he wishes he could have spent more time with you, enjoyed you more, or done more to be with you.

More than guilt or shame, this type of regret is linked to love. And it’s a type of regret that can have a big impact on someone’s life and is difficult to let go of.

3. He Begins To Realize His Mistakes

A man may have cherished and loved a good girl but made a mistake that led to the relationship’s demise.

He quickly regrets losing her now that she’s gone because of the various actions he made that may have hurt you and pushed you away.

Because let’s face it: Even the most amazing men are prone to making blunders.

Nobody is flawless, and we all have the ability to fall and fail at times.

If he is a kind person at heart with a strong moral compass, he will be deeply saddened by the loss of a good girl as a result of his own doing.

4. He Realizes How Hard It Is To Find A Good Girl

Life is full with ironies. It might sometimes portray a misleading picture for you. We are persuaded to assume that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, only to discover that it isn’t.

Or, if it is, you aren’t fond of it.

You’ll never completely comprehend or appreciate the value of anything until it’s gone if you’re always focused on getting something better or moving on to the next item.

There are many influences and elements in today’s world that drive people to be deceitful, shallow, egotistical, and so on.

When individuals who are less than perfect become role models, finding good girls becomes more difficult.

Men, on the other hand, encourage this conduct.

They have a tendency to put shallow and superficial women on a pedestal while dismissing genuine human beings.

Then they cry and complain that there aren’t enough good girls in the world.

The issue is that you aren’t paying attention to them or appropriately addressing them.

When he finally realizes how difficult it is to meet good girls, he will suddenly become aware of his own weaknesses.

The sense of loss and regret will force him to reflect and reevaluate who he is as a person.

At the same time, this will be a moment marked by a great deal of remorse.

In short, when a guy tries to find someone new after losing a good good, he’ll find himself regretting his decision when he realizes how difficult it is to find someone of equal quality.


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A Few Final Thoughts…

So at the end of the day, do guys regret breaking up with good girls? Without a doubt, as long as they cared about her and shared a true emotional connection with her.

If there wasn’t this connection in the first place, however, there’s no reason for him to feel bad about anything.

Regret is a steep slope that becomes increasingly terrible the more one encounters it.

As a result, they’ll frequently show signals of regret, such as pleading for a second opportunity, asking for forgiveness, or continually texting.

Unfortunately, a man who has no regrets about losing a good girl will simply move on with his life, not giving her or the past another consideration.

The key always lies in devotion and emotional connection. If this man was truly devoted and connected to you at some point, it’s only a matter of time before he starts to experience feelings of regret from the bottom of his heart.

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