How To Get A Man’s Attention (10 Clever Ways!)

We all know that falling for a guy is like going on an emotional roller coaster ride.

One moment, you get that warm bubbly feeling in your body…

But the next moment, you’re worrying about whether he feels the same about you.

And that’s especially true if he doesn’t give you his attention.

So what if you could take control of that?

What if you could hijack his psychology and steal his attention whenever you want, with just a few simple tricks?

As dating and relationship experts, we’ve helped thousands of women around the world to do exactly that.

And today, we’re giving you a taste of it too!

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The 10 Best Ways To Get A Man’s Attention

The key to getting a man’s attention is to attract him from a distance and to let him come to you, and not the other way around.

You see, one of the biggest mistakes girls make is trying too hard to get a guy’s attention.

But this can really turn him off, because it comes across as desperate.

Instead, you want to pull him towards you, so that he gives you his attention naturally.

If you’re not sure how to do this, pay close attention:

In this article, we’re showing you exactly how to get a guy’s attention without chasing him.

These are 10 clever tricks that you can use on any guy to steal his attention from other girls, easily and quickly!

Later in this article, you will also learn how to turn this attention into attraction, and make him BEG to become your boyfriend!

1. Talk To As Many Other People As Possible

Here’s an interesting fact about human psychology:

People are naturally drawn to crowds.

What does this mean?

Imagine you were walking down the street, and there was an empty ice cream store across the road…

Chances are, you wouldn’t think much of it and walk right past it. Perhaps you might not even notice it.

Now imagine the same ice cream store, but with a huge crowd of people outside of it. Everyone is chatting, having fun, and enjoying their treats.

The result? Every single person who walks past that store would have their attention stolen by it!

Their focus will be drawn to the store like magnets, wondering “What is going on?” and “Why is this ice cream store so popular?”

Here’s the kicker: The same applies to people!

You see, one of the biggest mistakes girls make is they put all of their focus on that one amazing guy, hoping that he will notice her.

But this never works. In fact, it can come off as needy and desperate.

Instead, you want to draw him in by being the center of attention in a big group of people.

If a man sees you chatting and having fun with lots of other people, his attention will instantly be drawn towards you.

He will be curious about you, and feel a strange urge to get to know you better, while wondering why you’re so popular with everybody.

2. Dress In A Way That Suits Your Body

Let’s face it: Guys are visual creatures.

And if you want to steal his attention, one of the best ways to do so is by looking nice.

Now, there’s no need to put on anything too attention-seeking or revealing.

Instead, what you want to do is wear clothes that suit your natural body type best.

This does two things:

First of all, it compliments your body. It shows off the best parts of your physique, and presents it in the best possible way.

But more importantly, this will make you feel better about yourself, which will draw him in.

You see, feeling comfortable in your own body can completely change the way you act. You will get a huge boost in confidence, and people nearby can detect this.

So be sure to choose outfits that make you feel comfortable and suit your body.

For example, if you’re a bigger girl, choose a dress that shows off your figure and makes you look curvy and alluring.

And if you’re a smaller girl, go for a cute and petite look, and pick something that makes you look sweet.

Whatever your body type is, you can always look better by dressing in a way that fits your physique and draws a guy’s attention!

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3. Be Flashy On Social Media

One of the biggest mistakes girls make nowadays is becoming too attached to social media.

These days, you can’t have a social life without having an Instagram or Facebook account. And sadly, many girls will get emotionally attached to their social media profiles.

If you’re not careful, this can really cause a lot of stress and insecurity, and it might even make you feel depressed sometimes!

But there IS a way around this.

The answer is simple: You need to use these platforms as tools instead.

You want to use social media as a way to draw attention to yourself, without having to chase anybody.

So instead of texting constantly and chasing guys you like on social media, focus on posting flashy content.

Make sure you capture all the fun moments in your life, whether it’s going out with your friends, seeing a concert, or having a great meal.

By doing this, you become the center of attention. Men will be drawn towards you, because you come across as a fun, popular girl who has an amazing life.

And over time, they will be the ones chasing you!

Now, if you want the attention of one specific guy, there’s a clever way to do this over social media:

Simply text him now and then, casually saying “Hi” or “What’s up”, or by liking and replying to some of his stories and posts.

You don’t need to overdo this. In fact, the conversations don’t need to go anywhere.

The goal of doing this is to trick the algorithm into thinking you are close to him.

By doing this, he will start to see more and more of your posts on his feed.

And over time, you will steal his attention and he will become very curious about you!

4. Use The “Hot-And-Cold” Technique

Picture this in your head:

Imagine you gave a cat a piece of string.

He might play with it for a while, but then quickly get bored of it.

But what if you dangled the string in front of him, and then quickly snatched it away as he reached for it?

He would start chasing it again and again…

Until his attention becomes completely fixed on it!

The truth is, the same applies to guys.

If you want to really capture a man’s attention, a great way to do this is to play the “hot-and-cold” game on him.

This is where you make yourself available to him, and give him your attention for a while…

And then suddenly go cold on him.

He will suddenly get an empty feeling once he notices you have become distant. And because of this, he will try to reach out to you to draw you back to him.

Then, all you have to do is restart the cycle again!

Over time, you will start to drive him more and more crazy for you, and make him chase you, putting all of his attention on you even when you’re not together in person.

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5. Be A Good Listener

Here’s a surprising truth about men:

They might not admit it, but they have lots of thoughts and emotions that they are keeping inside.

And that’s why every one of them is secretly looking for someone who can truly listen to them.

So if you want to get a man’s attention, a great way to do this is simply to be a good listener.

This not only means hearing what he has to say, but also showing interest and asking questions that will encourage him to open up even more.

This simple act of listening makes a man feel comfortable around you.

He will begin to feel like he can trust you with anything, because you are such a good listener. And over time, this develops into a great connection with him!

And once he sees you as someone he can trust and connect with on a deep level, his attention will naturally go to you every time you’re around.

6. Show Off Your Quirks And Personality Traits

Let’s face it – As women, we often get a lot of pressure to talk and act a certain way…

But this can mean we hide the parts of us that make us unique and interesting.

The truth is, men are attracted to women who stand out from the crowd.

It doesn’t matter if the room is full of supermodels who have the same boring personality. If you can stand out and be different, his eyes will be drawn to you.

So instead of trying to act like every other girl out there, embrace your quirks and be yourself!

For example, if art is something meaningful to you, let him know about it.

Or if you have a unique laugh that stands out from everybody else’s, embrace it! Don’t be embarrassed about it or hide it away from the world.

By showing him the parts of your personality that he wouldn’t expect, he will see you as more than just an ordinary girl. And that’s very refreshing for a guy.

But most importantly, it shows him that you are a genuine person who is comfortable in your own skin.

This pulls his attention towards you and makes him want to know more about you.

So no matter what your personality is like, embrace it and never hide it away. It’s what makes you special!

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7. Stay Positive All The Time

As humans, we are all drawn towards positive energy.

This is because positivity is contagious – It can spread from person to person, and it instantly makes you feel amazing.

Positive energy is like a ray of sunlight that shines on people. And if you have it, others will definitely notice you once you walk into the room.

And that’s why staying positive no matter what happens is one of the best ways to get a man’s attention.

First, he will be immediately impressed by how happy you are. He will admire how someone like you can spread so much joy to everyone else.

And when he gets to know more about you, he will see that your positivity doesn’t fade away when something bad happens, which makes him even more hooked on you.

If you have such strong positive energy, it’s easy to see why it is impossible for anyone not to notice you!

So try your best to always stay upbeat, positive, and optimistic, and you will be sure to get his attention.

Even in the face of negativity or bad news, you can easily put a positive spin on things by saying “Well! Let’s see what tomorrow brings!” or “I’m not too sure about this… but we’ll see how it goes anyway!”

Once he sees that you’re a constant source of positive energy, he can’t help but put his attention on you all the time!

8. Compliment Him (The Right Way)

Believe it or not, guys generally receive fewer compliments when compared to girls.

So if you want to make yourself stand out from other women, one of the best ways to do this is by complimenting a man.

But if you want to get his full attention, it’s important to do it the right way.

The truth is, nobody likes cheap flattery or thin praise. And it’s actually pretty easy to detect when a compliment is “forced”.

Instead, take your time to know him on a deeper level, then compliment him on something meaningful or personal to him.

A great way to do this is to make him feel good about something that is important or unique to him.

For example, if he has a positive and uplifting attitude in life, let him know how much you appreciate it.

If he’s really talented at playing an instrument and music means a lot to him, compliment him on his passion.

Or if he is working very hard on learning a language, tell him you admire his effort and dedication.

Once you know his real traits and personality on a deeper level, then the compliments will naturally come.

These compliments hit him on a much deeper emotional level, simply because they mean so much to him.

And the more powerful your compliments hit him, the more attention he will pay towards you!

9. Have Deep And Personal Conversations With Him

It seems obvious, but a man’s attention will naturally go to people who he feels a deep connection with…

And one of the best ways to build this connection is by making your conversations deeper and more personal.

Now, it’s not easy to do this right away, especially with a man you’ve just met recently.

But slowly, you can make him grow closer to you simply by talking about more meaningful topics.

Instead of making shallow small talk, open up to him by talking about yourself.

Share your personal stories with him, and talk about what motivates you and gives you a sense of purpose in life.

This will in turn encourage him to open up and share his more personal side with you.

By building this sort of connection with him, you will be able to draw his attention to you in a genuine and natural way.

And because he already feels this deep connection with you, it will be hard for him NOT to pay attention to you!

(For more ways to easily and quickly build this deep connection with a man, check out our handy guide here!)

10. Don’t Make Yourself Too Available To Him

One of the biggest mistakes girls can make is being too available to the guy they like.

Of course, it can be tempting to throw yourself at him and do everything you can to get his attention and make him like you…

But as we’ve mentioned above, this tends to backfire and push him away.

The moment you give him all of your attention, he will take you for granted, knowing that you will always be chasing him no matter what he does.

So instead of making yourself too available to him, make him work to win you over!

It’s okay to spend time with him every now and then. But don’t neglect your friends, family, and other obligations just to be with him.

You can also “challenge” him by getting him to come up with special and interesting things to do when you hang out.

Once he realizes that you are a woman with boundaries and expectations, he will feel an urge to work harder for your attention.

And once he starts chasing you, he won’t have any other choice but to put his full attention on you!

One More Thing: How To Make Him BEG To Be Your Boyfriend

By now, you’ve learned 10 powerful ways to steal any man’s attention and get him hooked on you…

But you might be wondering to yourself: Now what?

How can you move things forward, and turn this attention into a warm, loving, committed relationship?

The good news is: It’s pretty easy if you know what to do.

It all comes down to pressing a few “emotional triggers” inside every man’s psychology.

Once you do this, he will feel an uncontrollable desire for you that he’s never felt before.

And he will do anything he can just to wrap you up in his arms and hold you in a warm embrace, never wanting to let you go.

It might sound crazy at first. But we’ve already coached thousands of women around the world to do this.

And now, we want to help you!

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And he will desperately throw himself at a chance to be your man, and to devote himself to you (and ONLY you) forever.

The best part? It’s all based on male psychology, hardwired into his brain.

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Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

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