How To Impress A Guy On A First Date – The Complete Guide

Be honest: Have you ever felt nervous on a first date?

Don’t worry, we all know how it feels.

First dates are like roller coaster rides.

They can be fun, exciting, AND nerve-wracking at the same time.

And the rush of emotions you get before the date can be overwhelming, especially if it’s with a really cool guy.

But here’s the crazy thing:

It can be the most amazing experience ever… OR it can be very awkward and painfully embarrassing too!

In fact, one wrong move could make the difference between the guy falling deeply in love with you, or getting completely turned off.

As international dating and relationship coaches, we’ve seen it all.

Using our special tips and techniques, we’ve helped thousands of women around the world become more attractive…

So they can finally enjoy warm and loving relationships with amazing men without any stress or self-doubt.

And now, we want to help you do the same!

Today, our team of experts have put together a complete guide to impressing a guy on a first date.

We’ll show you exactly what to say and how to behave on a first date to make him instantly hooked on you, begging for another chance to see you again.

You will learn what do guys think before a first date, and what the first date is like from a guy’s perspective.

Later in this article, we’ll also show you the quickest way of turning any man into your deeply devoted boyfriend, using a few psychological tricks!

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Where To Take A Guy On A First Date

One of the most common questions we get from women is this:

“Where to go on a first date with a guy?”

If you’re asking this question, you’ve already made a big mistake.

You see, the goal of the first date is to get the guy to chase YOU.

He needs to understand that it is HIS job, not yours, to please you and bring you on a fun date!

So if the question of where to go for the first date comes up, simply say this to him:

“I don’t mind where you take me, as long as it’s somewhere fun.”

This way, the ball is in his court! It will be his responsibility to plan the date, and provide you with a fun and entertaining experience.

In other words, he will have to work to earn your trust and affection, and not the other way around.

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What Do Guys Notice On A First Date?

Before we get into the specifics of what you should do and say on a first date to make him fall in love with you, let’s take a moment to think about the first date from a guy’s perspective:

Have you ever wondered what do guys think before a first date?

Here’s the truth:

He is wondering about how you will act!

You see, guys get nervous and excited about going on a first date too. In fact, he’s probably more nervous than you are.

And this is actually a good thing for you.

These emotions can build up inside his heart. And if you do the right things, they can turn into obsession for you!

That being said, if you’re not careful, they can also become overbearing and drive him away from you.

So what makes the difference?

It’s the first impression that you make on him.

The very first thing a guy notices on a first date is how you look as you arrive at the date.

Like it or not, he will form a “romantic impression” of you even before you say anything.

This is the moment that can make all the difference to your future relationship.

It will determine whether he becomes obsessed with you and gives you his heart, or decides that you’re not worth his time and devotion.

So if you want to impress a guy on a first date, the first thing you need to do is figure out what to wear.

What To Wear On A First Date As A Woman

It can be stressful trying to decide what to wear to a first date as a woman.

But it becomes a lot easier once you understand the man’s mindset on a first date.

You will need to dress in a way that turns him on, but also shows him that you’re not desperate or needy.

There is a big difference between being classy and attractive, and dressing like a desperate woman begging for attention.

Here are some guidelines to stick to when picking out the perfect outfit:

1. Don’t Overdo It

Most women make the mistake of wearing way too much makeup, or looking overly sexy and revealing to a guy on a first date.

You might think this turns him on. But in reality, guys will find it hard to talk to you if you’re dressed too nicely.

On top of this, he might see you as desperate, which is NOT the message you want to convey.

Instead, you want to dress in a way that is attractive yet relatable at the same time.

Put some effort into it and wear something that looks nice, but conveys your natural personality too.

This way, he will be able to relate to you as a person, and get to know you on a deeper level, instead of just a “casual fling” who is nothing but good looks.

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2. Embrace Your Body And Its Best Features

Every woman’s body is unique. And different bodies call for different outfits.

You might think that there’s a perfect way for a woman to dress for a date. But the reality is that your body is special.

And if you want to pick the perfect outfit for yourself, you should embrace the best features of your body.

If you have nice hips, choose something that embraces your figure.

And if you have an impressive bust size, pick an outfit that shows it off without being too revealing.

Even if you have smaller, flatter features, you can always go for a “cute” look that fits your unique body.

Whatever you look like, it’s important to go with the outfit that looks best on your unique figure.

And whatever you choose, your outfit should make you feel confident, but also comfortable and relaxed.

3. Dress For The Occasion

One of the most important things to remember when picking an outfit is to think about the event itself.

For example, you should pick out a more formal dress if he’s taking you to a fancy restaurant for dinner and drinks.

But you should definitely choose something else if it’s a casual coffee and a stroll in the park!

No matter what the occasion is, you should still put some thought and effort into it and choose something that looks nice.

Even for the most casual date, there’s no excuse for you to show up in your pajamas!

How To Act On A First Date With A Guy

When it comes to how to behave on a first date, the most important thing to remember is this golden rule:

“You are the prize.”

Here’s what this means:

The reason why women get nervous before a first date is because they care too much about what the guy thinks.

But in reality, he is also worried about how you will see him!

If you really want to impress a guy on a first date, you need to start seeing yourself as the prize.

This way, he is the one trying to win YOU over and chase you for your love.

And you’re the one who is giving him a chance to please you.

So when you show up on your first date, just relax and remember one thing:

Don’t chase after him. Let him chase you.

Listen to him carefully, and just react normally. If he’s interested and makes you laugh, you will naturally smile and laugh back.

But if he’s not meeting your standards or making you feel good, do not feel pressured to act in any special way.

You might think that this will discourage him or push him away. But in reality, he will work even harder to get your approval and affection.

When you act like the prize, you will impress the guy without even trying.

He will see that you’re a confident, high-value woman, and he will try harder to win your heart.

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How To Greet A Guy On A First Date

As we’ve mentioned above, it’s important to give a man a good first impression at the beginning of the date to get him to start chasing you.

So that’s why you need to pay attention to how you greet him.

The key is to be calm and steady, and to avoid being overexcited.

It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous right before meeting him.

And because of this, most girls will act a bit too eager and excited when greeting the guy.

But this can come off as desperate and needy. And once a guy senses this, he will no longer chase you.

Instead, keep things simple and do this:

Smile at him and say hello once you see him, and give him a quick hug.

There’s no need to follow up on this or say anything special. Let him fill in the blanks and carry on the conversation.

This will get him to start chasing you, straight from the beginning of the date!

What To Gift A Guy On The First Date

Another common question we get a lot is what gift to get a guy on the first date.

The answer is simple:

The best gift to give a guy on the first date is no gift at all!

Just as you should never chase a man, you should never give a man a gift on your first date.

Giving him a gift sends him the signal that he is the prize, and you’re trying to win him over.

And as we’ve mentioned above, it should be the other way around!

Instead of thinking of what gift to bring, remember that you are already a gift to him!

By showing up to the date, you’re already giving him a chance at your heart. And that’s already something special.

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What To Talk About On A First Date With A Guy

It’s perfectly normal to be confused about what to talk about with a guy on a first date.

But remember this:

It’s HIS responsibility to keep you interested and carry the conversation forward.

If you try too hard to keep the conversation going, he will sense this and get turned off.

That being said, if you need a few tips to get the ball rolling, here are a few good topics to kickstart the conversation on any first date:

1. Interests And Hobbies

One of the best things you can do to get a guy interested on a first date is to ask him about his interests and hobbies.

This will show him that you are genuinely interested in him, and in turn makes you seem more attractive to him.

This is also your chance to share with him your own interests and hobbies too.

It’s a great way to wake up his passionate side, and see if you share any common interests with him.

Down the road, you can bond over these common interests, and even plan dates around them.

2. Dreams And Ambitions

At the core of every man’s heart are his dreams and ambitions.

And this is one of the best things to talk about on a first date.

You might think that you should be talking about more fun and lighthearted topics, like favorite songs and food…

But if you really want to impress a guy and get him to fall in love with you, you have to make your conversations a bit deeper and more meaningful.

This will immediately strike a difference between you and all the other girls he’s dated. It will also show him that you’re someone he can really share his deepest feelings with.

After just one date, you will be well on your way to forming a powerful emotional bond with him.

(For more ways to connect with a man on a deep level and get him obsessed with you, click here!)

3. Core Values

Just like his dreams and ambitions, a man’s core values are very important to him and very close to his heart.

These are the values that guide him throughout life, and give him a sense of purpose and pride in everything he does.

For example, honesty is a core value for many men. They strive to be honest in life, and expect it from family and friends too.

Another core value could be growth. He might be a man who prioritizes personal growth and becoming a better person every day.

By cutting through the surface-level stuff and getting to what really motivates him in life, you can impress a guy by getting to know him on a deep level.

This is a big step in forming a meaningful bond with him, which is what all men crave from a woman they are interested in.

4. Fun Experiences And Stories

Here’s one of the most powerful pieces of advice we give to our clients:

Instead of asking questions all the time, try telling interesting stories.

As we all know, a big part of dating is expressing yourself.

But often, we’re preoccupied with asking questions about the other person just to keep the conversation flowing.

This can turn an interesting date into a boring job interview!

So try sharing fun experiences and stories with him. It’s a chance to impress him while letting him get to know you more.

And the best part? This will encourage him to open up and tell you about himself too.

Remember: It takes time for people to grow close to each other. So don’t expect to have deep and serious conversations from the very start. Just relax, and enjoy your time!

What NOT To Say On A First Date With A Guy


Besides knowing the good topics to talk about, you should also pay attention to what NOT to do on a first date with a guy.

There are certain subjects that you should generally try to avoid on any first date.

These topics can dig up some touchy points of conflict and controversy, and kill off any feelings of affection before they can even blossom.

So watch out for the following topics, and try to avoid talking about them on your date.

1. Politics

As we all know, politics is a touchy subject. And it’s best to avoid talking about it on a first date.

Political talk can trigger some negative emotional reactions from people. And this will prevent you from forming any sort of bond with each other.

Instead of politics, talk about values and principles that you hold near to your heart.

You will find that it is a lot easier to relate to each other this way. This is the key to connecting with each other.

2. Previous Relationships

Talking about past relationships can cause a lot of awkwardness, either in you or your date.

In general, it’s best to avoid bringing them up completely.

Firstly, these topics can bring a heavy, serious vibe to your date. This can put a lot of pressure on both of you, and dampen any feelings from developing.

What’s more, talking about previous relationships takes your focus away from the person in front of you. You’ll only be drawing on old energy, which kills the vibe of your date.

Instead, you should try to keep things lighthearted and fun. Your first date should be a time to connect and enjoy each other’s company.

3. Logical Topics

Logical topics are the opposite of emotional topics.

And as we all know, falling in love is all about emotion.

When you’re on a date, you want to be spending time with someone who makes you feel good and boosts your self-esteem.

You want to be with someone fun, exciting and interesting. Not someone who’s too logical or analytical.

So if you want to impress a guy on a first date, avoid talking about logical topics.

For example, try not to get stuck in a conversation about how much you earn at work, or which hours tend to have the worst traffic.

If you do talk about these topics, focus on how they make you FEEL.

Talk about the sense of satisfaction you get from your job, or how rush hour traffic makes you feel after a long day of work.

It’s great to have intelligent conversations in your normal life, but not on a first date. This will ruin the mood and kill any feelings of attraction that are starting to blossom between you two.

4. Negativity

It’s fun to playfully complain about a common grievance or annoyance. It might even be something that you can both bond over…

But you should be careful not to indulge in negative talk.

This kind of talk can be a big turn-off to a guy. He’ll sense a lack of confidence and self-esteem, which will make him lose interest in you.

If you find that you have too much negativity in your life, it can reflect poorly on your personality.

It will make a guy feel less attracted to you and unmotivated to pursue a relationship with you.

The Shortcut To Turning Any Man Into Your Devoted Boyfriend

By now, you’ve learned the most important keys to impressing a guy on a first date.

But you might be wondering: What next?

How do I move things forward and make him my boyfriend?

You see, a perfect first date isn’t enough.

After all, relationships are not easy to build up and maintain. And if you’re not careful, guys can lose interest at any time.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way around this.

The key is to trigger emotional commitment from him.

Because once he’s truly “committed” to you, HE will be the one chasing after you, and doing anything he possibly can just to make you feel like the most special girl in the world.

As international dating and relationship experts, we’ve already helped thousands of women do exactly this.

And today, we want to help you.

So to get you started, we’ve prepared a handy guide on the quickest and easiest path to turning any man into your boyfriend. And today, it’s yours for free!

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