What Makes A Woman Intriguing To A Man

As women, we’ve all experienced this:

Watching tall, handsome, amazing guys walk into the room…

Hoping they would take notice of you…

But instead, they all walk right past you and go straight for another girl.

It feels terrible!

But here’s the thing you need to understand:

Believe it or not, it’s not because of looks. Not at all.

The reason why guys find these women so attractive is because they have intriguing qualities.

These are small, simple things that guys secretly love, but will never admit.

Today, we’re going to show you exactly how you can do the same.

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The Top 10 Things That Make A Woman Intriguing To A Man

As dating coaches and relationship experts, we’ve helped thousands of women around the world become more attractive, more confident and more popular.

After reading this article, you’ll know exactly how to intrigue a man, and what men find irresistible deep inside their hearts.

With these simple habits, men will immediately notice you at parties and social settings, and come begging for your attention.

Later on, we’ll also show you how to “lock-in” their interest and make them completely hooked on you after meeting you.

1. Have Good Body Language

Believe it or not, psychologists believe 90% of human communication happens non-verbally.

Your body language is one of the things guys notice about you instantly. And it could either mean he falls in love with you instantly, or gets turned off right away.

In our experience, we’ve noticed that a woman’s physical qualities like curves and weight don’t matter that much to guys.

As long as you have good posture and confidence, you will be able to steal his attention and he will be intrigued.

Take a few deep breaths, stand up tall and roll your shoulders back. Point your eyes forwards, and walk through the room slowly and confidently.

No matter how many other girls are there, guys will definitely take notice because your confident body language cuts through the crowd.

Suddenly, men around you will be wondering to themselves: “She seems interesting, I wonder what she’s like”, and feel a urge to come talk to you.

2. Post Less On Social Media

One of the key qualities of an intriguing woman is the sense of mystery.

In order to truly capture a man’s attention, you have to keep him wondering about you.

This means you should post LESS on social media. Here’s why:

Most girls think posting on social media makes them more popular with men…

But from a guy’s perspective, he will get tired of seeing your posts, and quickly lose interest.

Remember: Men have very short attention spans, and their attention jumps from woman to woman rapidly…

Instead, you need to “lock-in” his attention, so he becomes more and more obsessed with you.

Here’s how you do it:

Don’t post regularly on social media. But every couple of weeks, post one high quality picture of yourself.

This should be a photo of you looking your best, hanging out with your friends or doing an interesting activity.

Don’t be afraid to use filters or photoshop too. The goal is to portray yourself as a stunning, high status woman who is popular and interesting.

When men see your posts on their social media feed, they will suddenly stop scrolling.

Because your posts are so rare, you stand out from all the other girls on his feed. And they will definitely pause and direct 100% of their focus onto you.

Over time, these posts will add up, and he will constantly be thinking of you in the back of his head.

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3. Hold Strong Eye Contact

They say the eyes are like “the windows into your soul”…

And that’s definitely true with men!

Most girls actually have weak eye contact when they are talking to men.

In fact, they’re usually unable to hold eye contact for more than 10 seconds.

But if you’re able to look a man deep into his eyes, and hold this gaze, he will notice something is different about you…

It taps into the “emotional triggers” inside his mind, and he will suddenly be intrigued by you.

Strong eye contact, along with confidence and posture, are all magnetic traits of a high value woman.

Try this next time you’re having a conversation with a guy. You might find it surprisingly hard to do.

But once you are able to hold strong eye contact with him, you will notice your conversations become a lot deeper and more powerful, and he will be thinking of you for a long time afterwards…

4. Talk Slowly And Clearly

Here’s a huge mistake 90% of girls make:

They speak too quickly when talking to guys.

Because of this, they come off as nervous and attention seeking. And most of the time, guys will just dismiss you as “just another girl”.

But if you slow your voice down and speak with more strength and clarity…

You will steal his focus.

All of a sudden, his attention will be completely captured by you, and he will feel a deep connection with you growing inside his heart.

Speaking slowly and clearly is one of the most attractive qualities in a woman. It shows a guy that you are confident, popular and highly desired.

It will spark curiosity in him, and he will feel a desire to find out more about you.

Talking like this might feel unnatural at first. But believe us, it will make any man freeze with infatuation for you!

5. Listen To Him Intensely

Do you ever get tired of “fake people”?

Believe it or not, men feel the same way too about girls.

If you want to stand out of all the other girls and make him think of you non-stop, then you need to form a deep connection with him quickly.

What’s the best way to do this? It’s to listen to him intensely.

When you focus 100% of your attention on him when he’s talking, he will feel valued and appreciated by you.

Most men are not used to receiving this from women. And when he feels you are giving him all of your attention, he will do the same to you too.

This will allow you to speak directly to his heart, and form a deep emotional bond with him rapidly.

It’s one of those little things that guys notice. But it will make him very curious about you, and you will find that he becomes absolutely fascinated with you!

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6. Be A Classy Lady

You might feel bad that all the other girls dressed in their skimpy crop tops and mini-skirts are getting all the attention…

But that’s just an illusion. Here’s why:

Men might look at them for a few seconds. But they are completely forgettable, and men quickly move on to other women.

Instead, you want to be classy.

The key is to hold yourself to high regard. Realize in your heart that you are an amazing, high value woman, and any man would be lucky to have you!

The qualities of a classy lady include beauty, sexiness, and elegance too. But you never want to be slutty or attention seeking.

When you conduct yourself as a classy woman, men will start chasing you instead. They will immediately take notice of you as you walk into a room, and become very interested in you.

And unlike all the other girls, you will actually stay inside his head. He will be daydreaming and fantasizing about you long after he goes home…

7. Be Secretive About Yourself

If you want to intrigue a man, you need to have a captivating personality.

This means capturing his attention, provoking his curiosity and making him fantasize and obsess over you.

And what’s the easiest way of doing this?

Simple. Just be secretive about yourself.

A lot of girls think a good conversation with a guy means telling him a lot about yourself, asking him a lot of questions and talking non-stop.

But that’s a big mistake!

Instead, you need make him chase you. You need to make him curious, so he starts asking questions and tries to get to know you.

The best way to do this is simply to leave out details in your conversation.

For example, if he asks you what you’re doing, just answer with “I’m in college” or “I’m working right now”.

This encourages him to dig deeper and ask you more. “Where did you go to college?” “What field do you work in?” “Why did you choose that?”

This is one of the strongest traits of a seductive woman. The more secretive you are, the more curious he will become.

It’s the key to getting a man intrigued and hooked on you!

8. Make Him Chase You

Imagine throwing a piece of string at a cat.

He might play with it for a while, but then he’d soon get bored…

Now take that piece of string, and dangle it in front of him. Every time he reaches for it with his paws, you pull the string away, again and again…

Soon enough, the cat is going to go mad trying to chase that piece of string!

Believe it or not, the same thing happens with guys.

If you want to make him think about you all day long, you just always have to stay a tiny bit out of reach.

This means waiting a few extra hours to replying his texts, making him impress you before giving him your attention, and not being afraid to say “no”.

It might sound counterintuitive at first, but you will notice that the more he chases, the more obsessed he becomes with you.

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9. Hang Out With Multiple Friend Groups

One of the biggest mistakes girls make is relying too much on one single group of friends.

While it’s nice to have a close friend group, it can also be a problem too.

Here’s why:

With one main group of friends, you might find yourself depending on them too much in your social life.

You may also experience less freedom in the activities you do while hanging out.

On the other hand, with multiple social circles, you will be exposed to a lot more people, and get to meet a lot more guys.

This gives you plenty of choice, and makes you appear a much more popular and high-status woman.

Having a lot of friends across multiple social circles is a strong trait of a highly desirable woman.

When you are living an interesting life with a lot going on, guys will naturally be more intrigued and interested in you.

And what’s more, if you follow all the steps in this article, you will become popular with a lot more people, and be introduced to very desirable guys.

10. Make It A Priority To Enjoy Yourself

What’s the number 1 thing people are looking for when they socialize?

Simple. They want to be happy.

In social settings, people will naturally gravitate towards individuals who are spreading positive energy.

That’s a huge factor in male attraction.

When guys see you having fun and enjoying yourself, they see you as a high-value, popular and beloved woman.

They will instantly become hooked, and feel an urge to find out more about you.

Their minds will be filled with thoughts like “That girl looks interesting” and “I really wish I could get to know her.”

When you’re truly enjoying yourself, men will take notice and they will come to you. It’s as simple as that!

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