How To Cuddle With Your Boyfriend

Cuddling is an excellent way to relax and build intimacy. However, hugging is more than simply wrapping your arms around someone and clinging them tight. Cuddling is a love language. Some people crave cuddling and clinging to their mates at all times. Others, on the other hand, aren’t so sure. Cuddling is viewed as a warm-up for the “big event.” There is no right or wrong way to cuddle, but certain postures have an advantage over other options. Have a look.

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The Spoon

Spooning is a nice way to cuddle. Let’s face it, it can also be a little sexual. Whoever the winner is, “”Big spoon” throws their arms over their partner and lies on the side next to them. If you’re the one in charge, “Your bae will put his arms around you and lean your back against his tummy, calling you “little spoon.”

The Half Spoon

Consider the half-spoon cuddle if the standard spooning technique makes you feel heated and uncomfortable. It allows you to be near to your lover and feel warm and cuddly, while also giving you enough space to avoid feeling claustrophobic.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

The Honeymoon

When your relationship is in the honeymoon stage and you and your boo can’t get enough of each other, cuddling is a must. Even when asleep, you want to be entangled all the time. You and your lover face one other and intertwine your limbs in the honeymoon snuggle position. You’re so close that you can smell each other’s breath in the morning. But none of that matters because you’re both insanely in love with each other.

The Sweetheart Cradle

Couples frequently want this position when they feel the need to be nurtured. Your partner lies on their back and hugs you while your head rests on their chest in this posture. It’s a really soothing kind of cuddling that instills sentiments of security and trust.

The Lap Pillow

It’s fantastic for bonding to lay your head on your partner’s lap. It also fosters trust by making you feel vulnerable. It’s also simple to steal a kiss or two from this vantage point. It’s the ideal snoozing spot for binge-watching your favorite shows.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

The Butt Pillow

If you use your bae’s butt as a pillow, it could indicate that you are feeling submissive and that you are allowing them to “have their way” with you. It can also be used as a cushion for your head.

The Butt Cheek-To-Cheek

You and your spouse are facing different ways in this snuggling posture, yet near enough for your butt cheeks and lower backs to touch. Knees are frequently bent, but you can stretch a leg and play footsie if you like. This snuggle suggests that you want a physical connection with your partner, but you also value your personal space and sleep quality.

The Leg Hug

Couples choose this position, like the butt cheek-to-cheek cuddle, when sleep is a priority but both of you want physical contact. Place one leg on top of your SO’s leg when you’ve found a comfortable position. (If you become uncomfortable after a time, you may need to reposition your legs again.)


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

The Arm Draper

You and your boo should face each other and drape your arms around each other for this snuggling position. You’ll be face to face, which is great if you’re both in a romantic mood but extremely distracting if you simply want to sleep. Have you ever tried to sleep while being watched by someone?

Pancake Cuddle

This is ideal for when you’re in a lighthearted mood. One of you lies on top of the other in the pancake embrace. It’s not the most comfortable snuggle position, but it does feel amazing to be thoroughly crushed!

Sitting Spoon

You and your lover both sit up with your arms draped around each other in this classic snuggle. Turn towards your SO with your legs folded. Place them on his lap with his legs below yours.

Cuddling is not only pleasurable, but it is also beneficial to your health. Here’s why you should cuddle more often.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

What do guys feel when cuddling?

“Cuddling, especially with someone you care about, provides a sensation of closeness and comfortable intimacy that is hard to find in other pastimes. If you’re comfortable with the other person, you can relax and don’t have to undertake much physical activity. It’s like a better embrace with the added benefit of being able to lay down while doing it. Also, sleeping while cuddling allows you to become closer to someone without the worries that come with meeting someone new. It’s also a fun way to play footsie with a friend, and who doesn’t enjoy that?” —Ben K. —Ben K. —Ben K.

What should a girl do while cuddling?

In a fresh relationship, try these cuddling positions:

  • Hand-in-hand.
  • Face each other while sitting close together.
  • Lying down on your lap with their head on your lap.
  • Hug in a seated position
  • Sitting in a lounge chair.
  • Using a spoon.
  • The arm’s crook (aka “half-spooning”)
  • Leaning against their chest and resting your head there.
  • How do you tell if a guy is turned on by you?

    We’ve compiled a list of the 6 erogenous zones in guys that you should focus on!

  • Hearing aids. Swirl your tongue into his ears, nipple on his ear lobes, and suck on his ear lobes sensually.
  • The neck. Erogenous spots on a man’s neck can be found above the collarbone or at the end of his hairline.
  • Scrotum is a type of scrotum.

  • The nipples
  • The perineum is a part of the female reproductive system.
  • The skin.
  • The kissing triangle

    The trick is to kiss his lips, then proceed down to his neck and kiss his lips again. You should absolutely try the kissing triangle, as it is one of the forms of kisses that guys enjoy.

    A little foot business

    Why should it be cold and dry down there while things are growing hot and heavy up there? Trace his leg with your foot, just enough for him to feel it and turn on! This is the most perfect example of how to kiss a man while touching him.

    Change your position

    Allowing him to be on top all of the time is not a good idea. He’ll ultimately grow bored of it. So, when you start making out, shake things up a little and get on top of him!

    Suck it up a bit

    We are not being cruel! What we’re suggesting is that it’s past time for you to suck a little on his lips. Take his lip in your mouth, lightly glide your tongue over it, and then let go. In no time, he’ll be requesting more!

    Including his finger!

    While we’re on the subject of sucking, have you ever attempted it with his finger? You can do this in the middle of a steamy kissing session. Take his finger, place it in your mouth, and then sexily let it out! It’s simple and effective! If he slips his finger in your mouth again while kissing, it’s one of the indicators he’s turned on.

    Nibble a bit

    Of course, very softly! Almost like a bunny nibbling on a carrot. Don’t bite off his lips because they are a sensitive part of his body; but, a little biting and nibbling can be extremely enjoyable!

    Use your tongue

    It can be surprising to use your tongue when kissing unless you and your partner have discussed it. However, if you use just the proper amount of tongue, it might turn into a nice surprise!

    Pay attention to the lower lip

    Don’t forget that the lower lip is far more erogenous than the top lip! Take some time to concentrate solely on it. You will not be disappointed!

    Keep the hands going!

    Don’t let your hands rest on the table. You should know how to kiss your guy while holding him in your arms. Make use of them! Move them up and down his arms or chest, run them through his hair, draw him closer. He, too, requires such foreplay!

    Two words – speed variation!

    Change things up a bit! If you’re going slow and steady, take it up a notch and go fast, then slow down again. This kind of unpredictability appeals to men!

    Rein Your Tongue

    Never begin a kiss with your tongue; instead, introduce it later when the timing is right. Keeping your tongue in check will also improve your experience. It’s important to create a balance between having a stiff tongue and having a sloppy tongue.

    Don’t Miss The Nape & The Back

    While you’re concentrating on his lips, don’t forget about the other parts of his body that are begging for your affection. So, where do you think guys prefer to be kissed? By kissing his nape and back, you can simply turn on your boyfriend. Begin from his nape and work your way down his back. It’ll be a hit with him!

    Play While Adjusting Your Height

    While kissing, passionately pushing your body up and down increases the thrill by a factor of ten. So, while kissing him, make sure you’re standing on your toes and adjusting your height correctly for a smooth kiss.

    Grab His Thighs

    Slide your hand from his back to all the way to his thighs to feel them while both of you are busy feeling one other’s lips. Slide your hands up and down his thighs or simply hold them tightly, pay attention to what he prefers, and keep doing it.

    Make your foreplay more exciting now that you know everything there is to know about how and where to kiss a guy to turn him aroused. XOXO

    Where do men like to be kissed?

    The ideal cuddling position is spooning. Let’s face it: it may also be sexual. When cuddling, anyone can be the “big spoon,” but it’s usually the larger or more dominant partner. When you’re the “big spoon,” you wrap your arms around your spouse and lie down on your side with your stomach against their back. Your partner wraps their arms around you and your back rests against their tummy when you’re the “little spoon.”

    What is a proper cuddle?

    Here’s the whole thing (shared anonymously with the sender’s permission):

    “I’ve been doing really well after getting out of a relationship a few months ago (actually, six months ago). My life is going well; I enjoy what I do, and I have a good set of friends with whom I often spend time. I’m not looking to get back into a relationship anytime soon, but the physical contact with a partner is something I miss. I’m a big cuddler and it’s been a while since I’ve had someone to cuddle with. I was considering contacting a female acquaintance and asking if she would be willing to snuggle with me on a regular basis in a non-sexual manner. Any suggestions for how I could ask for this without coming out as a weirdo/sociopath?”

    Yes, there are some strange ways to get your cuddle request answered, but the desire to snuggle with someone is perfectly natural, healthy, and wonderful.

    (As a side note, you can always get a hair cut, a massage, a pedicure, or a manicure for a short dose of platonic touch.) If you don’t have a dog or cat of your own, you can cuddle with a friend’s. But cuddling with a cuddle buddy you’re familiar with on a regular basis is a lot more fun. As a result, I felt obliged to compose this piece.)

    Why Cuddling Is Awesome

    Because humans are a social creature, we were designed to interact with one another. Physical contact is one of the most common ways we connect with one another.

    The advantages of cuddling are numerous, regardless of whether you and your partner’s clothes are totally on, partially on, or completely off.

    Why Cuddling Is Good For Your Health

    Cuddling helps to keep your immune system in check. It produces a lot of oxytocin (the connection hormone that naturally binds people) and dopamine (aka the happy chemical). It helps to relieve muscle discomfort and tension. It decreases your blood pressure and your risk of heart disease while reducing stress and social anxiety. Furthermore, cuddling is a natural anti-depressant and mood enhancer!

    I could link to a bunch of dull science-related websites throughout the above paragraph, but I’m not in the mood. Just put your faith in me. I looked into everything. There are numerous health advantages. We’re a social species, and we’re designed to interact with one another. There’s a reason why cuddling feels so pleasant.

    How To Ask Someone To Cuddle Without Being Weird About It

    So you’ve decided that snuggling is fantastic, that it’s beneficial for you, and that you’re ready to ask your special someone (or people) to join you in a cuddle fest. So, you’re almost there.

    So, how can you invite someone to snuggle with you without making them uncomfortable?

    (Believe me when I say that this necessary pit stop is well worth it.) When you get around to it, it’ll make the cuddling that much more delightful.)

    The first discussion you should have with yourself is whether or not you believe it’s strange. The second chat is about what you want out of your snuggle buddy arrangement.

    One of the only surefire ways to make a cuddling request look strange is for the person asking the cuddles to think it’s strange as well.

    Strange inquirer: “Hey, I know this is completely unexpected… and a little strange… but do you think you’d ever want to get together and, like, take off some of our clothes and snuggle for a while? But not having sex, since that would be even odd than what I’m asking you to do. Please do not contact the authorities.”

    If you approach the situation (whether in person, over the phone, or through any other form of digital communication) with the mindset of “OF COURSE this is an odd question to ask someone,” you’ll be able to tell by the level of tension in your voice and the word choices you make subconsciously. They’ll sense that you think it’s strange, and they’ll reflect that back to you, supporting your conviction that, sure, this is a strange thing to ask someone, no matter how well you know them.

    Do you think this is a strange thing to desire? Is it strange to ask someone you know well/kind of well/barely know at all to do something? Is cuddling acceptable, healthy, and enjoyable?

    Make sure you’re comfortable with how you feel about making the request first… and remember, there’s nothing odd about seeking physical contact with someone in or out of a relationship. It’s fine if you want to cuddle. It’s just fine and natural.

    The second dialogue you should have with yourself begins and finishes with the following question:

    This is your chance to get some one-on-one time with yourself for personal brainstorming and self-reflection.

    Do you want to have a one-time hug? A snuggle partner on a semi-regular basis (once a week, for example)? Do you want to be totally clothed when cuddling? Semi-clothed? Is kissing permitted? If that’s the case, is only kissing on the lips permitted, or only kissing on the body? Is it better to listen to music or not? Do you prefer to sleep on a bed or a couch? How much do you want to know about the person you’ll be cuddling with before you do it? Would you rather meet up with a long-time friend, an acquaintance, or (kind of) a stranger?

    You know how it goes. Investigate your desires. What is the best-case situation for you? Don’t be concerned about what you believe others will or will not want… this is the moment to check in with yourself and be as selfish as possible. What does your instinct tell you? What is your true desire for your perfect snuggle situation?

    Sit with it until it becomes crystal clear, and then write it down somewhere to make it more definite. It doesn’t imply it can’t alter later if it’s written down (in fact, it very likely could change when you and your cuddle buddy negotiate any differences of opinion for what makes an ideal cuddle situation). But for the time being, just check in with yourself and write down your best case scenario.

    While it comes to removing the oddity from your cuddling request, the trump card is to be completely honest and clear when presenting it.

    Don’t make your request more politically correct or polite by softening it. Ask someone politely for what you want (someone you’re reasonably certain would be open to hearing your request) and be specific about what you want out of the cuddle arrangement.

    You can text, call, or text them, or you can ask them in person. Even if you don’t think it’s a strange question, you might be a little scared… and that’s just normal. It might be scary to ask for our wants to be addressed (in any form of relationship). When we let our needs be known, we become vulnerable… yet the payout of asking is (at the very least) an increase in the overall amount of personal courage you have available as a result of having asked, as well as (ideally) a new snuggle partner!

    How To Go About Selecting Your Cuddle Buddy

    Perhaps you already have someone in mind, or perhaps you have no idea where to begin your search.

    Here are the top five sites I think you should look for potential cuddling mates, filtered via my particular preferences.

    1. Companions

    Why not start with your closest pals if you’re comfortable with them and there’s no sexual tension between you?

    Friendship is wonderful. They don’t pass judgment on us, they understand how we work, and they’re probably similar to us in many respects. Hopefully, one of the ways they’re similar to us is that they like cuddling as much as we do.

    Start with close friends and work your way down the list if your first choices from your social circle don’t work out for your cuddle companion.

    2. Exes with whom you have a nice relationship

    An ex with whom you’re still friendly is essentially another type of friend, however one with whom you don’t spend as much time as your core group of pals.

    If you have a good relationship with an ex and you both know you’re not compatible as intimate lovers, ask one of your exs if they’d be up for some cuddling.

    3. People with whom you’ve felt at ease every time you’ve met them

    People who aren’t close friends but whom you’ve met a few times and who give you a pleasant feeling are even further outside the concentric circles of your social life.

    Write down whoever comes to mind based on that description, then send them a message/call them to inform them of your snuggle plans. You could be shocked by how they respond. Perhaps they’ve been looking for someone to cuddle with just like you.

    4. Old crushes who never materialized

    Identical to acquaintances, but with a hint of sexual tension (either back then, or still today).

    Maybe you met at a bar years ago… or maybe you matched on OKCupid or Tinder and it didn’t work out… or maybe you were both always dating other people whenever one of you was single. Whatever your relationship history with your previous crushes, now could be the ideal time to resuscitate their names in your contact list.

    Remember to be clear about your intentions before reaching out (more on this in a later section), but your old laundry list of “what-ifs” might just include a treasure mine of cuddling companions.

    5. Websites/apps for online dating

    You can always use online dating apps/hookup apps/cuddle-specific apps as a last resort to find somebody to cuddle with.

    I put this one last since you might want to have a pre-existing relationship with the person you’ll be cuddling with, but who knows. Perhaps you’d prefer to cuddle with a complete stranger because you feel safer doing so. Whatever makes you happy. Just make sure you’re comfortable with it and that you take the necessary procedures to ensure that both your and your snuggle buddy’s boundaries are respected.

    The Ask – How To Be Clear In Your Request

    So you’ve decided what you want, who you’ll ask, and you’re almost ready to ask it. Now it’s only a matter of putting your request together and sending it off (either verbally or in a written format).

    Choose one of the three samples below that you like best, and then calibrate the language to sound more like how you talk.

    “Hey!” says the first example. I’d like to snuggle with you at some point. Is that something that would pique your interest? Please let me know so that we can discuss the details and put something on the calendar.”

    “Hey!” says the second example. As you may be aware, I’ve been out of my previous relationship for a few months and, to be honest, I miss the physical contact. Would you be interested in getting together and cuddling every now and then? It’s pure platonic, and it’s pure fantastic. Please let me know if that sounds interesting to you, and we can discuss the details.”

    “Hey, super random,” Example 3 says. I know we haven’t spoken in a while, but I always get the feeling we have a pleasant, easy connection whenever we cross paths. Is there any chance you’d be willing to get together and snuggle as friends now and then? Let me know if it sounds attractive, and we’ll arrange something up in the next week or two.”

    Setting Boundaries – Asking For What You Want

    Assuming that one (or more) of the persons you contacted expressed an interest in snuggling with you, it’s time to work out some details and moderate your expectations. It’s been a conversation between you and yourself up until now, and now it’s a conversation between you and your snuggle partner. Progress is great!

    Tell your soon-to-be snuggle mate about all you planned for your dream arrangement. If you’ve only written down things that are non-starters/hard boundaries for you, don’t do it in a “this is how it has to be and I’m not flexible on any of it” type of way. Treat this stage as a period of bargaining and getting to know one another.

    Let them tell you what they’d like/expect from your cuddling party once you’ve expressed what you want.

    Setting Boundaries – Saying No To What You Don’t Want

    Always remember that you have the right to say no to their requests, just as they have the right to say no to yours, when they tell you what they want to happen.

    You’re permitted to answer “I wasn’t thinking that” if they say “I would expect that our cuddles will lead into sex within the first week or two of hanging out.” I was looking for a platonic relationship. After all, we can be seeking for things that are too dissimilar.”

    It’s all up to you. It’s fine if you choose to wear clothes or not. It’s also up to you if you want your cuddles to lead to sex (soon, in the near future, or later). It’s important to remember that this is all a discussion. You get to set the terms of your agreement. It will be a lot easier if you honor yourself during the entire procedure (and that much more satisfying when it happens).

    Are Your Motivations Clean? Or Are You Hoping It Will Turn Into More?

    We can never be assertive or honest for other people (it is their responsibility), but we may be assertive and honest for ourselves.

    Make sure you’re not setting up a snuggling arrangement with the secret hope of turning it into sex and/or a long-term relationship. It’s perfectly acceptable to want those things (in general, and with this individual), but make sure you’re upfront about your objectives so your snuggle buddy is aware of your thoughts and expectations.

    There’s rarely such a thing as too much communication when it comes to managing expectations ahead of time. When in doubt, speak up.

    Pre-Cuddle Etiquette

    So you’ve scheduled your snuggle date and are getting ready for the ultimate cuddle party. Here are a few last-minute suggestions to help you relax even more into the moment.


    For the next few hours (or however long you’ve agreed on), you’ll be entwined with your cuddle companion. You’ll be in each other’s personal space for a long time. So, to show your respect for them and their readiness to snuggle, get as ready as you can to get all up in someone’s business.

    Make sure your toe nails are short and manageable (so you don’t irritate their skin with ugly toe nails). If you’re going to be cuddling close for any amount of time, make sure you’ve just washed and brushed your teeth. And make sure you’re both dressed comfortably in whatever you’ve decided to cuddle in… jammies, street clothing, comfortable underwear, etc.


    Prepare all of your household duties ahead of time so that your mind isn’t racing with the laundry and dishes that need to be done.

    Prepare your music and lighting setup, as well as any incense or candles, if you’re using them. If you or your cuddle mate think you’ll need it, have some drinking water nearby. Make the environment as relaxing as possible, and it will pay off in terms of how much each of you can relax into the moment.

    Revisiting Agreed Upon Boundaries

    Make sure you go through the agreed-upon rules/boundaries/etiquette before they come over. Is it appropriate to kiss or not to kiss? Is there a chance of sex/no sex? When you said you wanted to cuddle for a while, how long did you indicate you wanted to cuddle for? Is it better to talk or not to talk?

    Give your personal limits a once-over to make sure you’re not ready to breach any inadvertent lines.

    Shifting Feelings And Using Proactive Assertiveness

    Your feelings for your cuddle partner may change over time (or how they feel about you might shift). That’s perfectly acceptable and natural.

    As with any relationship, make sure to check in on a regular basis to ensure that the dynamic is still working for both of you.

    If you and your partner start to develop romantic feelings for each other, talk about whether you want to make the arrangement a partnership.

    If one of you develops feelings for the other and the relationship becomes more of a one-way street, you’ll most likely have to end it (though this relies entirely on your particular connection and what you’re each searching for). When one person begins to fall for another and the feelings aren’t reciprocated, it can lead to pain and anger on the part of the individual whose affections aren’t reciprocated. It’s usually preferable to express gratitude for the experience, cut links, and part ways.

    All The Cuddles, All The Time

    I hope you found this tutorial to be useful and that you are now better prepared to continue your snuggling adventures.

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    How do you ask someone to cuddle?

    Ten men and women assemble on a bed that fills the entire floor in a large room within a tiny office building in Portland, Oregon. They start cuddling each other in a group cuddle, dressed in comfortable attire. This isn’t a traditional orgy. It’s a lighthearted, platonic hug session instead.

    Strangers swarmed around me, and this reporter was caught in the middle of it. I didn’t freak out because it was so… casual, so… non-threatening, so… Portland.

    Samantha Hess, 34, who founded this place, says, “My mission is to transform the world one hug at a time.”

    Hess divorced her undemonstrative high school sweetheart five years ago because she couldn’t live in a “touch desert” any longer. She was working at a security business as an installation coordinator when she came across a tale about a guy who charged $2 for “deluxe” hugs. Something sparked my interest.

    “I was immediately thinking, ‘Okay, if someone comes up to me on the street and says, ‘Here, have a free cookie,’ I’m going to question everything,” Hess said. “However, if someone is selling cookies, I immediately know what they’re up to.” I’m aware of what they gain from it.”

    Cuddle Up to Me was born when Hess spent $500 on a company license and her own website. “That’s not a thing,” her friends said, implying that she was insane.

    Hess distributed fliers across town, and the local press picked up her story. “I had 10,000 emails in seven days.” For the next two months, I was completely booked.”

    The issue was that few people believed she was serious. Professional snuggling was suspected of being a cover for prostitution by local authorities, and it took Hess nine months to find a house to rent.

    “There were certainly lots of improper emails in the beginning,” she recalls. “I was invited to join their harem.” She gently declined the invitation. “With this job, I’ve gotten three marriage proposals in the first year, all before I learned how to communicate effectively.”

    Hess began his career by making house calls and even overnight sessions. She’d meet clients in a neighborhood movie theater with enormous couches on occasion. “Basically, you can lay down and watch a movie,” she explains.

    Finally, she found a landlord who was ready to rent to her. With customers, she learnt to set clear boundaries. Before any snuggling can take place, she now has prospective customers to fill out three pages of information and undergo a consultation.

    “We talk to them, get to know them, and make sure we understand their consent and boundaries, as well as theirs,” Hess explains.

    Where do the lines get drawn? Touch must be non-sexual and consensual at all times. There will be no massage, everyone must be dressed, and no touching is allowed in areas that would be covered by a swimsuit.

    “You can’t truly contact lips,” she explains, “but you can touch noses.” Every session in the Cuddle Up to Me studio is videotaped “to help keep everybody in line,” according to the rules.

    Customers are occasionally aroused, however. According to Hess, the reaction is often inadvertent, and both people may need to take a pause or reposition themselves. “Of course, there have been those who have openly breached limits,” Hess adds, “but I feel people are owed the right to master this new skill.”

    There are a half-dozen cuddling chambers inside Cuddle Up to Me, with themes ranging from tropical to peaceful. Sessions can cost up to $80 per hour and run anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours. Customers can choose from 70 different cuddling positions, like “Mama Bear” and “Gummy Worm.”

    Olivia, a professional cuddler, heard about the business and decided she wanted to be a part of it. “I’m a delivery doula,” she continues, “which entails a lot of tenderness and comfort through touch.” Her husband, she claims, was on board with the concept of getting paid for hugs. “He’s not particularly affectionate, so when he learned this was an option for me, he was like, ‘That’s fantastic.'”

    Tim became a cuddler after witnessing his father’s health issues. “I saw there were a lot of people in the hospital who didn’t have access to touch,” he explains. Tim’s husband, like Olivia, is supportive of his cuddling business. “It certainly satisfies that part of me that wants to give and contribute.”

    Paul adds, “I come here when I want to feel loved.” “I’ve been in love a few times, but there hasn’t been much security in those loves.”

    The first few sessions, he conceded, were awkward. “It was strange — ‘Oh, this is the time for us to start kissing or whatever,’ but I had to understand, oh, that’s not allowed, and that’s carried over into the rest of my life…observing and honoring boundaries.”

    Richard is no longer married. “When I first moved to Portland, I didn’t know many people,” he adds.

    He was terrified after reading an article about Hess’s company. He desired a different reaction.

    “If I say I don’t want to live alone, I want to have relationships, I want to be with people,” he continues, “I’m giving some completely different vibrations by my reply, so I figured this would assist me.” He claims that cuddling on occasion has made him “less standoffish.”

    When David isn’t in a relationship, he comes for platonic embraces. He claims to enjoy cuddling with women, but this often gives the impression that he is looking for a long-term commitment when he isn’t. The aims are apparent at Cuddle Up to Me: “I enjoy human touch, and I can do it without marrying them.”

    Women also come for cuddles. “I was just kind of a loner and had a huge personal space bubble,” a young woman who goes by the roller derby nickname “Crash” says she started coming for cuddles because she “was just kind of a loner and had a huge personal space bubble.” After witnessing the affection between her roller derby teammates, she determined to break that bubble. “My resolution for this year is to become a more affectionate person, which is why I’m here.” “I’m still learning.”

    Portland’s snuggling industry has benefited from Donald Trump’s victory. “On election night, the protest marches came within a block of our studio,” Hess says. “In a world that is so out of control right now, it’s incredibly nice to provide people an outlet where they can feel safe for at least a minute.”

    Samantha Hess hasn’t yet made it big as a professional cuddler, with annual earnings of less than $100,000. However, the company has lasted five years and provided her with a great deal of satisfaction. After hugging onstage with host Nick Cannon, Hess made it through the first round of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” in 2015. She’s also developed a code of conduct to help aspiring cuddlers in other states. Online classes start at $299 and go up to $3,200 in person. “When someone reaches 250 session hours, they earn the title of Master Cuddler,” Hess explains.

    Her biggest blunder was enlisting the help of partners who offered her $40,000 in exchange for a 40% ownership in her company. With a grin, she continues, “Knowing what I know now, there’s no way I would’ve done it.” “As a young, naive kid who thinks, ‘Who knows if this will go anywhere, why not?'”

    It turns out that the company has taken off, and Hess now has a boyfriend whom she met outside of work. She explains, “He understands that platonic snuggling is a need in my universe.”

    Is he a lover of cuddles? “Every day, we cuddle.” In the morning, we actually have a cuddle alarm.”

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