How To Turn On Your Husband

One or two positions may be the norm for most married couples when it comes to making love. Changing your sexual posture is all it takes to pique the interest of your husband.

Asking him to lie on his back so you may be on top is an option if you always have sex in the missionary position.

While on top of him, you can place cushions behind him and prop him up against a wall or headboard.

Other positions that the two of you find enticing can be discovered with some trial and error.

A husband and a wife should never cease having sex or having fun while they are married. Your marriage will be stronger if you can find entertaining ways to turn your hubby on.

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How can I turn my husband on in the mood?

In bed, make noises, whisper sexy things into his ears, and let him know what you expect of him and what he can expect from you, and what you expect from him. To entice him, send him erotic text messages on his phone. – The way you dress is important to men since they are visual animals.

What turns husband’s on the most?

The results of iVillage’s Married Sex Survey for 2013 have been released. Happily, 80 percent of men and 61 percent of women said they were happy/very happy with their sex life, according to a survey of married couples.

In married relationships, married men tend to believe that their wives are a little more satisfied with the sexual element of their relationship than they actually are.

2. Married men are better at flirting with their wives via text messages, emails, or voicemails than unmarried men are. A sexy voicemail is three times more likely to be left by these men than by their wives. “Who knew?”


Married men’s main sexual desire is their wives “Sexy outfits, followed by “feelings of love” and “viewing their spouse without clothing.” (It’s not that unexpected, really!)

Following sentiments of love and when your partner takes the lead are the most important factors for married ladies “good things that your lover says about you.” Some things never change, and it’s wonderful to know that!

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Stress, weariness, and fights are the biggest turn-offs for males. Both men and women are put off by the same things.

Using email and cell phones, men were more likely to spy on their wives than women were to spy on their husbands. (I was surprised by this one.) 34 percent of males compared to 20 percent of women checked their wives’ phones for signs of infidelity.

How can I satisfy my man in 60 seconds?

When it comes to gorgeous red lips and dinner dates with your partner, this is the time to say goodbye.

Our dating life have surely been affected by lockdown, and wearing pjs all day is obviously a plus – but it can have a negative impact on our sex lives. The following advice is for those who are looking for a means to crank up the heat. These nine sex hotspots can make your man go wild.

Your man will go wild (aside from the obvious ‘spot’) when you touch certain parts of his body in the appropriate way. Read on to find out if your man and I haven’t yet discovered any new areas together.

His elbows are soft to the touch on the inside.

This is a delicate area because there are more lymph nodes under the arm and the skin is also thinner, so it’s best to experiment with gentle pressure and rhythm. If your partner lets out a long, contented sigh, you know he’s having a wonderful time.

His Breasts

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Start by putting some pressure on the man’s nipples to find out if he likes it.

You might begin by gently stroking his nipples and the surrounding area with your fingertips.

To start things going, apply some pressure here and lightly pinch.

Pay attention to his reaction and find out what he likes.

The Third Eye of God

There is no third eye, but rather a pressure point in the middle of one’s forehead. If your partner is feeling tense, gently pressing your thumb for about 60 seconds can help alleviate some of their stress.

It’s 4th.

Again, this is not what you expect.

If you recall the “egghead” joke from your school days, where you pretend to crack an egg on someone’s head and then roll your fingers down their neck to pretend there is yolk?

Our heads are rarely touched, so this was a pleasant surprise (besides when we brush or wash).

Kneel behind him and carefully run your fingers over his scalp, playing with pressure, and watch him melt away as he completely relaxes as you enjoy the experience.

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Is a healthier diet more attractive? To see if these foods can aid in the bedroom, please click here.

(5) His Mouth

It may seem simple, yet we tend to overlook the sensuality of kissing someone’s lips, even if it’s so common.

(imagines a steamy Titanic kiss scene in the back of your mind) To begin, lightly circle around his mouth with your index finger while using your hands instead of your lips.

This will cause his body to release the love hormone oxytocin, which will set his senses ablaze.

We don’t need to say anything else…

In addition, his inner thighs

When things get tense, he touches you on the inside of your thighs. So, if it’s good for you, it’s excellent for him, as well. In order to titillate him, you should run your fingers up his internals with gentleness and care.

His Eyes

Make him lie down on the bed with his head in your lap while you cross your legs.

Make sure his neck is supported by a pillow if necessary.

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You can begin by gently stroking his face with your fingertips, moving up and down in a circular motion.

With you both already in bed, who knows what will happen next with the light yet pleasurable ‘electric’ feeling created by the continuous mild movements.

8. His scrotum.

The scrotum is the skin that houses the testicles (your man’s balls), so if you haven’t taken a biology class in a while, here is a refresher.

Any form of contact or massage in this area should be done with caution, unless your man prefers additional pressure in this region.

His Perineum is number nine.

Millennium rhymes with this one if you’re not sure how to say it

One of his “magic areas” is the perineum.

Between the anus and the testicles.

We know that doesn’t seem romantic, but we’re sure he’ll find a way to thank you afterward..

Begin by undressing him and standing in front of him, slowly bending down and opening his legs, and then begin rubbing the area gently.

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Take your man out on a date so you can really turn up the heat at home now that you know all about the best places to make him go bananas.

Rubies, have you picked up anything new? Perhaps the hotspot that makes your man go crazy is available for us to use?

How do I make my husband want me everyday?

Don’t ignore his criticisms of you and your marriage.

Is he concerned that you’re spending too much?

That you spend so much time on social media

Is it because you’re so messy?

That you disapprove of his parenting methods?

Instead of defending yourself, consider whether or not his grievances are well-founded.

There are no doubts in your mind that he’s not to your liking.

Don’t let your marriage fall apart before you can find a solution to the problems you’re having.

Professional assistance may be necessary in order to accomplish this goal.

Check out the Marital SOS self-help home program or an excellent marriage guidebook if your husband would rather have a root canal than attend marriage counseling.

How can I get my husband ready for night?

Creating a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom at night is a great way to enhance your relationship with your hubby.

Set the mood with candles and a bottle of wine in your room.

To get the party started, try serving chocolate-covered strawberries.

Put rose petals on your bed and burn some scented candles.

You may be sure that your husband will be grateful for your efforts.

In addition, he will cherish the fact that you went to the trouble of creating a special, private setting in which the two of you may express your love.

Where can I touch him to drive crazy?

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Listed here are six of the most important erogenous zones in guys for you to focus on!

  • Ears. Suck on his ear lobes and nipple his earlobes with your tongue.
  • Neck. Men’s erogenous spots can be found above or below the collarbone, depending on the individual.

How can I drive my husband crazy?

As soon as I saw the title, I bet you were thinking of sex. Nope! Maybe just a little bit, then. However, the difference isn’t substantial.

I know I’m in the minority when I say this, but I refuse to accept the idea that a man’s…ahem…endowment controls him.

Sexting isn’t the only way to make your man crazy; it’s not even the best way.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure males are enamored with the idea.

However, they should be commended for being more than just a sex site.

As much as you desire to be treated as a queen, he desires to be treated as a king as well.

Let’s have a good time with it, shall we?

Despite the fact that there are countless possibilities, here are 11 surefire methods to make your husband go bananas:

1. Get His Blood Pumping.

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The entire list isn’t about sex, but I couldn’t resist include at least one suggestion for enhancing your husband’s sexual desire (and your own).

Two. Fifteen second intervals a day keeps the blues at bay.

Apples, it is said, are good for you and can help keep the doctor away.

15 seconds of this a day will keep the blues at bay in your marriage.

And if you want to set off some fireworks, extend the timer to forty-five seconds!

Create a Post-It Haven in Your Home.

When I was a kid, my mother used to write love letters to my father in red lipstick on the mirrors of their bathroom.

That may get nasty, but it was kept to a small area.

Expand your thoughts.

Cuteness is key.

Soften it up.

Make it a little sultry.

Work on Improving Your Flirting Techniques.

A man on the prowl is a man on the prowl. There are several ways to flirt with your husband (think, romantic SMS, playing footsie).

There is nothing you can do about it; they were bred to do it.

There is nothing like the thrill of the chase for men!

He’ll have to catch you if you tell him you want him. *wink*


FREE GUIDE: Healing Your Marriage

Use these simple techniques to revive your husband’s love for you, and make him devoted to you again!

Inquire about the availability of your relatives. Just to say hello. For how long have you not spoken with the family members of your spouse, unless he or she has asked you to? It is important to remember that these are the people that shaped your husband into the guy he is today. To help him, reach out to the people who brought him into the world (or at least reared him). This, of course, is providing he has a healthy relationship with them and they aren’t insane.


Make an accomplishment that you can be proud of.

When guys talk about their women, have you ever been in the same room as them?

Let me tell you, it’s a lot of fun! I’ve had some experience with it.

Give men a chance to brag about their wives!

The best way to show your husband how much you appreciate him is to start a gratitude list and put it in his pants pocket.

Don’t be ashamed to show off a tee shirt that says, “”My Husband Has My Heart.”

Make him blush with whatever you do!


A Stay-At-Home Date and a Kid Swap equal a Happy Husband!

Plan a romantic evening for the two of you at home.

With no children, this is simple.

Make him feel like he’s in a high-end restaurant or spa with a date at home.

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Have your children taken care of so that you and your partner can spend some quality time together without interruptions.

Have you done it recently?


The Dare to Have Fun.

If you plan ahead, you can do this one!

It’s up to you whether or not you want to do 12 dates in a row or spread them out over 12 weeks.

A great time will be had by everybody, no matter what (and you can do this on a very tight budget).

This is the perfect opportunity for parents to trade out their children.


Turn Yourself Into a Snack for Others to Snack On.

Honestly, lingerie has never been my thing.

The majority of it is either too short or too tight, itchy, or all of the above.

Even underwear has its place in the world; it’s just not all the time.

I’ve finally discovered some underwear that is both attractive to him and comfy for me after years of searching.


Make Your Reservation for the 10-Minute Express.

If you paid attention to no.

Thought about it for a moment, and then realized it was 9 “There’s no way I’m cramming all of this into something small like that,”

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Most of us have some extra jelly that we’d rather not have jigging around so much, but if that’s holding us from showing off our bodies to our husbands, try this!

You may begin to tone up those regions of your body that need a little extra attention in just ten minutes a day.

HWC’s female members should feel very special because Annett Davis, a US Olympian, designed this express workout just for us!


Smile when you look into his eyes.

Because this was so easy, I had to put it at the end.

There have been times in my marriage when I’ve gazed at my husband with my heart bursting out of my chest and my lips forming a heart shape.

Take notice when he gazes into your eyes to see what it is that makes you so happy.

It’s not necessary for him to inquire; you already know.

It’s possible this list may go on and on!

What’s going on here?

(You can add to the list by commenting on this post.))

How can I make my husband madly in love with me?

I know it’s a little out there. Surely, in order to rekindle your husband’s feelings for you, you’ll need to spend time with him, right? Wrong.

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Couples benefit from time apart. It allows you to grow as a person on your own, without having to rely on others for support.

Co-dependency and a toxic relationship might emerge if you spend all of your time together. That’s not what you’re looking for.

You and your hubby will have more to talk about when you spend time together if you’re both occupied with other things.

You discover how much you care for a person when they’re away from you.

In the absence of you, he’ll see how much you mean to him and that’ll rekindle the flames in his heart.

The relationship expert Brad Browning taught me this and a lot more. When it comes to saving marriages, Brad is the real deal. He is a best-selling book and has a huge following on YouTube, where he shares his wisdom.

Here’s a free film that outlines his unique approach to repairing relationships in detail.

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Until one day, the damage is done and there’s no way to rescue your relationship.

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When you start to notice that your husband is being cold and unaffectionate, it’s important to act right away.

What’s more, it’s crucial to do the RIGHT things too – One wrong move could hurt your marriage even further.

So don’t wait any longer: Grab your free copy below, and start taking the “Action Steps” included right away!

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