When A Guy Says He Wants You To Be Happy

That’s not to suggest we’re lying about who we are; rather, we want to present ourselves in the greatest light possible.

When things get more real, you let down your guard and reveal your true self.

Perhaps he’s witnessed you throwing a tantrum after being reprimanded by your employer, or perhaps he’s witnessed you having a panic attack or crying over something, or perhaps you’ve had your first true quarrel.

That’s not to argue that comforting someone who has had a difficult day is heroic or unusual, but it does demonstrate that you can be honest with each other.

When you’re both happy and on your best behavior, it’s easy to date someone and enjoy everything…

When real life events occur, real emotions arise, and life becomes a little more complicated, you can see how people truly feel.

If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t stay through the unpleasant parts; the parts that aren’t part of the ‘dream girlfriend’ fantasy that so many guys have.

He cares about you and is committed to your relationship, and his acceptance and love for the real you says it all.

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You don’t have to pursue a relationship with him

Serious males’ relationships have a sense of progression to them. You can feel the connection getting more devoted over time without having to chase or pursue it “compel” him to do it.

Serious men admire you and your new relationship. He doesn’t want to come across as befuddled, untrustworthy, or, worst of all, a jerk “participant.” He is well aware that this is a deterrent that will drive you away. That’s not what he wants; he wants to win you over.

As a result, a serious man will make his goals apparent by his words and behavior, and the relationship will organically progress.

He introduces you to friends (and family)


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

When the guy introduces you to his friends, it’s an indication that the relationship is getting serious. He wants to include you in all aspects of his life at this time, rather than keeping you tucked away in a corner.

The next stage is to meet his family. A man will only introduce a female to his family if he is confident that the relationship will be long-term.

Consider this from his point of view: no man wants his friends and family to meet his amazing new girlfriend, establish relationships and attachments with her, only to have those attachments shattered a few months later.

He’d squander not only your time, but everyone else’s as well. Because they don’t want to deal with a revolving door of partners, many parents will regard this as disrespectful. In this instance, they’ll either ask him to settle down or insist on just introducing a girl if he’s certain she’ll remain.

He does small redecorations around his house for you

We’re not talking about anything significant here, just tiny details that make your visits to his residence more pleasant.

If you like coffee and he doesn’t, he might buy a cheap coffee maker or pot simply so you don’t lose out on your caffeine addiction. He may also empty a few shelves in the closet to make room for you to store a few items.

He maintains contact even between dates


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Part of it is because he enjoys learning about your life and what happens when he isn’t present.

Part of it is because he can’t stop thinking about you, and not communicating with you feels wrong to him. Communicating and speaking in between dates, in his opinion, is the right and healthy thing to do.

You’re creating shared hobbies

Many happy couples will develop their own “internal” pastimes to help them bond. Long walks to discover hidden corners of the city, going to the gym together, organizing board game nights with friends, having a puzzle night with a glass of wine, and so on are all examples.

He never says you’re “just friends” or casual

“We’re just friends,” “we’re casual, nothing serious,” does he ever say? If you answered yes, you should trust him.

To be honest, some people can offer you so much love and attention (a practice known as lovebombing) that you lose your guard and overlook those statements. It’s difficult to internalize the words and accept that he means what he says when this happens.

It’s one of those rare instances in which you should trust what someone says rather than what they do.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Even as a joke, a man seeking a solid, healthy relationship would never utter such things. He couldn’t say it even if he tried because it doesn’t convey what you mean to him.

The second reason is that he wants to form a relationship with you, and such words prevent that by making you believe he is untrustworthy.

He talks about deeper aspects of his life

For better or worse, most men are socialized to appear calm, emotionless, and unmoved. He believes you’re someone he can trust and feel secure around since he’s opening up and letting you see his deeper frustrations, wounds, and fears. In other words, he’s not afraid to be vulnerable in front of you.

This could range from hidden professional ambitions like starting his own business or changing careers to more personal issues like sad breakups or personal tragedies.

Even if he knows you work in a different industry and don’t completely comprehend the situation, he will go into detail about his professional aspirations. He is ecstatic just to be able to share his enormous ideas with you.

These intimate times and in-depth chats help to build your bond and bring you closer together.

He is transparent and honest with you


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

If a guy is honest and straightforward about his day-to-day life, rather than trying to be mysterious and keep you guessing what he’s up to, it’s a good sign he wants a meaningful relationship.

You have a very decent sense of his daily schedule and what he’s up to at any given time. You know this because he freely discusses what he’s up to as a way to connect with you, not because you asked him. Things like sharing weird images of his poor cooking or amusing things that happen in his environment.

Not only that, but the stories he tells and the explanations he provides are invariably accurate. You never get the impression that he’s lying to you or attempting to impress you. He is the guy he claims to be.

He invites you to formal and ceremonious occasions

Does he take you to more formal events and ceremonies, such as work get-togethers with partners, birthday parties for friends, engagement parties, conferences where he is presenting, and so on?

If you answered yes, he considers the two of you to be a good match. He’s effectively announcing to his entire social circle that he’s been kidnapped, that the two of you have each other’s backs, and that you’ll be going through major life events together.

You feel valued and your opinions important

Men who want to develop a strong, happy relationship that lasts understand that both parties in the relationship must be content, respected, and have their needs addressed.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

As a result, he will prioritize your happiness and wants, and he will always endeavor to reach an agreement when the two of you agree on something.

Men who are only passing through your life, on the other hand, will burn bridges in the long run to gain what they want from you in the short run.

He trusts you to stay at his place alone

If this happens, it means he trusts you and is confident enough in you to not make up a cause for you to go. He might even look forward to returning to you after completing his errands.

Also, don’t let this chance pass you by! Try putting googly eyes on all of his images and see how long it takes him to notice.

How do you know if he’s happy with you?

It’s easy to feel vulnerable in the early stages of a relationship. Perhaps you’ve been betrayed or burnt in the past, and you’re unsure whether or not this guy is genuine. To see clearly through the mists of vulnerability and establish if he actually loves you, here are seven leading signs:

1. He values you because he recognizes your worth.

I could tell that my friend James cherished and adored his girlfriend Claire. James was aware of the specifics of her life in a healthy way. He was well-versed in her family history, her likes and dislikes, and her achievements. When Claire received an excellent review at work, James was overjoyed. Even though Claire’s career required her to travel, which cut into their time together, he made it clear that he was rooting for her.

2. He wants you to be a part of his plans for the future.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Is he mentioning forthcoming activities and asking whether you are available or willing to attend? Linda, a 30-year-old client, was overjoyed when she told me that her boyfriend had invited her to his forthcoming family gathering. Is he making jokes about the appearance of your future children? If he’s interested in you, he’ll want you to be a large part of his future.

3. You are his number one priority.

“When a man values and loves you, you know you are top on his list of priorities,” my colleague Elaine says. Is it a priority for him to spend time with you? Do you have the impression that you are the most important person in his life?

4. He is ecstatic that you are content.

When discussing his 30 years of love for his wife with me, Ted, a male client, said, “Her happiness is also my happiness!” A man who cares about you will refrain from doing things that would make you miserable. Whether it’s visiting a botanical garden, taking dance lessons, attending a sporting event, or simply massage your feet, he’ll figure out what makes you happy and make an attempt to accomplish it.

5. He values the fact that you miss him, and he misses you when you’re not together.

Is he grateful that you miss him? Is he missing you? Is he making an effort to communicate with you? This isn’t to say he’s obsessing over every molecule of your body; that would be unhealthy fixation. However, on the plus side, he texts you to see how you’re doing. Perhaps he’ll give you a useful work-related article or a humorous joke he spotted on the internet.

6. He goes above and above for you.

Joan, a 45-year-old physician, shed tears of delight as she told me about her partner, who went 30 miles out of his way to make sure she was safe when she left work one night when she had to remain exceptionally late. Is he always there for you if you have a problem? True love is about addressing the other person’s wants.

7. His ego is your ally, not your adversary.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Tony, a 33-year-old rising CEO, takes pleasure in his ability to turn off his professional ego and apologize when he’s wrong to his wife. When you have to go deep inside and accept that you are incorrect, love implies engaging in self-reflection rather than self-loving.

How do you know if a guy is playing you?

I understand that there are a variety of factors that cause people to be late that are beyond their control (traffic jams, car problems, being stuck at work), but a quick call from his cell phone will put your mind at ease and inform you that you have a few more minutes to try on that one other outfit you were considering.

We can forgive lateness, even chronic lateness (some individuals just aren’t good at estimating how long something will take), but not calling to let you know he’ll be a bit late?

He doesn’t show up at all (and doesn’t call) when you have plans to see him.

Ladies, getting stood up is a “one strike and you’re out” crime unless he was (verifiably) asleep in a hospital somewhere. There is no valid justification for this (apart from the one stated above), and if you continue with him after such a maneuver, you’ll be in for a rocky emotional trip that will almost certainly end horribly.

What questions to ask to see if he loves you?

Many people fantasize about and expect to experience true love at some point in their lives. A long-term healthy partnership can seem reassuring, validating, and secure. If you’re in a relationship that feels right to you but you’re not sure if your guy feels the same way, the best way to find out is to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend some questions.

You don’t have to ask if he’s in love outright, but an open conversation—or, better yet, a series of candid conversations—can help you figure out if your relationship is headed for a long and happy future. All you need are a few crucial questions to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Consider how you felt when you initially discovered this was a wonderful relationship. Falling in love is an amazing experience. You want to spend quality time with your mate and learn everything there is to know about them. You want to be physically and emotionally near because you feel connected. Understanding how someone’s mind works and what’s important to them is a big element of closeness. You can feel safe in your relationship if you understand each other. After you’ve fallen in love with someone, the next step is to figure out how to keep it going.

Love is a lovely occurrence that has diverse meanings for different people. When you’re in love, the connection gives you a sense of safety, trust, freedom, and excitement. When your partner isn’t with you, you don’t worry about what he’s doing, and when you are together, you like finding activities and conversations that help you feel connected. You sense warmth, sympathy, and togetherness as you stare into each other’s eyes. You don’t need to beg for emotional validation because you know you’re loved and respected by your boyfriend. However, you might be wondering how to tell if you’re in love for the long haul. Here are some questions to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to find out during a quiet or calm time.

What are the signs that a guy just wants to sleep with you?

5. They enjoy viewing movies or listening to music as a kind of entertainment. Men who want to build a relationship with you want to participate in activities and cultural events with you. They want to get to know you better so they can determine if you’re a good fit for them as well. It’s crucial that they make a positive first impression on you, one that says, “I’m an interesting man who enjoys trying new things.” They’re looking to see if you’re compatible in more ways than just sexually.

How do you tell if he wants you to be his girlfriend?

He could only stammer, “I thought we were just having fun,” before cutting the date short, calling for the check, and leaving with a promise to call again. He, on the other hand, never did.

That’s why you should be as certain as possible about what’s going on in his thoughts before setting your own expectations for the future. These 7 indicators that he wants to make you his girlfriend will help you figure it out:

How To Capture His Heart And Make Him Fall For You

Here’s what we’ve realized after so many years of experience as dating coaches:

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Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

As women, we understand how you feel.

But no matter what other people say, always remember:

You are an AMAZING woman…

And you deserve an amazing man who loves you, respects you and treats you special.

So start using these special techniques today, and see how quickly men fall in love with you immediately!


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

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