My Boyfriend Accuses Me Of Cheating: What Should I Do?

This often comes as a shock to women:

Your relationship is supposed to be built on trust and understanding. It’s supposed to make you feel safe, loved and protected…

But all of a sudden, your partner accuses you of cheating.

The man who you love has now made you confused, scared and angry…

You feel like you’re being accused of something you’ve done – if even just in your mind.

It hurts, and it feels like you’re being judged.

We get it – As international relationship coaches, we’ve helped thousands of women around the world deal with this situation.

If your partner accuses you of cheating, it’s a sign that he’s insecure, suspicious by nature, frightened of losing you, hypersensitive, or has infidelity baggage.

With treatment and dedication, he should be able to get past these challenges.

However, it might be a far more complicated issue.

Accusing someone of something, whether with or without evidence, is a clear sign of a loss of trust in the relationship.

It could also indicate that he has a far more significant self-sabotaging problem which stems from a lack of commitment.

We understand how aggravating and hurtful this is for you. But you don’t have to give up on the romance.

In this article, we’re going to tell you exactly how to handle the situation.

You will also get some powerful tips on how to rebuild your relationship so that he becomes completely trusting, devoted and committed to you once again.

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What To Do When Your Boyfriend Constantly Accuses You Of Cheating

As we’ve said above, if your boyfriend is accusing you of cheating all the time, it’s because he is suffering from a number of anxieties, insecurities, and hang-ups.

As his partner, you can help him overcome these challenges in a number of ways.

But first, he must be willing and self-aware enough to realize that his accusations of cheating are unfounded and unjustified.

Another reason he continually accusing you of cheating is that he grew up in a family where one of his parents was a cheater, or one was also insecure enough to constantly accuse the other one of cheating.

As you probably know already: Our lives are shaped by the five individuals closest to us.

Kids are permanently scarred if they grow up with parents who have a bad marriage that is clouded by infidelity or mistrust.

So, with that in mind, let’s discuss how to deal with the situation, and stop your boyfriend from accusing you of cheating all the time:

1. Help Him Become More Secure As A Person

At the end of the day, you can’t force someone to trust you…

You may, however, do certain things as a courtesy to him, things that assist him deal with his insecurities, much like you can respect him.

Ask yourself: What are the things that trigger his mistrust, and how can you find out what they are?

Perhaps it’s the way that he sees you talking to other guys at parties. Or maybe it’s the way he sees how you’re dressing.

It could also be something completely unrelated to you, such as his relationship with his family members that you never knew about.

You might also want to make it clear that he is your partner, and you’re on his team. It could be the key to resolving the entire situation.

If you can get him to see you as his stable, trustworthy, and reliable partner, he will stop believing in all this false information coming from his own mind.

And before long, he might even trust you enough to open up on all these other things on his mind that are affecting your relationship.

What we don’t recommend is substantially altering your personality or tip-toeing around him simply to avoid a tantrum.

That is simply not a healthy way to run a relationship, nor is it fair to you.

Small changes to your speech or behavior towards other men are OK as long as they do not compromise who you are at your core.

But always keep in mind your values and your boundaries, and stay honest and true to yourself.


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2. Tell Him How He’s Hurting The Relationship

The foundation of any healthy relationship is trust. You have nothing if you don’t have trust.

A relationship that is lacking in trust will not be saved by physical appeal.

It is extremely difficult to rebuild trust after it has been shattered. Every time your lover accuses you of infidelity, he undermines the core of your relationship.

At that point, it’s only a matter of time before everything comes apart.

If he continues to do accuse you, there will eventually be nothing left. All the love and affection in the relationship will be gone, and it will merely be a cold and passionless arrangement.

You need to make it clear to him that he’s hurting you and the relationship by accusing you of infidelity.

It doesn’t mean that you keep screaming at him, blaming him for all your woes, and telling him no one would want to be with someone so insecure, even though you might feel this way deep inside.

Just express to him in a truthful and honest way how hurtful these accusations are to you, and how this hurts your relationship.

It is critical to explain all of this to a man who is being skeptical of your fidelity, especially when he’s so caught up and lost in his own emotions.

3. Reassure Him Of How You Feel About Him

Even the most difficult problems can sometimes be solved with the most basic remedies.

One of the best things you can do is to express your love when you sense he is tense and the suspicion of cheating begins to develop.

The key is to do this quickly, so that he is reassured and the feelings of doubt and mistrust are not allowed to develop.

You may be in a difficult situation right now, but you must remember that he is hurting and suffering from these feelings too.

By reassuring him of how you feel about him, you establish a comfortable environment for him to open up about his anxieties and uncertainty by not judging him.

You might even be able to get to the bottom of the matter and dispel any hidden problems about your relationship.

Do this right, and he will eventually realize how pointless and destructive it is to keep hurling these hurtful accusations at you.


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4. Make Him Respect Your Boundaries

If despite your numerous attempts to connect with him and fulfil his demands he continues to accuse you of cheating, it’s time to lay down some boundaries

You need to make it clear to him that you will not let him continue accusing you of infidelity.

You won’t allow him to act like an insecure child without doing anything about it. You need to send out a clear message that you want honesty and trust in the relationship, not constant accusations.

Because if he keeps acting like this, this means he doesn’t care about your relationship or your feelings in any way. He’s only interested in furthering his own emotions and problems.

It is unlikely that he is going to change his attitude anytime soon, because these accusations are going to continue coming from deep within his psyche until they find expression in some form or another.

So you need to take action, and wake him up to the reality of the situation.

Either he respects you by not making these baseless charges, or there will be serious consequences on your relationship.

It may be a take it or leave it situation, but do you really want to spend the rest of your life with a man who believes you’re untrustworthy?

Would you feel comfortable being yourself around him anymore?

5. Tell Him How Much It Hurts To Be Accused Of Cheating

It’s easy for people to become so engrossed in their own life stories that they lose sight of the impact they make on others.

Right now, your man is succumbing to his doubts and concerns, unaware of how painful, cruel, and degrading it is to accuse you of cheating on a regular basis.

So don’t keep these feelings in. Let him know how you’re feeling about it.

You don’t have to fight him. Find a good time to sit down with him, possibly after he’s accused you of cheating again, and calmly tell him how you feel.

At the end of the day, relationships are a two-way street, and communication is everything.

You have every right to convey the impact of his actions on your feelings, the same way that he is permitted to express his uncertainty and anxieties by accusing you of something dreadful.

If you truly believe in love, you’ll always open up to him with your feelings, even if he’s being unreasonable or acting like a child.

You will change your perspective of him based on how you feel about him.

Of course, this process takes time and patience, but it will pay off big time.


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Teamwork Is Key: Build Trust Together

When you’re trying to build trust in a relationship, the key is to think of the relationship as a team.

Always remember that you are on the same team, and that’s how you can help each other.

When you think this way, you see that it’s not about one of the two of you outdoing the other, but rather a united work effort.

And when your partner trusts you so much, he’ll be willing to let down his guard and release his doubts. It’s a lot easier to build up trust in a relationship when both of you are willing to lower your defenses and be vulnerable.

On the other hand, if a man finds it difficult to trust a woman in an intimate relationship, he will always have thoughts that they’re not true or trustworthy.

His mind is always going to wonder, and fill up with thoughts of doubt and insecurity.

You are on the same team, so you should be working together to improve your relationship

You’ll realize that the more you do things together as a team, the stronger your bond becomes. It gives both of you a deeper connection with each other, which will strengthen the trust between you even further.

In order to build trust in any relationship, both of you have to work on it together from time to time. If one person is trying harder than the other, it can create bad vibes and negative feelings between you both.

Another amazing idea is to join a team sport or activity that you and your boyfriend can do together.

Working together, you unwittingly gain a greater understanding of each other.

This grows and flourishes with time, allowing trust to grow and flourish.

That’s why playing a team or duo sport with your guy is a terrific approach to build trust while having fun and spending valuable time together.

All team sports necessitate a high level of trust. Without it, the squad will disintegrate. That is why we strongly encourage each and everyone to participate in an activity like this with their loved one.

Remember this: A couple is a team, and those who play together stay together!

Remember: Building Trust Takes Time

When men feel threatened, they might become insecure and accusing. This usually happens when the two of you haven’t been as invested in the relationship as you should have been.

Life is difficult. When you have so many responsibilities, it’s difficult to maintain a committed relationship.

When life gets hectic, it’s not uncommon for a couple to drift apart or neglect each other.

What matters is how hard you try when it happens.

If you haven’t called or seen him in a while, now is a good time to start.

If your relationship is still fresh, it may take some time for your partner to adjust and realize that it’s good to let down his guard and place his total faith in you.

With a bit of time and patience, he will probably quit overthinking everything in the relationship at some point.

The “Shortcut” To Forming A Deep Emotional Connection With Any Man

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing:

We want to enjoy an honest and loving relationship with an amazing guy who understands us, cares about us, and opens his heart to us.

But as you’ve probably discovered, it’s not always that easy.

Relationships are full of mixed emotions, ups and downs, and other hardships.

And if you want to make a relationship with a man last, you are going to have to work on it together.

But what if you could skip all this, and just let the relationship grow naturally?

What if you could quickly build a deep emotional connection, so that you could let go of everything else and just enjoy the relationship?

Because once you share this sort of bond with a man, you won’t ever have to worry about him growing distant or drifting away from you…

In fact, he will naturally open up to you, and care about you from the bottom of his heart, because he truly feels this emotional connection with you.

If you want the “shortcut” to building this bond with any man, pay attention:

As international relationship coaches, we’ve helped thousands of women around the world do this with their partners.

It all comes down to pushing a few “emotional buttons” inside his heart that activate a surge of emotions, making him pour his heart out for you, desperate to devote himself completely to you.

Today, we want to help you do the same.

So to get you started, we’ve prepared a handy guide on how to make any man fall deeply in love and connected with you forever. And today, it’s yours for free:


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Your man will not only lose the fear of opening up to you, but will be happy to do so.

He will give you his love with nothing held back, and devote himself to you (and only you) forever.

And you will never have to worry about losing him again, and be able to relax in his arms and enjoy his complete commitment, knowing with 100% confidence that you will always be the most important person in his life.

Grab your free copy of our guide now, and try out the simple tips yourself. You’ll be surprised at how big of a difference they can make!


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

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