The Top 10 Types Of Hugs Guys Like The Most (Our Poll Results Revealed!)

We all know that guys love hugs…

After all, hugs can really make a guy feel loved and brighten up his day.

But have you ever considered what type of hugs do they like the most?

Believe it or not, this is actually a common source of confusion for girls.

Perhaps you’re unsure about the best way to hug a guy you have a crush on. Or maybe you’re wondering what types of hugs your boyfriend would like…

So we decided to answer all these questions once and for all!

Our team of dating and relationship experts interviewed a group of men of all ages and backgrounds about their favorite types of hugs.

And today, we’re revealing their answers to you!

What Kind Of Hugs Do Guys Like? Top 10 Types Of Hugs Guys Like And Their Meanings

Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of women around the world find and enjoy the warm and loving relationships with the amazing man they’ve always dreamed of.

And you’ll be surprised at how easy this actually is!

It all comes down to making small changes in your lifestyle and adopting “attractive” behaviors that have a powerful psychological effect on men.

And a big part of this is understanding what men ACTUALLY want.

In this article, you’re going to learn the top 10 types of hugs guys like, and what they mean to them.

Later, we’ll also give you some tips on how to easily become more attractive to guys.

So try out these different types of hugs, and see how quickly he falls deeply in love with you!

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1) Straddle Hug

MEANING: “I’m happy to see you!”

It might come as a surprise to you, but the straddle hug is a favorite for many guys.

This is when you wrap both your arms and your legs around a guy’s body, while he generally holds you up with his arms.

Guys love the straddle hug because it puts them in a position of strength and dominance, while it provides a feeling of intimacy that they can’t get in other hug types.

The straddle hug is also unique in that it places your body pressed close to his, and puts you face to face with him.

What’s more, the position of your legs also makes the hug very intimate and personal.

Its a hug that’s fun AND romantic at the same time, and that’s why guys love it so much!

Guys love it when you surprise them with this hug. It shows them just how excited and happy you are to see them.

Simply run towards him the first thing you see him, and jump into his arms! He will definitely be flattered at this show of affection.

From here, you can get creative with kisses and eye contact, or bring him even closer to you by wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him in.

That being said, you should only go for the straddle hug if you’re already close to the man. This is definitely not a hug for crushes or “just friends”!

2) Hug From Behind

MEANING: “I trust you”

The hug from behind is a great option for closely hugging a guy and surprising him with a show of affection.

Guys love it when you surprise them with a hug from behind. It’s a simple and easy way to show them your affection, and it also shows him that you’re being really affectionate without being too touchy-feely.

The meaning behind this hug is TRUST. By hugging him from behind, you are showing him that you trust him by treating him as a source of love and safety.

This also means he trusts you enough to surprise him with a hug from behind!

What’s great about this hug is that it makes him feel strong and valued, because you’re wrapped around him and leaning on his body for comfort.

Just walk up to him from behind, and put your arms around his chest or waist.

From there, you can rest your head on his back and relax in the warmth of his body.

Do this often, and he will begin to repay the favor and surprise you with hugs from behind too!

Just like the straddle hug, this can come across as creepy or unwanted if you’re not already in a relationship. So be careful with this one!

3) Hug Around The Neck

MEANING: “Thank you for being there for me”

The hug around the neck might seem like a pretty normal hug at first. But there’s actually a hidden meaning to it.

By wrapping your arms around his neck, you are telling him that you are grateful for all the kindness and support he gives you.

This is a great way to hug a man when you want to show him that you’re glad he is in your life! This in turn makes him feel special and appreciated.

The clever thing about this type of hug is it looks innocent, so you can use it on any man whether he is your boyfriend or just a crush.

But by putting your arms around his neck, you make feel a lot more intimate and personal for the guy!

It’s also a great way to pull him in closer to you, and make deep eye contact with him.

So the next time you go for a hug, try making his simple change and hug him around the neck. You’ll be surprised at how special it makes things!

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4) The Side Hug

MEANING: “I’m glad you’re here!”

The sideways hug is a great way to show a crush that you have feelings for him and want to get close to him.

This is one of the best ways to show that you’re interested in him, without actually saying it.

By hugging him from the side, you’ll be able to see his facial expressions easily and get closer to his body.

And when you do this right, this hug can feel very cuddly while looking innocent at the same time!

From his point of view, the sideways hug makes him feel loved and valued. It’s a very cute way to show affection, even if you’re “just friends” right now.

Another reason why this hug is so powerful is because it’s very simple and low-pressure. Just wrap your arms around his body and give him a hug sideways.

The simplicity of this gesture makes it very romantic and meaningful. And because it’s such a casual type of hug, you can give it to him freely without any risk of coming across as awkward.

5) Tight Hug / Squeeze Hug

MEANING: “I want you so much!”

The tight hug is an awesome way to show a guy that you like him or have strong feelings for him.

Put your arms around his back, and pull him into you tightly. And as a bonus, lift one foot off the ground and lean into him as you hug him.

If you want to make this hug even more special, rest the side of your head on his chest or shoulders. This will show him just how much you love him in a low-key, natural way.

The great thing about it is that it physically feels amazing for both of you. You’ll be able to feel his heartbeat against yours, which makes the hug feel even more meaningful.

Put yourself in his shoes for a second:

The first thing he will notice is how tight you’re squeezing him in the hug, and how different it feels from the way other girls hug him.

This triggers a psychological response, and forms a strong memory of you inside his mind.

And the more you hug him this way, the stronger this memory becomes and the more he thinks about you!

Don’t hesitate to give him a good squeeze as you hug him. It won’t hurt him!

6) The Long Hug

MEANING: “I never want this moment to end”

One of the best ways to create strong intimacy between you and a guy is simply to make your hugs longer.

Just like the tight hug, long hugs create a contrast between you and other girls.

Because when you hold your hugs a bit longer than other people, you will create a strong mental impression inside his head.

Some girls might find this a bit awkward to do. To make it easier to hold the hug for longer, try to take a deep breath as you hug him.

This will make the long hug feel a lot more natural and heartfelt too!

Now here’s an important thing to bear in mind:

The lead up to the hug is just as important as the hug itself.

This includes the conversations that you are having with him, as well as the context and activities leading up to the hug.

In other words, you have to set up the hug properly.

If you do this right, he will start to associate you with only positive thoughts and feelings.

That’s the key to a really strong relationship!

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7) Face-To-Face Hug

MEANING: “You are my everything”

One of the most romantic types of hugs is the face-to-face hug. Instead of placing your head next to his, you create some space so that you’re facing each other.

The great thing about this hug is that it allows you to look deeply into his eyes, while allowing him to see you up close too.

This will really make his heart melt, and fill him up with a warm feeling of affection for you!

Guys love this hug because it shows him just how much you value him, and makes him feel important.

It also brings all of his attention on you, and makes you the center of his focus. This reminds him of how special it is to have you in his life!

Holding eye contact like this is a powerful way to build romantic tension. That being said, this is definitely a hug that should be reserved only for couples in relationships!

8) The Bear Hug

MEANING: “I want you to always be with me”

The bear hug is a great way to show your affection and get closer to a guy you like.

Just like the tight hug, this is another casual yet intimate option that doesn’t come across as weird or creepy.

It’s basically a normal hug with a subtle twist: You take your hands and interlock them behind his back, pulling him into your body.

This might not sound like a big deal. But it makes a huge difference.

By pulling him into you with your hands, you create a feeling of emotional depth and closeness between the two of you. This is a very powerful way to show that you want to be with him, and to let him know that he belongs.

Locking your hands behind him is a way of telling him “I never want to let you go” without saying it directly.

And deep inside, this is exactly what every man wants to hear from a woman!

9) Flirty Hug

MEANING: “I secretly want you…”

The flirty hug is the perfect balance between “friendly” and “romantic”.

It’s another one of those hugs that doesn’t look very intimate from the outside, but FEELS quite special.

What separates the flirty hug from a normal hug is the message behind it.

There’s definitely a loving feel to it. But at the same time, you’re keeping him guessing.

There are many things to give a flirty hug. For example, instead of putting your hands around his back, slide them further down towards his waist.

Another way to initiate a flirty hug is to pull his lower body closer to yours. Just a little gentle pressure in this area will really get him thinking about being more than “just friends”!

The reason why guys love flirty hugs so much is because it adds an element of mystery and excitement into the mix.

This is the key to get him to start thinking about you non-stop, and wondering about you even when you’re apart.

And if you do this right, you can really make him obsessed with you and get him to chase after you!

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10) Cuddles

MEANING: “I want to spend the rest of my life with you”

You might not think of it at first, but cuddles are a type of hug too!

A cuddle is simply when you’re lying in each others arms for prolonged periods of time. It also happens to be the most emotionally intimate type of hug for guys.

It goes beyond a show of affection. In fact, it’s a way of spending time with each other in a heartfelt and loving way.

Cuddles are one of men’s favorite types of hugs because it brings you right next to each other, and helps to form a deep, romantic connection. You will feel each other’s warmth and love both physically and emotionally.

This is a great hug for newer couples who have just started dating. You’ll find that cuddles will bring you two closer to each other very quickly!

Try cuddling with him more often. You can also make the most of watching a movie, or lying outside together on a warm summer evening.

The idea is to make it a normal part of your relationship. This will really help to keep your relationship healthy and loving. Any time you have nothing else to do is a good time for a cuddle!

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