How To Make Your Husband Happy

A happy spouse is one who feels loved in all ways by his wife. There is passion, closeness, and warmth in the beginning of a marriage, but these feelings might fade over time. It is then necessary for a wife to contribute to the strengthening of the marital relationship and to provide reassurances to her husband that he is unique.

There are a few things you can do to keep your husband pleased for the rest of your marriage. You will both be happier if he is content.

Women tend to talk about and express their feelings more than men, but guys have sentiments as well. From the beginning to the conclusion of the day, a man can experience a wide range of emotions. It is critical for a wife to pay attention to and be attentive to her husband’s feelings. When a topic containing feelings needs to be discussed, sit down and talk about it together.

Never underestimate the value of physical proximity during these times. There’s no alternative for a kiss or a hug when it comes to conveying the word, “I’m on your side.”

Criticism and nagging are not conducive to a happy marriage. It’s not always easy to keep your mouth shut, but practice separating minor difficulties from major ones and letting minor issues go.

So, perhaps he never refills the windshield washer fluid in his car when it runs low, or he habitually leaves the newspaper open on the dining room table. These aren’t serious issues. Keep your nagging to a minimum. In fact, nagging frequently makes the situation worse, not better.

Keep in mind that you might also do things that irritate him. Consider yourself in that regard as well, and then go on.

A happy spouse is one who recognizes his wife’s admiration for him. He is aware of this because his wife makes it a habit to inform him on a regular basis. She is aware, however, that she must not go beyond and make the gesture appear phony. “Wow, you’re fantastic!” is enough to make a man beam with pride.

The wife who knows how to make her husband happy also understands the value of public recognition. When she’s with family and friends, she compliments him and makes sure he knows it. A contented husband enjoys having his ego stroked as much as possible.

Recognize that sex is vitally crucial to males in order to keep your husband happy and your marriage zinging. Make sex a primary priority, and your husband will be happy from dawn to dusk.

A happy husband is one who knows that his wants are being addressed in the bedroom and that he is also gratifying his wife. Sex is high on the priority list for males, and it is comparable to the desire for sustenance.

It can be difficult for a female to comprehend how her sex desire differs from that of her husband. She needs to put in a concerted effort to get inside his head and understand where he’s coming from on this issue.

Develop a sense of the unexpected and surprise him whenever possible. Send the kids to their grandparents’ place for the night and prepare a special meal for him, but don’t tell him about it. Make it a surprise for yourself. As you welcome him at the front door, add some candles, champagne, and a small French maid’s attire. What husband wouldn’t appreciate such a welcome home?

Leave him a letter telling him how much you love and appreciate him under his pillow, next to the coffee maker, or on the seat of his car. Instead of using a pen, think outside the box and use your favorite lipstick! If he brings a briefcase to work, tuck a letter with your lipstick print inside and spritz it with your favorite perfume. He’ll have a hard time concentrating at the board meeting because he’ll be so focused on how happy a husband you make him.

Surprise your husband with his favorite food, such as cream cheese frosting cupcakes or brownies, when he least expects it; this shows that you are aware of his preferences.

Men enjoy being the center of attention, and they appreciate it much more when their wives know them well enough to notice the small details that add character and “frosting” to life. A tiny present every now and then to show him how much you care and regard him is always appreciated. You’re sending through the message that “I love you, and our love is strong.”

Respect your husband by behaving in a respectful manner. Pay attention to the words you use and how you pronounce them when you speak to him. Maybe you wanted to say something kind, but it came out as caustic. Men are just as sensitive to subtleties in speech as women, so be cautious of how you say things and apologize if you make a mistake.

In the same way, be sure to let him know when he offends you in a tactful manner and maintain strong, open lines of communication.

Communication between the sexes isn’t always simple, but keep in mind that when it comes to how they feel, women and men are more alike than different. Even if they communicate in different ways, it is critical to try to find a happy medium and work from there. Before moving on in the conversation, make sure you’re both understanding what the other person is saying. When it comes to making mutual decisions as a pair, this is crucial.

When a happy spouse doesn’t feel like he’s blending in or that he’s a fixture in the house, he’ll be even happier.

Do everything you can to show him that he is not an obligation, a routine, or a pattern in your life, but rather the love of your life, your life partner, and that he matters to you today, tomorrow, and forever. Make the most of your specific abilities as a wife to help your husband shine. Enjoy the affection you have for each other. Laugh together, weep together, and never stop doing ridiculous, absurd, or humorous things with your friends.

Visit to learn his love language and employ it whenever feasible. All marriages need a little heat, so bring it on the manner you two do best!

Time spent together is vital, but so is time spent alone. Allow your husband his personal space when he requires it. Don’t follow him into the workshop to meddle with things; instead, leave him alone.

Wives require time to do their own womanly activities, and husbands require the same. Don’t let your insecurity get the best of you when he wants to go out with the men. Encourage him to go ahead and do it. If he gets home tipsy, don’t scold him like a child; instead, be grateful that he had the foresight to take a cab!

A happy woman can be found wherever there is a happy husband. When a couple is happy together, they are able to transmit love to each other, which has a cascading effect on the rest of the family.

Happiness is not visible, but it can be felt, and it can lead to a future full of love and joy. Inquire about your husband’s happiness, and the response you hear may lead to a stronger link between you. Appreciate the benefits of happiness and let it influence your affection for one another.

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How can I make my husband happy in marriage?

There are many ways to make your spouse feel appreciated, but it’s crucial that you get to know him well enough to know how to make your efforts count and contribute to your marriage.

Here are 20 ideas to make your husband happy and your marriage prosper in the greatest way possible to maintain your marriage new and fresh.

Dress up especially for him

You should remember that everyone wants to look their best in front of their lover. Even if there is no occasion and you are just going to the mall or grocery shopping, make an effort to dress appropriately.

Wear attractive clothes to grab his attention and show him that you have groomed yourself specifically for him. I’m hoping you have your LBD and sultry choli with chiffon saree on hand.

How can you tell if your husband is content? You’ll know when he can’t take his gaze away from you.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Work on the romance

Because of all the obligations on your shoulders, romance frequently takes a back seat after years of marriage. This is reasonable, but you must always strive to keep the passion and love in your marriage alive; only then will you both feel connected and your relationship will become stronger over time.

If you want to make sure your spouse is happy and content, light some candles when he gets home from work, arrange some home design, and go on a trip together. On Sundays, stay in bed late, binge-watch Netflix, or simply go for a late-night walk while holding hands. All of these actions will make your husband happy and content.

Give priority to sex life

When your family responsibilities grow and you have children to care for, you often forget about your man’s sexual demands and put your sex life on the back burner. Keeping the romance alive in a blended family can be difficult. Remember, your man doesn’t require your physical presence at all times, but keeping your sex life fresh and exciting will go a long way toward making your partnership worthwhile.

Get together in the bath and light some scented candles, go on sexcations, and research new poses and sex gadgets. You can’t let sex fade away when your responsibilities take precedence. Be eager if you have to make your husband pleased – it could be as simple as a kiss on the cheek or a furious session between the covers. However, give him the impression that you want it.

Give him some personal space as well

Sure, he’s your husband, and he’s yours alone. He does, however, require some personal space and time from time to time. Keep an eye out for indicators that he wants some space, and never disturb him for things that he doesn’t need when he needs peace of mind.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Book that special corner table

You’re aware that a fine eating establishment is pricey. However, you are aware that they serve the best wine and lobster, as well as having the most romantic corner table. Save up if necessary, stop shopping for a month, and then take his breath away with a surprise reservation. When you see his expression, you’ll be glad you did anything to make him happy.

Learn to cook that spaghetti with meatballs

Food is, after all, believed to be the way to a man’s heart. You, on the other hand, were never a confident cook. Recipe books, as well as YouTube, are available. Serve the ideal spaghetti with meatballs, carbonara pasta, or just that aloo paratha, and you’ll witness him licking his fingers at the dinner table. Making your hubby delighted with your food gives you a peculiar sense of satisfaction. Just have a look at it.

Appreciate him for anything he does for you

Whatever he does for you, large or small, appreciate it. Even if you only say ‘thank you,’ it will suffice for him. He would appreciate hearing words of gratitude from your mouth now and again because it demonstrates that you are aware of his attempts to keep you pleased.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Do not shy away from expressing your love

Kiss him, hold him, and snuggle with him every now and again. You can also send him lovey-dovey SMS messages to make his day more memorable. Another approach to communicate your affection for him is to send him videos of songs that are significant to both of you. Let him know how pleased you are to be married to him and how much you adore him.

Exude positivity and happiness

You are his soul mate, thus your happiness is incredibly essential to him. If you’re unhappy, it’ll show in your home, and he won’t like it. When he comes home, try to welcome him with a grin. It is something he looks forward to on a regular basis.

Try to speak kindly

Talk to your hubby in a gentle and affectionate tone. If you are at home when he returns, greet him warmly and politely. Try not to speak too loudly or in an obnoxious manner. Your husband, on the other hand, should return with the same level of courtesy.

You should avoid speaking nasty things to him, especially after a long day, because it will irritate him.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Cheer him up

Husbands typically want love and affection from their partners after spending the entire day at work and returning home exhausted. Inquire about his day, his work, and create an environment that allows him to relax and care for your husband.

Sharing work tales is a terrific way to connect with others and share your day. If he’s disappointed over not obtaining that promotion or raise, reassure him that you’ll always be there for him. You can even bring out that bottle of wine to cheer up your husband when he is upset.

Respect his decisions

How can you tell if your husband is content? A happy person is someone who is in a relationship with mutual respect and support.

Always respect his decisions and be there for him when he needs you. As his responsible partner, you can chat to him and provide him important advise if he is unsure about his actions. Even if he is incorrect, attempt to assist him in understanding why his decision went wrong or what he could have done differently.

Be honest with him

If there’s something about him that you don’t like or something else that bothers you, approach him about it. A lack of communication is the most common cause of an unhappy marriage, which can lead to divorce. As a result, always attempt to be open and honest with one another.

Try love letters and sticky notes

Rekindle your feelings for him by writing him love letters or little love notes. Place them in his shirt pocket or anywhere else he can find them.

Small gestures like this will strengthen your marriage and make him happy. Place sticky notes on the refrigerator, laptop, and television to watch how they affect him.

Take interest in his hobbies

If he enjoys sports or dancing, then join him in these activities. It will improve his emotions and serve as a connecting activity for you both if you show interest in his hobbies.

Outdoor activities and going to the gym together can be beneficial to you as a relationship and can also make your spouse happy when he’s upset. Exercising releases endorphins, or happy hormones, which are certain to make you joyful and bring you closer together.

Make his family your family

His family is very important to him. He will feel liked and cared for if you make an attempt to build a bond with his family. Take your in-laws out to dinner and try to socialize with them as often as possible since your husband would appreciate it. Keep in touch with his brothers and relatives, send them gifts, and phone them on significant occasions.

He’ll be overjoyed to learn how much you care. You’re now one of them, therefore he’ll appreciate your efforts on behalf of his family.

Do household chores together

When it comes to home tasks, it’s sometimes a good idea to share the load. Don’t constantly telling him he shouldn’t do something. Allow him to assist you in his own special way, and watch his face light up with delight. He will feel more attached to you if he has the opportunity to assist you at home.

Cooking together is usually a terrific way for couples and friends to connect. So go grocery shopping with your friends for some special items and start cooking! Set the table for a romantic candlelight dinner and enjoy the show. Now you know how to make an angry husband pleased.

Go for a vacation

Make a spur-of-the-moment trip to somewhere your husband might like seeing. Make all of the necessary preparations, and then surprise him. This is sure to make him happy and provide him with a much-needed break from his routine.

You can either plan an adventurous holiday with hiking or a relaxing vacation in a luxury destination. To assure the husband’s happiness and satisfaction, be as imaginative as you wish.

Buy him innerwear

You can get him sexy innerwear if he can purchase you sexy lingerie. Purchase some for him and observe his reaction. Choose something he likes—the pops, the dots, the hearts—you’ll be spoiled for choice.

You can ask him to model his new underwear for you! Why simply innerwear? The truth is, he’d be delighted with any gift you gave him. Allow yourself to lavish him with presents and treat him as a king.

Most importantly, trust him

Trust must constantly exist between the partners in order for a relationship to be successful. Make sure your husband understands that you trust him and that you will never betray his trust, and that you expect the same from him. Simply by believing him and without doubting him in vain, you will make your spouse happy.

We can promise you that the measures outlined above are simple to follow and will work wonders for your hubby. Do your part and watch as your marriage transforms into a dream come true.


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    What is the sweetest thing to say to your husband?

    Marriage is a lovely institution to be a part of. However, life becomes complicated, and daily stress can prevent you from paying attention to your companion.

    In today’s world, both partners are often preoccupied with job and life, neglecting to value the other. However, you must reintroduce romance into your relationship with your husband in order to strengthen it.

    Knowing the sweetest things to say to your husband will help you get your relationship back on track. One of the special things you may do for your husband to spice up the romance is to send him romantic messages.

    Show the gorgeous side of you:

    Maintain basic hygiene, comb your hair, smell well, and dress comfortably. Being well-dressed always has a positive effect. Put on a dress that your husband likes and freshen up your look. Wearing clothes that flatter your form not only makes you look good, but it also boosts your self-esteem.

    Regularly cut your hair, have a pedicure and manicure, wax your arms and legs, and get a facial. Spend some money on a high-quality perfume.

    Update your knowledge:

    Well-read women appeal to guys. They want women who are aware of current events. An intelligent wife who can have a conversation and express her point of view on a variety of issues will keep her husband involved in a healthy dialogue. For beginnings, read the newspaper and literature.

    Be independent:

    Do not rely on him in any way, whether financially or otherwise. A powerful, self-reliant lady is undeniably beautiful. Men don’t care how much you make when it comes to money, but they don’t want you to be a financial burden on them (well most men).

    Avoid asking him for aid with your daily activities as well. While it is beneficial to share responsibilities, failing to ask for assistance may tempt him to assist you.

    Take care of your health:

    Maintain a fitness routine. Exercise boosts your immune system, increases your stamina, and enhances your attention. It also has another benefit: it will keep your partner interested and attracted to you. It appears to be worthwhile!

    Wear your apron for your man:

    The stomach is the gateway to a man’s heart. Cooking is a commendable skill. When you cook your husband’s favorite dinner, he will feel extra special. You don’t have to be a fantastic cook, but the fact that you tried to create something special for him is important. Cooking together is also a great method to reignite your relationship. It’s a foodie relationship.

    Take interest in his interest:

    Show interest in what your boyfriend enjoys, whether it’s sports, automobiles, bikes, or movies. He’ll be grateful for the time and work you’ve put in. It will make him feel closer to you, and it will be a wonderful chance for you to spend some quality time together.

    Express your love:

    Every single day, show your affection. Tell him how much you admire him. Let him know how much you adore him. Make him something nice or unique, such as writing “I love you” on the bathroom mirror or slipping a short note into his lunch, or baking his favorite cake. In illness and in health, look after him.

    Plan a date night:

    Book a table for two at a fine dining establishment or prepare it at home. Make your kids go to bed early. Spend quality time with your partner.

    If you think we’re just offering you some platonic concepts, think again: we’re actually getting you ready for the more tangible (read: bolder) ones:

    Take the initiative:

    You don’t have to wait for your man to initiate sexual activity in the bedroom. Let him know you need him and that you’re looking forward to these intimate moments. Move your fingers seductively over him while keeping your dress open just enough to tempt him. What comes next will undoubtedly delight you.

    Give him a surprise:

    When you get an opportunity, surprise him with a dirty encounter. When he’s in the bathroom, the kitchen, or focused in his phone, do something wicked.

    Wear a sexy dress that you bought without his awareness when the kids are asleep or not around, and stimulate him with your actions. He’ll beg for more as a result of this.

    A warm bath can do wonders:

    Join him in the shower. Solicit his assistance in undressing you and turning on the shower. Rub his back while he caresses you to make the bath more fun. Put some scented room freshener or flowers in the bathroom to make it more attractive.

    Get a bit oily:

    What better way to unwind your hubby after a long day than this? Start rubbing him with fragrant oil on his back. Press his shoulders together so that he forgets about his work and concentrates on the task at hand.

    Being tactile adds spice to your relationship with your hubby. You are not required to wait for a specific time or location. Simply take a breather. A little gesture, such as a kiss on the ear, might be followed by a long story if done well.

    How can I get my husband in the mood?

    Make noises, murmur something sexy into his ears, and tell him what you anticipate from him in bed and what he may expect from you. You can also send seductive messages on his phone to get him in the mood. – Men are visual animals, therefore change the way you dress.

    How do I make my husband want me everyday?

    It’s heartbreaking for a woman to realize that her husband appears to have lost interest in her. Women frequently assume that unsatisfactory sex is to blame for the cold temperatures. Men, on the other hand, frequently detach from their wives for reasons other than sexual. Check out these eight Do’s and Don’ts to see if any of them can help you restart your relationship with him.

    – Avoid becoming a diva. Even the most patient man might be turned off by nagging, nasty, controlling, and bitchy behavior, especially if you’re used to venting your frustrations on him or expecting him to be at your beck and call. A man’s passion for a woman who throws temper tantrums, complains frequently, or makes him walk on eggshells is difficult to experience. Consider this: Would I want to live with myself?

    – Avoid becoming a doormat. Do you allow him to mistreat you in order for him to stay? Do you always comply with his desires in order to avoid upsetting him? It’s time to check for footprints on your back if you’re afraid to argue with him or speak up for yourself, or if you feel like you’re putting significantly more effort into the relationship than he is. Women who are pushovers are unattractive to men, at least the type of guys who are worth having.

    – Don’t limit yourself to being a mother. We all love our children; yet, a wife who has a child-centered marriage, in which her children become the identity and purpose of her marriage, risks losing the close friendship and lover relationship she has with her husband. It’s fine to skip Saturday soccer practice so you and he can have a romantic weekend away. It is, in fact, necessary. Modeling a happy, couple-centered marriage raises the chances that your children will have happy marriages and families as well. So secure your bedroom door with a lock and utilize it.

    – Don’t dismiss his criticisms of you and your marriage. Is he complaining about how much money you spend? You’re always on Facebook, right? That you’re untidy? That you despise him or find fault with his parenting? Rather than getting defensive, consider whether his complaints are valid. Of course, you have your own gripes with him. Find a technique to address continuing dispute in your marriage before it widens the gap between you two. If professional assistance is required, so be it. Check out the Marriage SOS self-help home program or an excellent marriage guidebook if your husband would rather have a root canal than go to marriage counseling.

    – Develop a positive attitude toward yourself and your life. What’s the source of your dissatisfaction? What is it that is causing you so much anxiety? What is it that is preventing you from achieving your goals? Take charge of your own life and make the necessary adjustments to improve it. Improve your energy, outlook, and self-confidence by starting to take better care of yourself, both physically and mentally. Couples who “get it” are more enjoyable and desirable than those who don’t.

    – Don’t forget to thank him. When was the last time you congratulated your husband for his hard work, for being a good father, or for simply being a pleasant man to hang out with? You chose him if your response is “He isn’t any of those things.” Instead of making excuses or assigning blame, work on your marriage. If he is all of these qualities, consider yourself lucky and start thanking him for everything he does. Especially in front of your children, sing his praises as a spouse and father. The end result is truly magical.

    – You should roMANce him.

    Candlelight meals may appeal to you, but they may not appeal to your man. Consider alternatives to the heart-shaped box. Send the kids to Grandma’s for the night, curl up in bed, and watch a cheesy sci-fi movie while eating even cheesier nachos. Challenge him to a round of video games if he’s a gamer. Buy his favorite hobby magazine and leave it on the back of the toilet so he can read it “at his office” if he’s a car or sports fan. It’s unpleasant, to be sure. It could, however, be your man’s equivalent of long-stemmed roses.

    – Think about your sex life. Marriage is a sexual connection that necessitates both emotional and physical intimacy; nevertheless, marriage issues frequently manifest themselves first in the bedroom. To make him feel desired, initiate sex. Alternatively, if you’ve been pressuring him for sex, attempt the inverse: tease him but allow him lead the way. Experiment with sex toys, lubricants, different positions, erotica, and whatever else you want to spice up your sex life. Change up your sexual routine. Practice delayed gratification to increase anticipation if your sexual frequency is high but your enthusiasm is low. Break out the calendar and pencil it in if the frequency is low. It’s a use-it-or-lose-it situation when it comes to sex. Finally, the couple who plays together stays together.

    How can I make my husband love me madly?

    So you’re worried that your husband is losing interest in you and want to know what you can do about it.

    Look, we all have difficult times in our relationships. Our marriages will inevitably become stale at times, and it may feel as though your husband is falling in love with you.

    There are several things you may do to rekindle your enthusiasm and correct the problem.

    Believe me when I say that many married women have been in similar situations and have effectively turned the love needle in their favor.

    It’s a lot easier to make your husband fall in love with you all over again if you grasp male psychology and what makes guys tick.

    I’ll go over everything that has worked for me and my clients in reigniting the flame in their relationship in this article.

    Remember, if thousands of other women have done it, there’s no reason you can’t.

    What you should never say to your husband?

    Yes, we know we said you should feel free to talk about anything with your spouse, but there are some phrases, complaints, or statements that you should never say, even if you’re unhappy or outraged. These hurtful statements can’t be taken back and will only undermine your marriage. It will also harm your spouse’s sentiments and could potentially destroy your marriage’s foundation. Think before you speak because your words have the power to make or break your marriage, therefore avoid saying the following to your partner:

    1. There’s a line about resenting your marriage.

    When you’re occupied with domestic tasks and your single pals are out partying, you might think to yourself, “I wish I was single,” or when your spouse fails to satisfy a certain expectation, you can think to yourself, “I wish I never married you.” Wishing to be single or expressing remorse for marrying your spouse would make him feel like a failure in this relationship. It’s cruel and counterproductive, because you should adhere to your commitment to your spouse even when things are tough, rather than fantasizing about how much better off you’d be without him.

    2. A comparison of your partner and marriage to others

    You might be tempted to compare your spouse or your marriage to other people’s by saying things like, “my friend took her wife to Paris for their anniversary, that must’ve been lovely,” or “why can’t you be more like her husband?” He is always willing to lend a hand around the house.” The truth is that every marriage has its ups and downs, and no marriage is flawless. Even the pair that appears to have it all may face marital troubles from time to time. So, instead of focusing on other people’s lives, focus on your connection with your spouse, and do your best to meet each other’s expectations.

    3. Insults directed towards their relatives or acquaintances

    Never cast shade or say something disrespectful in front of your husband’s family or friends, no matter how unpleasant you think they are. So, before you say anything like, “How can you be friends with John?” bite your tongue. He’s a jerk!” “I’m not going to this partyfamily gathering because I can’t stand your mother,” or “I’m not going to this partyfamily gathering because I can’t stand your mother.” If you have an issue with one of his relatives, explain why, and he should be able to understand and even help you solve the problem. You’ll avoid unpleasant situations like when someone overhears what you’re talking or forcing your spouse to choose sides.

    4. Bringing up old lovers

    Imagine how unpleasant it would be to compare your spouse to your prior lovers if the issue of exes is difficult enough to bring up. Never say things like “my ex used to buy me flowers every month” or “he used to do this for me when we were dating,” since it’s hurtful and rude. Concentrate on your current relationship and forget about your previous relationships. Instead of making comparisons, be constructive and say something like, “It would be fantastic if you could assist me with this.”

    5. Making fun of their hobbies or profession

    Saying insulting things about things they’re proud of, like their hobbies or work, would only make them feel emasculated, therefore married couples should respect each other unreservedly. Your spouse’s personal interests or work may appear insignificant to you, yet they are an important component of his personality. As a result, targeting those two areas of his life may appear to be an attack on his entire individuality. Try to see things from his point of view, and you’ll get a sense of the love and passion he has for them. Be encouraging and constructively critical in the areas where you believe he can improve.

    6. Things that make him think he’s a moron

    You don’t have to be extremely critical to the point of making him feel stupid, even if he isn’t a pro in the kitchen, likes to give crazy suggestions, or occasionally forgets where he put the keys. “How can you fail at this?” and more phrases like that. “Use your head!” or “this is all your fault,” or even just “that’s a terrible idea,” are not only cruel and ineffective, but they can also influence or lower his self-esteem. Rather than lecturing him, share your knowledge and work together to discover answers. For a change, he might teach you how to do things he’s better at.

    7. The letter ‘D’

    You can’t take the divorce card back once you’ve thrown it in an argument or during a fight with your husband. It will always be a source of uncertainty, insecurity, and mistrust in your marriage. Even if it’s simply an idle threat, this indelible term should not be lightly mentioned. It demonstrates a lack of devotion and faith in the long-term preservation of your marriage. So, unless there is abuse or a more serious offense, try to work through the difficulties with your partner and keep your vow to be there in good times and bad.

    What makes a happy wife?

    According to Manly, people are happiest when their partner notices even the smallest details about them. “When their husbands attend to their tiny preferences in life, most wives thrive and feel profoundly loved,” she tells mbg. Make a point of making a cup of coffee just the way you know she loves it in the morning, for example. Bring her a slice of delicious cake “just because” if you happen to pass by her favorite bakery while running errands. If she appreciates it when you put the toilet seat down after you use it, return the favor. If she feels connected when you phone or text her during the workday, make it a habit. Make it a practice to tell her you love her on a regular basis if she enjoys hearing it.

    Where do men like to be touched?

    Your man’s manhood isn’t the only thing that can make him happy. A man’s body, like a woman’s, has erogenous zones that turn him on a lot more than usual. All you have to do is don’t be afraid to poke around on your man’s body. Let him know that you value his body as much as he values yours. Work your magic and keep him on the edge of his seat!

    The neck story

    If handled appropriately, the neck is one wicked portion of his body that may send shivers down his spine. The human neck contains an erotically dense concentration of nerve endings, and a gentle bite, lick, or kiss can completely change the game. And while you’re there, ladies, don’t forget to look at his Adam’s apple. Begin with the fundamentals, master it like an expert, and work your way up to perfection.

    The nipple ripples

    If there’s one thing you need to know about him, it’s that his nipples are the key to turning him on, and this is one region he won’t want you to overlook. Nipples are one of his most sensitive body parts, and after you’ve lavished all your affection on them, there’ll be no turning back.

    Be all ears

    Without the titillating ear nibbles, you can’t get intimate. It’s a hit with your man, and he’ll be begging for more. Your mission goals are his ear lobes, inner lining, and backs of his ears, which you must stimulate with maximum dedication and willingness. Gentle breathes and tiny groans can help to spice things up a bit more. Your man wants to be excited, not drowned in sloppy ear kisses, so be careful. Be tough but tender, and concentrate on the minor details that drive him insane.

    The stallion caress

    Needless to say, his penis plays a significant (pun intended) role in directing your private acts of love-making. When everyone’s attention is concentrated on the oral act, the gradual caress or brush of fingers against his manhood is overlooked. Your man will become weak in the knees with just a delicate stroke across his shaft or gentle touches to his frenulum. Do not rough it up right away; instead, take it slowly and steadily and let it build up.

    The G-spot

    This small place between his anus and his crotch is a safely tucked away (literally) secret spot that your man has. This is a highly sensitive zone that your man may be wary of, but it is one that you must explore. This hidden treasure chest, and the appropriate manner to stimulate it, is often overlooked, but it holds the golden key to the most passionate encounter you may possibly have with your man.

    How To Capture His Heart And Make Him Fall For You

    Here’s what we’ve realized after so many years of experience as dating coaches:

    It’s really easy to make men fall for you once you know the “cheat code”.

    See, most women don’t really know how men think, and why they act the way they do…

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    Don’t let this be you!

    We’ve taught thousands of girls around the world the special “cheat code” to a man’s heart.

    Once you learn the truth about how the male mind works, you can make any man fall in love with you.

    Here’s how it works:

    There are special tricks you can use to target the “emotional triggers” inside his mind.

    If you use them the right way, he will start to feel a deep desire for you, and forget about any other woman in his life…

    The best part? These techniques are based on psychology, so they work on any man, no matter how old you are or what you look like.

    To learn about these simple techniques, check out this free eBook NOW:

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    As women, we understand how you feel.

    But no matter what other people say, always remember:

    You are an AMAZING woman…

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    So start using these special techniques today, and see how quickly men fall in love with you immediately!

    FREE GUIDE: Make Him Yours FOREVER!

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