Why Do Men Lie? The 10 Most Common Reasons Revealed

Let’s be real here: Men are confusing creatures sometimes!

As women, we’re never sure what exactly he’s thinking of deep down, or why he’s acting a certain way.

And this can cause a lot of worry in us.

The truth is: All men lie. And it doesn’t matter if he’s your long-term partner, or someone you’ve just met at a party.

Some of them might lie more than others, and some may tell bigger lies than others. But this doesn’t change the fact that men lie.

So why do they do this? And what can we do about it?

As international dating and relationship coaches, we’ve dealt with this situation time and time again.

In fact, these are questions that we constantly get from thousands of women around the world.

Today, we’re going to tell you exactly what you need to know:

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Why Do Men Lie? The 10 Most Common Reasons Revealed

Here’s the truth:

The main reason men lie to women is because they are generally mistrustful. It takes them quite a while to “warm-up” and be honest with people, especially women.

Now, there are many reasons behind this mistrustful nature too. For example, he might have a fear of telling the truth and being judged. Or perhaps he doesn’t feel comfortable about expressing himself.

As women, it’s very important to understand the reasons why men lie.

Because once you discover the true causes behind their lies, it gives you a “shortcut” to his heart.

You will be able to understand them on a deep level, work around his lies, and connect with him emotionally.

And once you do this, he will be hooked by you, and feel an urge to chase you and give his heart to you.

In this article, our team will show you the 10 most common reasons why men lie.

Read through this list carefully, and look out for clues as to which one applies in your situation.

Later in this article, you will also have an opportunity to grab a free copy of our guide to reading a man’s mind through his behaviors and body language.

Reason 1: He Fears Social Judgment

Despite what they might say, men actually have a lot of fears.

And many of these fears are social.

Here’s what we mean:

He might be hiding something vulnerable or embarrassing about himself from the outside world, because he fears how others would react to it.

Perhaps it is something that he’s done in the past that he’s ashamed of. Or maybe it is some guilty pleasure that he secretly has.

In his mind, he anticipates that others will judge and belittle him over it. And so he’d rather lie about it than open up to the world.

When it comes to these secrets, he might not even tell his closest friends or partners. So don’t expect him to tell you if you’ve just met him recently.

In fact, it’s probably going to take a while before he warms up to you and feels close enough to you to open up about these things.

And even then, it’s important to make him feel a connection with you that’s strong enough for him to overcome these fears.

More on this later…

Reason 2: Lying Is His Easy Way Out

Sometimes, men will lie simply because he’s put in a difficult situation that he wants to get out of.

Here’s what we mean:

Let’s say you were in a relationship with a guy, and you tell him that you don’t like the way he spends all his free time after work at the bar with his co-workers.

This gives him three options: He could either give up hanging out with his friends, argue with you, or simply bypass all the trouble by telling a little lie to you.

Be honest: Which option do you think he’s inclined to take?

In this situation, it’s just way easier for him to lie to you.

By doing so, he can easily get out of an uncomfortable situation.

And in the process, he also keeps his social circle intact, and doesn’t lose face with his friends at the office.

These sorts of lies are not limited to relationships.

For example, if you ask a guy about his dating life, he might say he’s looking for a committed relationship, when in reality he’s a player who treats girls as casual flings.

Obviously, he would get a bad reaction out of you if he were to tell you the truth. So he simply makes up a lie that gets him out of a socially tougher situation.

(To learn how to read a man’s mind through his behaviors and body language, check out our handy guide here!)

Reason 3: He Doesn’t Respect You As A Woman

Let’s face it:

Not all men respect women.

Some guys might see us merely as “objects”, and never take us seriously.

And in these cases, it’s not hard to see why they’d lie to us.

Because they don’t value or respect us, they don’t believe that we deserve honesty either.

The truth is, in any healthy and loving relationship, respect is very important.

And when a man doesn’t respect his partner, he’s not going to be honest with her.

Instead, he will behave in a manipulative way, and his words will have no meaning.

In fact, he will lie in your face just to get his way, without any regard for your feelings.

When you realize that a man is doing this to you, it can really hurt, especially if it’s a man that you have feelings for.

But what you have to realize is that every man can change – It just takes the right kind of girl to do it.

No matter how flawed or immature he might be right now, his behaviors can be corrected as long as you speak to his heart and move him on an emotional level.

We’ll come back to this point later on…

Reason 4: He Doesn’t Feel Comfortable Around You

awkward guy

We all know that guys like to play it cool and keep their feelings hidden inside.

And it often takes quite a while for them to open up their hearts to someone.

So if you find that a man lies to you, he might not be doing it to hurt you. It’s possible that he simply does not feel comfortable about expressing himself to you right now.

This is usually the case when it comes to details about his personal life or his past.

But just because he is lying out of fear or weakness doesn’t mean you should just accept it or tolerate it.

In fact, dishonesty from a man is always going to spell trouble for a relationship, no matter how innocent his reasons for lying may be.

So if you notice that he’s not comfortable with telling the truth about certain things to you, don’t let it slide – Address the issue directly.

You need to form a meaningful connection with him that allows him to open up his heart to you, and be honest and truthful in front of you.

Because only then will he truly be able to love you and devote himself to you without anything holding him back.

(To learn exactly how to do this, click here to grab a free copy of our handy guide on understanding what a man is really thinking!)

Reason 5: He’s Playing Games With You

As we’ve mentioned above, men are perfectly capable of being manipulative and cunning to you.

And if you notice that he lies a lot, he might be doing it just to play games with you.

For example, he might tell you that he has true feelings for you, but then say the same thing to 5 other girls on the same night!

Or perhaps he will present himself as a nice and caring guy, when in reality he is just trying to “score” you and show off in front of his friends.

It can be difficult to spot these types of lies, especially if you have feelings for him.

But if you ever suspect a guy is just playing games with you, detach yourself from your feelings and try to see past the image he is trying to portray.

Once you zoom out and not let your feelings sway your judgment, these sorts of mind games will become quite obvious to you.

Reason 6: He Has Hidden Intentions


When it comes to men, it can be easy to be tricked by their words or actions…

Because behind these words and actions could be intentions that he’s trying to hide from you.

Now, these intentions are not always bad. For example, a guy might lie about a piece of bad news just to keep you from being upset.

But many times, his lies will carry harmful intentions too.

Maybe he’s telling you how much he enjoys hanging out with you, when in reality he’s only doing so to make another girl jealous.

Or perhaps he is telling you a bunch of dramatic stories about all the girls he’s been with in the past, when in reality he’s just trying to make you jealous.

At the end of the day, all lies are unacceptable, regardless of his intentions. This is especially true if you plan on being in a relationship with him, or you’re already dating him.

So if you suspect him of having ulterior motives, then it’s time to confront him and get to the bottom of the issue…

Because there’s simply no way to have a relationship that is deep and caring if he feels it’s acceptable to be dishonest to you.

(Be sure to check out our handy guide on how to tap into a man’s innermost thoughts and feelings through his behaviors and body language!)

Reason 7: He Doesn’t Feel A Connection With You

A man is always going to be honest with the people that he truly loves and feels a strong emotional connection with.

But if he doesn’t feel that connection, then it’s not likely that he’s going to be upfront with you.

This can happen no matter if you’re “just friends” with him, or already in a committed relationship.

Men are very sensitive in this way. So if they don’t feel a strong emotional connection towards you, they will simply stop being honest with you.

This usually starts off with lies about his thoughts and feelings. He will opt to keep them hidden deep inside of him, and even lie to you about them.

And if he becomes more distant, he will start lying about details in his life and past, either because he doesn’t feel like it’s your business, or he just can’t be bothered with explaining them to you.

If you’re romantically attracted to him or already dating him, this can be a big problem. And if you avoid dealing with his dishonesty right now, it could lead to a lot of emotional pain for you in the future.

Reason 8: His Heart Is With Someone Else

A man’s heart is a special place in that it only has space for a limited number of people.

To the people who are most important to him and who he truly cares about, he will not hesitate to be completely honest with.

But it is simply against his nature to feel this way towards everyone in his life.

If someone else has already taken that special spot, he might be dishonest to you while reserving his deepest feelings and secrets for that special someone.

To her, he will pour his heart out and let her in on every single secret in his life. But to other people in his life, he will naturally be more reserved and closed up.

Not only will he shy away from certain topics or omit certain facts, but he will also tell lies just to avoid having to talk about these things.

For those who are already in a relationship, this possibility can be very unsettling and worrying.

But before confronting him about anything, it’s important to establish what exactly he’s lying about, and why he’s doing so.

(To learn how to do this, click here to check out our handy guide on reading a man’s mind through simple clues in his behaviors.)

Reason 9: He’s A Serial Liar

Some people, both men and women, are simply serial liars.

We all have bad habits, and we know how difficult it is to break them. And for these people, lying is just another of those bad habits.

So if you notice that a man lies a lot, it could be that he’s a serial liar who’s not used to being upfront and transparent with people.

These men will usually lie about all sorts of things, big and small. And they will do so very frequently, with everyone in his life.

In these cases, it takes a lot of time and effort to break this habit, and he will likely need help from those around him.

If you suspect this to be the case in a man who is close to you, you should spend some time to pick out his lies, and start holding him accountable for them.

This includes the “casual” lies, as well as the more serious ones.

Over time, it will become easier for him to be open with you about his thoughts and feelings, allowing you to build a deeper and more honest relationship with him.

Reason 10: He’s Been Hurt In The Past

One of the most common reasons why guys lie is because of some trauma or emotional pain that they suffered in the past.

This usually comes from some sort of negative consequence that he suffered for telling the truth.

For example, he might have tried to express his honest feelings for a girl he liked, but got rejected in a very embarrassing way.

These sorts of experiences can lead him to believe that honesty is not always the best option. And he will begin to feel that if he keeps certain things to himself and plays them cool, then everything will somehow work out.

For this reason, some guys grow up lying about thoughts, feelings, as well as details about their life, because they are afraid of what will happen once they tell the truth.

There’s no need to get too deep into psychology here. But it’s important for you to understand that these wounds do affect a person on a deeper level.

Down the road, they can lead them to lie about even the smallest of things, all because of this trauma that is dwelling in his heart.

How To Connect Straight To His Heart And Discover His Deepest Thoughts

After coaching thousands of women on how to improve their relationships and dating lives, we’ve found that understanding how a man’s mind works is one of the most important things for any woman to learn…

But even after reading through the most common reasons why men lie, you might still feel lost.

In fact, some women are left even more confused after learning them. After all, how can you know which of the reasons is causing him to lie?

The answer is quite simple.

There are a few simple behavioral and body language cues that you can watch out for in a man.

And once you know what to look for, it only takes a little bit of practice for you to figure out exactly how he’s feeling deep inside, and what is truly on his mind.

It’s a huge part of understanding men, and it’s completely changed our students’ dating lives forever.

Today, we want to help you do the same.

So to get you started, we’ve prepared a handy guide on connecting directly to a man’s heart and reading his thoughts and feelings. And today, it’s yours for free:

FREE GUIDE: How To Read Any Man’s Mind

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Once you start looking out for the little clues included in this book, you will feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

You will no longer have to worry about what a man really thinks about you, or how he truly feels about something deep down.

And more importantly, you will be able to speak directly to any man’s heart, and quickly build a deep emotional connection with him.

Once you do this, he will feel a strange but powerful desire for you, and only you, which leaves him with no choice but to desperately devote himself completely to you.

Grab your free copy of our guide, and start using the little tricks included. You’ll be surprised at how powerful they are!

FREE GUIDE: How To Read Any Man’s Mind

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