How To Tell If A Guy Likes Kissing You (The Top 10 Signs To Look Out For!)

There is nothing more magical than a first kiss.

You feel the anticipation building up…

And when your lips finally touch, you see fireworks.

But here’s the thing that many women struggle with:

How to know if he enjoyed the kiss as much as you do?

Sure, the kiss feels amazing to you…

But does he feel the same way?

The truth is, there are many easy ways to tell if a guy likes kissing you.

And once you learn how to pick up on these signs, you can easily get him to come back for more and more!

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How To Tell If He Likes Kissing You – The Top 10 Signs To Watch Out For

After helping thousands of women around the world attract AND keep their perfect match, we’ve noticed one thing:

The most common source of anxiety in girls is trying to figure out what a man is REALLY thinking.

Don’t worry – We’re here to help!

Today, we’re going to reveal to you exactly what do guys feel when they kiss a girl, and how to tell if he enjoys kissing you.

You will also find out how to tell if the kiss meant anything to him, and whether he loves you from his kiss.

Simply read through this list of signs carefully, and watch out for them in his body language and behaviors.

The more you spot them, the more he likes kissing you!

1. Flirty Touching

A kiss is more than just a touch of the lips.

It’s a physical conversation between two bodies.

So if you want to know how to tell he loves you by his kiss, the first thing you need to look at is where he places his hands.

Does he run his fingertips over your neck and ears? Or perhaps he gently caresses your hips or shoulders?

The more he likes kissing you, the more he will touch you.

Sometimes, a guy might be shy about this and refrain from physical contact…

In this case, you can break this shyness by touching him first.

Try giving him a gentle touch on his arm or shoulder while you kiss him, and see how he responds.

Usually, this will be enough for him to get over his anxiety and start touching you!

2. He Is Obsessed With Your Scent

Here’s a quick question for you:

What does a passionate kiss mean?

A passionate kiss means all 5 senses of the human body are involved with the kiss.

And yes, this includes smell!

We all have our own natural scent. And if he’s taking in heavy breaths while he’s kissing you, he’s definitely attracted to yours.

But it doesn’t have to be limited your natural scent.

This can be from a special kind of shampoo, perfume, or even body lotion. As long as you’ve captured his attention through his sense of smell, you have him hooked on you!

Sometimes, a guy might even tell you how good you smell, or that he noticed you’re wearing a new scent.

These are all signs that he’s completely absorbed and engaged in the kiss. And you can be certain that he likes kissing you!

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3. He Makes Deep Eye Contact

They say that the eyes are like “the windows to the soul”…

And that’s certainly true when he’s kissing you!

If a guy enjoys kissing you, he will make deep eye contact with you.

He will do this both before AND after the kiss.

This is because a man’s eyes usually point towards the person that they are focused on. And if he truly enjoys your kiss, his focus will be completely locked on you.

Another sign to look out for is the size of his pupils.

If he is really turned on by your kiss, his pupils will dilate and widen. It’s simply a biological response to being obsessed with you!

4. He Moves His Body Close To You

As we’ve already mentioned, a kiss is a physical conversation between two people.

When guys kiss a girl, they feel a rush of passion and romance that makes him want to pull you closer into his life.

And if he really enjoys your kiss, he can’t help but put his body closer to yours!

It’s an obvious sign that he loves your presence, your personality and your warmth.

The meaning behind is body language is: “I cannot get enough of you, and I want more of you”.

So if you notice he moves and keeps his body close to yours, you can be sure that he not only enjoys your kiss, but he’s hooked on you too!

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5. The Tension is Obvious

As girls, we can sometimes get caught up in our emotions. And when that happens, it can be confusing…

But instead of ignoring your feelings and pushing them away, you should learn to TRUST them.

Here’s why:

A woman’s intuition is actually very powerful. This means you can pick up on subtle signs that a guy likes you without even knowing it!

So if you feel like there’s a lot of romantic tension between you and the guy, even when you’re not kissing, then you should listen to your gut feeling.

And if your gut is telling you that he likes kissing you, then you’re probably right!

So relax, and embrace your feelings. They are part of what makes you special and beautiful!

6. He Stares At Your Lips

We’ve already mentioned that a guy will make deep eye contact with you if he enjoys kissing you.

But every now and then, he will stare at your lips too.

After kissing a girl, guys feel an electrifying wave of emotion in their bodies. And if he enjoyed it, he will want to do it again.

That’s the real reason he’s staring at your lips – He wants more!

This is also a great way to encourage a guy to make a move and kiss you. If you feel like he wants to kiss you but is hesitating, simply look at his lips and then back into his eyes.

It’s a clever way to “invite” him to move in for the kiss. And you’ll be surprised at how well it works!

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7. The Flirting Is Constant

Here’s the truth behind what makes a man want to kiss a woman:

It’s all about emotional chemistry.

The #1 thing that makes a guy want to kiss a girl is how comfortable and excited he feels when he’s with her.

That’s why you need to look at the overall vibe that you share with him.

If there is a constantly romantic vibe, and your conversations feel “flirty” more than “just friendly”, then you know that he definitely likes kissing you.

In fact, it’s a sign that he’s already thinking about it!

8. His Kisses Are Long And Passionate

One of the most common questions we get is this:

“Does a kiss mean anything to a guy?”

Many women are lost when it comes to what does a kiss mean to a guy. It can be stressful trying to figure out if it meant anything at all to him…

The truth is, a kiss means a deep level of connection and validation to a guy. It’s a big thing because by kissing you, he realizes that you accept him in a romantic way.

And if the kiss is REALLY good, he will want to make it last as long as possible.

His attention will be 100% on you, he will forget about every other person in the world, and he will never want to let you go.

9. He Wants To Kiss Again And Again

Here’s something that might shock you:

Yes, guys DO fall in love after kissing. And more often than you think.

This is especially true if it was an electric kiss, which means he did not expect it to feel so good.

The feeling he gets is so nice that he sometimes wants to kiss you again and again.

And that’s a sure sign that he likes your kiss!

Now, the challenge is keeping this feeling in his heart.

We all know that guys have short attention spans. And after a while, he can lose interest and start chasing other girls instead.

That’s why it’s important to “lock-in” this passion inside him before it fades away, and get him addicted to you kiss so he keeps chasing you for more!

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10. He Tells You Directly!

Here’s a quick question for you to think about:

How do guys feel after kissing?

We all know that guys like to play it cool and tend to hide their feelings.

But what does a kiss REALLY do to a guy?

The truth is, he is probably just as overwhelmed as you are.

And if a guy REALLY likes your kiss, he simply can’t help but tell you directly!

It’s just like saying “Wow” to an amazing kiss. And yes, you can usually see this in his eyes and body language…

But if he tells you out loud, then you know for sure that he is in love with your kiss!

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