How To Deal With A Narcissist Husband

Narcissists, according to psychologist Stephen Johnson, are self-obsessed individuals who believe they are superior to others “replaced his authentic self-expression with an overly developed, compensatory false self” in response to early injuries It’s common for this character to come out as over-the-top compared to one’s own self “self-serving, manipulative, and excessively insensitive

A persistent narcissist might be extremely difficult to deal with if you’re in a relationship with him or her or if he or she is a close family member or a coworker.

Identifying narcissistic behavior in another person is difficult.

From my books How to Successfully Handle Narcissists and A Practical Guide for Narcissists to Change Towards the Higher Self, here are four helpful communication techniques.

First, some indirect advice, followed by some straight advice.

Use them as needed based on the circumstances.

Inquire about what you don’t know

Using clarifying questions as a diplomatic method to draw attention to a person’s narcissistic behavior is a useful strategy.

Narcissists, for example, may demand that you do things their way all the time, or they may manipulate you in order to satisfy their own selfish desires. When this happens, it’s best to put the focus on the behavior and ask a few probing questions to see whether the narcissist has enough self-awareness to recognize this.

Narcissists may perceive their own tactic in the light of the aforementioned questions, which is a good thing.

Second, use humor and wit to make your point.

The use of wit and humor in a message can be quite effective.

Years ago, I was at a dinner party when one of the guests, who was well-known for his ungrateful self-indulgence, ate an excessive amount of the appetizer.

When the host mentioned that the appetizer, a delicacy, was meant to be shared, the narcissist responded dismissively, “It’s supposed to be a shared experience.” “”I’m OK,” he said, and went on to eat even more.

He laughed, “Of course you’re fine,” the host said with a smile. “It’s the only thing that matters.” Eventually, the guest realized what was going on and behaved impeccably.

In the right context, humor and wit can shed light on the truth, defuse uncomfortable situations, and show that you are more composed than your peers.

Dissociate a person’s actions from their personality

Separating the behavior from the person is frequently an effective method to point out someone’s narcissism while still leaving the individual the ability to change. “You’re acting narcissistically,” rather than “You’re a narcissist.” “This is self-centered.

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What are the signs of a narcissistic husband?

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In addition to heaping praise on others, a narcissist may wax lyrical about a former lover or engage in sexual relations with someone in your presence.

According to a 2017 study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, this is not an accident or an innocent blunder.

Researchers have found that narcissists use this tactic to gain power and/or boost their self-esteem.

#5: There’s This Jealousy, Too

Suzanne Degges-White, Ph.D., professor and chair of the department of counseling and higher education at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, believes that jealousy is a normal reaction when a newborn joins a narcissist’s family.

“He may begin to demand that you provide more attention to your marriage than to your child because of the time and effort you put into caring for him.” While this may be the case for many people, it isn’t universal.

In fact, some narcissists transfer their attention entirely to the baby.

“According to Degges-White, these narcissists may perceive the child as an extension of themselves, so they take the child and put you on the sidelines when it comes to attention and family engagement.

#6: Your Parenting Skills Are Criticized

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“”Narcissists often blame their spouse’s lack of parenting abilities for any perceived ‘poor’ behavior of their children,” adds Dorazio.

Narcissists, on the other hand, are often less involved in their children’s upbringing than their spouses, and they frequently use their careers as an excuse to avoid responsibility.

“As Dorazio points out, “they’ll often cite the narcissistic husband’s financial success as a reason for not caring for the children.”

#7: They “Confide” In Your Family

People who are narcissistic by nature lack empathy and are consumed with their own interests.

Then it’s no surprise that you’d turn to your friends and family to vent and commiserate.

What’s the deal?

It is common for narcissists to talk to your family and friends before you have the opportunity to do so.

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“Dorazio says a narcissist can suggest he’s worried about how you’ve been acting lately because you seem ‘off.’

“Why? Because it relieves him of the burden of disclosing your troubling conduct to you first.”

#8: The Signature “Love Bombs” Dwindle

When you were dating, you were probably inundated with romantic gestures like love letters, flowers, and other gifts.

Getting swept off your feet really does feel like this, didn’t it?

However, poof—it all comes to an end after marriage.

“Dorazio says, “Courting with ‘love bombs’ is no longer necessary because you’ve been conquered through marriage,” but he adds that these extravagant displays may resurface occasionally if your spouse wants anything from you.

“According to Dorazio, “You may be expected, for example, to show your thanks in a very specific way, like dressing a certain way on the vacation or being ready for sex whenever your husband wants,” he explains.

#9: They Admit It!

Identifying narcissists is actually quite simple, according to a study involving more than 2,200 people.

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It is as simple as asking them: How much of this statement do you agree with: “The narcissist in me is out in full force.” In addition, you’ll need to specify what you mean by “define.” “while also mentioning that the term “narcissist” refers to someone who is self-centered, arrogant and vain.

According to researchers, this works because narcissistic people are practically proud of it.

Poor listening skills

A person with this personality disorder is primarily interested in their own thoughts and feelings.

Because of their preference for listening to their own voices, these people rarely allow others the opportunity to speak out and express their opinions.

In addition to being overbearing, their unwillingness to listen makes it difficult to open up and share personal information with them. They simply do not care enough to take the time to listen.

Unable to accept criticism

If you criticize these people, you could inadvertently inflict deep rage on them. As it turns out, people have a hard time accepting criticism since they are so confident in their abilities and skills. They are, after all, flawless in their own minds.

Major impatience

Because narcissists are so demanding, their personalities are associated with extreme impatience.

For them, when they want something and snap their fingers, other people should follow suit and accept their requests. They are so confident that they don’t believe in waiting for things.

Lack of focus

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There are times in the lives of people with this personality type when they are enamored with a subject and then put it out of their mind.

They’re always looking for the next big thing, which suggests that they have a poor ability to focus and disperse their energy.

Inability to understand other people’s feelings

As you may have guessed, narcissistic qualities include a severe lack of empathy for the feelings of other people.

As a result of their inability to recognize and process emotions, they come across as cold and almost robotic in their interactions with others.

As long as they are concerned with their feelings, nothing else matters to them.

Intense stubbornness

One of their many flaws stems from their inflated sense of self-importance, which makes it impossible for them to ever back down or change their viewpoint.

Ultimately, their egos make them believe that they are the most brilliant and that they are consequently superior in every aspect of life, which justifies them disregarding external information.


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Any narcissist is driven by the need to succeed, and it’s safe to say that these vicious personalities would go to any lengths to achieve their goals..”

In order to win the primary prize, they will do whatever it takes, even if it means manipulating others or spreading misinformation.

It is true that their fixation on winning the gold medal drives them to engage in dishonest practices.


Sincerity is an enigmatic idea to these cunning personalities, who are notoriously secretive about their true motives and goals..

Building a veneer around themselves is vital to deceiving people into believing that their behavior is appropriate because they prioritize hiding their manipulative tendencies.


The irony of the situation is that these people are unable to tell the truth and chose to tell lies in order to achieve their goals. Because lying is so natural to them, and they have no idea of how far they may go…

Aggressive behavior

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When narcissists fear they are losing control, their most repulsive characteristics might emerge, including aggressive behavior, both verbally and physically.

Although they try to appear calm and collected, they are more prone to lose their composure if they sense they have a legitimate reason to be concerned.

How does a narcissist husband behave?

As a society, we’ve become increasingly self-obsessed.

This is based on solid data and scientific research.

In this case, “”Look at me, I’m so cool!” is a phrase that many social networks like Facebook use to encourage people to be self-conscious about how they appear to others.

The self-esteem movement’s negative impacts may also be manifesting themselves on a bigger scale.

So, what effect does this surge in narcissism have on our interpersonal connections?

More narcissism, of course, leads to an increase in narcissistic romantic relationships.

To paraphrase Ohio State University professor Brad Bushman: “”Relationships with narcissists are doomed to failure.” A lack of long-term commitment is one of the hallmarks of a narcissistic partner’s character traits, according to research.

An abusive relationship can be difficult to deal with.

Dr. Lisa Firestone, a psychologist and author, spoke with us about the usual results, problems, and ramifications of a narcissistic relationship.

Do narcissist know they are hurting you?

It is possible for some people to become more self-conscious over time and become more aware of how they are affecting you.

However, this does not imply that they will be concerned.

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According to Greenberg, “Narcissists are ready to be abusive because they’re so hypersensitive, and they don’t have empathy, and they lack object constancy.”

What is the best thing to say to a narcissist?

We, rather than I, or you, implies that you are a part of the behavior.

If the narcissist is furious with you because you defended yourself, you might tell him or her that you’re all in this together and that it’s better for everyone if the disagreement ends.

How do narcissists treat their wives?

Partners may be expected to offer adoration and reverence to narcissists throughout the course of a relationship.

When a narcissist loses control of a spouse, he or she resorts to some fairly heinous actions, which is emotional abuse.

  • Jealousy.

Narcissists with fragile egos may incite jealousy in their partners to take revenge on them, test the relationship, prove its stability, and raise their own self-esteem if they are afraid of their partner losing interest. They may also create situations that cause their partners to feel jealous in order to gain control and power in the relationship.

  • Guilt.

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Any behavior that is perceived as disrespectful or a lack of gratitude by the narcissist will be used as an opportunity to make their spouse feel guilty.

There is nothing narcissistic about manipulating your partner into feeling guilty or sorry for things she doesn’t have a legitimate reason to feel sorry for.

  • Threats. When a partner begins to exhibit independence or behaves in ways that are at odds with the narcissist’s expectations, the narcissist will threaten to end the relationship.

Love You, Love You Not: The Endless Cycle of Romantic Abuse

In order for narcissists to be happy, their partners must constantly praise them. It’s common for people to get frantic to reclaim a partner’s devotion when they see that they’ve lost interest or excitement.

They may spend a lot of money on extravagant presents or romantic gestures to get their partner to place them back on top of the list.

Little things, such as being late for a date, having to work early, hanging out with your friends, or forgetting to wear the dress the narcissist intended you to wear, can cause narcissistic anxiety and terror.

Is the Narcissist or the Former Partner the “Crazy Ex”?

In addition to having many failed romantic relationships, narcissists who excel at gaining others’ affection and praise tend to be lonely and depressed.

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Those with narcissistic tendencies are adept at luring in potential partners in the hopes of finding someone “larger and better” who will make them feel “bigger and better.”

Also, they’ll attempt to make sure that each new mate believes that they were the victim of previous breakups.

While vilifying their ex-partners, they tend to exaggerate their own positive traits.

The “crazy current boyfriend or girlfriend” is more likely to continue in a relationship with a narcissist than the “crazy exes,” who were wise enough to quit the relationship.


People in happy relationships are tolerant of their partners’ flaws.

As a narcissist, you bear the brunt of the responsibility for any missteps or misunderstandings that occur in your relationship.

Narcissists are unwilling to take responsibility for their own behavior or for the problems they cause in their relationships or personal lives.

In order to protect their self-esteem, narcissists blame others for their own shortcomings.

As a result, you may come to see yourself as less than your partner and begin to denigrate yourself and take criticism as deserved, regardless of whether it is or isn’t.

What happens when you marry a narcissist?

  • He’ll only care about your feelings if it’s in his best interest, and he’ll only do so if it’s beneficial to him.
  • In the end, he will spoil your birthdays and holidays (probably because somehow he needs to make everything about him.)
  • You’ll be content merely because he isn’t giving you the silent treatment, yelling at you, or cheating on you. Your expectations will be controlled down to just crumbs.
  • When he looks at you, your worth will be reduced to none. In fact, strangers will be more important to him than you are.
  • Forget about your own sentiments and reactions; they are not important, and you will lose yourself as a result of this training.
  • You’ll find yourself advising a mature adult on how to interact with others in a reasonable way.
  • Throughout the course of your relationship, you will find yourself waiting, hoping, hurting, being furious, forgiving, and forgetting.
  • Many spectacular exits will be followed by the N reappearing as if nothing strange had ever happened.
  • When you see him, he won’t inquire how your day is going or say “have a nice day.” Unless it’s something he cares about, he won’t care about what you care about.
  • His negative behavior is projected onto you and your good intentions are projected onto him — neither is true.
  • He’ll label you a lunatic, others will think you’re a lunatic, and you’ll think you’re just as bad as him when you ultimately break up with him because of his insane behavior and the madness of the relationship (realize, there is no moral equivalence betweenexpressing frustration and intentional abuse.)
  • Nobody else will notice it (except maybe the kids.) Your perception of the world will be challenged by this.
  • You will be traumatized by the encounter because it is a form of interpersonal violence.
  • Ignoring the advice of a professional will almost certainly backfire on you. (Remember that your partner’s mental condition is not the source of your marital difficulties.)

What drives a narcissist crazy?

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With a narcissist, Tawwab argues, “there is no debate or compromise, because they are always right…. “A dispute will not necessarily be seen as a disagreement by them. They’ll just take it as a lesson they’re giving you.”

You may be dating a narcissist, according to Peykar, if you feel that your partner:

Weiler advises against arguing or negotiating with narcissists, even if the relationship is over.

“You’ll think you’re insane if you do it.

The loss of control and the absence of a conflict is what drives a narcissist insane.

Her advice: “The less you resist, the less power you give them over you,” she explains.

They never apologise because they never think they’re wrong. Everything.

In cases where your partner is clearly to blame, such as when you have a disagreement, you may be unable to apologize.

As a good partner, you should be able to acknowledge and apologize for any mistakes you’ve made.

What scares the narcissist the most?

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The deepest worries of narcissists are that they are defective, illegitimate, and ordinary even though they appear to be above reproach on the surface.

Narcissists build a “false self” or “as-if” personality to cover their insecurities and shortcomings, according to research and core thought regarding narcissism.

Narcissists who were raised with a sense of superiority by their parents grow up expecting the world to treat them with the same reverence that their parents did, even though they did nothing to deserve it.

Self-gratification is the only way narcissists who were brought up in an environment where they were undervalued can hide their shame for falling short of their parents’ unrealistic expectations.

In both cases, narcissists hide their flaws and inadequacies behind an ever-expanding veneer in order to receive attention and special treatment while avoiding confronting their own shortcomings.

People that are narcissistic tend to be scared and fragile. Their world can be turned upside down by rejection, humiliation, and even the tiniest of setbacks.

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Narcissists are unable to focus on anything but themselves because of this. In their minds, their own and others’ perceptions of them are enough to protect them from the harsh truths of life, which few of us relish but which most of us eventually accept. Reality, for example, includes things like:

What are narcissists afraid of?

What causes a narcissist to become frightened? Rejection is the most common response you’ll get from others. A narcissist despises being rejected because it causes them to feel insecure and invalidated. It’s hard for them to keep up appearances, but they feel unloved and inferior on the inside.

Their rage is stoked by any sort of rejection, be it professional, personal, or social. In the narcissist’s world, the role of rejector is a way of life. They will try everything they can to reclaim that control if they believe it has been taken away from them.

As long as you are narcissists, you will never admit that you are rejected by what you say or do. Retribution, intimidation, and guilt trips will all be employed by them instead. As a method of retaliation, they are also known to humiliate their victims in public.

What the narcissist does at the end of a relationship?

It is not uncommon for Narcissists to escalate their behavior after the end of a relationship to include hostility, passive aggression, and outright violence.

Many times, those who suffer from NPD are unable to grasp the needs and ideals of those around them.

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They are consumed by their own egos and fail to consider the consequences of their conduct.

They will often go to whatever lengths to regain their former position of authority.

Blame It on You

Narcissists frequently use guilt and shame to manipulate their victims. When the relationship ends, they may try to blame their spouse for it. This helps them retain their inflated self-image and provides them the power to persuade others to empathize with their plight.

Fight It

In some cases, NPD sufferers will object to the split. “I won’t accept it” or “You’re being stupid.”) might be used as an example. (“Let’s have a chat about this.”) Unfortunately, the other person is typically worn out as a result of such tactics. After all, staying still may seem preferable to getting into a battle.

Make You Jealous

People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) sometimes try to make their ex-partners jealous in order to retaliate. After a breakup, these people are likely to locate another person to spend their time with and share images of them on social media.

Ultimately, they try to make you believe that they’ve moved on and are happier with someone else while also making you doubt your own reasons for ending the relationship in the first place. Finally, they want to make you believe that they never really cared about you in the first place.

It’s unfortunate, but envy works. Feelings of uneasiness and uncertainty, coupled with a sense of competition, can encourage you to obsess over retribution instead of going forward.

Guilt You Into Staying

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Many narcissistic abusers utilize guilt to exert control over their victims. In reality, many violent relationships are fueled by the victim’s sense of guilt (i.e., you feel guilty about ending things despite knowing you want out).

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