How To Treat Your Husband Like A King

As a result, you and your husband will both benefit from treating each other like kings.

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How do I make my husband feel loved and respected?

  • When he is faced with difficult decisions or stressful situations, pray for him.
  • Ask “Is there anything I can grab for you while I’m at the store?” if you’re headed to the store.

How do you make a man feel loved?

Many people believe that the only way to know what it’s like to be in love is to watch romantic comedies like Lloyd Dobler with his boom box or Andrew Lincoln in Love Actually with those cue cards.

You learn about a person’s face, how their eyes light up when joyful, how they prefer to be stroked when they’re upset or happy or turned on, and how to work through disagreement together in real life.

When it comes to making women happy, James M. Sama has compiled a list of things that men should know about women’s preferences. I’d argue the same holds true for men. When it comes to a nice man, regardless of whether you’re married or just starting out, you should make him feel that way, too.

Compliment him.

The idea that only women like to be complimented on their looks, smell, intelligence or sex appeals to me.

The assumption that males are more self-assured when it comes to their physical attractiveness and sex appeal has always perplexed me. It’s expected that men don’t give a second thought to what they wear or how their new haircut looks, right?

That is just nonsense! In my experience, I’ve never met a guy who didn’t care about how gorgeous he was to the person he was infatuated with. So, when you see him, say something like, “Oh my my, you are so hot,” or something to that effect.

It’s simple: When you think of something nice to say, tell him about it. Tell him that he looks good in that worn-out tee shirt. Be sure to tell him how much you enjoy the scent of his neck when you cuddle with him.

Tell him you appreciate what he does for you and your family.

You should tell your partner how much you appreciate what he does outside of the home.

There are days when even someone who is passionate about their work wonders if they should quit or if they should just hide in their office all day.

He refuses to do it.

You and your family could be a contributing factor.

Societal pressures on men to be breadwinners are considerably greater than those on women, and this is especially true.

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As a result of this, their value in our culture is typically linked with their economic potential.

When we don’t recognize the pressure guys are under and the effort they put in, it just makes things worse.

It’s a sacrifice for your family if your partner works from home with the kids.

At some point, no matter how much he may relish his role as the family’s primary breadwinner, every parent has moments when he or she wishes they could just give up and scream at the boss (the baby?).

hide in a nook or cranny

That’s not the case, though.

There they are, knee-deep in a disgusting substance, tending to the children’s needs throughout the day.

Tell him how difficult it is for him to do what he does. Say thanks and acknowledge his dedication by telling him so. No matter how much you or he have, the most important thing is that you acknowledge what most of us take for granted.

Make time for things to get hot in the bedroom.

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Sex should be sacred and intense for both of you, regardless of whether he is or isn’t a sex god, so keep it that way. The two of you will be happy if you treat him like a sex diety and he treats you the same.

In a healthy relationship, sex isn’t something you owe your spouse, but it’s a good thing to cultivate desire.

When you’re at home, it can be difficult to enter into the sex-god or sex-goddess mood.

If you can’t afford to stay in a luxury hotel, a tent in the woods can still be a lot of fun.

Even in the privacy of your own home, you can discuss your fantasies or peruse Dr. Timaree’s NSFW photo collection, if that works for you.

Take a few sexy images of yourself.

What if you don’t want to get too raunchy or expose your entire body?

Take close-up photos of a sexy but obscure portion of your body.

Straps of your bra on your shoulder, a peep of your underwear at the hip.

There are a plenty of concepts to draw from.

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Maintaining a strong desire for him is simple. Imagine him, relive a period when you were together, or imagine your favorite portion of his body. When you have a chance to be alone with him again, unleash all of your passion on him.

Be supportive of his alone time.

I’ll admit it: this one was the most difficult for me. He spent a lot of time surfing or riding his mountain bike when we first started dating. I don’t know why, but it bothered me. We didn’t see one other as much as we used to, and I felt as if I had been thrown aside.

Putting my husband under that kind of stress was unfair. To take use of his support, I took advantage of the fact that we were able to schedule our alone time together.

The more time he spends alone, the more likely it is that he will forget about you!

To ease your worries, pick a date and time when he’ll be back and create plans for the future.

If his alone time is spent exercising or meditating, he’ll likely be happier and healthier as a result of the experience.

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It’s simple: When he says he’s going to do the things that make him happy on his own, just smile and nod. Kiss him on the cheek. He will be reassured that he is not alone.

Put down your phone.

This is a sin for which we are all responsible. There’s always another email, another text from a buddy, or another work emergency. The man in front of you needs your full attention, so put your phone down and look at him.

When I find myself in a rut like this, I take a few deep breaths and think about the worst-case scenario of ignoring whatever it is that’s bugging me. As long as it’s a genuine emergency, he’ll understand.

When I put my phone down, I often see him and take a closer look at his face. When I see the man I adore, the one I met all those years ago, I am struck by how silly it is that I am not pursuing a relationship with him.

If you have to pick up the phone for anything important, agree with your partner that you will only say a few words about it. For example, “The server is down,” or “The babysitter called,” are legitimate excuses to step away for a short period of time, but make it clear to him that you’ll return.

When you’re with the person you care about, all you have to do is focus on the present moment. Avoid letting it slip away as you stare at a computer screen.

When you get something for yourself, get something for him, too.

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To be honest, I stole this idea from James Sama’s book, but it’s a sound piece of advise that’s quite simple to implement.

Getting a cup of joe? Let go of him! If so, how are you going about making the beverage? Let him know you’ll make him one as well.

Ivan has taught me a valuable lesson: whenever I find myself in a surf shop, I always bring home a gift for him. Even though I’m there for the kids, I always pick up something for my husband, whether it’s a t-shirt, a cap, or even just a new tube of lip balm.

What I’m saying to him is more important than how much money I’ve spent “When I went to the surf shop, I remembered you.

To remark, “It’s so simple,” takes just a few seconds “”Can I get one for you?” Furthermore, the impact is far-reaching and unending.

Look him in the eyes.

You don’t have to look wistfully at each other like you used to with your roller rink boyfriend in ninth grade. Just take a few moments to gaze at each other directly in the eye and exchange a few glances.

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When it comes to what men like, you wouldn’t expect a soul-searching connection to be on the list, but I defy you to give it a go.

Hold his stare for three seconds with a smile or a fun look in your face.

For single people, it is a flirting tactic that works because it makes the other person feel as if they are the only one in the room.

It doesn’t matter if he’s your boyfriend or husband, he still deserves to be treated like a person of importance.

Creating a long-lasting relationship is all about creating a million little joyful moments for your partner, and he should reciprocate. A happy marriage, in fact, appears to be based on the level of kindness between the two people involved.

Despite my best efforts, some of these tasks are not as simple as they appear. They can make us feel vulnerable in a manner we’ve never felt before. I know what you’re going through because I’ve been there and sometimes I still am. However, I believe it is worthwhile to give it a go.

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Ask him about the tiny things that bring him joy; you’re probably already doing many of them.

How do I make him feel powerful?

Isn’t it weird how your husband’s eyes glaze over when he sees you dressed in something more feminine?

Because of your femininity, does he treat you as if you were more special than any other woman?

It has the power to reawaken the butterflies in your stomach!

When you tell your husband that you respect his masculinity and notice his sex appeal, he feels the same way.

If you learn to make your spouse feel like a guy, you’ll both be winners!

How can I make my angry husband happy?

Shakyamuni (also known as Siddhartha Gautama) advised, “Don’t respond anger with more fury; instead, control your emotions. “Diligent” means exactly that.

Anger, as you may have learned the hard way, is a relationship killer.

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Your well-being and the health of your relationship can be jeopardized when you are subjected to the negative attitudes and behaviors of an angry partner.

As long as you can handle an angry person with tact, your relationship could change for the better.

Some effective ways to deal with an angry partner are presented here.

How can I make my husband love me madly?

I know it’s a little out there. You’d think that spending time with your husband would be the best way to rekindle his passion for you, but hear me out.

Couples benefit from time apart. Having a break allows you to grow as a person on your own.

Co-dependency and a toxic relationship might emerge if you spend all of your time together. That’s not what you’re looking for.

The more time you spend on things that aren’t related to your husband, the more interesting it is when you do spend time together.

You discover how much you care for a person when they’re away from you.

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In the absence of you, he’ll see how much you mean to him and that’ll rekindle the flames in his heart.

The relationship expert Brad Browning taught me this and a lot more. When it comes to saving marriages, Brad is the real deal. He is a best-selling book and has a huge following on YouTube, where he shares his wisdom.

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How wife should treat her husband?


You need to accept your husband as he is, regardless of what he does, what he chooses, or what his dreams are.

Every husband and wife relationship is built on mutual respect.

Even in your own thoughts and personal space, you must treat others with the utmost respect.

What are the 3 most important things in a marriage?

All of the available sharing options for: How to have a happy marriage.

  • Communication. In order to keep a relationship going, psychologists say communication is essential.

What is a wife job in a marriage?

Women’s participation in the workforce and public life has not been matched by a shift in the roles of men in the home and in the womb. A woman’s role in society is complicated by the fact that she has to be everything to everyone.

Traditionally, daughters are expected to care for their parents. To be a wife, one must serve her husband by preparing food, clothing, and other personal necessities for him as he needs them. As a mother, she is responsible for the well-being of her children, which includes ensuring that they receive a quality education.

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She has to be a good worker who is polite, organized, and professional. For her part, as a member of society, she is expected to participate in community events and volunteer work, both in her community and through social organizations.

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