Dating Experts Respond: Why Does My Boyfriend Hate Me?

“Why does my boyfriend hate me?”

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common questions we get.

Here’s the truth: Relationships are difficult to maintain.

Sometimes we sense hateful feelings from the ones we love. And this can really hurt us deeply.

But I assure you that there are a wide array of other explanations, and I’ll cover them all in this article.

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Watch Out! The Top 9 Signs That Your Boyfriend Hates You:

Human beings are fallible, and our self-esteem is frequently based on casual remarks made by our partners that carry a significant emotional cost.

At the end of the day, your boyfriend or husband may say things that are hurtful, even though they aren’t meant to be hurtful.

When we’re going through a rough patch in a healthy relationship, thoughts of hatred can seep in unwittingly.

What matters is that you figure out what’s causing his behavior and strive to repair your relationship.

So to help you out, here are some clear signs to watch out for that will tell you whether your boyfriend hates you:

1. He Is Unconcerned About Your Emotional Needs

You’ve realised that your boyfriend would prefer sit in front of the television all day than spend time with you.

He never hits pause when playing video games, no of what you’re going through.

He never inquires about your well-being. He never demonstrates that he cares.

You’re all alone, and if you break apart in front of him, he’ll tell you that you’re blocking his view.

It’s unpleasant and painful. His aloofness is slowly torturing me, and the distance is becoming unbearable.

You’re anxious to make your relationship work, but he’d rather go out, drink excessively, and act like a complete jerk.

If this is the case, your partner truly despises you. I’m not sure why, but I can tell you that you won’t be able to continue in this environment until your basic requirements are satisfied.

You’re going to fall apart one by one. Your mental health is deteriorating, and everything will become a trigger for you.

Have you considered what might be causing his heinous behaviour?

Has something happened recently that you haven’t dealt with?

There’s nothing left to do but leave his sorry ass and find someone who will treat you well unless you know of a method to change things for the better.


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2. You Get Blamed For Everything

He accuses you of being to blame for everything that is wrong with your relationship.

He doesn’t take responsibility for anything, and you’re always in the wrong.

You know it wasn’t you, and he realises it as well. The issue is, he doesn’t seem to mind.

He doesn’t give a damn how you feel about it.

This is his method of informing you that he no longer wishes to be with you.

Things are quite evident if he’d prefer blame you for the problems than deal with them.

Human beings are, without a doubt, complex. But don’t be blind when individuals offer you every opportunity to see their true colours!

We all have bad days, but it doesn’t justify poor behaviour. No one has the right to treat you badly because of this.

These are the moments that will either make or ruin you.

Make the decision to see him for who he truly is. If he keeps giving you excuses to leave him, you should leave him.

However, if there is a cause for all of this, consider attempting to correct it.

Continue reading to learn about some of the most likely reasons why your partner despises you.

Who knows, maybe you’ll realise there’s still hope for you!

3. He’s Not Concerned And Attentive Anymore

He doesn’t do anything pleasant for you anymore. He no longer treats you as if you’re the only girl on the planet.

You used to be his best friend, but now you’re just a passing acquaintance.

There’s always a cause for people to suddenly change their habits without giving an explanation.

Maybe it’s something he’s doing, or maybe he’s unhappy with something you’re doing and can’t express it.

In any case, this is a clear indication that your lover despises and resents you for something.

When you love someone, you make certain they are aware of your feelings.

However, his lack of care and attention indicates that he has major concerns.

All that’s left to do now is consider how you want to proceed. Are you going to talk to him or will you just let it go on?

Will you try to work on some things that might be causing hateful feelings or is there nothing left to save?

Let me just say one thing to you. You deserve to be loved, cared for, and respected.

You deserve someone who will boost your self-esteem and help you overcome your concerns.

If your boyfriend doesn’t have that effect on you, then what are you still doing with him?

4. He Threatens To Break Up With You

People fight and then make up the next day. It happens all the time and is a perfectly natural occurrence.

If the relationship is healthy, there must always be a resolution, no matter how great the dispute was.

However, if your partner threatens to break up with you after every dispute, you should be concerned.

No matter what transpired and the hurtful things that were said – if he loves you, he’ll make sure you know it through text messages, phone calls, or a social media message.

He’ll reach out and start a chat to go through everything. However, you must recognise if you are in an abusive relationship (mental abuse is a fact).

Even if he is your first love, you should never put your self-worth and well-being in jeopardy when his ego is threatened.

If your lover actually despises you, don’t let it affect your mental health.

It’s a major issue, and you don’t have to put up with it.

He should just do it and let you go if he wants to break up with you.

There’s no purpose in sticking unless there’s a legitimate justification for his behavior.


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5. He Attacks Your Weaknesses And Insecurities

When you initially started dating, he was enamoured with everything about you. He never tried to persuade you to change and always made you feel safe and protected.

However, things have altered dramatically in recent years. He no longer has any qualms about objectifying you in ways he never did before.

Whatever he thinks about your appearance now, he just says it like it’s nothing.

You’re either too big, too small, or not paying attention.

You either dress too provocatively or like a nun, and he doesn’t like either option.

You’ve begun to believe that nothing you do would ever be enough for him. And, based on this behavior, you are correct.

Nobody has the right or the authority to tell you what to do or how to dress.

Your boyfriend might hate you for not being exactly how he pictures you in his mind, and that’s his issue!

Stop questioning why your boyfriend despises you and start demonstrating your dominance!

6. He Hides His Phone From You

I strongly believe that two individuals have the right to privacy. Your life is yours, and your boyfriend’s is his.

It doesn’t mean you can’t keep some things to yourself just because you’re in a relationship.

But if he has suddenly started hiding his phone from you (and he never did it before) it’s a bad sign.

If all of a sudden, he changes his passcode and makes sure he never leaves his phone or tablet near you, there might be something there.

For whatever reason, your boyfriend may despise you.

Perhaps this is his way of informing you that he has made his decision. He’s simply not manly enough to express it in words.

When people are afraid of being sincere, they become passive-aggressive.

Maybe you done something that really irritated him?

Maybe he’s simply unhappy, and he’s expressing it in a shabby manner?

Whatever it is, it’s a clear indication that he no longer cares for you. When things take a turn for the worst seemingly out of nowhere, there is usually a reason.

7. He Doesn’t Enjoy Hanging Out With You Anymore

One of the nicest aspects of relationships is having a life partner built in.

He’s your workout buddy, game-night companion, secret keeper, and so much more!

All of that now seems like a distant memory. He’s begun to avoid doing things with you.

He gets up before you and you no longer go to the gym together (there’s always an excuse).

He no longer wants to go on dinner dates with you at your friends’ houses, and you’re always having to make up excuses for why he’s not there.

In a nutshell, he’s abandoned you in all facets of life. This indicates that he desires independence and is attempting to distance himself from you.

Your significant other no longer wants anything to do with you, as painful as that is. It’s always the small details that reveal the truth.

Yes, I’m afraid your guy genuinely dislikes you, and there’s no way to avoid it.

All he wants to do now is be alone, with his best friend, or anyplace else than with you.

Simply put, your guy has lost interest in you emotionally.


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8. He Humiliates You In Front Of Your Peers

One of the most infuriating things he’s started doing is treating you with total disdain, much to your surprise and dismay.

He’s started to treat you as if you’re nothing to him, no matter where you are or who you’re with.

This has significant emotional ramifications.

In front of your buddies, you’re ashamed. You’re embarrassed just stepping out in public because you’re afraid he’ll start criticising you again.

He pretends to be unmarried by posting images of himself with other women. He’ll call you out in front of everyone to make sure you know where you belong.

Yes, your partner definitely despises you since he has devolved into a shell of a human being. But, guess what?

You’re not obligated to put up with it!

There’s nothing left to stay for unless there’s an underlying issue that you’re denying to yourself.

Give him the boot if he treats you with disrespect and disgrace.

This is not the type of connection that should be battled for. You require a man who understands how to treat a lady, and he is plainly not such man!

9. He Avoids Talking About Your Future

There is no longer a ‘we,’ only ‘him’ and his plans. You used to have a lot of ambitions for the future.

You used to dream of getting a dog and buying a house in the suburbs.

You used to fantasise about getting old with him, but now he avoids discussing the future like the plague.

You can tell he’s losing his grip. You can sense the animosity and separation between you two. But what went wrong?

What was the catalyst behind this? You used to be two peas in a pod, but now you’re more like roommates who don’t even speak to each other.

Perhaps it’s just not in the cards for him, or perhaps he’s just one of those people who is afraid of closeness.

Maybe he’s blocking you out in order for you to break up with him. He’s too much of a snob to even treat you with respect.

But here’s the thing… don’t give him the satisfaction. Allow him to wallow in his own unhappiness; if he wants to go, he’ll have to do so on his own.

If your relationship is salvageable, try to have a heart-to-heart with your partner.

If you believe things have gone too far, make peace with it and go on. Things are going to get better.


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5 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Might Hate You

Now that we’ve taken a look at the most common signs that your boyfriend hates you, let’s dive deeper and figure out what is causing your boyfriend to feel this way.

Understanding this is the first step to healing your relationship and getting his devotion back!

Once you figure out how exactly your boyfriend is feeling, you will be able to take the right steps to regaining his love and commitment, and “locking-in” his devotion so he never even thinks about leaving you ever again!

1. He Felt You Were Too Bossy

One reason why your boyfriend might resent you is if you’re acting like a control freak who won’t let him do what he wants. People, in general, dislike being constantly instructed what to do.

Have you considered that this could be the cause of his unkempt demeanour? Has he grown to despise you as a result of your refusal to let him be himself?

It’s okay to give him advice and consult him, but it’s a problem if you’re making him feel trapped. That might cause him to manifest his feelings in a really bad way.

2. He Feels Neglected

Guys are like kids in that if they aren’t given enough attention, they will act out!

Has your work suddenly become more important than him? Have you run out of time for date evenings and quality time with your partner?

If your lover feels like he isn’t a priority, he will begin to act as if he despises you. In actuality, all he wants is your attention.

Feeling left out is the source of his dismissiveness, putting you down, and being a jerk. Before you make any judgments, put yourself in his shoes for a second.


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3. He Is Jealous Of Your Ex

In general, guys despise being compared to their girlfriend’s exes in any manner, shape, or form. It’s a complete turn-off.

And if your boyfriend feels threatened by comparisons to your ex, he’ll show it.

Because you won’t stop talking about your ex, he may exhibit every single vile trait listed above.

What would your reaction be if the tables were turned on you? It’s not a pleasant situation, and you should strive to reassure him and make things better.

4. He Feels Like You Don’t Respect His Privacy

Allowing people to have some “me time” is necessary. If you’re continually in the company of others, you won’t be able to function independently.

It’s fine to want to be close to him, but you must also give him room to breathe!

Maybe he’s suffocating, and he doesn’t know how to tell you because he doesn’t want to harm you. That’s ironic, because his actions are doing just that!

Speak with him and think about taking a step back. We all have a right to our own time. With other males, you’re too flirtatious.

No wonder he’s acting this way if you’re flirting with every male you meet on the street! That makes him feel extremely disrespected.

It’s fine to be self-assured and attractive; just don’t tease other men when your man is present. It’s great to be noticed and liked by others.

However, if it means jeopardizing your relationship, it’s not worth it.

Leave the flirtatious side to your man if you have one! He needs to know that you only have eyes for him, as does he for you!

5. A Relationship Is A Two-Way Street

If you refuse to follow the same rules that you expect from him, and you don’t treat the relationship like a two-way street, you can’t expect to be loved, adored, or respected.

Believe it or not, guys experience deep emotions and feelings too. And they don’t always know what to do when you hurt them.

And it’s this that makes you wonder: why does my boyfriend hate me when he’s simply silently grieving for something he can’t express properly to you?

As long as you’re a decent girlfriend, I’m confident he’ll return to being the guy you fell in love with! Don’t let your relationship die if there’s still hope. We learn vital lessons from adversity!

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