How To Destroy Your Ex Boyfriend

  • Understand that whatever you fantasize about doing will have an effect, but it will be the wrong effect. This isn’t a movie; you’re not in the FBI, and there aren’t any special effects or several takes. No one possesses superhuman abilities (you can have superpowers in life if you choose to tap into the very REAL power of non-reactivity). Your low self-esteem may make you believe your ex has superpowers, but that’s just your low self-esteem allowing him to rob you of your worth and identity because you can’t develop it for yourself. By responding from your wounded heart, wrath, and ego, you’ll end up looking desperate, which is exactly what you’re trying to avoid. You need to be a lot more strategic about this.
  • When you behave out of a frantic need for vengeance on an ex, you not only come across as insane, but it also helps your ex to justify the hurtful behavior that brought you here in the first place because, well… look at you. Please, don’t make me laugh. You’re capable of more.
  • We frequently believe that getting vengeance on an ex or anyone who has wronged us will make the grief go away. Take it from me, and learn from my years of seeking vengeance: Taking revenge on an ex through frantic attempts to disgrace, damage, or inflict suffering will, in the end, have the most negative impact on your life, not theirs. It will only add to your misery.
  • There’s no need to seek grandiose vengeance if your ex cheated on you, lied to you, didn’t value or respect you, and so on. Allow karma to take care of the rest. Whoever he or she is with, he or she is doing the same thing. Their punishment is how they feel about themselves. People who have been wronged have been wronged.
  • If you’re genuinely planning psycho retribution on an ex, you should think twice before committing suicide. Take a moment to reflect.
  • Forgiveness is the most effective form of retaliation. Adjusting your limits in light of accepting who someone has revealed themselves to be is what forgiveness is all about.
  • Understand that true retribution (the kind of quality revenge you’re wanting) is indifference, not acting on your emotional impulses, just as forgiveness is.
  • Make the decision to emotionally cut your ex off, even if he isn’t contacting you and is flaunting his happy life on social media. You know how, just as you’re starting to feel joyful again, you get a call from an ex and wonder, “does this man have some kind of radar that tells him when I’m moving on or something?” People can detect energy, and we are all energetic beings. Stop attempting to raise the dead from the graveyard of relationships and instead invest your love, obsession, and energy in yourself.
  • True vengeance always comes when you do the one thing your ex is incapable of: you let your deeds speak for themselves and then vanish. If you can’t physically disappear due to school, work, or children, emotionally vanish.
  • Understand that the girl to whom these guys continually compare everyone else is the one who remained non-reactive, channeled her pride, and walked away.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking this chance. It’s never too late to decide to do something in the name of the only form of revenge that ever works: sweet (as in kind, boundaried, I’m-going-to-worry-about-ME) revenge.

There’s nothing like retribution done well – with tact, grace, indifference (even if it’s faking-it-till-you-make-it-with-teeth-gritted-at-first), and having your own back – like a perfectly made soufflé.

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Is ignoring an ex the best revenge?

The best form of retaliation is to do nothing. Believe it or not, your ex is bothered by your quiet and lack of response, and they regard it as the best suited payback. Silence piques one’s interest more than anything else. Don’t give in to your ex’s demands for a vent or an angry tirade. You are meeting their expectations if you do so. Try using silence as a weapon to get cruel pleasure.

What is the best revenge?

Many of you are familiar with Sylvester Stallone, the actor most known for his depiction of Rocky Balboa in the Rocky franchise. Many of you, though, are unfamiliar with the actor’s backstory. Sylvester Stallone was once homeless and broke. Homeless, to be sure. He spent three weeks in a New Jersey Port Authority bus station.

Stallone was also rejected over 1,500 times by talent scouts and movie industry executives, so you might say he was a tremendous failure at one point. It was so bad for him that he was compelled to sell his dog for $25 just to pay his energy bill at one point. It was particularly distressing because his dog was his closest companion. That same dog he eventually acquired back and even brought with him to appear in the first Rocky film.

How many individuals do you believe passed up on Stallone throughout his years of adversity? What do you suppose the number of people who told him he was a bad guy was? It’s difficult to believe that someone who became so renowned was previously such a failure. He was, however. Can you imagine how sweet success’s vengeance tasted to Stallone as he stood on that stage during the Academy Awards in 1977, after his film had just won three Oscars? I’m sure it’ll be nothing short of fantastic.

Whatever you’re going through right now, no matter how many failures or setbacks you’ve had, or how many people in your life are telling you that you can’t do something, remember this: success might be the best retribution you’ll ever need in life. Why? It’s not about attempting to persuade someone to change their mind. It’s all about showing your worth to yourself. The rest will take care of itself.

While there are dozens or hundreds of reasons why success is thought to be the finest retribution, I believe there are seven in particular that are worth mentioning.

#1 — Victory tastes so much sweeter after failure

We must fail countless times in order to achieve success. We need to fail hundreds or thousands of times at times. Each of those failures can often appear to be an apocalyptic event in and of itself. So it’s an understatement to say that victory tastes even sweeter after so many setbacks.

After so many setbacks and years of striving for something, success might feel like the ultimate retribution. Not only to others in your immediate vicinity, but also to oneself. Why? Because with all the anxiety and self-doubt that we tend to keep and hold while attempting to achieve anything, we may become our own greatest enemies at times in our life.


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All of your hard work pays off once you get there and do that so-called victory lap. Once you get to that point, it’s all worth it. You can bask in the glory of your win for a while once you’ve accomplished the seemingly impossible. You can bask in the spotlight until you raise the bar and work harder to accomplish even more.

#2 — Breaking through your fears transforms you into a new person

No one can attain success unless they overcome some of their worries. Those same anxieties can have a significant impact on us. They appear as a result of internal battling in both the conscious and subconscious thoughts, but they fester and expand as a result of others’ calls telling us we’re incapable of accomplishing something.

After you’ve overcome all of the worries that formerly held you back, success might feel like the best form of retribution. However, those same breakthroughs change you into a new person. You’re not the same person you were when you first started out, even if you’ve achieved great success.

Why? Because we must overcome our restricting fears in order to achieve anything important, but this also allows us to have a greater understanding of life, love, objectives, and all the people and things around us. That has such a profoundly transformational and meaningful effect on me.

#3 — You come to the realization that positive thinking trumps negativity

In today’s world, negative thinking is pervasive. That much is obvious. It is fueled by fear, but it is amplified by the media and other external sources. People in our immediate environment exacerbate the problem by emphasizing that we are incapable of attaining something for whatever reason.

It’s difficult to stay cheerful in the face of so much negativity. When your goals are important enough to you, though, you will do whatever it takes to achieve them by remaining mentally tough and maintaining a positive attitude. That is how you will eventually achieve your objectives. That’s how you’ll eventually follow through and accomplish large things.


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Success might be the best form of retribution because it teaches you that positivity triumphs over negative every day of the week. You know at any time that it pays to be optimistic rather than negative because it is what helps you get through the difficult moments that we all face.

#4 — True friends are discovered by witnessing who stuck by you through the worst of times

The truth is that when we accomplish, there are a lot of individuals who want to assist us celebrate our achievements. They’re drawn to a blaze like moths to a flame. When success is taken away, though, you’ll quickly understand who your true friends are. This is a crucial distinction to understand in life.

Everyone enjoys betting on the winner, but not everyone enjoys betting on the loser. In life, there is a risk involved with that. However, the larger the risk, the greater the potential reward, and our worst mistakes can sometimes turn out to be our greatest blessings in disguise because we learn who genuinely stands by our sides.

There’s no one there when we’re low except those who actually care about our well-being. When you’re back on your feet and those who vanished when you failed emerge, you can discard them from your life for not sticking by you when you really needed them.

#5 — Success makes us more aware of what we’re capable of

As humans, we are capable of a wide range of abilities, many of which we are unaware of. Human inventiveness has no bounds. We’ve conceived of and accomplished things in the last 100 years that would boggle the imaginations of those who lived before us. Human life and contemporary civilisation are, in fact, miraculous events that have defied the laws of probability.

When we’re dealing with failure, however, we don’t recognize what we’re capable of. When we finally achieve our objectives, though, success is unquestionably the best retribution. We realize how much we can achieve when we put our minds to something and focus on it with unflinching determination.


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That has a supernatural quality about it. There’s something so miraculous about accomplishing the seemingly impossible that it reminds us that anything is genuinely attainable if you put your heart and soul into it and pursue it with every fiber and morsel of your existence.

#6 — Others begin to champion your accomplishments for you

Success is frequently regarded as the best form of retaliation because you don’t have to tell anyone about it. Your success will create the noise for you as you work in silence. Others begin to extol your achievements, telling everyone what you’ve been able to accomplish and attain.

It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to achieve big success in any activity, but it’s even better when the people around you aid to lift your spirits by applauding your achievements. When the doubters and skeptics hear the news, they are shocked.

The truth is that many people dislike seeing others succeed because it makes them feel bad that someone they know has achieved success while they have not. It makes people feel uneasy and concerned about their own possibilities of success, and it makes them doubt their own existence.

#7 — You become a symbol of possibility and hope to others

When you accomplish success in life, you become a symbol of opportunity and hope for those who are pursuing their goals. They realize that if they don’t give up and push through the boundaries that have previously held them back, they, too, can achieve their goals.

Many people, clearly, have a difficult time believing in themselves. They take everything that is working against them and use it to justify why they are unable to achieve their goals. Success, on the other hand, can be the best retribution by assisting others in realizing their own potentials, rather than just proving those who didn’t believe in you personally.


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Others can look up to you and see what you’ve accomplished. They can use it as a guide to accomplishing the seemingly impossible. When they achieve success, it will not only be the best payback for you, but it will also be the best revenge for them, because you assisted them in demonstrating what is possible in life when you refuse to give up.

How do you make your ex want you back so bad?

Even though breakups can be’mutual,’ they are usually started by just one person.

Being on the receiving end of such rejection has a negative impact on one’s self-esteem.

Gabriel was the one who broke up with me, and it was because of this that I began to distrust myself. I began to consider issues such as:

The major issue with these kinds of beliefs is that they are a HUGE BARRIER that will actually prevent you from convincing your ex to return to you.

They will make you question your own worth and cause you to act in ways that will jeopardize your achievement.

That’s why, before rushing towards getting your ex back, it’s critical that you give your bruised ego some time to heal.


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When Gabriel and I first broke up, I went on a week-long binge drinking binge (I was still at university back then…). I went on a nice vacation for the second time. I joined an NGO for the third time and assisted in the planning of a primary school in a developing country.

The goal of this phase is to divert your attention away from those self-defeating ideas so you can feel comfortable in your own skin once more.

What does silence do to a man?

The silent treatment is ‘tremendously’ detrimental to a relationship, according to the results of his in-depth investigation. It lowers both partners’ relationship happiness, impairs feelings of intimacy, and limits the ability to communicate in a healthy and meaningful way.

What silence does to an ex?

The act of being aloof from your spouse in order to entice him back to you is known as radio silence. When done correctly, it makes your ex miss and crave you even more. It reinforces and reawakens his feelings for you, urging him to return.

How do you know if a guy is hurt after a breakup?

First and foremost, if he can’t stop talking to you, that’s one of the most clear signals he’s hurting following the split. He’s messaging, calling, and looking for excuses to meet up.

Finally, he is unable to fully accept and move on from the split — and while a person is stuck in this phase, they are unquestionably in anguish.

Why is he silent after break up?


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“When males give silent treatment after a breakup, they are dealing with the hurt on their own,” says Hypnotherapist Keya Murthy. This is their way of communicating to the other, “I need a break so I can heal.”

Give him room if he’s doing it because he needs it. It’s possible that once he’s worked out how he feels, he’ll contact you when he’s ready.

Congratulations on breaking up with him if he’s banning you on social media and purposefully cutting you out of his life to gain power over you.

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