Why Does My Boyfriend Lie To Me? 10 Most Common Reasons

As women, one of the worst feelings we can get is when our boyfriends lie to us.

After all, they’re supposed to be the one person we can trust and put all our love into.

And when they turn around and lie to us, it can really feel like we’ve been betrayed and hurt.

Trust us – We know how that feels.

But have you ever wondered why he does that?

Why does he keep being dishonest to you, no matter how hard you try?

If you’re ready to find out, pay close attention to this article…

Because you might be shocked at the real reasons behind your boyfriend’s lies…

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Why Does My Boyfriend Lie To Me? The 10 Most Common Reasons Revealed

As international relationship coaches, we’ve seen this situation time and time again in thousands of couples.

And believe it or not, it’s actually quite common for boyfriends to lie, even in relationships that start off as healthy and loving.

Usually, it starts with small things. But eventually, the lies become more frequent and grow bigger…

That’s why it’s important to address your boyfriend’s dishonesty as early as possible, before it gets to a point where your relationship is permanently damaged.

Today, our team will walk you through the 10 most common reasons why boyfriends lie.

Later in the article, you’ll also get some powerful tips on how to forge a deep emotional bond with him, so that he stays passionately devoted to you, and never even thinks of lying to you ever again.

1. He Doesn’t Want To Hurt His Feelings

When your boyfriend lies to you, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with feelings of hurt and neglect…

But in reality, he might not be lying to you out of bad intentions.

In fact, dishonesty in relationships usually starts with small, well-intended lies.

For example, he might lie to you about working over the weekend, when in reality he’s gone out drinking with his friends.

When you find out, you feel devastated that he betrayed your trust like this…

But from his point of view, it’s only a little lie to avoid hurting your feelings.

Now, it might comfort you a little knowing that he only meant well…

But make no mistake – Lying in a relationship is never a good thing. In fact, it’s an early sign of a breakdown of trust and respect.

He might feel that lying to protect your feelings is much more important than being completely honest with your relationship.

But if this continues, it will eventually cause the two of you to drift apart.

So once you spot this, it’s important to act as quickly as possible to repair your bond before things get worse.

More on this later…

2. He’s Losing Interest In You

There are plenty of other ways that your boyfriend can lie to you that may not be as harmless as the example above.

In fact, they can be far more troubling and dangerous to your relationship.

Because if he’s lying to you regularly, there’s a good chance that he’s losing interest in you.

And when this happens, it often gets worse and worse.

You see, when a man loses interest in a woman, he starts questioning why he’s in a serious relationship with her.

And because he’s doubting the relationship in his mind, it’s only natural for him to start behaving in a dishonest way around his partner.

In fact, in many cases he might not even be aware that he’s acting this way. It’s simply a consequence of the bond between you breaking down.

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3. He Has Something To Hide From You

When men lie to their girlfriends, there is often one specific thing that he is constantly lying about.

There are many possibilities, and it’s usually quite hard to pinpoint exactly what he’s hiding from you.

It could be something innocent, like a surprise party that he’s planning for you…

But it could also be a lot more malicious, such as another girl that he’s seeing.

Usually, you’ll be able to get a better idea of what he’s lying about from the frequency of his lies.

For example, if he was planning something special for you, his lies wouldn’t carry on for more than a couple of weeks…

On the other hand, if he was really having an affair behind your back, he would have to lie over and over again for months on end to cover up his tracks.

So if you find that your boyfriend’s dishonesty continues over a sustained period, and becomes more frequent over time, you should address it right away before it’s too late.

4. He Doesn’t Value You As A Woman

It goes without saying that honesty and respect go hand in hand in a relationship.

And if he truly respects and values you as a woman, he would never hide anything from you.

So if you find your boyfriend is lying to you on a regular basis, there’s a good chance that he’s lost respect for you, or never really respected you to begin with.

He might not admit it, and he might not even realize it himself, but deep down he doesn’t believe you deserve his honesty.

In other words, he doesn’t value you enough to tell you the truth.

This usually manifests in two ways:

He could deliberate lie to you and keep the truth hidden from you…

Or he could carelessly leave you in the dark, and simply not bother about being honest with you.

Either way, if he’s lying to you regularly, it’s a clear sign that he lacks respect for you and his relationship with you.

5. You Are A Lower Priority In His Life

We all have priorities in life, whether it’s with people or commitments.

Some people are much more important to us, and so we devote more of our time and care towards them than others.

And in a loving, healthy relationship where both partners are passionate and devoted to each other, there are no walls in between them.

What does this mean for your relationship?

If your boyfriend is being dishonest to you, it’s usually because you are not a central part of his life.

You may have become a lower priority for him over time, or it’s possible that you were never that important in his life to begin with.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that he isn’t attracted to you. It could simply mean there are other things in his life that are more important to him, such as his career, social life, or even other people.

It’s a clear sign that he doesn’t truly take your relationship seriously, and that your bond with him is not very strong.

(Be sure to check out our handy guide on how to get a man to make you his #1 priority, and stay deeply devoted to you)

6. He Neglects Your Feelings

The key ingredient of a healthy and loving relationship is a strong emotional bond.

When two people are connected this way, they are able to relate to each other on a personal and emotional level in a deep way.

If one person in the relationship has achieved something, the other person will be full of pride and happiness.

And if one person is hurt in any way, the other person will be able to understand and feel this pain too.

Without this emotional bond, the relationship quickly breaks down.

So if you find that your boyfriend is lying to you constantly, it’s a clear sign that your bond with him is not as strong as it should be.

It shows that he doesn’t really feel connected to your feelings, and doesn’t feel that emotional bond with you anymore.

This also causes him to stop trying, and become complacent and detached in your relationship.

But more importantly, it can really take a toll on your mental and emotional health too.

7. He Feels Judged By You

A good relationship is supposed to bring out the best in people.

It’s meant to allow us to be completely honest with each other, and feel comfortable sharing our true thoughts and feelings with one another.

And if your boyfriend is being dishonest with you, there’s a good chance that he feels judged by you and doesn’t feel comfortable sharing the truth with you.

For example, if he’s meeting with an ex for a cup of coffee, he might be worried that you’ll judge him react with jealousy.

Or perhaps he’d hide the fact that he’s been having troubles at work from you, fearing that you’ll judge him and belittle him.

In reality, you might not be judgmental towards him at all. But you may have made a comment in the past that hurt him and caused him to be wary of sharing his thought with you.

Believe it or not, men can be sensitive like that!

To him, lying to you is a “quick-fix” solution to avoid your judgment.

But if you allow this to continue, he will simply lie more and more until his connection with you simply fades away.

That’s why it’s important to address his dishonesty head-on, and repair your relationship with him before things get worse.

(Check out our handy guide on how to get your boyfriend to commit and stay committed to you here!)

8. He Doesn’t Feel Close To You Anymore

It seems obvious to most people, but the closer two people are, the more honest and transparent they are with each other.

In fact, the meaning of being close to someone is that there are no barriers or walls between you.

You feel comfortable enough with each other to share your deepest thoughts and your most vulnerable side.

And in this situation, there is simply no reason to lie to each other.

So if your boyfriend is lying to you on a regular basis, a big reason could be that he simply doesn’t feel close to you anymore.

On the surface level, he might act like nothing is wrong. But there could be a deep disconnect between the two of you.

You might find that he’s lying about certain things. Or perhaps his heart is just closed off from you in general, and he feels reluctant to share his feelings with you.

Let’s be clear: Both of these are acts of dishonesty, and both are clear signs that he doesn’t feel close to you anymore.

9. His Mind Is On Something Or Someone Else

When a man’s attention is fixed on something or someone else, everything else in his life becomes secondary.

And while this doesn’t mean he will deliberately lie to you, it could mean that he carelessly leaves you in the dark.

When his mind is somewhere else, he won’t feel the need to be honest with you.

He won’t be motivated to share or express his thoughts with you. All he will care about is the thought or person that’s occupying his mind.

And as long as he is preoccupied with that thought or person, he will continue to neglect your feelings and needs, including honesty in your relationship.

He might leave you out of the loop as to what’s going on in his life, omit certain facts and details, and perhaps even lie about things just because he’s not bothered to explain them to you.

And all the while, he might not even realize he’s doing this, simply because he’s not paying attention to you.

This might be anything from a big project that he’s working on in the office, to a female co-worker that he’s become interested in…

Whatever it is, it’s important to pull his focus back into your relationship as soon as you spot these signs.

(To learn how to capture his attention and keep him devoted to you forever, check out our complete guide here!)

10. He Doesn’t Think You’ll Listen To Him

We all know that communication is very important in a relationship.

This involves expressing yourself freely, but also being heard by the other person.

And one of the biggest reasons why guys lie to their girlfriends is because they feel like they won’t be heard.

This doesn’t just mean sitting there and hearing what he’s saying. It means encouraging him to open up, and reaching out to understand his thoughts on a deep level.

When a man doesn’t feel like you will do this for him, he will close up and stop communicating with you.

And if it gets to a certain point, he might start lying to you just to avoid opening up to you.

Sadly, this is a very common cause of relationship dishonesty, But there are steps you can take to fix this.

How To Create A Deep Emotional Bond With Him And Make Him Completely Devoted To You

We get it: Your boyfriend’s dishonesty can be a huge source of stress and worry in your life.

But take a second to imagine this:

What would it look like if your boyfriend was truly devoted to you with all his heart?

What would your relationship be like if he was completely committed and deeply connected to you?

Would you ever have to worry about him lying to you?

Of course not! In fact, he’ll be the one chasing you all the time, doing everything he can to make you feel like a princess.

Now, this might sound a bit far-fetched to you right now, especially if you’re feeling hurt by him…

But let’s be honest:

We all know at least one couple, whether amongst friends or public figures, who seem to have this sort of perfect connection with each other without even trying.

So what are they doing differently? What makes them so special that they never have to worry about dishonesty and lies?

As international dating and relationship experts, we have years of experience coaching women around the world on how to build this kind of deep emotional bond with a man.

It all comes down to a few “emotional triggers” in his mind that will activate powerful feelings of desire, devotion, and commitment inside his heart.

Today, we want to help you do the same.

So to get you started, we prepared a handy guide on how to create and maintain a deep connection with any man, and have him stay devoted to you forever:


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Once you start using these simple tips, you will look back and feel silly for ever worrying about him lying to you.

You can finally drop all these thoughts, and relax in his arms, enjoying the warmth of his care and complete devotion.

You will finally experience the kind of love that every woman dreams of since they were little girls.

And you will never have to doubt your relationship again, knowing with 100% confidence that you are the most important person in his heart, and he will do anything just to make you feel like the most special girl in the world.

Grab your free copy of this guide, and try out the simple techniques inside. You’ll be surprised at how quickly things start changing in your life!


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

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