Top 10 Signs He No Longer Loves You (And What To Do About It)

Have you ever looked at a guy, and wondered to yourself:

“What does he REALLY think about me?”

It’s not an easy question to answer…

You see, guys are more emotionally repressed than girls.

This means psychologically, they like to keep their feelings inside.

No matter how close you get with a guy, or how long you are together, there will still be thoughts that he keeps hidden from you…

Right now, you probably feel like something is wrong…

Maybe he’s acting a little different, or doesn’t treat you like he used to…

We’re here to help.

As experts in relationship dynamics, we’ve helped thousands of girls with their boyfriends and husbands.

By looking for certain psychological cues, we can gauge how he truly feels about you, and even read his mind.

That’s exactly what you’ll learn today.

In this article, we’ll show you the top 10 signs he doesn’t love you anymore.

You’ll also learn how to use “emotional triggers” to bring back his powerful desire for you, so he becomes crazy in love with you again, never to let you go for any other woman.

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Why Do People Fall Out Of Love Suddenly?

You might be wondering to yourself:

“Why doesn’t he love me anymore?”

It can be a very confusing and stressful time, especially if he stopped loving you overnight.

So before we get started with the signs of falling out of love, let’s take a look at WHY people fall out of love in the first place.

You probably remember when things were going well:

He thinks of you all the time, and makes you feel special…

You have amazing moments with each other…

And you can feel that he truly loves you from his heart…

But suddenly, that all stopped.

So what happened?

There are a number of reasons why people fall out of love suddenly:

Trigger Events

These are things that trigger a change in the relationship, such as heated arguments or lifestyle changes.

While partners may make up and work things out afterwards, the damage is usually much deeper, changing the course and the vibe of the whole relationship.


Like it or not, there is simply no way a man can act the same after cheating on you.

If he is suddenly treating you worse or acting suspicious, watch out. His heart and attention might already be with another woman…

Lack Of Affection

Yes. A lack of affection CAN ruin a relationship.

Affection is like the “glue” that holds two people together in a relationship. Without it, things quickly fall apart.


A man can lose passion for you and your relationship if he becomes bored or uninterested.

It’s important to note that lost feelings CAN come back, but you have to act fast and handle the situation very carefully.

More on this later…

The 10 Biggest Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

When a guy falls out of love with you, he will act differently around you.

It’s simple psychology.

These differences can be quite small, so you have to watch carefully for these 10 signs of him falling out of love.

Once you spot these signs, it’s important to act immediately, before it’s too late.

If you wait too long, you will ruin your chances to fix the relationship forever.

Later in the article, we’ll show you how to bring back and “lock-in” his love for you, using special male psychology techniques.

Here are the top 10 signs a guy no longer loves you:

1. Saying “I Love You” And Not Hearing It Back


This is one of the first signs a man is falling out of love with you.

You see, saying “I Love You” is actually quite easy…

But it means a lot.

It’s very important, because it reassures both partners of their love for each other.

If your husband or boyfriend has stopped saying “I Love You” back, it shows he is starting to lose his passion for the relationship, and his feelings for you are fading away…

2. He Ignores Your Texts

Think about what happens when a guy is crazy in love with you…

He will text you all the time, and reply to your texts quickly.

But the opposite is also true.

The sad truth is, when he ignores your texts or doesn’t reply quickly, he is starting to get tired of having you around…

Meanwhile, he is still on his phone scrolling through social media, texting other friends, and maybe even other girls…

3. He Looks Tired And Bored When He’s With You

awkward guy

This is a little known truth about relationships:

Passion equals energy.

Here’s what we mean.

When a guy is passionate and obsessed with you, he will light up and be full of energy when he sees you, filling you up with his love…

But when he no longer loves you, he will start feeling bored in a relationship, and appear drained and tired whenever he’s around you.

This is one of the worst signs he doesn’t want you around him, even though you did nothing wrong.

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4. He Is Not Emotionally Expressive

How can you tell how close you are to a guy?


The closer you are, the more emotions he shares with you.

When a man no longer feels comfortable being with you, he will start to close up and withdraw emotionally.

He will also keep a lot of negative emotions inside (such as annoyance and even hate), hidden from you.

For some guys, they will stop being verbally expressive. For others, they will stop being intimate with you, or be a lot less passionate and loving during intimacy.

5. He Is Not Affectionate Anymore

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you love a man with all your heart, but he doesn’t love you back.

There is a simple reason why your husband or boyfriend is distant and not affectionate…

He just doesn’t feel the same about you anymore.

The thing is, you can feel this happen deep inside…

He might still give you a quick kiss or hug from time to time, but you can feel that his heart is not in it anymore.

You can also feel the coldness behind his actions and words.

This is a huge warning sign: When he shows you no affection at all, he might be thinking of leaving you…

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6. You Don’t Receive Gifts From Him

A small gift from time to time is a sign of a healthy relationship.

They are a way of showing that his affection and love for you is still alive.

When a guy is in really in love, he will try his best to brighten your day with gifts.

But if he’s not giving you any, it’s a sign that he has lost his passion and love for you.

7. You Argue And Disagree With Him

Most breakups happen slowly and silently.

Here’s what we mean.

It starts off gradually, as it becomes harder and harder to get along with each other.

Then it gets worse – He frequently disagrees with you, even over small things.

Soon, this escalates into full-blown arguments.

At this point, it is important to act fast before it’s too late.

(NOTE: Check out this guide to learn EXACTLY how to stop this.)

8. He Spends More Time On His Friends Than You

This is one of the strongest signs he lost interest in you.

When a man stops loving you, you stop being the most important person in his life.

Instead, his attention goes elsewhere.

He will seem more eager and happy to spend time with his friends than you…

And he might even start hanging out with other girls too.

Even when he’s next to you, his heart and mind will be elsewhere. You can usually detect this in his eyes.

9. He Is Not Being A Supportive Partner

We all know that feeling:

It hurts when you have something amazing to tell him, but he doesn’t respond with encouragement.

In fact, it hurts even more when he puts you down and doesn’t support you in life.

Not only is this a tell-tale sign that he doesn’t care about you anymore…

But it is also a sign that your relationship is becoming toxic, and a breakup might be coming soon.

10. He Doesn’t Make You Feel Special Anymore

Out of all the signs listed in this article, this one hurts the most.

You deserve a guy who loves you every single moment of the day, and makes you feel like the most special girl in the world…

Unfortunately, he’s slowly losing his love for you.

But if you act now, you might be able to change his heart and bring back the feelings he had when he first feel in love with you.

See the next section for more details…

Do THIS To Make Him Obsessed With You Again

By now, you should be able to tell if he is falling out of love with you…

But you might be wondering to yourself:

“Now what?”

Here’s the deal:

These signs we talked about today are like cracks in your relationship.

They start off small, but they grow over time…

And soon enough, your relationship will shatter completely.

That’s why you must act as soon as you spot them, before it’s too late.

If you’re not sure what to do, don’t worry. We’re here to help.

There are simple tricks you can use to target “emotional triggers” inside his male mind.

These powerful techniques will “spark” the lost feelings hidden deep inside his heart.

In fact, they will make him obsessed with you again, keeping you on his mind every single moment of the day.

They can also help you “lock-in” these feelings, so he never thinks about leaving you for another girl ever again.

They unlock the deepest form of love in his heart, making him love you like the most special girl in the world.

The best part?

They are based on relationship psychology, hard-wired inside a man’s brain.

That’s why they work on any guy, no matter how old you are or what you look like.

To learn more about these clever techniques, check out the free eBook below:

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Let’s be honest here:

Right now, his love for you is fading away…

And before long, it will be completely gone, only to be replaced by resentment and hate.

Soon, he will lose interest in seeing you completely, and another woman will take his heart and attention.

The longer you wait, the more likely it is for you to ruin your chances with him forever.

So start using these techniques him today, and see how quickly his heart and love for you comes back right before your eyes.

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